(aka Lee Cemetery)
Sec. 34-5-11

Shelby Township
Jefferson County, Indiana

September 2000 Survey – by Jackie Owen

BuchananEnoch21 Oct 182119 Feb 1883Age 61y 3m 28d
Buchanan **George4 PA Reg. Rev. War 1815There is a marker for the same George Buchanan in the Jefferson Church Cemetery as well. Neither of these stones marks a grave, but are probably commemorative stones placed years after the fact. – Bob Scott
BuchananHannah13 Feb 1853W of Wilson – Age 63y
BuchananInaFay05 Apr 189219 Apr 1894D of J.W. & M.
BuchananLucinda02 Sep 1857W of Enoch – Age 34y 5m 5d
BuchananMalindaJ. 09 May 1845D of E. & L. – Age 13m
BuchananRebecca07 Aug 1827D of W. & H – Age 13y 11m
BuchananRebeccaJ. 13 Apr 183705 Apr 1919Note on DAR list says Rebecca J. Hillis was 2nd wife of Enoch
BuchananRobert1827S of W. & H. – Age 11y
BuchananViennaSep 1827D of W. & H. – Age 5y 11m
BuchananWilliamMay 1833S of Wilson (H)? & ? – Age 32y
Buchanan *William26 Feb 1845Age 73y 11m 24d
BuchananWilliamH.H. 25 Dec 1861S of E. & L. – Age 19y 2m
BuchananWilson19 Apr 1851Age 76y
Buckaannan **J. W. Co. A. 37th Ind. Inf. Gov. marker – no dates. This is the spelling on the stone.
Fox-----Stone just said wife of William Fox – no dates or 1st name
FoxWilliamH. 07 Apr 180325 Jun 1887
Kaye **Henry13 Apr 1843S of Henry & Melinda – Age 8dDeath year could possible 1848
MathewsEdithE. 13 Mar 185712 May 1901W of Levi B.
MathewsLeviB. 06 Apr 185428 Jul 1917
McLaughlin **George29 Dec 177305 Apr 1846Age 72y 3m
McLaughlin **Martha16 Nov 1833W of George – Age 53y
McLaughlin **Sarah10 Jun 1863Age 61y 9m 25d
Risk-----Infant S of M.B. & V.H. – Age 3dNo dates
RiskVinaH. 25 Sep 1873W of Moses B. – Age 23y
ShepherdElizabeth13 May 1843Age 8m 12d


  • This cemetery may actually be in Ripley County, Brown Township. It depends on how you look at it. As you go north on Barbersville Rd. from Canaan you will cross the sign for the Ripley County line, but you come to Buchanan Cemetery before you reach the road that marks the Ripley/Jefferson County lines.

  • Names marked with an asterisk (*) are stones that were moved from the Buchanan “Family Plot” which was located southwest of the Buchanan Cemetery. These stones were moved sometime between 1972 and 1984.

  • The McLaughlin Cemetery stones were also moved to the Buchanan Cemetery during this same time period, having been removed from their original burial site in Jefferson County, southwest of Buchanan Cemetery. These stones are noted with a double asterisk (**).

  • Key: W = Wife; D = Daughter; S = Son; SS = Same Stone

  • There were about 30 stones that were unreadable, some were probably footstones.

DIRECTIONS:  Take S.R. 421 to S.R. 250 to Canaan.  Turn left at the first road out of Canaan, which is Barbersville Road.  At the “T” in the road, turn left and follow the road up the hill.  (The “County Line” sign will appear 3.5 miles after making the turn onto Barbersville Road out of Canaan).  Continue another three-tenths of a mile to the Buchanan Cemetery.  The cemetery will be on the north (left) side of the road on a hill with steps leading up to it and enclosed with an iron fence.  A model of the Buchanan Station will be on the south side of the road.

KEY:  SS = Same Stone, W = Wife, S = Son, D = Daughter, y = year(s), m = month(s), d = day(s)