Sec. 32-5-12

Shelby Township
Jefferson County, Indiana
and partially in Pleasant Township, Switzerland County

Oct/Nov 2000 Survey – done by Jackie Owen

HISTORY:  By Robert W. Scott
The Caledonia Presbyterian Church was founded on Aug. 7, 1827 in Jefferson Co., serving primarily Scottish families in Craig and Pleasant Townships in Switzerland Co. and Milton and Shelby Townships in Jefferson Co. The area seems to have been known as Caledonia, a name for Scotland, before the founding of the church. Many of these families arrived by 1818 and there was an earlier church that operated from 1818 until 1825. At different times, church buildings have been in Jefferson or Switzerland County. The current building is in Switzerland Co. The county line runs through the cemetery.

The earliest death date is for William Jamison, a child who died in 1826. It seems possible that either he was reburied here with his siblings or simply memorialized here. There are several cases of Scots buried here who were members at other churches, or who had been buried elsewhere and were reburied here. Also to be noted--the large number of tombstones with the maiden names of women. A Jefferson County sketch says that Scottish women kept their maiden names after marriage, and this may explain this practice.

This transcription is based on the 1941 John Paul DAR transcription. There is quite a bit of information that the DAR has inserted. These notes are shown in parenthesis. This is probably information that was not on the tombstones. Mary Hill, the transcriber, was a Culbertson descendent who wrote histories on the Culbertsons, Glenns, and Taits and probably added this information. Where information about marriages and parents is listed, but is not in parentheses, it is assumed to be part of the actual transcription. I have added many inscriptions that the DAR did not find or from deaths that occurred later. It some cases, the names and dates are from obituaries that the decedents were buried in Caledonia, but I have not seen the tombstone and the exact information on them.

Caledonia can be reached from State Road 129 and turning west onto Caledonia Road coming either south from Versailles or north from Vevay. The church and cemetery are less than a mile from the state road. The church and cemetery can be reached from either Dow Ridge Road and Puncheon Camp Road in Jefferson County, but those not familiar with the area are advised to take 129.

?16 Mar 1848In his 67th yr – Native of ScotlandStone broken & name gone
AlbertJohnName only thing readable
AllanJane27 Jan 182929 Oct 1900
AllanJohn25 Oct 183014 Mar 1910
AllanNancy18031874W of RobertSS as Robert
AllanRobert17811850SS as Nancy
AllenTenaDriggs15 Jun 189831 Jan 1992
AndersonAndrew05 Oct 184413 Dec 1992SS as Isabella & James
AndersonAndrew16 Mar 1845Age 67yDAR list has death March 16, 1848 – Bathgate. Linthico, Scotland; BS list has note saying town is Linlithgow
AndersonElizabeth18891945BS entry
AndersonIsabella30 Mar 184009 Nov 1910SS as Andrew & James
AndersonJames23 Jul 183805 Jul 1865SS as Andrew & Isabella
Anderson Jennie21 Jul 183021 Feb 1897SS as William
AndersonJohnG. 18591941SS as Lizzie K.
AndersonLizzieK. 18591945SS as John G.
AndersonNicieE. 18931983Married Dec. 24, 1913SS as William G.
AndersonVirginiaRuth28 Apr 191812 Mar 1926D of W.G. & N.E.
AndersonWilliam26 Feb 182718 Jul 1895SS as Jennie
AndersonWilliamG. 18931989Married Dec. 24, 1913SS as Nicie E.
ArcherElbertaMae Osborn05 Jan 191306 Jun 1999
ArcherJanetteScott Culbertson24 Jul 187005 Jun 1906W of Tunis V. SS as Margaret Ralston Scott, Robert Scott & Martha A. Scott
ArcherJohnKendrick21 Jan 190724 Apr 1982“Ken”
BakerGazella19 Jan 187530 Dec 1967
BakerJohnW. 05 May 186616 Feb 1948
BarnesDale03 Mar 189017 Apr 1985“Father”
BarnesElizabeth02 Aug 189406 Apr 1958
BarnesGlenRoy20 Feb 1933No death date
BarnesHelen29 May 191418 May 1983
BarnesJamesEdward17 Apr 192317 Apr 1923
BarnesNettie18711931SS as William
BarnesNettieA. 12 May 189601 Jan 1962
BarnesSadieG. 28 Feb 191908 May 1989
BarnesW. Earl09 Mar 189627 Apr 1984Masonic emblem
BarnesWilliam18591949SS as Nettie
BarnesWilliamRaymond03 Nov 192016 Aug 1989WW II
BearElizabethL. 08 Oct 190806 Mar 1961
BellAlexander17 May 1867S of James & JeanWM list gives age as 22y 10m 23d
BellAlexanderSmall footstone in front of Elizabeth & Wm.’s stone – no dates
Bell *AnnaSmall foot stone in front of Elizabeth & Wm.’s Stone – no dates; on WM list
BellCoraSmall foot stone in front of Elizabeth & Wm.’s stone – no dates
BellDavidG. 01 Oct 1864S of W & E – Age 1y 22d
BellE. Roy29 May 188913 Nov 1892
BellElizabeth18401907W of WilliamSS as William
BellJames28 Apr 1873Native of West Galder County of Edinburg Scotland-Age 64 yrs.
BellJaneMar 1894
BellMalindaSmall foot stone in front of Elizabeth & Wm.'s stone-no dates
BellMarySmall foot stone in front of Elizabeth & Wm.'s stone-no dates
BellWilliam18321894SS as Elizabeth
BennettHarlanF. 19091955Plaque is missing with dates on it but it is right next to Wilena's. Dates from WM list
BishopElizabeth18151872W of ThomasSS as Thomas & son Thomas
BishopThomas18111880SS as Elizabeth & Thomas
BishopThomas18421891S of Thomas & ElizabethSS as Thomas & Elizabeth
BlackJamesE. Small stone with name & “Rev” on it but no dates
BlackMargaretCrawford02 Jan 184627 Jun 1925W of Rev. Jas. E.
BrandonLee17 Nov 190928 Jul 1970SS as Pauline
BrandonMaryE. 18781956SS as William A.
BrandonPauline30 Jan 1928SS as Lee – no death date
BrandonWilliamA. 18691949SS as Mary E.
BrightVernalA. 23 Apr 1951
BrindleyMike20 Jan 195316 Jan 1998BS provided entry
BrownAgnes31 Jan 1873Age 35ySS as Alex., Isabella M. & Mary. Also has a separate stone
BrownAlex. 16 Aug 1882Age 91y – “Father” SS as Isabella M., Agnes & Mary – also has separate stone.
BrownElmerH. 18761966Masonic emblemSS as Mary A.
BrownIsabellaM. 03 Sep 1858Age 50y – “Mother” SS as Alex., Agnes & Mary
BrownMary18391904SS as Alex., Isabella M. & Agnes
BrownMary188810 Oct 1979Age 91yBS provided entry
BrownMaryA. 18871979SS as Elmer H.
BuchananJamesRay18831906S of James T. & Sallie A. SS as James T. & Sallie A.
BuchananJamesT. 18371918SS as Sallie A. & James Ray
BuchananSallieA. 18421906SS as James T. & James Ray
CarltonCharles18671944SS as Ella
CarltonElla18771942SS as Charles
CaskeyAnnie21 Oct 1865Age 24y – D of A. & A. Morton – W of A. CaskeyBS provided entry
CrandellCarlScott02 Apr 192111 Jul 1997SS as Clarabell B. – Also government marker “Pvt US Army WWII”
CrandellClarabellB. 25 Aug 1923SS as Carl Scott – no death date
CrandellMaryLouise13 Feb 192308 Jul 1925D of Glen & Margaret
CrawfordJohn18421921Co. B. 140th Ind. Inf. SS as Mary
CrawfordMary18441923W of JohnSS as John
CrawfordRobertL. 01 Sep 188523 Sep 1885S of John & MarySS as Agnes B. Crawford Scott
CrawfordRobertL. 01 Sep 188523 Sep 1885S of John & MarySS as Agnes B. Crawford Scott
CulbertsonAgnes03 Mar 184212 Aug 1866D of Samuel & Jane
CulbertsonAliceL. 18651954
CulbertsonAnnR. 18361920SS as David
CulbertsonAnnScott19 Apr 183018 Dec 1870W of JamesSS as James & Annabel
CulbertsonAnnabel28 Dec 185423 Jun 1857D of James & AnnSS as James & Ann
CulbertsonCarrie11 Jan 186322 Sep 1940SS as Della, William & Jane Scott Culbertson
CulbertsonDavid18321904SS as Ann R.
Culbertson **DavidS of James & JanetSS as James, Janet White Culbertson & Robert – no dates
CulbertsonDavidS. 30 Jul 1884Age 52y 3m 19d
CulbertsonDella28 Sep 185804 Apr 1939SS as Carrie, William & Jane Scott Culbertson
CulbertsonEdgar18601940SS as Estella E.
CulbertsonEstellaE. 18611942SS as Edgar
CulbertsonHarrietL. 15 Oct 1890W of Jas. WM, BS & DAR say Age 55 y
CulbertsonHarryR. 18671947
CulbertsonIdaC. 18731947
CulbertsonIsabella28 Nov 183513 Jun 1859W of David
CulbertsonJames21 Sep 182114 May 1907SS as Ann & Annabel
CulbertsonJames06 Dec 1886S of James & Harriet – Age 11y ?m 4dWM list says 3 months
CulbertsonJames14 Jul 1880Native of Argyleshire Scotland – Age 82y
CulbertsonJamesW. 09 Jul 182019 Oct 1898SS as Patsy
Culbertson **JamesSep 1821SS as Janet White Culbertson, Robert & David
CulbertsonJaneA. 24 Sep 183306 Jun 1904
CulbertsonJaneScott11 Jun 183006 Nov 1910SS as Della, Carrie & William
CulbertsonJaneStevenson22 Dec 1886W of Samuel – Native of Dalry Scotland – Age 78y 8m 14dSS as Samuel
Culbertson **JanetWhiteJul 1834W of James – Born & married in Argyle, ScotlandSS as James, Robert & David
CulbertsonJean23 Jul 1875W of James – Native of Scotland – Age 77yWM list says Argyleshire
CulbertsonJohn14 Nov 1842S of James & Jane – Age 8y 6m
CulbertsonJohn29 Apr 183628 Jan 1908
CulbertsonMargaret23 Mar 1854W of John – Age 49y – Native of ScotlandSS as Margaret (daughter) – WM list says Argyleshire
CulbertsonMargaret11 Sep 1831D of J. & M. SS as Margaret (mother)
CulbertsonMary26 Feb 1858D of Wm. & Jane – Age 5y 6d
CulbertsonMary25 Dec 1871Native of Argyleshire Scotland – Age 74y
CulbertsonPatsyTait07 Feb 182722 Mar 1910W of James W. SS James W.
CulbertsonPeter14 May 182214 Mar 1903
CulbertsonRobert20 Oct 182712 Nov 1893Age 66y 22d
Culbertson **RobertS of James & JanetSS as James, Janet White Culbertson & David – no dates
CulbertsonSamuel12 Nov 183605 Jan 1906
CulbertsonSamuel28 Apr 1890Age 89y 10m 13dWM, BS & DAR provided entry – I couldn’t find this name but found Jane’s name which according to the lists is on the same stone. Samuel’s name must have been too worn to read. DAR gives death date as 25 Apr 1890 and age as 99 y.
CulbertsonWilliam31 Oct 183712 Dec 1863S of James & Jane
CulbertsonWilliam01 Mar 184619 Jan 1849S of Samuel & Jane
CulbertsonWilliam14 Oct 1866Native of Argyleshire Scotland – Age 74y
CulbertsonWilliam16 Dec 182706 Jan 1913SS as Della, Carrie & Jane Scott Culbertson
CummingsGraceR. 19021959SS as Van W.
CummingsVanW. 18961958SS as Grace R.
DannerAnna18791968SS as Charles L.
DannerCharlesL. 18631931SS as Anna
DavisElijahA. 18491905SS as Rachel
DavisGeorgeW. 19141974Funeral Home Marker
DavisJamesF. 18771961WM provided entry – See comments for Ora Davis – same info.
DavisOraGranville18801956WM provided entry – When Wanda visited there was a funeral home marker for Ora – I found 3 funderal home markers with the names and dates missing.
DavisRachel1846W of ElijahSS as Elijah A. – No death date
DeArmandGlenfordG. 19131943
DeArmandMaryMartha26 Apr 193601 May 1936
DilgerPatrickJakob Nathan27 Dec 199410 Nov 1996
DowAgnes14 Feb 1872Age 71ySS as William & Nancy
DowEdward18721962SS as Pearl
DowElizabeth17 Nov 187128 Sep 1938W of WilliamSS as William & Sally J.
DowHoraceGreely18 Feb 187129 Mar 1941“Brother”
DowJeanette18421904SS as John
DowJohn18331902SS as Jeanette
DowNancy15 Aug 1877Age 36ySS as Agnes & William
DowPearl18701952SS as Edward
DowSallyJ. 17 May 190317 Apr 1918D of William & ElizabethSS as William & Elizabeth
DowStella27 Oct 1887Age 3y 6m 23d
DowWilliam11 Jan 1866Age 70ySS as Agnes & Nancy
DowWilliam10 Jun 186909 Jun 1956SS as Elizabeth & Sally J.
DriggsHowardJames18 Jun 189011 Mar 1949
EdgarAnn12 Jun 1857D of Alexander & Catherine – died at Vevay – Age 13y 4m 20dWM, BS & DAR provided entry. Age from WM, DAR & BS lists give name as “John-S of” – all other info same as WM except the reference to Vevay
EthertonMary26 Jan 1856W of Napoleon – Age 26y 11m 19d
FogleWilmaHelen19211970WM provided entry – See comment box for Ora Davis – same info.
FowlerBenjamin17871831Born north of EnglandBS provided entry
FrancisDavidHugh31 Aug 1861S of W.S. & A. – Age 1d
FrancisEddie14 Feb 1872S of W.S. & Amy – Age 6y 1m 15d
FrancisIda16 Aug 1875D of W.S. & Amy – Age 2y 7m 26d
FrancisJamie25 Jul 1890S of T. & J.T.
FrancisJanet28 Feb 1877W of John – Native of Scotland – Age 75y
FrancisJennieT. 01 Aug 1893W of ThomasWM gives age as 35 y 3 m 20 d
Francis, Sen. John02 May 180024 Jul 1882Born in Glasgow Scotland – Died at Somerset, KY
FrancisMaria01 Feb 185414 Jul 1903D of John & Elizabeth Neil – Age 49y
GaskeyAnnie21 Oct 1865W of A. & D of A. & A. Morton – Age 24y
GlenAgnes13 Oct 1864Age 18y 8m 22d
GlenAgnes17 Nov 1849W of Robert – Age 44y
GlenAlice06 Dec 185508 Feb 1908W of Robert W. SS as Robert W.
GlenDavid03 Jan 1865Age 22y 6m 5d
GlenDavid11 Mar 1843S of Wm. & CoraSS as Maria & David R. WM list says “Age 1 y 1 m”
GlenDavid14 Jan 188221 Nov 1962
GlenDavidR. 08 Jun 1838S of Wm & Cora – Age 2y 4m 9dSS as Maria & David
GlenElizabeth11 Nov 1880Age 42y
GlenJames19 Mar 1838Age 29y – Native of Ayrshire Scotland
GlenJennet13 Oct 1861D of W. & C. – Age 13y 6m 6d
GlenJohn18 Jul 181322 Mar 1872Native of Airshire Scotland – Age 58y 8m 10dSS as Mary – Also has a separate stone
GlenJohn21 Nov 184728 Nov 1847SS as Mary J., Mary & Thomas
GlenJohnM. 25 Oct 188026 Oct 1955
GlenMaria15 Dec 1845D of Wm. & CoraSS as David & David R. WM list says Age 1 y 9 m 24 d
GlenMary27 Jan 182001 Sep 1904W of JohnSS as John
GlenMary22 Dec 185701 Mar 1858D of J. & M. SS as Mary J., Thomas & John – Couldn’t read the yr of death but WM had 1858
GlenMaryJ. 01 Aug 185501 Mar 1856D of J. & M. SS as Mary, Thomas & John
GlenNancy18 May 1879W of David – Age 40y 8m 7dStone was broken in 3 pieces
GlenRobert08 Dec 1881Age 82y
GlenRobertM. 05 Aug 1861S of W. & C. – Age 11y 3m 8d
GlenRobertW. 29 Aug 185102 Feb 1923SS as Alice
GlenThomas08 Feb 184414 Feb 1844SS as Mary J., Mary & John
GlenWilliam27 Jan 1888Age 82y – Native of Dalry Scotland
GlenWilliam31 Jan 184807 Feb 1935
GlennAlfredHill19212000Funeral Home Marker
GlennDavidA. 18841971“Father”
GlennEarlRouse12 Jun 188707 Aug 1962
GlennJaneCulbertson11 Aug 185630 Jun 1945
GlennJennie11 Aug 185630 Jun 1945WM provided info.
GlennJohnO. 07 Apr 190728 May 1992Married Nov 8, 1941SS as Wilma L.
GlennMaryEasley24 Jun 189225 May 1980
GlennMichelleR. 31 May 196909 Feb 1979
GlennRobertL. 11 Feb 190530 Aug 1974
GlennRuthD. 04 Dec 188815 Jun 1890D of J.D. & J.H. WM provided entry
GlennSusieM. 18861947“Mother”
GlennWilmaL. 15 Aug 1919Married 08 Nov 1941SS as John O. – No death date
GrahamAgnes22 Sep 1836Age 58y – Consort of Alex. – A Native of Edinburgh Shire Scotland
GrahamAlexander17 Mar 177608 Jun 1860Age 84y 2m 21d – Native of Edinburgh Shire Scotland
GrahamJennet23 Jun 1864W of John & D of T. & J. Witherspoon – Age 60y – A native of Scotland
GrahamJohn24 Jun 180310 Oct 1889Born in Edinburgh ShireOnly info readable on stone was name, other info from BS & DAR
GrayMaryMargaret21 Oct 190327 Nov 1997SS as Maurice F.
GrayMauriceF. 10 Oct 190308 Aug 1991SS as Mary Margaret
GrayRobert20 Feb 1863Age 77y – Native of Edinburgh Shire Scotland
GrimesBobbyJoe19391943WM list has this as Bobby Joe Grimes – there was no last name but was among a lot of Ralston’s. I believe the last name should be Ralston but will list it both ways.
GrimesRuthL. 24 Jan 186807 Jan 1959
GriswoldEdnaTodd S. 29 Aug 189805 Apr 1972SS as Edward Storie – BS list has “widow of Thomas Howard Storie”. I have listed her as both Storie & Griswold
GunnionAnnie18491903W of David
GunnionDavidS. 18921946SS as Pauline
GunnionJohnC. 18781960SS as Nora M.
GunnionNoraM. 18841960SS as John C.
GunnionPauline18931987SS as David S.
HallAgnesS. 18841959
HallDaleH. 18831973
HallDennisF. 03 Dec 193803 Jul 1992
HallFrank18811968SS as Maud A.
HallIsaacHoward23 Jan 191826 Sep 1989
HallMarkV. 21 Feb 196318 Jun 1989
HallMaudA. 18871939SS as Frank
HallRichardN. 18541937
HallVirginiaF. 26 Aug 1920No death date
HalstonJennie20 May 1862D of James & Elizabeth – Age 34y 7m 8dWM list gives death as May 24, 1867
HankinsAnna11 Jan 189830 Nov 1978
HankinsCarl12 Feb 189212 Aug 1971
HartBessieF. 18921963SS as George E.
HartEmmaR. 18661938SS as Isaac J.
HartGeorgeE. 18911974SS as Bessie F.
HartIsaacJ. 18601937SS as Emma R.
HartJamesRobert24 Oct 191410 Jun 1998Tec 5 US Army WWII
HeibeckEloiseC. 18 Oct 190804 Dec 1962
HigginsAdaL. 18861962SS as Charlie B. & Charles D.
HigginsCharlesD. 25 Dec 1919SS as Charlie B. & Ada L.
HigginsCharlieB. 18801942SS as Ada L. & Charles D.
HigginsIrvin05 Jan 187731 Jul 1939
HigginsJohnI. 04 Jul 1914No death date
HigginsMaryP. 26 Jan 1913No death date
HufferMarthaE. 06 May 1920No death date
ImrieDavid02 May 178201 Aug 1834Stone broken off – only thing readable was the name – all other info is from the DAR & BS lists
ImrieMary02 Jan 180512 Aug 1830W of D.
IrvinCatharine16 Oct 1843W of David – Age 54y 8m – Native of Scotland
IrvinDavid28 Oct 1841Age 52y – Native of Scotland
IrvinDavid20 Oct 1851S of David & Catharine – Age 20y 6m 18d
JacksonAgnes13 Nov 184509 Jul 1860D of John & Jannet Graham – Age 14y 7m 26d
JacksonJohn07 Apr 1871Age 87y – Native of Scotland
JacksonMargaret16 Mar 1881W of John – Age 81y 2m 24d
JacobsBeverlyA. 27 Jan 195929 Aug 1984“Bootsel”
JamisonAnn06 Feb 184014 Oct 1907W of GarrettSS as Garrett, Daisy, Lucian, Ethel, Knox, Cora & Mary
JamisonCora18671951SS as Garrett, Ann, Daisy, Lucian, Ethel, Knox & Mary
JamisonDaisy11 Aug 187804 Nov 1903SS as Garrett, Ann, Lucian, Ethel, Knox, Cora & Mary
JamisonEthel18811933SS as Garrett, Ann, Daisy, Lucian, Knox, Cora & Mary
JamisonGarrett08 Mar 183827 Feb 1913SS as Ann, Daisy, Lucian, Ethel, Knox, Cora & Mary
JamisonJane05 Dec 182205 Sep 1845D of R. & M. SS as Mary, Susan & Robert
JamisonKnox18741941SS as Garrett, Ann, Daisy, Lucian, Ethel, Cora & Mary
JamisonLeonard18691954BS provided entry
JamisonLucian18791933SS as Garrett, Ann, Daisy, Ethel, Knox, Cora & Mary
JamisonMary12 Jul 179805 May 1887W of RobertSS as Robert
JamisonMary07 Feb 182826 Jan 1856D of R. & M. SS as Jane, Susan & Robert
JamisonMary18701958SS as Garrett, Ann, Daisy, Lucian, Ethel, Knox & Cora
JamisonMary20 Apr 1867BS provided entry
JamisonRobert26 Sep 1873Age 76y 11mSS as Mary
JamisonRobert19 Dec 183526 Jul 1858S of R. & M. SS as Jane, Mary & Susan
JamisonSamuel01 Feb 182101 Feb 1865S of R. & M. – Age 44y
JamisonSusan08 Jun 183115 Apr 1858D of R. & M. SS as Jane, Mary & Robert
JamisonWilliam09 Dec 182417 Mar 1826BS provided entry
KirkwoodHugh11 Nov 1856Age 42ySS as Sarah
KirkwoodSarah15 Nov 1848W of Hugh – Age 34ySS as Hugh
LockPattyJean25 Jan 192712 Jun 1972
LockTerry01 Nov 195329 Dec 1953
LockWilliamE. 15 Dec 192231 Dec 1994Also Government marker – SC3 US Navy WWII
ManfordAgness02 Apr 186002 Dec 1895D of G. & A. SS as Lewis – WM, BS & DAR provided entry – DAR list adds middle initial as “B”, WM is the only list with day of death, WM list is only list using 2 ”s” in Agness
ManfordAnnie07 Aug 184014 Aug 1920W of George H. SS as George H.
ManfordGeorgeH. 17 Dec 183630 Oct 1905SS as Annie
ManfordGraceV. Scott18811927W of Harvy G.
ManfordHarveyG. 01 Jul 187626 Apr 1914
ManfordLewis11 Apr 187028 Aug 1896S of G. & A. SS as Agness – WM, BS & DAR provided entry
ManfordLowellL. 26 Jun 189306 Sep 1893SS as Rachel
ManfordRachelA. Demaree18 Nov 186105 Apr 1895W of J. SS as Lowell L.
McBrideIdaMay28 Sep 1873D. of Rev. A. & Lizzie – Age 4 weeks 3d
McConnellWibertKenneth19 Jul 189525 Feb 1896S of Rev. J.M. & A.A.
McKeandAdam04 Dec 181707 Jul 1849Born in the parish of Minnigaff Kirkendbright Shire Scotland – Age 32y 7m 3dBS provided death date – unreadable
McKeandBarbry19 Aug 1849D of A. & M. Age broken off
McKeandMaryJane13 Jul 1847D of A. & M. – Age 4y 2d
McKeandSamuel07 May 184518 Dec 1864Private in Co. H. 10th Ind. Cav. – Died at Nashville, Tenn.
McKenzieAgnes16 Mar 1862D of Donnald & Margaret – Age 27y
McKenzieMargaret28 Oct 1865Age 72y
MillerBettyL. 01 Feb 1928SS as Gerald D. – No death date
MillerCatherineAnderson25 Mar 180829 Sep 1894W of Dan’l – Born in Scotland
MillerCornelius08 Feb 1844Native of Scotland – Age 83yFirst name unreadable, BS & DAR give name as Cornelius
MillerGeraldD. 30 Apr 191327 Dec 1992SS as Betty L.
MillerJohnny24 Apr 1949SS as Tommy
MillerTommy24 Apr 1949SS as Johnny
MortonAnnDec 1840Consort of Andrew – Age 34yAn above ground mausoleum
MortonAnn26 Jul 181530 Dec 1891SS as James
MortonFlora03 Apr 1862W of WilliamWM gives age as 47 y
MortonHannah28 Oct 186013 Aug 1938SS as Henry
MortonHenry04 Oct 184918 Mar 1901SS as Hannah
MortonJames02 Nov 179421 Dec 1871SS as Ann
MortonJohn09 Apr 1832Age 75y – Native of Scotland
MortonS. F. 27 Jul 1856Age 25yLast number of year unreadable, DAR says “1856”
MortonSusanAll that was readable was “Susan and all her father’s pride lies buried here.” This stone was laying on top of Ann’s mausoleum.
MortonSusan08 Oct 1864W of John – Age 97y
MortonWalter10 Jan 1847S of John & Jennet – Age 10y 1m
MortonWilliam28 Feb 179921 Aug 1885
MundtEmmaMildred07 Jul 191006 Jul 1995
MyersRosalie09 Mar 187530 Apr 1957SS as William
MyersWilliam23 May 187022 Feb 1946SS as Rosalie
NayAlma26 May 189217 Aug 1918“Mother”
NayCalvinF. 16 Jul 188904 Mar 1979SS as Myrtle
NayEmilyEdith18701942SS as Thomas Samuel
NayMyrtle18 Mar 189419 Jun 1980SS as Calvin F.
NayThomasSamuel18621964SS as Emily Edith
NobleWilliamW. 14 Feb 190617 Jul 1985
OxleyWm. P. 13 Aug 1875Age 41y 3m 2dSS as Joseph Robbins
PartainJeannetteStorie22 Dec 190327 Jan 1996
PartainThomas17 Mar 1962BS notes this info is from an obituary
PeelmanElizaJ. Age 23yDeath date broken off, not on any other list
PommerehnChauncey18861955SS as Janie
PommerehnDeliaS. 13 Oct 187104 Nov 1953W of William L. SS as William L.
PommerehnFrederick22 Jan 181911 Jan 1882
PommerehnGlen30 Aug 1914SS as Shirley K. – No death date
PommerehnJanie18891981SS as Chauncey
PommerehnJohn12 Oct 187006 Jan 1902
PommerehnJohnFredrickMar 1839Sep 1907SS as Nancy Taylor Pommerehn
PommerehnNancyE. 11 Aug 189512 Oct 1978
PommerehnNancyTaylorMar 1841Dec 1925SS as John Fredrick
PommerehnNellieT. 18811959SS as Thomas
PommerehnShirleyK. 07 Aug 1920SS as Glen – No death date
PommerehnThomas18741952SS as Nellie T.
PommerehnWilliamL. 28 Aug 186402 Mar 1899SS as Delia S.
PorterIndiana18 Oct 187525 Aug 1877D of J. & NSS as Mary & Stephen
PorterMary07 May 187410 Dec 1874D of J. & N. SS as Indiana & Stephen
PorterStephen14 Aug 188023 Jan 1881S of J. & N. SS as Mary & Indiana
RalstonAdaC. 26 Jun 186608 Jul 1949
RalstonAgnessJ. 31 Dec 184021 Jan 1926SS as Matthew
RalstonAlice19001961W of John – Married Oct 3, 1923SS as John Lillie & Matthew O.
RalstonAndrew24 Aug 186203 Dec 1943
RalstonAnnaS. 18681942SS as William A.
RalstonBobbyJoe19391943WM has this listed as Bobby Joe Grimes. There was no last name but stone was among a lot of Ralston’s. I believe the last name should be Ralston, but I will list it both ways.
RalstonChristopherA. 19681968WM provided entry – Funeral home marker
RalstonClarenceC. 18911977SS as Jesse
RalstonDavidThomasSep 190702 May 1985BS provided entry
RalstonElizabeth08 Nov 187618 Aug 1965
RalstonErnestineG. 17 Apr 1915Married June 20, 1936SS as Robert L.
RalstonEvaJ. 04 Jan 190815 Apr 1989
RalstonFloraE. 18721950SS as James E.
RalstonGraham19 Feb 189621 Jun 1987
RalstonHarryT. 11 Aug 190022 Jan 1978Masonic emblem
RalstonHazelM. 26 Oct 189416 Jan 1991
RalstonJ. Finley18731954SS as Nellie F.
RalstonJ. Garret12 Jan 186719 Jun 1897SS as M. Thomas
RalstonJamesE. 18691947SS as Flora E.
RalstonJamesK. 10 Apr 194418 Jul 1986
RalstonJennie20 May 1867D of James & Elizabeth - Age 37yBS & DAR provided entry, DAR says “Age 3 y”
RalstonJennie18911897WM provided entry
RalstonJesse18911973SS as Clarence C.
RalstonJohnW. 01 Jun 182824 Nov 1904SS as Mabel S. & Nettie
RalstonJohnW. 19021963Married to Alice Oct. 3, 1923SS as Alice, Lillie & matthew O.
RalstonLarryG. 27 Apr 194129 Oct 1971
RalstonLillie18661932SS as John W., Alice & Matthew O.
RalstonM. Lawrence18881951SS as Nell H.
RalstonM. Thomas20 Jan 186528 Jan 1907SS as J. Garret
RalstonMabelS. 08 Nov 183530 Dec 1906SS as John W. & Nettie
RalstonMargaretAnderson21 Mar 183213 Feb 1908W of ThomasSS as Thomas
RalstonMaryLouise07 Oct 191207 Mar 1993
RalstonMatthew13 Jan 1875Age 38y 21dSS as Agness
RalstonMatthewO. 18651938SS as John W., Alice & Lillie
RalstonMatthewR. 19 Sep 186022 Mar 1940
RalstonNellH. 18951973SS as M. Lawrence
RalstonNellieF. 18741938SS as J. Finley
RalstonNettie11 Mar 185725 Feb 1917SS as John W. & Mabel S.
RalstonPaulE. 29 May 191918 Sep 1964WWII
RalstonRobertJ. 10 Sep 186218 Oct 1939RS adds middle name as Jamison
RalstonRobertL. 26 Feb 191123 Jul 1995Married June 20, 1936SS as Ernestine G.
RalstonRudolphus18711945BS adds whole birth date as June 7, 1871
RalstonSamuelLewis24 Oct 190720 May 1993
RalstonStellaR. 15 Nov 189609 Jul 1950
RalstonTheo01 Apr 1912Married June 24, 1933SS as Thomas – No death date
RalstonThomas25 Apr 183207 Apr 1893SS as Margaret Anderson
RalstonThomas25 Sep 190702 May 1985Married June 24, 2933SS as Theo
RalstonViolaM. 17 Jul 190015 Jan 1979“Vi”
RalstonWalter14 Dec 186726 Jun 1957
RalstonWilliam18 Aug 185515 Sep 1860S of William & Mary
RalstonWilliamA. 18571945SS as Anna S.
RalstonWilliamLewis17 Oct 193527 Oct 1935
ReaJane16 Aug 182502 Mar 1902W of Robert R.
ReaLillie18881961Married Nov. 27, 1912SS as Rollie
ReaRalphG. 01 Nov 192631 Dec 1927
ReaRobert25 Sep 1849S of Robison N. & L. – Age 10m 15dWM, BS & DAR provided info. WM provided relationship and age. DAR & BS lists say last name is Robison – son of “M. & L.”
ReaRobertGeorge08 Aug 191614 Aug 1916Infant S of Rollie M. & Lillie H.
ReaRobertR. 01 Apr 1865Age 41y 2m 5d
ReaRollie18861961Married Nov 27 1912SS as Lillie
ReedDannyKeith10 Nov 194526 Nov 1946
ReedFrank04 May 188426 Mar 1961
ReedJohnH. 18521932SS as Nancy A.
ReedMinnie18 Sep 188210 Dec 1971
ReedNancyA. 18491932SS as John H.
RiderMargaretA. 19131988
RobbinsCharlesAllen07 Apr 194529 May 1986
Robbins, Jr. Charles28 Nov 196928 Nov 1969Day as been changed from 29 to 28 on the stone.
RobbinsJoseph19 Jul 193127 Jan 1984Cpl US Army, KoreaSS as Wm. P. Oxley
RobisonRobert25 Sep 1849S of M. & L. BS & DAR provided entry
RowlisonCalvin18831953BS provided entry
RowlisonGeorgeW. 22 Feb 186623 Mar 1914SS as Nannie
RowlisonNannie07 Apr 186218 Jan 1940SS as George W.
RowlisonStella18801855BS provided entry
SchmunkFredW. 18671948Rev. SS as Sarah E.
SchmunkSarahE. 18691951SS as Fred W.
Scott AgnesB. Crawford04 Apr 181501 Jun 1886W of Walter – Born in Dalry Ayrshie ScotlandSS as Robert L. Crawford
ScottAgnesDow18011872SS as William Christian, Walter, John & Margaret McKenzie Scott
ScottArthur05 Aug 1871S of W. & M. - Age 14y 11m 4d
ScottAubreyE. 11 Mar 187729 May 1877BS provided entry – notes of “S of Charles and M. Leitia (from Scott family records)”
ScottCharlesD. 18521929SS as Mary Letitia
ScottChristian17501842SS as Walter, William, John, Margaret McKenzie Scott & Agnes Dow Scott
ScottEdwardCharles29 Sep 1856Stone broken and death date not readable. DAR & BS lists don’t have this name on their lists.
ScottHarryD. 11 Dec 189211 Mar 1952
ScottHelen10 Mar 190009 May 1900
Scott JamesS. 18621943SS as Lillie
ScottJanet03 Jan 179705 Mar 1864SS as Walter – WM list says there was an older stone that said “Native of Scotland – Age 62 y 2 m 2 d.” DAR & BS lists say “67 y”. Older stone not found.
ScottJasonP. 26 Jan 1865S of J.B. & M.D. WM list has “Age 7 (or 2) y 6 m”
ScottJohn03 Oct 1878Age 89y – Native of Scotland
ScottJohn17911878SS as William, Christian, Walter, Margaret McKenzie Scott & Agnes Dow Scott
ScottJohnAlbert08 Mar 185420 Aug 1854S of Samuel & Sarah AnnOnly thing readable was the name, other info is from DAR & BS lists
ScottJohnB. 24 Jun 1870Age 41y 11m 2d
ScottJuliaF. 18781955SS as Roy G.
ScottLillie18741972SS as James S.
ScottLuluF. 18871913
ScottMargaretMcKenzie17931865SS as William, Christian, Walter, John & Agnes Dow Scott
ScottMargaretRalston10 Feb 183427 May 1895SS as Robert, Martha A. & Janette Scott Culbertson Archer
ScottMargaretStorie05 Nov 182726 Jul 1899SS as Wm. C.
ScottMarion18551936SS as Mary Ellen
ScottMarthaA. 09 Sep 185825 Oct 1858D of Robert & MargaretSS as Robert, Margaret Ralston & Janette Scott Culbertson Archer
ScottMarthaJ. 18501931
ScottMary18251914SS as William – DAR & BS lists say “Mary (Culbertson) Scott” – not found on stone
ScottMaryEllen18591922SS as Marion
ScottMaryLetitia18571929SS as Charles D.
ScottOllieM. 05 Oct 189518 Jun 1982
ScottPeter12 Nov 186019 Jan 1864S of Wm. & Mary
ScottRaymond09 Jul 190305 Mar 1955S of Roy Gilbert & Julia Frances – Father of Ronald Eugene, Delmar Ray, Brenda Darlene & Gilbert Dean
ScottRebecca13 May 1868W of John – Age 64y
ScottRobert14 Oct 183310 Aug 1909SS as Margaret Ralston, Martha A. & Janette Scott Culbertson Archer
ScottRoyG. 18791930SS as Julia F.
ScottSamuel14 Aug 182804 Mar 1915
ScottSarahAnn12 Aug 1899W of Samuel – Age 72y
ScottWalter05 Aug 178907 Dec 1879SS as Janet
ScottWalter16 Jan 1868S of Wm. & Margaret – Age 15y 3m 6d
ScottWalter17891879SS as William, Christian, John, Margaret McKenzie Scott & Agnes Dow Scott
ScottWilliam30 Jun 182510 Aug 1885SS as Mary
ScottWilliam17581856SS as Christian, Walter, John, Margaret McKenzie Scott & Agnes Dow Scott
ScottWilliamC. 18 Aug 185515 Sep 1860S of Wm. & Mary
ScottWm. C. 04 Jan 182614 Nov 1897SS as Margaret Storie Scott
ScrogginLuellaMae09 Apr 191205 Feb 1973
ScrogginOrville02 Nov 191307 Oct 1975
ScrogginsAlanW. 27 Nov 195229 Nov 1952
Scroggins, IICharlesD. 10 Jan 197909 Jul 1980S of Charles D.
ScrogginsCurtisD. 19511954
ScrogginsGeorgeA. 13 Jul 195327 Jan 1994
ScrogginsGroverC. 01 May 189223 Jun 1971Married Nov. 1, 1915SS as Mamie E.
ScrogginsHarold01 Jan 191704 Jun 1984SS as Mary Gladys
ScrogginsHaroldRaymond30 Jan 193923 Mar 1996
ScrogginsJamesEdward09 Jul 194113 Mar 1988
ScrogginsJeremyDuane19 Sep 197526 Sep 1975
ScrogginsMamieE. 03 Nov 189724 May 1969Married Nov. 1, 1915SS as Grover C.
ScrogginsMandraAnn14 Apr 197520 Dec 1975D of Charles & Beverly
ScrogginsMaryE. 19501951Dates have been changed on the stone, originally 1951 & 1952
ScrogginsMaryGladys14 May 191517 Mar 1972SS as Harold
ScrogginsRogerD. 18 Aug 195808 Jan 1981
ScrogginsTroyDale06 Aug 197516 Apr 1992
ShawAnn15 Dec 1879W of John – Age 69y 6m 3d
ShawAnne13 Dec 1871D of J. & A. – Age 28y 3m 19d
ShawArchie18451918SS as James R., Mary Ann, Robert W., John & Lelia Lineback Shaw
ShawElbertH. 19131938
ShawElla27 Jun 188805 Mar 1964
ShawGaylord19351956SS as Jimmy
ShawGlen17 Jan 188310 Feb 1966
ShawJamesR. 18491926SS as Mary Ann, Robert W., John, Lelia Lineback Shaw & Archie
ShawJimmy19321956SS as Gaylord
ShawJohn18381899SS as James R., Mary Ann, Robert W., Lelia Lineback Shaw & Archie
ShawLawrence18811963SS as Lucy F.
ShawLeliaLineback18871908SS as James R., Mary Ann, Robert W., John & Archie
ShawLucyF. 18841935SS as Lawrence
ShawMaryAnn18511935SS as James R., Robert W., John, Lelia Lineback Shaw & Archie
ShawRobertW. 18751933SS as James R., Mary Ann, John, Lelia Lineback Shaw & Archie
SmithKatie09 May 186122 Apr 1883W of Rev. L.E.
SmithMarieA. 19091947
SmithNormaC. 29 Sep 190119 Apr 1977
SmithRusselC. 06 Mar 190422 Apr 1974
SpiersMarrionRobertson18 Aug 1839W of Robert – Age 39y – Native of county of Renfrew in Scotland
SpillmanBerthaM. 18881919SS as W.F.
SpillmanW. F. 18781920SS as Bertha M.
SpryAdean19 Nov 193211 Jul 2000Funeral home marker
SpurgeonWayneEarl25 Mar 195226 Jul 1957
Sterrit? 11 Jan 1840D of James & Jennet – Age 16ySS as Jennet – WM provided entry
SterritJennet09 Nov 1856Age 63?ySS as ? (daughter ?)
StevensonHugh13 Feb 1848Native of Ayr Shire Scotland – Age 72y
StevensonJames06 Apr 180613 Nov 1888Age 83y 7m 13d – Born in ScotlandSS as Jannet
StevensonJamesT. 28 Nov 1853S of James & Jannet – Age 10yDAR & BS provided entry
StevensonJane24 May 1829Consort of Hugh – Native of Ayr Shire Scotland – Age 42y 8m
StevensonJane14 Dec 1839D of James & Jennet – Age 3y 11d
StevensonJannet16 Feb 181514 Oct 1895Age 80y 8m 2d – Born in ScotlandSS as James
StevensonMary13 Apr 183017 Jul 1832BS provided entry and note “No stone, burial per Stevenson Bible records.”
StevensonMary10 Mar 183604 Apr 1839BS provided entry and note “No stone, burial per Stevenson Bible records. A second Mary. Both were daughters of Robert & Jennet Wallace Stevenson.”
StevensonMrs. DAR provided entry – Buried in 1829
StevensonThomas04 Apr 1868S of James & JennetWM, BS & DAR say 18 yrs.
StorieChristie03 Jan 182611 Sep 1907SS as Thomas
StorieEdnaTodd S. Griswold29 Aug 189805 Apr 1972I have this name listed as Edna Todd S. Griswold also. The stone looked as if her last name was Griswold but was on SS as Howard Storie. BS list says she was the widow of Thomas Howard Storie.
StorieHoward19 Oct 189924 Mar 1924BS list has name as “Thomas Howard” – not found on stone
StorieIdaM. 18791958SS as Irvin E.
StorieIrvinE. 18821957SS as Ida M.
StorieJames18561929SS as Jennie R.
StorieJane07 May 182919 Dec 1895W of Wm.
StorieJennieR. 18641952W of JamesSS as James
StorieJessie08 Oct 185414 Aug 1918
StorieJessie08 Oct 185528 Apr 1917D of Thomas & Christie
StorieMargaret06 Oct 1844W of ThomasWM list says “Native of Gallaway Co. of Scotland – Age 83 yrs.”
StoriePerryE. 19221927
StorieRobert16 Dec 185217 Oct 1915
StorieThomas07 Jul 182205 Aug 1855SS as Christie
StorieWilliam31 Aug 182531 May 1891
StorieWilliam16 Dec 185228 Apr 1922
TaitDoraS. 18591936SS as Robert & Robert G.
TaitInfant20 Jun 187220 Jun 1872S of Wm. & MarySS as Mary Eleanor, W. Arthur & Wm.
TaitJeanMcKay11 Aug 180803 Jan 1883W of John
TaitJohn10 May 1861Native of Ayre Shire Scotland – Age 85yDAR & BS list add “Born in Tarbolton, Ayr Scotland, Feb. 12, 1776”
Tait, Jr. John04 Nov 183214 Nov 1905
TaitMaryEleanor17 Jan 183917 Mar 1908D of Wm. & Ellen Pogue – W of Wm. SS as Infant Tait, W. Arthur & Wm.
TaitMaryFulton08 Apr 184419 Jan 1923
TaitRobert18481932SS as Dora S. & Robert G.
TaitRobertG. 09 Mar 189817 Mar 1898SS as Robert & Dora S. – Also has a separate stone with “R.G. – Son of Robert & Dora – Age 8 d”
TaitThomas26 Dec 184105 Mar 1925
TaitW. Arthur19 Aug 187320 Sep 1873S of Wm. & MarySS as Mary Eleanor, Infant Tait & Wm.
TaitWm. 12 Dec 183415 Jul 1918SS as Mary Eleanor, Infant Tait & W. Arthur
TaylorEdwardS. 19001922
TaylorDavidW. 22 Aug 184010 Mar 1908SS as Mary F.
TaylorFrances18541935SS as Robert
TaylorJames15 Oct 1865Age 55y
TaylorJamesS. 10 Aug 1850S of James & JaneWM list adds “11 y 6 m”
TaylorJaneSterrett03 Jan 1875W of JamesWM list adds “56 y 4 m 26 d”
TaylorMamieA. 18721961
TaylorMarcusS. 18781953
TaylorMarion29 Mar 1855W of Charles T. – Age 24yBS, DAR provided entry
TaylorMary18721961BS provided entry
TaylorMaryF. 17 Aug 184904 Jan 1933W of David W. SS as David W.
TaylorRobert18461915SS as Frances
ThompsonAgness22 Feb 1848W. of Tho’s – Age 43y 28d – A native of West Galter, Scotland
ThompsonAlexander04 Jul 1872Age 88y 4m – A native of Linithco Shire, Scotland
ThompsonCharles05 Jun 187106 Feb 1942
ThompsonElizaA. 19 Mar 1872W of Tho’s – Age 40y 9m 11d
ThompsonFrances11 Nov 186507 Apr 1951
ThompsonJenat12 Feb 185513 Jun 1946
ThompsonJenet12 Nov 187? W of A. Could not read whoe year – DAR says “age 92 y” None of the lists have the entire death year
ThompsonThomas26 Mar 181001 Mar 1907Born in Glasgow, Scotland
VallengaJacobJ. 19071977SS as Marcella R.
ValengaMarcellaR. 19021973SS as Jacob J.
VanosdolJohnW. 18961963Married Nov. 18, 1915SS as Mamie E.
VanosdolMamieE. 18951985Married Nov. 18, 1915SS as John W.
VasbinderErnie24 Dec 191605 Apr 1999SS as Jeannette – Also Government marker – Sgt. US Army WWII – BS list says “Ernest”
VasbinderJeanette03 Mar 1917SS as Ernie – No death date
VestAchieLouise05 Sep 191525 Feb 1963“Mother”
VestBrian1969Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Vest
VestClarenceDale27 Aug 194703 Nov 1998Sgt US Army Vietnam
VorisJosephineScott12 Feb 185808 Feb 1914W of H.B. Footstone “Josie”
Waggoner? 18 Jan 188809 Nov 1962Funeral home marker – WM provided entry.
WaltzDavidW. 19381985SS as Janice L. – WM list adds 08 Jan 1938 birth & 04 Nov 1985 death
WaltzJaniceL. 1937SS as David W. – No death date
WaltzMaudeA. 18971974SS as Wendell B.
WaltzWendellB. 1905196932nd degree Masonic emblemSS as Maude A.
WasherMary18781956BS provided entry
WeirAnnSmith25 May 1864W of Walter – Age 78y – Native of Scotland
WeirRobertH. 30 Jan 186908 Nov 1916
WeirWalter09 Oct 1847Age 66y – Native of the parish of West Galder Mid Lothian Shire Scotland
WhitakerNellieMae19131998Funeral home marker
WhittonChristopher28 Apr 180818 May 1877Born in the County of Tipperrary, Ireland
WhittonChristopherS of Chris. & Mary – Age 3yBS, DAR provided entry – no dates on either list
WhittonMalindaE. 17 Aug 1871D of William C. & Scitha – Age 3y 3m 11dAge and date from WM list
WhittonMary20 Apr 1862W of Wm. D. Year & first name from DAR & BS list. Age 22 y 6 m 3 d from WM list
WhittonMaryA. 10 May 180328 Feb 1885W of Christopher – Born in Delaware Co. Penn – Age 82y
WhittonRichard22 Aug 1863 Age 21y 8m 28dFirst name was unreadable on my visit and WM list. DAR & BS lists say Richard
WilkieHellenMorris21 Dec 1832 W of William - Age 46y – Native of LeithSS as William
WilkieWilliam28 Nov 1831 Age 42y – Native of Queens Ferry ScotlandSS as Hellen Morris Wilkie
WitherspoonIda06 May 186014 Mar 1897 W of Wm. SS as Wm.
WitherspoonJamesMay 180618 Mar 1883Age 77y – Born in Paisley, ScotlandFirst name from DAR & BS lists
WitherspoonJames07 Feb 1882S of James & Margaret – Age 28y 10m 7d
WitherspoonJaneM. 14 Dec 1867D of J. & M. – Age 23y 10m 11d
WitherspoonJennet30 May 1880D of James & Margaret – Age 23y 2m 22d
WitherspoonJohn12 Nov 1881S of James & Margaret – Age 18y 1m 22d
WitherspoonMargaretSpiers10 Sep 182204 Apr 1899W of Jas. – Born in Paisley
WitherspoonRobena08 Mar 1882D of Jas. & Margaret – Age 22y 9m 1d
WitherspoonRobertS. 21 Jul 1870S of J. & Margaret – Age 19y 4m 10d
WitherspoonTho’s27 Feb 1860Age 94y – Native of Scotland WM list has “Renfrewshire, Scotland”
WitherspoonThomas23 Nov 1864S of J. & M. – Age 15y 5m 21d
WitherspoonWm. 18551922SS as Ida
WolfMarguerite05 Apr 190326 Mar 1989
WolfRay06 May 189709 May 1966
WorrallBessieE. 18 Aug 188815 Sep 1988
WorrallLeonardC. 15 Jan 188222 May 1961


  • There were 4 stones that were unreadable.

  • Stones marked with * were on one or more lists, but I couldn't find these stones when I surveyed the cemetery.

  • KEY:   (WM)=Wanda Morford's list of 1980 (BS)=Bob Scott's list which is mostly transcribed from the DAR list of 1940, but also includes personal notes & personal visits. (DAR)=List compiled by the DAR in 1940 & 1941.  W = Wife, D = Daughter and S = Son

  • ** Notes on the DAR & Bob's list say these people were natives of Scotland, were buried in private burying ground on Samuel Culbertson's farm, then removed to Caledonia. Placed by stone of Peter Culbertson.

KEY:  SS = Same Stone, W = Wife, S = Son, D = Daughter, y = year(s), m = month(s), d = day(s)