Sec. 16-5-1

Shelby Township
Jefferson County, Indiana

January 2000 Survey – done by Jackie Owen

ArmandCatherine07 Oct 1863D of F. & C. – Aged 10y 5m
ArmandCatherine15 Sep 181822 Oct 1900W of FredrickSS Fredrick
ArmandFredrick17 Aug 181615 Mar 1905SS Catherine
ArmandMargaret10 Dec 185626 Nov 1912D of F. & K.
AyresElizaCordelia19 Apr 1836Infant D of Edward & Ann – Aged 2y 4m 12d
BairdFredA. 06 Nov 1882S of S.M. & M.S. – Aged 5y 10m 6d
BantaFredaL. 07 Nov 191508 Aug 1996SS as George B.
BantaGeorgeB. 12 Sep 191119 Oct 1990SS as Freda L.
BantaJohnD. 24 Oct 181804 Feb 1899
BantaLititiaAnn08 Apr 1875W of B.V. – Aged 32y
BantaMaryJ. 09 Oct 182120 Mar 1902
BantaMilliardF. 22 Aug 185828 Feb 1896
BantaSarahE. 07 Dec 185730 May 1920
BarberAnnieM. 25 May 1873W of John W.
BartonHelenF. 08 Apr 191320 Jan 1973
BartonJamesH. 14 Jan 190017 Apr 1974
BeckettLucyJ. 03 Jan 1888W of Samuel H. – Aged 31y
BeckettMartha04 Jan 1879W of Samuel – Aged 68y
BeckettSamuel26 May 181227 Jan 1900
BishopAlois04 Oct 191103 Oct 1991“Bishop’s Mill Hardware” – “Mill Closed Miller has Gone Home”
BishopEdgarB. 18381915Civil War SoldierFlag Bearer
BishopE. Parker02 Sep 187912 Mar 1946SS as Mary E.
BishopJob17551845U.S. Soldier, Rev. War – Mass Militia 1776
BishopJoel23 Mar 179309 Aug 1851Aged 58y 4m 16dTwo stones for Joel – one with just him and one with Mary (wife)
BishopMary02 May 1869W of Joel – Aged 69y 9m 24dSS Joel
BishopMaryE. 13 Mar 188416 Sep 1968SS as E. Parker
BlitonJohn06 Sep 188531 May 1965SS as Willa
BlitonWilla01 Feb 188802 Aug 1982 SS as John
BondurantNoah19 Jun 178114 Dec 1856
BondurantSamuelH.A. 04 Sep 1851Aged 26y 22d
BrandonJoseph18 Feb 182106 Nov 1846S of John & Anna
BrandonMelissa19 May 183910 Nov 1847D of John & Anna
BuchananClaraE. 14 Jul 187005 Feb 1898W of L.M.
BuchananLarryWilbur21 Dec 193811 Apr 1994SS as Susanne Taylor Buchanan
BuchananMaryA. 16 Jul 191417 Jan 2000D of Parker & Mary E. BishopSS as Wilbur G.
BuchananWilburG. 03 Jun 191107 Oct 1987S of John & LinnieSS as Mary A.
CainJohn1830In memory of John Cain, founder of Canaan. He designed the village, outlined the streets & operated the first Grist Mill in the settlement.
CainKatherine30 Jul 1833Consort of John – Aged 41y
CallisBernice09 Jan 193706 Apr 1963
CampbellHannahJ. 11 Jul 1897W of Isaac D. – Aged 57y
CarnineAllen17 Jun 181015 Apr 1894Small stone “Father” next to stoneSS as Lyda
CarnineLyda McCarty24 Mar 181308 Oct 1862Small stone “Mother” next to stoneSS as Allen
CarnineSarah23 May 181727 Jan 1882W of A. Carnie
ConnerCarlD. 03 Nov 188125 Jul 1889S of W.S.
ConnerLennaL. 18651916W of David L. Vestile & Lewis E. GordonSS as David L. Vestile
ConnerLouisF. 05 Feb 186303 Mar 1884
ConnerMittieA. 12 Jul 187113 Jul 1893D of L.A. & H.J.
ConnerSarahJ. 27 Jul 184411 May 1896W of Wm. B. SS as William B.
ConnerWilliamB. 11 Feb 184101 Jan 1900SS as Sarah J.
CopelandArline17 Aug 190227 Nov 1979
CopelandBettyM. Married June 27, 1953SS as Dale LaVant
CopelandDale15 Dec 190406 Jun 1975SS as Madeline
CopelandDaleLaVant25 Sep 192807 Dec 1993Married June 27, 1953 – CPL US Marine Corps – Korea – Outstanding member of platoon. SS as Betty M.
CopelandDavidLewis08 Feb 192826 Jun 1965
CopelandHowardLee02 Apr 190324 Nov 1972
CopelandInfant28 Mar 1861Infant S of John W. & Mary
CopelandJames09 Apr 1861Aged 64y 5d
CopelandJaneMarquis08 Sep 183230 Jan 1900W of Rob’t P. SS as Rob’t P.
CopelandMadeline19 Jun 190506 Feb 1988SS as Dale
CopelandMary04 Apr 1889Aged 81y 11m 4d
CopelandMary27 Nov 1865W of William – Aged 67y 10m 20d
CopelandRob’tP. 16 May 182707 Sep 1898SS as Jane
DailyAnna28 Aug 1856W of Rude – Aged 67y
DailyMalanRude05 May 1848S of John & Sarah – Aged 6m 24d
DailyNancyA. 17 Feb 181405 Mar 1892W of Rude
DailyOwen03 Mar 1877Aged 63y 6m
DailySamuelRude21 Jul 1847S of John & Sarah E. – Aged 9m 12d
DailySamarimas09 Sep 1844W of John – Died in 21st year
DailySarah26 Aug 1861Aged 91y 8m
DailySarahE. Mily13 Mar 1849W of John – Died in 23rd yr
DailyRebeccaJ. Phillips07 Nov 183424 Oct 1908W of Martin H.
DailyRude15 Jan 179904 Aug 1881
DemareeIsabelle18991904D of W.L. & L.
DuncanClara08 Feb 189918 Feb 1979“Wife” stone is next to Leroy Duncan’s but doesn’t say she was his wife.
DuncanLeroyA. 12 Mar 189727 Oct 1971Missouri FC3 US Navy WWI
EadesEvaIrene13 Nov 1931On back of stone: “Our daughters, Karen & Linda” SS as Harry Robert
EadesHarryRobert03 Nov 192725 Aug 1997On back of stone: “Our daughters, Karen & Linda” SS as Eva Irene
EthertonEalyA. 02 Nov 186504 Mar 1922W of JosephSS as Joseph
EthertonEverett16 Jan 189111 Oct 1965“Deb”
EthertonJoseph13 Jan 186318 Jul 1945SS as Ealy A.
FergusonGladys07 Jan 189122 Jun 1891D of R. & C.
FergusonIndiaA. 16 Jan 1873D of Jas. & M. – Aged 15y 2m 14d
FergusonJames13 May 1888Aged 72y 2d
FergusonJennie02 Apr 186922 Sep 1895D of W.M. & Fannie
FergusonMaryA. 14 Jun 1898Aged 77y 5m 7d
FergusonMaryF. 05 Apr 183310 Feb 1900“Mother”
FergusonWilliamH. 11 Aug 1863S of Mary & Jas. – Aged 22y 11m 11d – Co. A. 3rd Reg. Virginia
FergusonWilliamM. UnreadableUnreadableS of James & Mary A.
FerrisHaroldA. 19121966Married Aug. 14, 1935SS as Robena
FerrisLisaLynn29 Oct 1968D of Gale Sr. & Eleanor
FerrisRobena1914Married Aug. 14, 1935SS as Harold A.
FosterArthur19111968SS as Mattie
FosterMattie1912SS as Arthur
FrancisCalvin18611931SS as Fannie Manville
FrancisFannieManville18651917SS as Calvin
GansElizabeth13 Mar 1849Infant D of John & Sarah Ann – Aged 11m 13d
GansJohn03 Sep 181114 May 1895SS as Sarah Ann
GansJosephN. 18431914Co. C. 82nd Ind. Vol. Inf. SS as Sarah F.
GansMalinda04 Mar 1851W of Wm. A. – Aged 28y 4m 9d
GansSarahA. 10 Jan 181920 Feb 1890W of JohnSS as John
GansSarahF. 18451927SS as Joseph N.
GlazeSophia21 Jul 1882D of Wm. & N.S. – Aged 20y 5m
GlazeSophia09 Sep 180022 Jan 1886W of Thomas
GlazeThomas03 Oct 1882Aged 82y 10m 16d
GoodrichJamesE. 14 Mar 1847S of R.S. & Mary Jane – Aged 1y 5m 13d
GordonAmandaM. 27 Oct 185430 Mar 1894SS as Lewis Gordon
GordonBengamanF. 16 Oct 1847S of Wm & Ann – Aged 8y 4m 16d
GordonCarlH. Infant S. of L.E. & A.M. No dates
GordonDennisA. 04 Mar 191511 Aug 1978
GordonHannahC. 28 Sep 182815 Jan 1913SS as William H.
GordonJames16 Jan 1884Aged 60y 1m 14d – “Our fathers grave, weep not he is at rest”
GordonLennaL. Conner18651916W of David Vestile & Lewis Gordon
GordonLewisE. 31 Jan 185312 Sep 1937SS as Amanda M.
GordonSamuelM. 29 Apr 183316 Feb 1911Co. G. 82 Reg. Ind. Vol.
GordonWilliam10 Jul 179518 Mar 1849Aged 53y 8m 8d
GordonWilliamH. 29 Aug 183110 Jul 1904Co. F. 37 Reg. Ind. Vol. SS as Hannah C.
GrovesDelbert16 May 191009 Dec 1991PFC US Army WWIISS as Mildred
GrovesMildred21 Feb 1912 07 Sep 1984 SS as Delbert
GrayChesterL. 01 Mar 1914 05 Oct 1914
GrayEdwin18551936Small stone next to it – “Father” SS as Minnie
GrayGeorge18811926SS as Pearl M.
GrayMinnie29 Jun 187812 Nov 1917SS as Edwin
GrayPearlM. 18821968SS as George
GreenwoodElizabeth04 Dec 182821 Jan 1911W of Ira J. SS as Ira J.
GreenwoodIraJ. 28 Apr 1834SS as Elizabeth
GreenwoodMaryE. 17 May 186407 Oct 1886D of I.J. & E. – “At Rest” – Aged 22y 4m 20d
HaganGeorgeW. 18311920SS as Sophia P.
HaganSophiaP. 18311904W of George W. SS as George W.
HaganUlysses19 Jan 186920 Oct 1869S of G.W. & S.
HallBabe12 Jun 1917SS as Bernard L. & Geneva
HallBernardL. 28 Feb 191325 Jan 1923SS as Babe & Geneva
HallChristian15 Oct 1894S of S. & M. – Aged 7y 9m 15d
HallDavidH. 11 Apr 1887Aged 56y 24dLooked like there was another name on this stone, but it was unreadable.
HallGeneva14 Dec 190724 Dec 1908SS as Babe & Bernard L.
HallHenry07 Nov 180105 Jan 1878
HallNellieMae05 Mar 188731 Oct 1939SS as Vernie E.
HallSolomonL. NoneNone“Wife & Mother”
HallVernieE. 06 Jun 188512 Jul 1964SS as Nellie Mae
HamiltonAltaC. 09 Sep 190620 May 1997SS as Clifford
HamiltonArnold01 Dec 188029 Aug 1971SS as Hallie
HamiltonClifford15 Jun 190512 Oct 1987SS as Alta C.
HamiltonHallie06 Aug 188427 Jan 1973SS as Arnold
HamiltonKennethL. 27 Jun 192917 Jun 1999SS as Margaret A.
HamiltonMargaretA. 21 Jun 1935SS as Kenneth L.
HamiltonRuthEtherton19 Nov 1908
HankinsHannahE. 07 Aug 185114 Jan 1911
Harden, Rev. Ricky20 Sep 195519 Jun 1995
HarrisHiram11 May 1866
HartDellaFrances27 May 1919
HartDonnaL. 22 Aug 1941D of Dale & Madeline CopelandSS as Harold D.
HartHarold05 Sep 1916
HartHaroldD. 02 Jan 1940S of Harold & FrancesSS as Donna L.
HowardJoseph15 May 1850Aged 30y 11m 14d
HowardLucyElizabeth08 Jan 1848D of Jos. & Mary J. – Aged 11m 2d
JohnsonEdwin21 Nov 1874S of S.P. & H – Aged 15y 4m 22d
JohnsonIda15 Feb 1864D of S.P. & H – Aged 2y 5m 15d
KennedyAmanda13 Jun 1836W of Erastus – Age 20y
KennedyAmandaL. 27 Apr 183503 Mar 1839SS as Lafayette, Martha E., Nancy R., Clara A. & Emaline
KennedyBenjaminC. 15 Nov 1876Aged 64y 11m 11d
KennedyBenjaminF. 27 Apr 183206 Aug 1910SS as Lizzie J.
KennedyClaraA. 23 Jun 185113 Oct 1861SS as Amanda L., Nancy R., Emaline, Martha E. & Lafayette
KennedyE. H. Co. G. 137th Ind. Inf. Only information
KennedyEmaline10 May 183910 Feb 1842SS as Lafayette, Martha E., Amanda L., Nancy R. & Clara A.
KennedyHiram15 Aug 184419 Jun 1902
KennedyJamesH. 31 Mar 184111 Nov 1875
KennedyLafayette29 Dec 184926 Mar 1850SS as Martha E., Amanda L., Nancy R., Clara A. & Emaline
KennedyLizzieJ. 29 Oct 183712 Sep 1894W of Benjamin F. SS as Benjamin F.
KennedyMargaretEliza04 Dec 183803 Dec 1870W of Wm. E. SS as Wm. E.
KennedyMarthaE. 30 Apr 183708 Oct 1846SS as Lafayette, Amanda L., Nancy R., Clara A. & Emaline
KennedyNancyR. 01 Sep 181619 Nov 1857SS as Lafayette, Martha E., Amanda L., Clara A. & Emaline
KennedySarahAnn29 Jul 1847W of Ephraim – Aged 36y
KennedyWilliamE. 09 Oct 183312 Jun 1877SS as Margaret Eliza
KingGrace19 Feb 1884D of Hannah – Age 3y 4m 15d
KingHannah27 May 183918 Apr 1910
KiserDaleNo other info.
LandAlexander18491922SS as Lida W. & Grace
LandElizabeth08 May 182623 Oct 1906SS as Henry
LandGrace19011922D of Lida W. & AlexanderSS as Lida W. & Alexander
LandHenry07 Jun 182322 Jul 1899SS as Elizabeth
LandLidaW. 18621954W of AlexanderSS as Alexander & Grace
LandLuella01 Jul 1879D of A.N. & L.A. – Aged 1y 8m 19d
LandLydiaA. 09 Oct 1890Aged 39y 11m 18dIt looked like there were other names on this stone but they were unreadable.
LeeCharlesM. 13 Jan 1884Aged 20y 5m 13d
LeeElizabeth28 Feb 183228 Oct 1890SS as Hugh J.
LeeEmmaD. 22 Aug 187223 May 1933SS as Fannie M.
LeeFannieM. 14 Feb 186918 Oct 1906SS as Emma D.
LeeHughJ. 22 Oct 182225 Mar 1905SS as Elizabeth
LeeJamesH. 17 Jan 185919 Mar 1893
LeeMinnieS. 17 Sep 186627 May 1888
LeeNathan03 Oct 185328 Dec 1881
LeeWilliamW. 15 Jul 1885Aged 49y 8m 20d
LewisIdabell20 Dec 1862D of J.R. & Hannah – Aged 27y 4m 5d
LewisWilliam17 Jul 1851S of James R. & Hannah – Aged 1y 1m 22d
LittlejohnElizabeth19 Jan 176707 Oct 1844Mother of Jas. – Aged 77y 8m 19d
LittlejohnEmilyMelica28 Dec 1846D of J.W. & Mary – Aged 3y 1m 26d
LittlejohnGoldieD. 04 Aug 191507 Aug 1915D of A.W. & M.
LittlejohnRhoda14 Jun 1853W of Jas. – Aged 61y 1m
LittlejohnSusannahRien28 Jan 1829D of Jas. & Rhoda – Aged 9y 11m 7d
LochardBessie29 Dec 1884D of C.Y. & Susie – Aged 8m 29d
LochardEmma05 Feb 186926 Apr 1894
LochardInfant08 Jul 1882Infant D of C.Y. & Susie
LochardJosephH. 22 Mar 1887Aged 76y 5mInside iron fence with stone of wife, Phebe G. Lochard
LochardNancyA. 19 Jun 183922 Mar 1894SS as S. B.
LochardPhebeG. 15 May 1875Aged 55yInside iron fence with stone of husband, Joseph H. Lochard
LochardS. B. 12 May 183624 Mar 1894SS as Nancy A.
LochardVictorH. 22 May 1886Aged 23y
LyonGale09 Sep 192429 Nov 1999S of Glenn & Mamie A. Cutshall Lyon – US Marine Corps Vet. of WWII
LyonGeorgeD. 17 Aug 190927 Feb 1985S of George W. & Nettie Wolf LyonSS as Lucille E.
LyonGlenn05 Dec 189706 May 1972SS as Mamie A.
LyonLucilleE. 02 Dec 1917D of E. Parker & Mary Nay BishopSS as George D.
LyonMamieA. 31 Jan 190206 Oct 1989SS as Glenn
ManfordClara18 Aug 182523 Apr 1901In life beloved, in death lamented
ManfordCurtie14 Apr 1881Youngest S of E. & M. – Aged 5y 11m 8d
ManfordEugene23 Jan 1879Aged 29y 4m 29d
ManfordHughG. 03 Mar 182219 Apr 1885
ManfordViolaR. 23 Apr 185723 Jan 1872D of H.G. & Clara
McCallaThomasM. 30 Apr 185522 Dec 1855S of Joseph W. & Clarinda – Aged 7m 22d
McCartyAlmanzaP. 18511852S of Wm. W. & Lucy
McCartyHarriet04 Feb 182220 Nov 1836
McCartyHenry02 Sep 180028 Dec 1864Aged 64y 3m 26d
McCartyJeanetteBascom29 Aug 1853SS as Dr. W.W. & Lucy Lott McCarty
McCartyLucyLott27 Mar 182430 May 1891SS as Dr. W. W. & Jeanette Bascom McCarty
McCartyMary18 Sep 1836W of Daniel – Died in 35th year
McCartySarah23 Jul 1821Unreadable
McCarty, Dr. W. W. 04 Feb 182915 Dec 1910SS as Lucy Lott & Jeanette Bascom McCarty
McCoyCharles21 May 1878S of Jas. & Marcella – Age 15y
McCoyJamesH. 05 Feb 183314 Jun 1888
McCoyMarcella07 Feb 183029 Oct 1889
McKayEdithA. 24 Apr 182729 Sep 1889
McKayJennie18581935“For the resurrection & the life”
MeansDaily27 Jul 188019 Jan 1900S of John L. & Sarah E.
MeansJohnH. 14 Feb 1897Aged 82y 3m
MeansJohnL. 20 Jan 186019 Mar 1925SS as Sarah E.
MeansLouisa16 May 1890W of J.H. – Aged 71y 2m 2d
MeansSarahE. 26 Sep 186211 Nov 1925W of John L. SS as John L.
MeltonSarahA. 09 Jan 184805 Jun 1872W of James M.
MillerDessieVanosdol13 May 188401 Aug 1978
MillerRandallLee29 Jun 199001 Dec 1995S of Nolan & Nadine
MilliganEddie02 Feb 1879Aged 13y 8m 25d
MilliganEdwardB. 18191892SS as Parthenia F.
MilliganPartheniaF. 18221903W of Edward B. SS as Edward B.
MitchellDanielK. 18 Jan 180524 Aug 1862
MitchellDicyA. 16 Aug 183622 Mar 1883W of Jas. P.
MitchellDysonH. 04 Jun 184825 Sep 1852S of Rev. Matthew & Sarah
MitchellElizaB. 08 Sep 1846Aged 30y 7m 4d
MitchellMary24 Aug 180318 Jan 1894W of D.K.
MontgomeryDorisE. Johnson15 Aug 190220 Sep 1977
MontgomeryHubertB. 18981964
NayGordon03 Jul 191712 Jun 1987CPL US Army WWIISS as Irene B.
NayIreneB. 18 Apr 1924SS as Gordon
NayPaul05 Nov 192913 Jan 1983
NicklusJacob02 Mar 181305 Aug 1845Born in Canton Bern Switzerland
PartinEvan29 May 193305 Jan 1988“Jack” – PVT US Army – Korea
PendletonEdithL. 05 Sep 1922Married Sep 7, 1946SS as James C.
PendletonJamesC. 06 Apr 1922Married Sep 7, 1946SS as Edith L.
PhillipsJamesW. 27 Jul 181524 May 1899
PhillipsMaryJ. 03 Sep 181809 Jun 1906
PhillipsRebecca30 Jun 1869D of Jas. W. & Mary J. – Aged 33y 6m 23d
PhillipsRebecca29 Dec 1878W of Rob’t – Aged 89y 8m 6d
PhillipsRobert05 Jul 1858 Aged 73y 3m 17d
PowellSarahL. 15 Apr 1875W of Cedrick – Aged 62y
RaybornNancyM. 14 Jan 184016 Apr 1899
ReaEarl15 Apr 189519 Jun 1977Pvt. US Army
ReaEmmaE. 18751924SS as John C.
ReaJohnC. 18541929SS as Emma E.
ReaJohnW. 19061906
RiskAnorO. 18551921SS as Isaac A.
RiskCarlS. 15 Jul 1924Married Dec 23, 1944SS as Edith J.
RiskDonieO. 21 Aug 189229 Sep 1964
RiskEdithJ. 28 Sep 1928Married Dec 23, 1944SS as Carl S.
RiskElizaJ. 18501932W of Samuel H. SS as Samuel H.
RiskEllenRose28 Dec 191916 Jun 1994
RiskHowardC. 11 Feb 1922Married May 29, 1943 – Our children, Richard S., Larry E., Shirley A. SS as LaVonna M.
RiskInfant10 Feb 1921Infant S of S. & V. – Aged 3d
RiskIsaacA. 18491901SS as Anor O.
RiskJamesA. 18571928SS as Sarah J.
RiskLaVonnaM. 08 Mar 1925Married May 29, 1943 – Our children, Richard S., Larry E., Shirley A. SS as Howard C.
RiskLeola13 Jun 1907D of Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Risk
RiskMabelR. 18971986
RiskNaomi13 Jun 191924 Feb 1972
RiskRussellL. 18 Aug 191313 Oct 1987
RiskSamuelH. 18471912SS as Eliza J.
RiskSarahJ. 18571934SS as James A.
RiskVerna10 Jun 188008 Aug 1895S of S.H. & L.J. – “Every joy to us is dead since brother is not here.”
RobinsonSolomon13 Aug 188525 Mar 1907
RodgersElla07 Sep 187207 Sep 1893
SalyersHelenI. 09 Nov 184521 Mar 1867W of Simeon
SchnitgerCharles20 Feb 1862Aged 56y
SchnitgerEmeline13 Feb 1859W of G. – Aged 40y 6d
SchnitgerEmma17 Feb 184023 Aug 1894D of C. & E.
ScottBernardB. 17 Jan 190523 Jan 1977SS as Opal A.
ScottOpalA. 15 Jun 190904 Dec 1993SS as Bernard B.
ShadayElizaA. 1858SS as Franklin B.
ShadayFranklinB. 18531918SS as Eliza A.
ShaddyElizaA. 18581921Separate stone from the one spelled Shaday
ShaddayNettie20 Sep 188507 Oct 1905
ShepardThomas14 Mar 186126 Mar 1876S of S.J. & M.A.
ShortCynthia12 Feb 1889W of J.B. – Aged 71y 7m 16d
ShortJohnB. 23 Jun 1883Aged 64y 18d
SmithHarrisonL. 14 Jan 183804 Mar 1905SS as Margret E.
SmithLillaArzona26 May 1879D of H.L. & M.E. – Aged 4y 4m 24d
SmithLuella186228 Feb 1884D of H.L. & E.
SmithMargretE. 22 May 184807 Jun 1918W of Harrison L. SS as Harrison L.
SpeakGertrude06 Oct 187901 Oct 1896
SpencerDavidI. 15 Dec 191620 Dec 1916S of David I. Spencer Jr. SS as David I. Jr.
Spencer, Jr. DavidI. 24 Sep 188109 Dec 1916SS as David I.
SpencerHarrietJ. 18411928
StewartAgnes02 Mar 1890D of S.?. & M.?. – Aged 1y 8m 23d
StewartBelleManville18631949W of Edwin R. SS as Edwin R.
StewartEarl01 Jan 189010 Sep 1905SS as Belle Manville
StewartElizabeth15 Sep 184913 Jul 1887D of John H. & Mary – Aged 37y 9m 28d
StewartIsaiah20 Nov 1868
StewartJohnH. 26 Apr 181325 Dec 1877Aged 64y 7m 29d
StewartLewisC. 30 Apr 183501 Apr 1895SS as Mary
StewartMartella18651904SS as Robert B.
StewartMarthaE. 18481916W of Samuel H. SS as Samuel H.
StewartMary26 Dec 181618 Sep 1893W of John – Aged 76y 8m 23d
StewartMary28 Aug 1881W of Isaiah – Aged 84y 7m 18d
StewartMary18411880W of Lewis C.
StewartRobertB. 18611904SS as Martella
StewartRoselinH. D of Geo. W. M. & FrancesStone broken, no other info. readable
StewartRoss11 Apr 1889S of Robert B. & Martilla – Aged 1y 1m 2d
StewartSamuelH. 18381912Co. C. 82nd Ind. Inf. SS as Martha E.
StewartSarahE.A. D of Geo W.M. & FrancesStone broken, no other info. readable
StormHaroldEdward12 Jul 192622 Nov 1966
TaylorDavidM. 21 Feb 190626 Dec 1978SS as Maude
TaylorGeorgeW. 23 Jun 1857S of H.S. & S. – Aged 41y
TaylorJohn18 Oct 1851Aged 76y 5mAccording to Charles M. Taylor, John’s birth date was July 21, 1775
TaylorMaryM. 10 Sep 182304 Apr 1882W of James J.
TaylorMaude10 Sep 190622 Dec 1992SS as David M.
TaylorMelissa18581878SS as John & Eleanor Warfield
ThorntonBeverlyS. 08 Mar 1950Married Sep 12, 1969SS as David W. Sr.
ThorntonDallasC. 19081983SS as Freda D.
Thornton, Sr. DavidW. 31 Jul 194219 Dec 1997Married Sep 12, 1969SS as Beverly S.
ThorntonFredaD. 1918SS as Dallas C.
ThorntonGraceB. 24 Jan 188310 Nov 1953SS as Victor S.
ThorntonJamesM. 15 Nov 184112 Jan 1912SS as Melissa A.
ThorntonMelissaA. 10 Jan 184308 Jul 1917W of J.M. SS as J.M.
ThorntonVictorS. 10 Nov 188014 Feb 1939SS as Grace B.
VanosdolBerniece30 Jul 191626 Sep 1981
VanosdolCyril2y oldNo dates
VanosdolJohnD. 24 Jul 188112 Jul 1925
VernonMaryAnn17 Jul 1853Consort of Pleasant B. – Aged 26y 4m 12d
Vestile DavidL. 18651898SS as Lenna L. Conner – Under Lenna’s name it says “W of David L. Vistil & Lewis E. Gordon”
VestileFrancie30 May 185422 Jul 1876W of J.W. – Aged 22y 1m 23dSS as J.W.
VestileJosephW. 20 Nov 185101 Mar 1880Aged 28y 3m 11dSS as Francie
WadsworthAliceSS as Joseph & John – Infant children of Benj. & Mary H. – No dates
WadsworthBenjamin18781879S of Arthur & Mary Jane
WadsworthBenjamin12 Sep 1873Formerly of England
Wadsworth, Jr. Benjamin06 May 186003 Jul 1901
WadsworthChester18831945SonSS as Julia & William
WadsworthGracie25 Feb 1878D of W.P. & J.A. – Aged 1y
WadsworthJohnSS as Joseph & Alice – Infant children of Benj. & Mary H. – No dates
WadsworthJosephSS as John & Alice – Infant children of Benj. & Mary H. – No dates
WadsworthJulia18511933“Mother” SS as William & Chester
WadsworthMaryH. 29 Nov 182301 Oct 1900
WadsworthWilliam18491899“Father” SS as Julia & Chester
WarfieldClaraM. 02 Feb 186211 Jan 1866
WarfieldEleanorP. 18221874SS as John Warfield & Melissa Taylor
WarfieldEijamint06 Jun 186029 Jan 1863S of C.T. & EmmaFirst name is a “best guess”
WarfieldElizaAnn24 Dec 1874W of Gam. – Aged 40y 11m 15d
WarfieldElizabeth04 Sep 183928 Dec 1868W of Absolom S.
WarfieldEmma30 Mar 185819 May 1879D of G. & E.
WarfieldEphraim02 Jan 181907 Mar 1870
WarfieldGamalielT. 30 Oct 1881Aged 55y 2m 15d
WarfieldGraceE. 29 Mar 187926 Feb 1889
WarfieldInfant09 May 1873S of H ????
WarfieldJacqueline05 Dec 1880W of Gam. – Aged 50y 14d
WarfieldJohn18241909SS as Eleanor P. Warfield & Melissa Taylor
Warfield???nStone broken, may be John – unreadable dates
WarfieldJoshua18 Nov 1838Aged 7y 10m
WarfieldLydia03 Apr 179807 Jun 1880W of John – Aged 82y 2m 4d
WarfieldMaryJane29 Nov 184702 Dec 1863D of John & Eleanor
WarfieldMiletusD. 07 Sep 1862S of E.P. & E. – Aged 13y 7m 2d
WarfieldMillardE. 28 Feb 185421 Jun 1880
WarfieldSarahUnreadableUnreadableName was only thing readable
WarfieldWilliamG. 18 Jan 1846In 29th year
WarfieldWilliamRobert20 Feb 1848S of John & Eleanor – Aged 2y 2m 18d
WheelerMaryA. 18421912W of Thomas D. SS as Thomas D.
WheelerThomasD. 1844SS as Mary A.
WhithamCecil18 May 190318 Jun 1987
WhithamGrace18811964SS as John
WhithamJohn18701927SS as Grace
WhithamLeoGlenn09 Dec 192321 Jun 1998SA US Navy WW II
WhithamNormaJene02 Apr 192707 Jan 1929
WoodfillFlorence28 Jul 188017 Jan 1901
TaylorSarahH. 20 Nov 181903 Jun 1881W of H.S. 1941 DAR list provided last name, relationship & birth & death years.
?Charles04 Sep 1862Aged 20y 20dLast name unreadable
?Racgela11 Jun 1868D of –s--- - Aged 18m 28dLast name unreadable, first name “best guess”
?Harry“Little Harry” One thing readable
CookWilliam15 Jun 1837On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
EllisIdaM. 06 Jun 1885Aged 24yOn 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
GoodrichMayJane02 Apr 1846W of R.S. – Aged 21yOn 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
HallChristian04 Sep 1874Aged 38yOn 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
HarrisSamuelN. 18 Apr 182810 Sep 1860S of H. & M. On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
LeeJosephH. 07 Jan 185919 Mar 1893On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
Lee Wallace W. 23 Mar 1885 Aged 28y On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
LittlejohnSusanMariaInfant D. On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
MayAmandaE. 04 Dec 184129 Apr 1911On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
MayGeorgeS. 13 Mar 183823 Apr 1911On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
MayMaryG. 21 Dec 1862D of Henry & Eliza May – Aged 2yOn 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
McCartyMissouri15 Apr 181006 Sep 1840On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
MitchellSarahA. 09 Jan 184805 Jun 1872W of Jas. MitchellOn 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
O’NealCatherineM. 18771915On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
O’NealJohnT. 1879On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
ShortSarahJane25 Jul 1882W of R.M. – Aged 52yOn 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
SmithSallie18721935W of Wm. On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
SpencerRhoda 14 May 1864W of Benj. – Aged 34y 9m 25dOn 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
StewartFrankM. 09 Oct 187415 Nov 1915On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
WarfieldJared23 Aug 177721 Sep 1839On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable
WarfieldJohn04 May 179518 Jul 1851On 1941 DAR – stone unreadable

COMMENTS:  by Jackie Owen:  The names and dates recorded were taken directly off the stones if the stone was readable; if the dates were not readable, I used the 1941 D.A.R. record. There were about 41 stones that were unreadable. There were 22 names on the D.A.R. list that I couldn’t find so some of them were apparently among the ones that were unreadable now. One stone was upside down & I couldn’t read it, I am assuming it is one that is on the D.A.R. list also.

  1. Small stone with the initials “APC” on it with no other information.

  2. Small stone with initials “C.F.”

  3. Small stone with only initials “SAK”

  4. Small stone with on “MS”, nothing else on it.

KEY:  SS = Same Stone, W = Wife, D = Daughter, S = Son, y = years, m = months, d = days