Jefferson County wills

NameAbstract of Will
Abbott, SarahWill record C page 162 Dated March 7, 1874 probated Oct. 27, 1886 To my children Sarah C. Fish, Priscilla C. Wilson, and Charity T. O’Niel; my son James Abbott; daughter Roena Chapman; grand children, William H. Abbott and Mary Abbott; Pruett A. Chapman, Clifford C. Chapman, Sarah M. Bennett and Selathiel E. O’niel
Ackerman, MathiasDeed record 55 page 546 Barbara, my widow Catherine, unmarried; Matthias and Lena Ackerman, husband and wife; Elizabeth, widow of Jacob Burkmeier; Maggie Ringwald and Peter Ringwald, her husband; Marcus Ackerman, unmarried; John, unmarried, Nicholas, unmarried; Peter, unmarried; Joseph, unmarried; Susan, unmarried
Aich, John Sr.Will Record C page 125 Dated December 12, 1874 probated April 20, 1886 Son, Stephen Aich, John Aich Daughters: Kuezenzia Buhmiller, Josephine Matz, Magdalena Munier, Wahlburga Anger, deceased; Grand children Josephine and Joseph Aich children of son Joseph, deceased
Almond, Clarence C.(unmarried) Deed record 59 page 224 dated September 16, 1891 his heirs named in deed of conveyance; Charles Almond and Elizabeth (his father and mother) and the following brothers and sisters; Wesley A. Almond, Washington Co., IN Mary T. Shepman, Addie Almond, Ida M. Almond, Grace L. Almond, Albert E. Almond of Jefferson Co., IN George T. Almond and Charles S. Almond of Kingman Co., KS. William R. Almond and of Philips Co., NE, and all being more than 21 years of age at this date
Boyd, RobertProbate Record G, page 55.
Boyd, WilliamWill Record C, page 166 Dated April 16, 1884 probated November 30, 1886 My son Charles F. Boyd; my wife Ellen B. Boyd; my daughters Elevira Stewart wife of Peter Stewart; Henrietta Marshall wife of James Marshall; Ella Marshall widow of Robert Marshall, dec’d; Clara V. Keys wife of William Keys; my son Travanian Boyd; heirs of my deceased son, Julian M. Boyd (not named)
Allen, WilliamWill Record C, page 309 Dated June 12, 1888 Probated Oct. 6, 1888 Lived in North Madison, David Milligan to be paid the amount I owe him, the rest to my wife America Allen
Armstrong, Robert G.Will Record A, page 354 Dated December 31, 1861 Probated January 6, 1866 Lived in Baltimore, MD All to my wife Achsah Armstrong, my son Richard Dorsey Armstrong to be Executor
Arnett, SamuelDeed Record D page 448 Dated October 14, 1825 Recorded January 4, 1827 My wife Mary Arnett to have 30 acres I have no children of my own, my adopted heirs are Arthur Monroe, real estate; Sarah Monroe (whom I have partly raised); Sarah Stamper, my sister, also to share
Baker, ThomasWill Record C, page 319 Dated June 22, 1882 Probated December 7, 1888 Lived in Shelby township My daughter Permalea Hall, formerly Baker to have all
Ball, SpencerWill Record C, page 294 Dated October 3, 1882 Probated August 29, 1888 My wife, Mary Ball, son George Ball, $5000 Daughter Elizabeth E. Short; James M. Ball land in Jackson county; heir of daughter Hester A. Todd to have $5.00; son Robert W. Ball $200.00; son William H. Ball, land in North Madison; heirs of my daughter Willie Todd and Am(e)y Todd $5.00; Clara Smith to remain as one of the family
Beavers, JamesWill record A, page 360 Dated November 6, 1885 Probated December 5, 1865 Of Jackson county, in the state of Missouri My son William Beavers, $25.00 Remainder of my estate to my son Moses Beavers
Beebe, NelsonWill record A, page 396 Dated September 2, 1865 Probated September 21, 1867 My wife, Mary Beebe, all my property, my four youngest children, Milton Beebe, Elizabeth P. Beebe, James Dudley Beebe, and Annie H. Beebe, my two oldest sons, Christopher Beebe and Guy Beebe, $100.00
Blackford, IsiahWill Record C, page 331 Dated July 5, 1847 Probated Jefferson Co. August 3, 1847 Probated Scott Co. January 11, 1889 Lived in Lexington, Scott county, Indiana My wife Sarah Blackford 46 acres and at her death to my daughter Mary Elizabeth Blackford; children of my daughter Lucinda Mace are, Margaret Mace, Issac Mace, and Isaiah Mace; my former wife Rebecca Blackford; Sarah and Elizabeth Blackford, children of William Blackford $50.00 each; to John Handy, son of my daughter Mary Jane Handy (formerly Blackford) $50.00.
Blankenship, ElizabethWill Record C, page 305 Dated August 30, 1888 Probated September 10, 1888 Of Kent, Indiana My grand-daughter Carrie Wilmoth, bed and bedding My son Lewis H. Blankenship all personal property Except keepsakes to my daughter Mary A. Wilmoth, Alice Chambers, and Martha Henryett
Bloom, ThomasWill Record C, page 269 Dated October 20, 1887 Probated February 16, 1888 My wife Catherine Bloom
Brinkworth, Sarah A.Will Record C, page 277 Dated February 7, 1888 Probated May 22, 1888 2 daughters—Virginia Kunitz, wife of Henry Kunitz and Julia Bird, wife of D.G. Bird; son Joseph S. Brinkworth, also America Wiley and Henry D. Waddle (does not show relationship)
Buchanan, SusanWill Record C, page 191 Dated February 12, 1887 Recorded or probated March 10, 1887 To my daughter, Mrs. Sarah Lanceskes, not because I love one of my children better than the others, but because I think she will need it most (health) Stella E. Linck and Clara Medder $20.00 each Center table and sofa to John W. Linck
Burns, Roxey A.Will Record C, page 207 Dated July 21, 1885 Probated May 13, 1887 My late husband, Captain James Burns; my property to Mary Orrill, widow of my deceased brother Thomas B. Orrill; David G. Phillips, executor Witnesses; James J. Sering and David Reid
Cahill, IsabellaWill Record A, page 390 Dated May 10, 1867 Recorded or probated May 20, 1867 Lived in Indianapolis, Marion county, Indiana I appoint my son John S. Cahill, executor, and he to have everything
Casper, AdamWill Record C, page 281 Dated April 20, 1888 Probated May 29, 1888 My wife Anna
Clark, MartinWill Record C, page 265 Dated August 5, 1871 Probated November 11, 1887 Lived in North Madison, Indiana My wife Sabina Clark
Chalfant, RobertWill Record A Dated August 29, 1864 Lived in Cincinnati, OH; my wife Eliza E. $7000 My daughter Josephine C. Marshall wife of Edward Marshall Daughter Theresa C. Pugh, wife of George E. Pugh and Ada C. Bissell wife of Henry Bissell
Brown, OliviaWill Record C page 88 Dated February 1883 Probated September 14, 1885 To my sister Mrs. Mary E. McIntosh My husband William Brown
Brushfield, BenjaminWill Record C, page 98 Dated February 25, 1869 Probated October 27, 1885 Wife, Martha Children but not named by names
Burns, James T.Will Record C, page 75 Dated June 20, 1885 Probated August 11, 1885 Wife; Mary Burns
Campbell, ElizabethWill Record C, page 42 Dated October 29, 1881 Probated March 9, 1885 Daughters: Indiana Readington (nee Campbell) Amanda Paugh (nee Campbell) Sarah Harwood (nee Campbell) Jane Dalgleish (nee Campbell) Susan Higbie (nee Campbell) Cynthia Ann Ward (nee Campbell) Mary Kelly (nee Campbell) Harriett Beck (nee Campbell) Elizabeth Horton (nee Campbell) Son; William Campbell
Cardinal, JohnWill Record C page 96 & 97 Dated March 28, 1885 Probated October 26, 1885 Daughter: Elizabeth King, deceased; Grand-daughter: Mamie King Children: John H. Cardinal and William Cardinal Eliza Phillips, wife of Squire Phillips, Frances Ringwald, wife of George Ringwald My wife, Josephine
Chambers, AnthonyWill Record C, page 45 Dated April 14, 1883 Probated March 20, 1885 My wife Nancy; Grandson, Napoleon B. McKay Son, Garrett B. Chambers Children: Ahimaaz (?), John M. and Ladema H. Golden, wife of John M. Golden
Chamberlin, CatherineWill Record C, page 95 Dated January 14, 1885 Probated October 21, 1885 Daughters Azubah H. Logan and Fanny Torrence; Grandson, Frank E. Logan
Chambers, AveryWill Record A, page 330 Dated February 24, 1857 Record April 1, 1865 Lived in Graham township; my wife Rhoda Chambers John W. Chambers, my son ( I have 4 sons) James B., Alexander and Stephen H. 1/5 to the living children of my daughter Sarah Hancosk, now deceased (Minerva J., Nancy, Avery C., Edmund J., Salena and Elvira
Chapman, Joshua T.Will Record C, page 317 Dated May 16, 1884 November 2, 1888 My 2 daughters, Flora E. and Viola A. Chapman, all my property, except $50.00 which goes to my daughter Orinda (Arinda) Rand, Roxie Savage, and Samuel B. Chapman
Consley, Samuel Will Record A, page 408 Dated January 10, 1866 Probated February 4, 1868 Lived in Shelby township; my wife to have the land My son Benjamin F. Consley $100.00; my wife to be guardian of the 2 children under age, Louisa Consley and Sarah Jane Consley; son Hannon Consley to be executor
Cooper, JohnWill Record A, page 381 Dated April 23, 1865 Probated October 25, 1866 My wife Eph to have all (Epsh)
Cope, DavidWill record C, page 315 No date Probated November 2, 1888 My wife Nancy, son David Taylor Cope, son Robert Cope, 40 acres
Cornette Sr., LouisWill Record A, page 392 Dated March 8, 1867 Recorded or Probated June 4, 1867 Sons and daughters are as follows; Mary, oldest and Mary the youngest; Louis, John, Philip, Jacob, and Nicholas, wife is mentioned but not named
Corrie, JaneWill Record C, page 253 Dated April 26, 1882 Probated October 14, 1887 My 4th son James Corrie, a farmer, 100 acres
Cravens, Martha A.Will record C, page 350 Dated June 5, 1885 Probated April 24, 1889 To Lemuel Fisher, in payment of a debt
Cunningham, James H.Will Record C, page 227 Dated April 14, 1882 Probated August 10, 1887 My wife, Letitita Cunningham, the house; my deceased son Thomas Celland Cunningham and his wife, have received $41,000; my son James A. $24,270.40; my deceased daughter Mary Cunningham, who married J.F. Prenatt (4 children); my son, Samuel Alfred Cunningham, Oliver Howard Cunningham, daughter Letitia E.; Thomas (deceased child) Laura and Harry Cunningham
Custar, JamesWill Record C, page 267 Dated February 17, 1882 Probated February 4, 1888 Taylor Custar and his heirs only $1.00 Rest to be divided equally among my children (not named)
Davidson, AndrewWill Record A, page 359 Dated October 7, 1865 Recorded February 13, 1866 My present wife Rebecca, my farm
Dehler, MargaretWill Record C, page 337 Dated April 30, 1883 Recorded or probated February 19, 1889 My daughter Louisa now Sister Amelia of the Sisters of Providence of St. Mary’s of the Woods, $150.00; my 2 daughters Barbara Brown and Caroline Dehler $5.00 each. Adam Kalb, my nephew, everything else.
DeLoste, FrancisWill Record C, page 240 Dated May 4, 1885 Probated Sept 15, 1887 Late of Baltimore, Maryland; my adopted son Joseph DeLoste, everything and at his death to his children (children not named)
Charlesworth, EmmaWill Record C, page 84 Dated January 21, 1881 Probated September 4, 1885 Husband; Samuel O. Children: Emma Eliza Neilson, Annie Maud Charlesworth, and Mary Grace Charlesworth Brother: John W. Harris
Comingore, DanielProbate G, page 150 Dated January 22, 1847 Son, Daniel, 123 acres Wife, Rachel Son, John, $550.00 Daughter, Elizabeth, $550.00 and her children Son, Levi, $550.00
Cope, JamesProbate record G, page 302 Dated July 13, 1847 Probated August, 1847 My wife, Susanna Cope and at her death to be equally divided among my children (not named)
Craig, EllenWill C, page 133 December 10, 1884 To my sisters Jane Craig, Robenia Craig, and Eliza Craig
Custer, JesseWill Record C, page 40 and 49 Sons: Reuel Fountain, James William, Issac, and Jesse Boon Son-in-law John Meisner Daughter Elizabeth Ann Meisner
Dietz, JohnWill Record C, page 104 Dated June 23, 1885 Probated December 3, 1885 Wife, Maria Catherine Daughters; Elisa, Augusta Son: William
Duffy, Melvin C.Will Record C, page 128 Dated April 26, 1886 Probated May 21, 1886 Smyrna township My wife, Sarah Duffy: all property read and personal John Duffy, my father My dear children, John C. Duffy and Allen G. Duffy, until they arrive at age 21; my wife Sarah executrix, assisted by my friends James Officer, Sen. John Litson and William A. Cooperider.
Dittgen, NicholasWill Record C, page 325 Dated December 27, 1888 Probated January 4, 1889 My wife Magdalena Dittgen, all
Dixon, Sarah G.Will Record C, page 210 Dated November 11, 1882 My 4 children, James F. Mitchell; Martha McCurry; John C. Dixon and Zachary Dixon, equally Witnesses, Isaac N. Todd and Manley D. Wilson
Donlan, PatrickWill Record C, page 343 Dated November 28, 1882 Probated April 6, 1889 Of Catholic faith My wife, Bridget Donlan, real estate; my brother Dennis Donlan $1000.00; my niece, Ellen O’ Laughlin, wife of John O’Laughlin and my brother Luke $500.00
Douglass, CeliaWill Record C, page 358 Dated October 28, 1879 Probated July 21, 1889 My grand daughter, Mary Cox $100 And my daughter, Clara Herod
Duffy, NancyWill Record A, page 358 Recorded January 15, 1866 Dated August 31, 1866 My daughter Melissa A. Montgomery, sufficient amount for my keep; my other 3 children William Monroe, Mary Jane Ritchie and Malissa A. Montgomery, my deceased don, Milton C. Duffy
Duffy, William R.Will Record C, page 366 Dated August 2, 1889 Probated September 18, 1889 Lived in Kent, Indiana; wife Elizabeth $500.00 to each of my children Minerva E. Wallace (the heirs of) Mary J. Wallace, Allen W. Duffy, John S. Duffy, Hettie A. Davidson, and Clara Judkins $1.00 each; to the 4 daughters of my son Sidney A. Duffy (Ida, Daisie, Ela, and Nellie) $25.00; to John Davidson to hold in trust for my daughter Martha R.
Dryden, ThomasWill Record C, page 193 Dated May 9, 1885 Probated March 12. 1887 My two sons, Morgan N. Dryden and Thomas M. Dryden jointly, William Dryden $100.00; Francis L. Dryden $100.00. Witnesses Andrew Blake and Thomas B. Blake
Duffy, WilliamWill Record C, page 189 Dated February 9, 1987 Probated March 10, 1887 To my grand-daughter Mary B. Ruthledge Daughter-in-law Sarah Duffy Grandson John C. Duffy Grandson Graham Duffy
Farnham, William L.Probate Record G, page 348 Dated June 23, 1847 Nephew of Charlotte Leonard
Ferguson, AlexanderWill Record C, page 110 Dated February 4, 1885 Probated December 19, 1885 Sons: Alexander, John, James, Robert Daughters: Margaret Forbes Grand-daughter Belle, who is daughter of his daughter Elizabeth
Floyd, John B.Will Record C, page 154 Dated December 29, 1885 Probated September 7, 1886 Township of Lancaster; my wife Addie M. Floyd, all estate
Ford, WarnerWill Record C, page 179 Dated February 23, 1882 Probated January 14, 1887 My youngest son, Richard S. Ford, farm of 80 acres other to be divided equally between my heirs, Mary J. Underwood, Jarrett P. Ford, William H. Ford, Graham L. Ford, and Sarah F. Suiter To Elizabeth Hughs heirs, I will $1.00 each
Frevert, ElizabethWill Record C, page 136 Dated July 13, 1886 My daughter, Emma B. Frevert And my grand-daughter Lizzetta Linck
Friedley, Mary J.Will Record C, page 74 Dated January 1, 1884 Probated July 29, 1885 Husband, William T.
Fry, George H.Will Record C, page 108 Dated November 20, 1867 Probated December 14, 1885 Wife: Eliza Jane Her children: Capitola L. Fry, Herbert G. Fry, Walter V. Fry, Mary C. Fry (deceased) (evidently G.H.P.’s mother)
Emmel, PeterWill Record A, page 367 Recorded May 14, 1866 Dated May 5, 1866 Of Monroe and Lancaster Townships, I am age 57 years My lawful wife Gertrude Emmel; my youngest daughter Katherine Emmel
French, Asa F.Will Record C, page 198 Dated March 24, 1887 Recorded April 1, 1887 Lived in Lancaster Township My wife Melissa W. French My daughter Mary E. French; sons, Otho French and Andrew M. French Witnesses James F. Lewis and L.G. Foulkner
Garnett, WilliamWill Record C, page 257 Dated November 26, 1881 Probated December 5, 1887 To Wilkerson Jones of Owen County, KY and Samuel Marquis of Madison, all of my estate
Gautzschier, BarbaraWill Record C, page 341 Not dated Probated March 20, 1889 My husband Phillip; grand-daughter Katie Ehrnsberger $100.00 (spelling probably not correct) My daughter Barbara Zoeller; Gus Zoeller witness
Gentrup, H.A.W.Record A, page 343 Dated May 22, 1865 Recorded, October 30, 1965 My wife, Catherine Gentrup; my children, Conrad, William, Henry, Andrias, Frederic, children of my first wife; and Henry son of my second wife and Louisa Struble daughter of my second wife by her former husband, share and share alike
Giltner, PhillipWill Record C, page 360 Dated August 25, 1884 Probated July 20, 1889 To my wife Nancy J. Gilter, son Greenberry, Barnett, David, Talita, Mary, William F., and John
Garlinghouse, George B.Will Record C, page 58 Dated April 11, 1885 Probated April 18, 1885 Wife, Serena And eleven children (not named)
Giddings, FrederickWill Record C, page 182 Dated April 20, 1886 Probated February 12, 1887 My wife, Malinda Giddings (real estate) My daughter, Clarrisa E. Giddings (farm) My son, James R. Giddings (farm) My son, Almond E. $400.00 My son, George R. $1.00 My son, Frederick W. $1.00 My daughter, Julia McIntyre $300.00
Gilmer, Anna AmandaWill Record C, page 82 Lives in New Albany, IN Dated June 8, 1884 Probated August 4, 1884 Sister, Mary. J. Mann
Green, ThomasProbate G, page 297 Dated August 29, 1839 Probated July 1847 Son, George Green--$1.00 Son, Abraham Green--$10.00 Son, Thomas Green--$10.00 Grandson, Thomas Green, son of Abraham--$100.00 Daughter, Rachel Woodfill--$100.00 Son, Peter Green - $10.00 Son, James Green - $100.00 Grandson, John Keler - $100.00 Daughter, Sarah Mourey - $100.00 Son Abner - $10.00 Son John - $150.00 Daughter Margaret Green, my land John H. Bowen, executor
Griffin, Mary C.Will Record C, page 119 Dated May 7, 1881 Probated April 19, 1886 Son, Gerald L. of St. Louis and Joseph F. Griffin, George C. Griffin and Martha F. Griffin , his wife
Guerich, Michael M.Deed record 59, page 95 Dated July 6, 1891 Probated July 21, 1891 All of estate to my mother, Catherine Guerich
Demaree, DanielProbate G, page 223 Dated April 12, 1847 Buford, Harrison, husband of Nancy Ann—late Nancy Ann Demaree deceased $5.00 to be paid when Harriett Demarree reaches the age of 21 William Demaree and Samuel Demaree Has a second wife Mary Demaree, John Demaree, Daniel L. Demaree William, James, Nathaniel, Sarah, and Harriett.
Gray, John L.Will Record C, page 259 Dated September 7, 1885 Probated January 3, 1888 Lived in Republican Township My wife Mary to have all, then to my children Katie, James M., Alice J., John W., Lizzie M., Mattie A., Jess B. equally; James is under 21
Grimes, ElijahDeed Record C, page 212 Dated June 16, 1886 Probated June 18, 1887 Everything to be equally divided among all my legitimate children, except Abjah Grimes, Malinda Banks, John Grimes, and Alice Grimes $1.00, there is a wife, but she is not named. My son Stephen Grimes to be executor
Grimes, LouisaWill Record C, page 271 Dated December 26, 1888 Probated March 29, 1888 I am the widow of Elijah Grimes, deceased of Milton township, no children
Grossman, GeorgeWill record C, page 380 Dated October 7, 1889 Probated November 23, 1889 My wife, Christina Son, Charles E. Grossman My children, Margaret Miles, John Grossman, Kate Caldwell, Carrie Cope, Samuel Grossman, Benjamin F. Grossman, Mary C. Grossman, Alice Grossman, and Charles E. Grossman
Harris, HiramDeed Record A, page 369 Dated April 26, 1866 Recorded or probated, May 26, 1866 My wife, Martha—all my household goods My sons, Benjamin F. Harris and Hiram J. Harris My daughters, Mary A Gordon, Martha J. Robonns, Catherine Harris, Eliza Nicholson, Melissa A. Smith, and Amanda Harris
Hasfurder, ElizaWill Record C, page 214 Dated April 2, 1887 Probated June 18, 1887 Lived North Madison, Indiana My two youngest children, Callie Hasfurder and Clemons, my property
Hammel, Jane F.Deed record 59, page 96 March 16, 1891 July 2, 1891 Age 63 years Minnie A. Toombs (my grand-daughter) – the sum of $1000.00 Grandson, Charles A. Toombs - $1000.00 Willie A. Toombs - $1000.00 To my children, in order of their ages as follows; William D. Hammel Alnardo E. Hammel (spelling perhaps not correct) George M. Hammel Oscar H. Hammel Sadie J. C. Hammel Clara E. Hammel Harry A. Hammel My daughter Jennie E. Adams not mentioned in my will
Hamilton, JamesProbate G, page 230 Dated June 12, 1847 Wife, Mary Brothers, Jonathan Hamilton and William Hamilton
Hillis, DavidProbate G, page 12
Hillis, MathewProbate G, page 299 Dated August 25, 1842 Recorded August 1847 My wife during the life time, then to be divided equally among my children, except Elizabeth Jackson, and her heirs shall be paid $1.00 Hiram Hillis whom I have raised to share equally with my children
Hands, Hugh L.Deed record 57, page 241 Dated June 11, 1879 Of South Bend, Indiana 1/3 to my wife 1/3 for my son John Ward Hinds 1/3 to my nephew Hugh M. Hinds said trust to continue for 25 years names Kate Hinds, his widow Sarah Good, his sister who lives in Louisville, owns property in South Bend, Louisville, St. Joseph county farm Old Ladies Home Society $100.00 Great, great daughter Ruth C. Barnes gold watch to be held in trust by Annie M. Schull
Hinds, RuthDeed record 58, page 373 Son, W.W. Hinds (the homestead) northwest corner of West and Presbyterian Avenue #513 Daughter, Alice H. New (house next door) My daughter, Annie M. Schnull, west side West St #511 My 2 sons, James H. Hinds and John W. Hinds, stock in first national bank Old Ladies Home Society $100.00 Great grand daughter Ruth C. Barnes gold watch to be held in trust by Annie M. Schull
Hughes, William M.Will Record C, page 101 Date May 5, 1885 Probated November 30, 1885 Sister and nephew
Hastie, JeannetteWill Record C, page 283 Dated April 9, 1888 Probated June 15, 1888 (copied as written) “When I die, I want George my son to have all my property and if Anne gets her pension and I get part of that, I want my daughter to get $5.00 a piece and for George to have the rest of what is left. Now girls this is what I want done” Jennette Hastie Witness: George Arbuckle
Hayes, JamesDeed record A, page 357 Dated November 2, 1865 Recorded or Probated February 1, 1866 My wife Martha is to have possession of all my real estate at her death to my daughter Disa (Lisa) Ann Mitchell Two children, George and Etta to have $200.00 each Other children mentioned, but not named
Heck, PeterWill Record C, page 279 Dated December 24, 1887 Probated May 26, 1888 My wife Elizabeth and children not named
Henderson, Rachael EmilyWife of William H. Henderson, Charlestown, IN Dated July 31, 1882 Probated January 10, 1885 To my husband the farm lying between Holman and Deputy 125 acres Children not named
Hendricks, Ann P.Will record C, page 251 Dated May 6, 1881 Probated October 3, 1887 All household goods equally to the following children Sarah Ann Hendricks William P. Hendricks Paul Hendricks Ellen C. Weyer
Henry, William F.Deed Record A, page 380 Dated September 18, 1866 Recorded or Probated October 12, 1866 Daughter Lucretia McCurry, Mary Jane Ross, Nancy Ellen Staples Harriett and Ann Sons (2) Allen F. And William Jasper
Higbie, JosiahDeed record A, page 338 Dated November 4, 1862 My son Jophet (?) L. Higbie all my plantation in Madison Township 2 daughters, Esther, wife of Robert I Elvin and Sarah, wife of Joel Thompson youngest daughter Anna Maria, wife of W. H. Simmons and Joseph, wife John P. Jordeni my grandson Edward Hubbard whose father is Richard Hubbard
Hildreth, HenryDeed Record A, page 373 Dated October 31, 1861 Recorded or Probated June 27, 1866 My wife Nancy Ann, to have all My beloved daughters Mary Z. Hildreth and Julia F. Hildreth Son, John C. Hildreth Grandchildren Henry and Rufus (sons of my deceased son Rufus) My grand children Harry H. Ong and Fannie H. Ong
Housefield, Will H. (John)Will Record C, page 346 Dated January 25, 1887 Probated April 6, 1889 My wife Eliza Housefield
Hill, James A.Will Record C, page 233 Dated June 3, 1887 Probated August 31, 1887 Daughter in law Ursula A. Hill, wife of my son Francis A. Hill, table Daughter Euphemia A. Rockhold Son, Charles, deceased
Hinton, WilliamDeed Record A, page 387 Dated February 20, 1862 My wife Lovisa Hinton to have all my real estate Children, but not named
Hirche, AugustWill record C, page 307 Dated September 12, 1876 Probated September 18, 1888 My wife Beate (?) all my estate
Hughes, DavidRecord A, page 364 Probated or recorded March 12, 1866 Dated February 13, 1866 My wife Rebecca one thousand dollars My daughter Matilda Evaline Hughes 1000.00 My other lawful heirs, Thomas J. Hughes Martha Jane Thompson, Nancy Caroline Findock (?) Mary Matilda Hughes and Rebecca J. Hughes; my daughter Elizabeth Ann Odgen $400.00 My grandchildren Anna Bell Hughes daughter of William Henry Hughes my son $400.00 My son, Joseph Newton Hughes , my interest in farm
Jewell, Mary P.Will record C, page 378 Dated September 21, 1886 My son Edward E. Jewell Daughter, but does not name her
Johnson, WilliamWill Record C, page 372 Dated February 17, 1880 Probated October 2, 1889 My son John R. Johnson and his wife Cynthia Ann Johnson, real estate; James W. Johnson $1.00 Jorden J. $1.00 Henry C. $1.00 And my daughter Sally Ann Rynearson Rhoda Gordon, Moranda Benefiel Frances Wheeler, Mary Jane Mathews, and Elizabeth Yost heirs
Johnson, ThomasDeed record A, page 336 Dated November 15, 1858 Recorded or probated Sept 1. 1865 My wife Diana My daughter Hannah C. Johnson My other children are Sarah Raburn, Emeline S. Raburn, William T. Johnson, Solomon P. Johnson, and Lydia A. Mansfield, divided equally
Kinnear, ElvinDeed Record A, page 386 Dated November 9, 1866 My sister Mary J. Marshall, bed and bedding To Mary B. Kinnear and Rosa O. Kinnear, children of Aurelius Kinnear, bedding My father Andrew Kinnear, now deceased sister Elizabeth A. Kinnear, now E. A. McCasland Aurelius Kinnear, brother and Thomas Kinnear, brother
Knicely, FrancesDeed Record A, page 388 Dated February 12, 1867 Recorded February 26, 1867 To my 2 grandchildren John Roberts and Joseph Roberts $5.00 each The rest to be divided equally between my 3 daughters, Mary L. Wyne, Emily Wiggins, and Elizabeth Knicely, all my estate
Knicely, JohnDeed Record A, page 366 Dated February 15, 1866 Recorded April 4, 1866 My daughter Mary C. Wyne – 33 1/3 acres My daughter Elizabeth Knicely – 33 1/3 acres My daughter Emily Wiggins – 33 1/3 acres My wife Frances Knicely – 20 acres $50.00 each to John Roberts and Joseph Roberts, my two grand children
Jackson, IsomDeed record 59, page 304 September 9, 1891 Susan C. Jackson Nellie A. Jackson Mary E. Clines and Lemuel Clines Martha C. Jackson Nancy F. Marling John W. Jackson Charley F. Jackson Estella J. Jackson J. Beadon Acree and Martha L. Acree, California
Jines, Walter W.Will Record C., page 185 Dated July 21, 1886 Probated February 19, 1887 My wife Rebecca Jines
Johnson, MariotWill Record C, page 49 Dated June 24, 1876 Probated March 24, 1885 Daughter, Clarissa R. Johnson Wife, Martha Several children but not mentioned by name
Kennedy, EphraimWill Record C, page 158 Dated July 13, 1877 Probated September 15, 1886 My wife Frances Kennedy, all property
Kinney, GodfredWill Record C, page 44 Dated February 23, 1885 Probated March 13, 1885 My wife Eva
Klein, FrancesWill Record C, page 156 Dated August 26, 1886 Probated September 14, 1886 My children, Katie Klein, Lula Klein, and William Klein share and share alike, children to live with my mother and father, Andrew and Kate Lotspeich George Lotspeich, witness
Kleine (Klein) JacobDeed Record 59, page 343 My daughters Mary and Maggie, $100 each My son Peter
Lansberry, PhebeWill Record C, page 303 Dated September 22, 1887 Everything to my uncle John R. Barton and Rachel Barton my aunt and wife of John P. Barton Her daughter Hellie Barton or the survivor of them
Law, Rachel J.Will Record C, page 292 Dated July 19, 1881 Probated August 7, 1888 Deceased husband named Charles L. Law Grandson Charles W. Herod $500.00 My children, Arabel Law, Minnie Law, Effie Law, Thomas Law $50.00 To my children Lewis C. Law, Eliza Ann Blake, and Benjamin F. Law
Lee, Mary J.Will Record C, page 242 Dated June 16, 1887 Probated September 12, 1887 I am the widow of Perry Lee, deceased William K. Foster who we raised from infancy to have land My nephew, Scott Buchanan, land My nephew, John D. Buchanan, land William J. Elles, land To church known as Latter Day Saints $200.00
Lee, James H.Deed Record A, page 406 Dated September 25, 1867 Recorded December 24, 1867 All to my wife Rebecca Jane Lee, children but not named
Lochard, Joseph H.Will Record C, page 195 Dated January 12, 1887 Probated March 25, 1887 My beloved wife $1000.00 (not named) to each of the children of my deceased daughter Wiletta Shadday $100.00 my gold watch and chain, my fire proof safe and all my real estate in Canaan to my son Cyrus Lochard To my daughter Elizabeth Hankins $500 all accounts due me from she and her former husband Christian Hall Son, Solomon B. Lochard $2000.00
Lotta, WilliamDeed Record A, page 405 Lived in Hanover township $100.00 to Mission Annie French Mattie and Annie Arnett each $100.00 The rest to my sister Eliza and Mary Lotta divided equally
Lyon, WilliamWill record C, page 349 Dated April 15, 1887 Probated March 22, 1889 All my land in Milton township ( no names mentioned) to my wife
Lee, Mary J.Deed record 55, page 421 Dated September 12, 1887 Names Scott Buchanan (my nephew) land in 34-5-11
Lewis, Chauncey B.Probate Record K page 18 February 9, 1854 James R. Lewis 9.02 each William O. Lewis Benjamin Lewis Samuel B. Lewis Chauncey B. Lewis Missouri Lewis Jennette Lewis, widow
Litterer, FrederickProbate record G, page 233 Dated June 1847 Wilheminia, widow Francis Litterer John A. Litterer Jacob F. Litterer John William Litterer Frederica Litterer Joseph Henry Litterer Elizabeth Litterer Allbrite Litterer
Lockman, Stephen O.Will Record C, page 160 Dated June 1, 1860 Probated March 15, 1886 My wife Mary A. , all property
Lottstpeich, AntonWill Record C, page 60 Dated April 24, 1885 Probated May 18, 1885 Wife, Walburga Children; Caroline Schuller, Andrew Lotspeich, Charles Lottspeich, Mary Schunstin, Joseph Lottspeich, and Sophia Tuttle
Lutz, John G.Will Record C, page 106 Dated November 14, _____ Probated December 8, 1885 Wife, Katherine Heirs—Rosey Shuher, John A. Lutz, Amelia Lutz, Andrew Lutz, George E. Lutz, Antona Maggie Lutz
Malary, TimothyDeed record A, page 404 Dated October 30, 1867 Recorded November 9, 1867 My property to my wife, also to be administrator Wife—Hannah Mariah Malary O children but only youngest named Emilee Gazelle B___mham
Means, WilliamWill Record C, page 339 Dated October 20, 1887 Probated March 5, 1889 My wife Elizabeh Means and at her death to be equally divided between my beloved children: Joswa H. Means, Charles P. Means who are the heirs of Israel Means, deceased; James H. Means, the heir of Sarah A. Leclere (nee means) deceased; Matilda Soavine (nee Means), Mary A. Means, Martha J. Ratekin (nee Means)
Miles, EnosWill Record C, page 224 Dated October 11, 1881 Probated May 20, 1887 Son Enos John Miles: Wife Ann Miles; Daughter Mary Ann Sheets, wife of Michael Sheets $350.00; Susan Denny wife of Thomas Denny, Sarah B. Steel, wife of Joseph P. Steel Martha Iran Carrington, my granddaughter $5.00; Their mother Martha Iran Willoughby and what is left to Enos J. Miles, Marion Sheets, Susan Denny, and Sarah B. Steel. Second marriage after will was made CODICIL dated December 112, 1886, his wife is Martha Miles
Morris, MatildaWill Record C, page 298 Dated April 5, 1888 Probated Sept. 6, 1888 Deceased husband, James buried in Shannon graveyard in Republican Township; A great grandchild Joseph Hensler $100.00 2 grand children James Crawford and Maud Morris 1/10 to Eliza McNealy, wife of Frederick McNealy; 1/10 to Charles Morris 1/10 to Thomas Morris 1/10 to Martha Scaggs 1/10 to George W. Morris 1/10 to James Ward 1/10 to Ellen Turner 1/10 to James Morris 1/10 to the following children of my deceased daughter Mary Crawford—John 0, Eliza 0, James 0, Jennie 0, and Clara 0 1/10 to my great grandchild Martha Bell Hensler
McCartney, WilliamDeed record A, page 400 Dated March 4, 1866 Recorded August 7, 1867 My wife Margaret, all my estate
McClelland, JohnWill Record C, page 200 Dated April 23, 1883 Probated April 9, 1887 My wife Mary B. McClelland, sons John and Benjamin Daughters Mary A., Sarah E., and Martha Heirs of my son Benjamin, deceased nothing; James McClelland, William and Charles
McCoy, Joseph H. Will Record C, page 290 Dated May 24, 1888 Probated June 30, 1888 Lived in Shelby township; wife Marcella McCoy Son (no name) to have $200.00; son Theodore and daughter Jennie
McDonald, EdwardDeed record A, page 345 Dated August 23, 1865 Recorded October 30, 1865 Wife Mary, all my property
McElria, JohnWill record C, page 300 Dated May 28, 1883 Recorded September 14, 1888 My daughter Annie, land in Madison township My daughter Sarah McElria, $500.00 Son- John, land in Madison Township, also 35 acres in Milton township My children John, Sarah, Annie, and Isabella, to be equal
McKim, RobertWill Record C, page 204 Dated May 5, 1887 Probated May 11, 1887 My wife Elizabeth, daughter Jennie Blackmore, works of art, etc. Daughter Margaret S. Vail $500 and Indianapolis property Grandchildren Bessie Blackmore, Sallie B. Lacey wife of Andrew Lacey, Aggie Blackmore, Robert McKim Blackmore, George Blackmore, Frank Blacmore, Robert A. Vail, Helen Vail, Lizzie Vail, all bank stock. Richard A., husband, executor
McKinley, Jane M.Will Record C., page 238 Dated May 19, 1886 Probated August 13, 1887 My husband William P. McKinley, Martha Ann Holmes wife of William E. Holmes My father Frederick Taylor’s estate
McLain, JamesDeed Record A, page 341 Dated August 15, 1861 Recorded October 13, 1865 My sister Eliza McLain, money which shall be due me as a soldier of the United States Brothers John and William
Mann, AndrewWill Record C, page 25 Dated May 4, 1883 Probated February 29, 1884 Probated in Madison November 19, 1884 Lived in Rice County, Kansas Sister- Jennet Park Niece; Lizzie Gordon, Mary Lakey of Kingman County, Kansas Nephews: George Gordon and Leander Gordon Brothers: William and James Also niece: Jennie J. Breugle (Brengle) William A. Park and Josephine Park (relationship not given) Franklin Shannon George W. Walker
Matthews, JaneDeed record 59, page 342 Dated December 1858 November 13, 1891 To my brother William Matthews
Maute, JohnWill Record C, page 134 Dated March 15, 1876 Probated July 3, 1886 To my wife Margaret Maute
Meyer, Henry L.Will Record C, page 174 Dated December 6, 1881 Probated December 18, 1886 All to my beloved wife, Margaret Meyer And she alone to be executrix
Miller, Mary Will Record C, page 176 Dated October 14, 1884 Probated December 29, 1886 My daughters: Caroline S. Miller and Matilda P. Miller, my home and lot; lot #35 Woodburn’s Addition north My son: Harrison Miller $25 per year to be paid yearly by my sons, Albert D. Miller and Charles W. Miller. Also to Charles and Albert to have real estate, said sons to pay their sisters, Anavesta P. Dietz and Louisa M. Russell, each $500.00
Menfort, SusanWill Record C, page 115 Dated October 17, 1883 Probated January 23, 1886 Husband Henry, deceased Sons- Cornelius B., Robert H. Daughters- Louise, wife of John Spinks Susan M. Davis, wife of John H. Davis, St. Louis, Mo. Brother- Edward G. Lewis
Moore, Andrew J.Will Record C, page 147 Dated January 21, 1881 Probated August 19, 1886 My wife Katherine Moore Other heirs not named
Murphy, DanielWill Record C, page 67 Dated November 7, 1868 Probated July 4, 1885 Sons- Martin and Patrick (by his first wife) Daughter- Mary (second wife) Second wife- Bridget
McCollough, CynthiaWill Record C, page 20 Daughter, Sary John Thomas Glaze and Charles L. Glaze (relationship not given)
McKenna, JamesWill Record C, page 36 Dated December 24, 1884 Probated January 27, 1885 Son- Thomas Wife- Ellin
McNutt, MargaretWill Record C, page 54 Dated March 15, 1877 Probated April 1, 1885 Sister—Mary McNutt Nephew- Thomas McNutt
McWilliams, RobertWill Record C, page 38 Dated February 5, 1885 Probated March 3, 1885 Wife- Elizabeth
Nodler, Joseph C. B.Will Record C, page 151 Dated April 23, 1885 Probated June 29, 1885 My brother Peter, brother Frank, brother Henry Nephews- Alphonse Nodler and Rayner Nodler, my father Conrad Nodler’s estate, state of KY, county of Kenton, city of Covington
Nichols, JacobDeed Record 59, page 342 Dated September 1, 1878 November 13, 1891 My wife Catherine Nichols
Nicholson, Priscilla B.Will Record C, page 117 Dated February 9, 1872 Probated February 20, 1886 Age 54 years Husband- Elijah
Newbold, Maria F.Will Record C, page 219 Dated April 20, 1881 June 28, 1887 Willis N. Taylor and Alice Taylor, children of my deceased daughter Lucy Taylor, $1.00 each My daughter, Charlotte Well, $1.00 My daughter, Cecelia Newbold, 50 acres My son, William A. Newbold, 55 acres My son, Arthur V. Newbold
Nicklaus, John JacobDeed Record A, page 384 Dated August 18, 1862 Recorded December 27, 1866 Rodolph Nicklaus, $300.00 John Nicklaus, $200.00 Mary Reumschinder, $300.00 Elizabeth Israel Carl, $400.00 To the children of Rosina Herod, late wife of Christopher Herod, $400.00 To Peter Nicklaus $150.00 Abram Nicklaus $400.00 Margaret Weber, wife of Peter Weber, all personal property Peter Weber, my son in law to be executor
Owens, JamisonWill Record C, page 370 Dated June 14, 1889 Probated September 18, 1889 My husband James Owens My mother name Sarah J. Kiles, wife of ______Kiles, Lancaster township
Paris, JosephWill Record C, page 352 Dated He is of Catholic faith To Catherine Cook of Indianapolis, IN, my house and lot on Mulberry Street. Household goods to Mary Beach and Josephine Crawley. Mark Crawley $1000.00 (I have raised Josephine and Mark from infancy) My sister Barbara Lower 1/12 part (my wife recently died John and Leo, sons of Barbara, my sister To Joseph Paris, son of Mick Paris, 1/12 part To Leo Cramanacker, my nephew, 1/12 part To Adam Paris, son of Nick Paris, 1/12 part Benjamin, son of Nick, my brother To George, Nora, and Jospehine Crawley, children of Mark and Josephine Crawley
Nicklaus, JohnWill Record C, page 140 Dated May 13, 1886 Probated August 18, 1886 My daughter Louisa M. Hereth of Indianapolis, wife of Adam Hereth, land and lots in Indianapolis, IN My son, Edward G. Nicklaus My daughter, Caroline M. Nicklaus My grandson, Lawrence W. Nicklaus, son of Edward G. Nicklaus My grand daughter, Lula M. Hereth My nephew, Henry Nicklaus, son of my brother Rudolph Nicklaus John Appel, son of Elizabeth Appel, my wife’s sister, John Bonnett son of my w3ife’s sister Marie Bonnett
Ochs, John C.Will Record C, page 6 Dated November 3, 1875 Probated February 13, 1883 Children- Maria C. Schneider, Josephine Schelke
Powell, Mary FrancesWill Record C, page 130 Dated September 12, 1882 Probated June 18, 1886 Nieces of my late husband, Nathan Powell—Dana Powell, Louisa Powell, and Edna Powell, unmarried daughters of Jacob Powell of Ohio county, IN. My granddaughter, Mary Louise Powell, daughter of my deceased son, Louis L. Powell, when she becomes age 21 My children, William H. Powell, Mary P. Graham (wife of William P. Graham), Frank L. Powell, Stella L. Ernst (wife of John P. Ernst), Covington, KY. Edward Everett Powell and Nathan Powell, share and share alike David G. Phillips and James J. Sering, to be executors
Patton, MaryWill Record C, page 172 Dated August 7, 1878 Probated November 22, 1886 My sister Jane Steel To my brother William H. Steele 4 daughters namely Kate, Jane, Annie, and Susan—divided equally between them My friend Jesse A. Greenstead, to be executor
Paul, JohnOf Peter and Sarah, his wife Deed Record 59, page 282 To Peter Paul, George W. Paul and Eunice (his wife) John C. Paul and Eliza Paul (his wife) Marcus Brisben and Margaret Brisben (his wife) James C. Paul and Mary E. Paul, to Peter Paul September 22, 1891
Prenatt, FrancesDeed Record A, page 398 Dated May 21, 1866 Recorded August 23, 1867 I am age 56 years and 3 months I am on the point of making a voyage to Europe and because of my health My wife Mary G. Prenatt Simon mentioned My residence between Broadway and Elm Streets My son Frances and my son-in-law Daniel E. Doherty, to share
Reeves, GeorgeDeed Record A, page 401 Dated December 29, 1866 Recorded October 1, 18___ Lived in Dupont, Indiana; my brother Mansel, borther Nathan, sister Hannah, sister Emily O’ Neal, brother William Lincoln, nothing to my brothers and sisters but all to my wife Charity
Rice, Joseph P. Will record C, page 247 Dated April 9, 1887 Probated May 31, 1887 Lived in Lincoln, NE My wife Mary My 3 children Willie P, Edie M, and Clydie H., share and share alike
Robbins, Mary M.Deed Record 59, page 140 Dated September 12, 1890 Recorded August 18, 1891 Aaron Robins, my real estate
Rebinus, PeterWill Record C, page 374 Dated August 17, 1887 Probated September 25, 1889 My wife Magdalena Son Nicholas and daughter Magdalena Ditgen
Rock, LouisWill Record C, page 245 Dated September 18, 1886 Probated September 26, 1887 My wife Victoria
Rodgers, MosesDeed Record A, page 394 Dated May 28, 1867 Recorded June 20, 1867 My wife Anna Rodgers
Picken, JamesProbate G, page 426 Dated December 18, 1847 Probated January 12, 1848 My son George Picken, who is now doing business with me (grocery business) My daughter Mary Louiza Picken, the said George and Mary Louiza, being my only children, she being under 21
Pulliam, Moody J.Probate G, page 18, 19, and 20
Pingrey, Joseph L.Probate G, page 100 Date November 7, 1846 Orvin G. Pingrey and Anne, his wife to sustain my mother Sarah Pingrey, for their joint lives and the life of the survivor, then to the children that may be living of said Anna and Orvin Pingrey. Infant heirs of Joseph and Eliza Dongrey, widow Joseph F. Pingrey Emily Pingrey Mary C. Pingrey Junia Pingrey Malissa Pingrey (Note: this will is not at all clear on the heirs nor the intent of the will)
Quinn,Probate Book K, page 256 1855 Patrick A. Quinn, dec’d Catherine, Mary, and Rose Alexander McDonald appointed guardian
Ramsey, Corbin F.Will Record C, page 80 Dated March 10, 1885 Probated August 4, 1885 Wife- Martha A. Daughters- Mary E. Brandt, Martha E. Davidson, Clara R. Williams Son- James A. (deceaased)
Reed, Milley Will Record C, page 187 Dated March 1, 1878 Probated March 9, 1887 Real estate of which Joseline Reed died siezed, in Milton Township To my sons, William Jackson Reed, Joseph Reed, and James H. Reed, share and share alike William Jackson Reed is married and has children, but not names
Richardson, Mary C.Will Record C, page 78 Dated June 2, 1884 Probated August 3, 1885 Daughter-in-law- Emily O. Richardson Sons- Charles P. and Lucian H. Grandsons- Leslie Richardson and Carl S. Richardson
Ritemier, FrederickWill Record C, page 69 Dated January 7, 1885 Probated July 16, 1885 Wife- Julia Ann
Robbins, Mary M.Deed Record 59, page 140 Dated September 12, 1890 August 18, 1891 To my husband, Aaron, all estate
Robbins, WilliamWill Record C, page 9 Dated March 7, 1872 Probated September 12, 1884 Children- James, Aaron, Ryker, John W., Eliza Smitha, Martha East, Mary Ann Ryker, Elizabeth Copeland
Rogers, John Sr.Will Record C, page 64 Dated April 17, 1884 Probated June 2, 1885 Wife Celia Children- Gamaliel, Rachael Adams, Mary J. T. Porter, Betsy Ann Phillips, James M. Rogers, Louisa L. Brooks
Roseberry, GeorgeProbate Record K, page 30 Dated January 14, 1854 Margaret, widow Henry Walton, lot 4, 7, and 11 Samuel Roseberry, lots 5, 7, and 9 Thomas I. Roseberry, lots 6 and 10 Milton S. Roseberry, lot 3 Mary Priscellia, lot 2 Plot of lots on page 31, probate book K
Rowlison, George M.Will Record C, page 17 Dated February 25, 1875 Probated November 20, 1884 Wife Ann Sylvamus Phillips, no relationship indicated Adelie Rowlison, minor heir of Mordecai Rowlison Son- Calvin R.
Ryker, JohnProbate G, page 372 Dated May 26, 1847 Probated December 6, 1847 My wife, Milly Ryker, a tract of land Daughter, Mary Ann Ryker, Emanday Doyl, bed and bedding My grandson William L. Ryker, I give the children of my first wife.
Rockebrandt, WilliamWill Record C, page 364 Dated May 12, 1885 Probated August 13, 1889 Of Monroe township My wife Margaret My son William $5.00 Daughter of my deceased son Henry $5.00 and to the children of my deceased daughter, Dora Messmore, $10.00 To my 3 children Gustof, John, and Caroline- my property
Ryker, Gerardus J.Deed Record A, page 334 Dated December 19, 1863 Recorded June 10, 1865 Wife, but not named My 2 daughters, Parmelia Carr and Rachel Yates No provision for my 2 daughters Mary Cox and Melissa Yates My 2 sons-in-law John Carr, John Yates
Sample, Evan D.Will Record C, page 216 Dated February 25, 1886 Probated June 23, 1887 My beloved children, Oren, Andrew P., James Sample Emma E. Banta and Charles D. Banta Harvey Sample and Indiana Sample, Josephine Sample, Tabitha E. Sample, John M. Sample, real and personal property (Milton township) Albert Sample, deceased, (his heirs) Cassinia (his wife) Ernest C. Sample, Herbert H. Sample, Sarah R. Sample, their heirs ($1.00 each)
Schuh, GeorgeDeed Record A, page 395 Dated May 17, 1867 Recorded August 17, 1867 Lived in Republican township My wife Mary Antoinette, the farm
Schwarz, GeorgeWill Record C, page 235 Dated September 22, 1885 Probated August 8, 1887 My wife Anna Maria Children- Margaret M. Baeglen, wife of Enos Baeglen Mary M. Beyer, wife of Henry. Eva M. Smith, wife of John George M. Schwarz, John Schwarz, Anna M. Schwarz, Elizabeth Schwarz, Michael Schwarz, all of Jefferson County, eight in all
Shepherd, ThomasDeed Record A, page 376 Sarah E. Shepers $500 Daughters of Ellen Shepherd and in case she re-marries to our children Catherine, Bridget, Patrick, Thomas, and Nellie
Schoenstein, HermannWill Record C, page 202 Dated April 25, 1887 Probated May 3, 1887 My wife Theresa at her death to her children (not named)
Shrewsbury, Sheldon A.Will Record C, page 362 Dated April 13, 1889 Probated August 1, 1889 My wife Julia A., all personal property Son Fred Harper Shrewsbury My daughter Lucy C. Robertson of Deputy Son John Charles Shrewsbury My wife and John G. Robertson, to be executors
Sider, FrancisWill Record C, page 273 Dated March 13, 1888 Probated April 9, 1888 Son Thomas $100 and 1 German chest 5 children—John, Fred, Thomas, Mary, and ?
Smitha, GranvilleWill Record C, page 334 Dated May 7, 1885 Probated January 30, 1889 My son Albert A. Smitha, to receive 108 acres near Bryantsburg My children, Melissa J. Bryant, house and lot Daughter, Susan A. Miller, $200.00 Son, William R. Smitha, nothing To the children of my daughter Jerusha Hyatt, deceased and to the children of my daughter Elizabeth Thompson, deceased, nothing. Mentioned wife but does not name her Mentions son Willie E. Smitha, daughter Mary Ann Walton, Melissa J. Bryant, and Susan A. Miller, share and share alike
Stickrod, Julia A.Will Record G, page 356 Dated October 15, 1886 Probated June 27, 1889 To Susan D. Jones, wife of George W. Jones
Stewart, James M.Will Record C, page 329 Dated November 27, 1884 Probated January 8, 1889 My wife Rebecca Stewart, all my property and at her death it goes to my two sons, George T. and Frank 2 daughters- Sarah F. Fagg and Mary J. Sheets $100.00 Mary Ryker, their portion when they married, namely Jared I. Ryker Samuel I. Ryker Rachel Ryker Rut (?) Ryker (unreadable) Sarah Ryker Leah Ryker and Melinda Ryker, these children have already received their share. I appoint my friends Jared I. Ryker, and John G. Ryker my executors Witnesses- John G. Ryker, Eben Hillis, and John I. Hillis
Spangler, GeorgeWill Record C, page 22 Monroe township November 24, 1882 Probated December 1, 1884 Sons- John H. and George Daughters- Anna M. Royce and Emma L. Robbins (Anna married to William D. Royce)
Spann, MosesWill Record C, page 169 Dated May 24, 1883 Probated December 4, 1886 My daughter, Elizabeth Spann, all household goods because she has stayed with me Leonard Spann, my son, 1/3 of my farm My grandchildren, Amantha E. Brooks, Edgar E. George, and Jesse D. George and to my other 3 daughters, Edith W. George, Mary E. Baxter, and Elizabeth M. Spann William J. George to be trustee
Spicer, RachelWill record C, page 164 Dated August 18, 1886 Probated November 16, 1886 My son, James H. Spicer Nancy E. Marshall, my daughter Sabina I. Stout Then to the heirs of William Spicer, James H. Spicer, Louis Spicer, Aaron G. Spicer, Sarah A. Jordan (my daughter), Nancy E. Marshall, John R. Spicer, Prentiss N. Spicer, Sabra L. Stout, and Hester M. McInnes
Schanbel, JacobProbate Record G, page 145 Dated November 27, 1846 To my wife Catherine Schnabel
Schuller, JohnWill Record C, page 161 Dated June 14, 1884 Probated September 28, 1886 Kate Wilson, Mary Benhart, Lizzie Benhart, and Jacob Benhart, all furniture and personal property
Seibert, CharlotteWill Record C, page 149 Dated April 5, 1884 Probated August 24, 1886 To William Nicklaus (son of Mrs. Anweiler), all real estate
Shannon, JohnProbate G, page 275 See also page 291 Sarah, widow Other heirs
Skeen, MaryProbate G, page 429 Dated January 2, 1848 Probated January 18, 1848 Shelby township Jonathan Skeen, my son John W. Skeen, my son David F. Skeen, son of said Jonathan Skeen James K. Skeen, my son Sarah Halley, my wearing apparel Mary Jane Skeen, daughter of James R. Skeen David F. Skeen, Robert H. Skeen, and James Skeen, sons of the said Jonathan Skeen William Spencer and George Fry, administrators
Smith, John C.Will Record C, page 30 (see also page 11) Died October 7, 1884 Widow, Emily J. Children- Letitia M. Bright, Charlotte M. Smith, Emma T. Hayden, Harry T. Smith, Martha M. Taylor, Mary Smith, Julie H. Smith Letitia’s husband- Richard J. Bright Emma’s husband- Chester M. Hayden Harry’s wife- Emma J. smith Martha’s husband- Issac B. Taylor
Smitha, ElizaWill Record C, page 62 Dated May 19, 1885 Probated June 1, 1885 Husband, Granville T. Father, William Robins
Smart, AbrahamProbate G, page 260 Age 76 From Great Britain
Story, HarrisonWill Record C, page 90 Dated November 5, 1872 Probated September 22, 1885 Wife Eliza Sons- Smith Albert and Ralph Walter Daughters- Lydia Butler, Sarah Miser, and Alice Story James M. Story and Smith A. Story, also sons David Butler is India’s husband George A. Miser, Sarah’s husband Harriet is the wife of James M.
Swan, GeorgeWill Record C, page 112 Dated November 12, 1885 Probated December 28, 1885 Wife Jane R. Swan Children, but not listed
Stevenson, Robert (Sen)Deed Record A, page 402 Dated February 27, 1861 Of Shelby township My wife, Janet, all my real estate Our daughter, Janet, $1200.00 My other heirs, Robert Stevenson, Elizabeth Vanosdol, James Stevenson, George Stevenson and the children of Margaret Demaree and the children of John Demaree
Splain, RobertDeed Record A, page 377 Dated October 15 Recorded November 20, 1863 Of the city and parish of New Orleans, state of Louisiana I was born in Brandon County of Cork, Ireland and am 50 years of age. I have been married but my wife is dead and we never had any children and my mother and father are both dead. All to my friend Hugh Kennedy $10,000 To Hester Gardiner $500.00 To my stepdaughter Elizabeth McElevery $3000.00 ( she has 2 children) My sister Margaret Splain, now in Ireland, $10,000.00 Nephews are mentioned
Stonemetz, Charity A.Deed Record A, page 349 Dated February 1865 Recorded November 30, 1865 My brother Willis Wyne as soldier My husband, James N. Stonemetz
Stonemetz, JohnDeed Record A, page 342 Dated June 15, 1863 Recorded October 17, 1865 My son, James Stonemetz, all property
Swan, John LonzyDeed Record A, page 346 Recorded November 4, 1865
Taylor, IsabellaWill Record C, page 327 Dated September 9, 1881 Probated January 4, 1889 Son Thomas L. Taylor
Terwilleger, James H.Will Record C, page 323 Dated February 11, 1885 Probated December 27, 1888 Lancaster township My wife Elizabeth, my homestead of 40 acres.
Tibbetts, Dr. SamuelDeed Record A, page 383 Dated December 26, 1866 College Hill, January 3, 1860 Lancaster township Botanic Drive My wife, Isabella My daughter, Rebecca and other children mentioned but not named
Todd, Issac N.Deed record 59, page 94 Dated May 2, 1891 Recorded July 20, 1891 My wife Drusilla
Tull, JoshuaDeed Record A, page 340 To my 4 sons- James C., John W., Joseph W., and Joshua Tull My 5 daughters- Eleanor M. Tull, Jane Guy Wiley, Matilda Ann Tull, Elizabeth E. Grady, Amanda P. Bagley, Margaret Wallace Jones mentioned
Vicory, EmilyDeed Record A, page 333 Dated April 11, 1865 Recorded May 5, 1865 My sister Jane Dunlap James Vicory, my brother Mary Vicory, my sister David Vicory, borther and heirs of my brother Harvey
Walton, Mary A.Will Record C, page 376 Dated October 1, 1889 Probated October 24, 1889 Of kent, Indiana; my heirs Henry Walton, land in Republican Township My 4 children- Ben F., John T., Willie H. And Winnonia A. Walton
Walton, Mary A. Will Record C, page 222 Dated June 3, 1887 I am age 62 and am the widow of Euphrater Walton My son, William Walton My 2 daughters, Mary Walton and Harriett, all household goods
Sweet, JaneWill Record C, page 4 Dated October 23, 1876 Probated September 6, 1884 Brothers- Abraham Ranson Sweet and William Riley Sweet
Temple, AlmireWill Record C, page 15 Dated November 24, 1883 Probated October 28, 1884 Son Benjamin F. Temple and his wife, Ellen
Thicksten, ElizabethWill Record C, page 71 Dated September 7, 1883 Probated July 18, 1885 Brothers- Abram and Josiah Sisters- Mary J. and Martha Stucker Husband- William Thomas Thicksten and Issac Thicksten (relationship not indicated)
Tibbetts, SamuelWill Record C, page 138 Lived at Volga, IN Dated June 22, 1874 Probated August 13, 1886 Mary Ann Tibbetts, my wife My son-in-law George Wallace My son, Eugene H. Tibbetts, and daughter, Lizzie S. Wallace.
Todd, IsaacDeed Record 59, page 94 Dated May 2, 1891 Everything to my wife Drusilla L. Todd Recorded July 20, 1891
Trevert, Augustus L.Came to US in June 1840 Probate Record G, page 362
Tull, LucietiaProbate Record G, page 59
Vallilee, John M.Deed Record 59, page 264 Dated May 1, 1884 Probated October 13, 1891 My wife Olivia L. Vallilee My sons- Charles R. Vallilee and Mark H. Vallilee, each $150.00 Ellen F. Manning and George A. Vallilee
Van Cleave, ElizabethProbate Record G, page 147 Dated December 29, 1846 My son- Aaron Van Cleave Daughter- Sarah Beshear Grandchild- Andrew Van Cleave Bergen son of my deceased daughter Mary To sons- David and Daniel (see also page 241)
Watson, William S.Deed Record A, page 363 Dated February 24, 1866 Probated March 2, 1866 My wife Margaret C. Watson, to have all
Wyne, WilliamDeed Record A, page 389 Dated January 1, 1867 Recorded April 24, 1867 Wife Margaret to have all and then to my children except Mary C. Wyne, heirs to whom I give $100.00
Woodfill, AndrewWill Record C, page 321 Dated December 4, 1876 Probated September 28, 1888 My son, Horace C. Woodfill, all of my estate He is to pay my beloved children (or their heirs) Jared R. Woodfill, Martha J. Kiser, John G. Woodfill, Samuel G. Woodfill, Daniel H. Woodfill, and Leah Epperson each $100.00 Rachel Ann Green, Sarah Emily Carnine already have received $300 each
Woodfill, GabrielDeed Record A, page 379 Dated December 1, 1864 Recorded May 12, 1866 My wife, Polly Woodfill
Woods, SamuelWill Record C, page 285 Dated May 21, 1888 Probated June 30, 1888 Of Saluda Township Adaline G. Woods, my wife, real estate Son James Woods, real estate Son John T. Woods
Woodburn, Issac LeonardDeed Record A, page 370 Dated November 3, 1859 Recorded February 25, 1861 Of Washington county, Mississippi. To my brother, John Ruter Woodburn My sister Ellen Shrewsbury $8000.00 Sister, Mary Louisa Price, $8000.00 Sister, Cornelia Morton Nephew, Leonard W. Morton William Nugent, trustee
Wilson, ThomasDeed Record A, page 348 Son Edward Wilson ½ Son Willie Wilson, the other half of my estate
Winnefield, Fred W.Will Record C, page 263 Dated February 11, 1887 January 11, 1888 My wife, Louisa Nothing to be sold until my youngest child, Emma (now 14) becomes of age, other children not named
Young, HughWill Record C, page 379 Dated September 30, 1889 Probated November 19, 1889 Lives in Hanover Spring Grove Cemetery mentioned $300.00 to my son Alex Balance to my son Harvey
Zeigle, MaryWill Record C, page 275 Dated April 5, 1888 Probated April 9, 1888 Sisters- Lizzie Distel and Magdaline Zeigler Brothers- Peter Zeigler and Andrew Zeigler
Watts, JohnProbate Record G, page 253 Lists heirs
Wheat, Isaac H.Deed Record 59, page 142 Dated August 10, 1891 Probated August 25, 1891 Kent, Indiana My wife, Elizabeth Wheat, and at her death to be equally divided among 6 children: David, Leona, Isaac, Tillie, and America Wheat
Wiggam, Hattie JaneWill Record C, page 1 Hanover, Indiana Dated June 19, 1884 Probated September 25, 1884 Brothers and sisters- John Howard Wiggam, Jessie May Wiggam, Horace Wiggam, Albert Edward Wiggam, Aurora Alice Wiggam, and Frank Wiggam Stepmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Wiggam (she is both stepmother and adopted mother)
Ziegel, ElizabethWill Record C, page 56 Dated March 24, 1885 Probated April 8, 1885 Five children and Mary is the only one named
Zoeller, Charles F.Will Record C, page 34 Dated April 25, 1872 Probated January 5, 1885 Wife Barbara