Brushy Fork school 1891 - 1895

From the book... "Brushy Fork School Records. The Practical School Register and Grade Book. Embracing forms for Daily, Monthly, Term and Yearly Records. Arranged by CALVIN MOON, County Superintendent of Schools St. Joseph County, Indiana. INDIANA EDITION “RED LINE SERIES” In strict conformity with the present School Laws"

Note... The original book this information was taken from is housed at the Madison-Jefferson County Public Library in the genealogy department. Because of its age and fragility, it is kept in a locked cabinet. It may be viewed by asking a librarian to get it for you.

OCTOBER 12, 1981 - MARCH 12, 1892: Teacher, Bessie Manville

Brown, Mabel82Days present-101
Buchanan, Frank134Days present-83, Days absent-7 (enrolled late)
Buchanan, Julia133Days present-91, Days absent-3 (enrolled late)
Buchanan, Mamie155Days present-101
Buchanan, Ray82Days present-82, Days absent-9, Tardy-4
Dow, Bena145Days present-100, Days absent-1
Dow, May113Days present-101, Tardy-1
Dow, Neil165Days present-89, Days absent-2 (enrolled late)
Hall, Dale81Days present-80, Days absent-21
Lockridge, Clarence134Days present-73, Days absent-13 (enrolled late)
Lockridge, Clinton51Days present-74, Days absent-27, Tardy-2
Lockridge, Lewis82Days present-98, Days absent-3, Tardy-2
Raney, John124Days present-95, Days absent-6
Raney, Mary144Days present-101
Scott, Gazella165Days present-86, Days absent-11 (enrolled late)
Slipp, Della144Days present-87, Days absent-4 (enrolled late)
Storie, Stella92Days present-79, Days absent-22, Tardy-2
Taylor, Marcus135Days present-81, Days absent-20
Todd, Nellie103Days present-87, Days absent 14
Wolfe, Daisy92Days present-100, Days absent 1, Tardy-1
Wolfe, Eddie61Days present-101
Wolfe, John51Days present-100, Days absent-1

OCTOBER 3, 1892 - MARCH 11, 1893: Teacher, Mary K. Scott

Buchanan, Frank144Days present-38, Days absent 41 (enrolled late)
Buchanan, Mamie165Days present-90, Days absent-20
Buchanan, Ray93Days present-87, Days absent-21
Buchanan, Sister 154Days present-104, Days absent-6
Bumgarger, Clara134Days present-89, Days absent 11
Dow, May124Days present-110
Dow, Neil175Days present-91, Days absent-19
Hall, Dale01Days present-87 ½, Days absent-19 1/2
Jamison, Knox 5Days present-64, Days absent-1 (enrolled late)
Lockridge, Clarence144Days present-61, Days absent 55 (enrolled late)
Lockridge, Clinton61Days present-92, Days absent-16
Lockridge, Lewis92Days present110
Raney, John135Days present-72 ½, Days absent 37 ½
Raney, Mary154Days present-104, Days absent-6
Scott, Gazelle175Days present-94, Days absent-6
Slipp, Della154Days present-98 ½, Days absent-2 ½
Stewart, Rachel104Days present-76, Days absent-14 (enrolled late)
Stewart, Sulie!24Days present-62, Days absent-19 (enrolled late)
Stewart, Willie82Days present-73, Days absent-17 (enrolled late)
Storie, Arthur51Enrolled but never attended-No records
Storie, Stella102Days present-85, Days absent-25
Taylor, Marcus145Days present-96 ½ , Days absent 13 ½
Wolf, Daisy93Days present-105 ½, Days absent-4 ½
Wolf, Edward71Days present-103 ½, Days absent-6 ½
Wolf, John61Days present-105 ½, Days absent-5 ½

OCTOBER 2, 1893 - APRIL 6, 1894: Teacher, Percie B. Shadday

Buchanan, Frank155Days present-57, Days absent-27 (enrolled late)
Buchanan, Julia155Days present-100, Days absent-20
Buchanan, Mamie175Days present-34, Days absent-21 (enrolled late)
Buchanan, Ray114Days present-87, Days absent-18
Bumbarger, Clara145Days present-54, Days absent-26 (enrolled late)
Dow, May135Days present-62, Days absent-34
Dow, Neil185Days present-39, Days absent-16 (enrolled late)
Hall, Dale102Days present-106, Days absent-19
Lockridge, Clarence155Days present-79, Days absent-17 (enrolled late)
Lockridge, Clinton82Days present-125
Lockridge, Lewis103Days present-121, Days absent-4
Raney, John145Days present-21, Days absent-14 (enrolled late, withdrew/Dec.)
Raney, Mary165Days present-41, Days absent-19 (enrolled late)
Scott, Gazelle185Days present-93, Days absent-15 (enrolled late)
Slipp, Delia165Days present-49, Days absent-31 (enrolled late)
Stewart, Rachel114Days present-102, Days absent-8 (enrolled late)
Stewart, Sulie134Days present-106, Days absent-9
Stewart, Will93Days present-115, Days absent-10
Storie, Arthur71Days present-85, Days absent-40
Storie, Stella113Days present-97, Days absent-28
Wolf, Daisy104Days present-114, Days absent-11
Wolf, David61Days present-119, Days absent-6
Wolf, Eddie82Days present-114, Days absent-11
Wolf, John72Days present-116, Days absent-9

October 8, 1894 to March 26, 1895 -- Teacher, Jane Scott

Alley, Louis Days present-17, Days absent-8 (enrolled/Mar.)
Anderson, Mary71Days present-93 ½, Days absent-27
Bramberger, Clara155Days present-45, Days absent-37 (withdrew/Feb)
Bramberger, Mosey 3Days present-36, Days absent-20 (withdrew/Jan.)
Buchanan, Frank165Days present-78, Days absent-38 (enrolled late)
Buchanan, Julia165Days present 120 ½
Buchanan, Ray124Days present-95, Days absent-5 (enrolled late)
Dow, May145Days present-108 ½, Days absent-12
Hall, Dale H.113Days present-106 ½, Days absent-14
Lockridge, Clarence165Days present-33, Days absent 32 (enrolled late, withdrew/Feb.)
Lockridge, Clinton93Days present-120 ½
Lockridge, Lewis114Days present-120 ½
Raney, John 5Days present-29, Days absent-27 (enrolled late, withdrew/Feb.)
Scott, Gazella195Days present 120 ½
Stewart, Jimmie61Days present-120, Days absent- ½
Stewart, Rachel124Days present-120 ½
Stewart, Sulie144Days present-120 ½
Stewart, Willie103Days present-120 ½
Storie, Arthur71Days present-108 ½, Days absent-12
Storie, Stella123Days present-113 ½, Days absent-7
Winscot, Della91Days present-22, Days absent-11 (withdrew/Jan.)
Winscot, Ettie113Days present-50, Days absent-6 (withdrew/Jan.)
Winscot, Nellie71Days present-42, Days absent-9 (withdrew/Jan.)
Winscot, Nettie143Days present-52, Days absent-4 (withdrew/Jan.)
Wolf, Daisy114Days present-118 ½, Days absent-2
Wolf, David71Days present-119 ½, Days absent-1
Wolf, Eddie93Days present-120 ½
Wolf, Johnnie83Days present- 120 ½