Madison high school Class of 1910

The commencement exercises took place at the Grand Opera House on West Main Street June 2, 1910. The alumni association gave a banquet and reception at the Elks Hall on West Street on Friday evening, June 3, 1910. The following is the class roll from the Madison Courier

Augustin, Gertrude
Bach, Amalie
Bach, Frieda
Buchanan, Sam
Copeland, McKim
Dean, Argus
Douglas, Goldie
Driggs, Hattie
Eckert, Mary
Francis, Gale
Hitz, Frazier
Law, Gertrude
McKinney, Pearl
Miller, Cora
Millican, Jean
Rahe, Ferdinand
Schofield, Marion
Shaughnessy, Lillian
Simpson, Ethel
Skeldon, Wallace
Spaulding, Howard
Straub, William
Stuart, Olive
Swan, Earle
Weber, Charles
Wood, Ina
Zoeller, Clifford