Origin of school names in saluda township

As told by Mr. John Bare, and old resident of the township.

In the days of the one-room schools there were many strange names in this township.FAIRVIEW received its name from the views of the Ohio River from the point. SHEEP RUNwas built high from the ground with no foundation; it perched upon blocks. Sheep would collect under the building for protection from the weather and thus the name SHEEP RUN was applied to the school. FROGPOND received its name from its location in a swampy woods, a fine place for frogs.

Probably the most unique name was TEN CENT. In olden time if a community desired a school, the township paid half of the cost and the patrons furnished the remaining half. In the TENCENT district, there was only one wealthy citizen, who by the way, was not interested in the project.. After due consideration, a committee was selected to solicit Mr. X. The people had figured the Mr. X could donate a hundred dollars as easily as any of the others could one dollar. The appointed time arrived for the interview, so after talking a half day, it was felt the proper moment had come, so with all the fervor the could command, Mr. X was asked to subscribe. Imagine their surprise to hear him say, β€œWal, you can put me down for ten cents.”

Mr. Bare said when he attended his first school the seats were split logs with peg legs. The room was heated by a large fireplace. The pupils were expected to provide the fuel; the smaller tots would gather up the wood from a nearby thicket, and the older children would cut it. He said they burned on one side and froze on the other.