Sec. XX 9-9-99

Shelby Township
Jefferson County, Indiana

November 2000 Survey – done by Jackie Owens

EthertonAdieJane29 Aug 1880Age 7y 5m 22d
EthertonJoseph24 Dec 1878Age 92y 4m 3dDeath year could be 1828 and Age could have been 97 y – difficult to read
EthertonNapoleonB. 14 Sep 182727 Oct 1893

COMMENTS:  This graveyard is located east of Canaan, IN on East Prong Road about 1 mile from Hwy. 62 on the west side of the road, across a creek and situated under a big cedar tree.  In 2000, there were no signs of other stones.

KEY:  SS = Same Stone, W = Wife, S = Son, D = Daughter, y = year(s), m = month(s), d = day(s)