Fairmont Cemetery Internment Records: 1905-2005

Last Names beginning H - R

NameInterment DateLot #Death DateFuneral Home, Last Residence and Other Information
Haasfurder, Christina Elizabeth10/28/1969d. 10/25/1969Gans, Madison, Age 84
Haasfurder, Hester24d. 7/16/1913Haigh, Age 42
Haeberle, James Robert5/24/1941346
Hagan, A. B.1/30/1931502 E
Hagan, H. Hustond. 8/8/1965Carollton, KY
Hagan, Jeanette6/14/1932502
Haigh, Eunice1/11/1932109
Haigh, Rachel E.9/16/1978109d. 9/13/1978Vail, Age 92
Hains, Terry L.4/24/19987 E½ SS
Hale, Suzanne Weaser11/12/1992236
Hall, Alma2/4/1997572 W½
Hall, Benjamin F.1/11/1943593 W
Hall, Catherined. 5/25/1915Haigh
Hall, Dolores4/7/1997593 W½
Hall, Everett8/25/1984572 W½
Hall, Frank M.9/27/199781 WT
Hall, James F.3/16/1979593 W½d. 3/13/1979Vail-Holt, Madison, Age 71, h/o Delores Taylor Hall
Hall, Nora Ann8/12/1938593 W
Hall, Robert56 Wd. 5/5/1918
Hall, Robert H.W 42 56d. 12/9/1906Age 54
Hallgarth, Darlene Surrett6/8/1999539 W½Ashes
Hallgarth, Robert Lee1/14/1981539 W½d. 1/11/1981Lytle, h/o Delores, Age 55
Hamilton, Clara Mae1/25/1981492w/o Rand Hamilton
Hamilton, Gilpah1/5/1938492
Hamilton, Grace3/22/1999492
Hamilton, John M.3/20/1974492d. 3/17/1974Indpls. h/o Grace, Age 62
Hamilton, Miles, Sr.3/3/1974492
Hamilton, Philip Paul12/22/1962d. 12/21/1962Gans, Madison, Stillborn
Hamilton, Rand8/5/1987492
Hammitt, Jack C.12/1/1975 632d. 11/25/1975Gans, Madison, Age 49, h/o Karleen Bascomb
Hammond, Anna1/16/192617
Hammond, Florence7/10/1976d. 7/7/1976Vail w/o Frank (decd) Age 65
Hand, Lafayette1/24/1938548
Handlon, Walter12/24/1959 618d. 12/22/1959Lytle, Age 63, b. Kentucky, 2 daughters: Mrs. James Schoolcraft & Mrs. Charles Brinson
Hardy, J. D.304d. 3/24/1913Schneider, Age 81
Hardy, Lafayette (Mr.) 3/16/1931536 E
Hardy, Sarah2/28/1932306
Harlow, Alma Blake8/3/197864d. 8/1/1978Vail, Age 83
Harlow, Charles Joseph7/26/193864Trans. from Big Creek Cem.
Harlow, Louis12/14/196464 Wd. 12/12/1964Vail
Harlow, Marie (Mrs.)2/18/194464
Harlow, Marion Ruth7/26/193864Trans. from Big Creek Cem.
Harmon, Hubert W.5/15/1967d. 5/12/1967Gans, Age 54
Harmon, Sarah4/24/193056 E
Harper, J. E. C. F.274d. 3/31/1907Haigh, Age 88
Harper, Sarah F.274d. 4/29/1913Haigh, Age 77
Harrell, Edmond8/5/1965d. 8/3/1965Gans, Age 87
Harrell, Nellie1/20/1970d. 1/17/1970Gans, Madison, Age 76
Harrison, Andrew3/13/19446
Harrison, Enoria6d. 3/9/1918
Harrison, Mrs.
Harrod, Dolly Kathryn (Mrs.)11/29/1964420 Ed. 11/26/1964Gans, Madison, Age 84
Harrod, Lee1/6/1926420 E
Hartman, Anna J.1/6/1994516 W
Hartman, J. B.5/3/1999516 E
Hartwell, Estella7/28/1953573
Hasfurter, Charles57
Hasley, Martha J.191d. 6/29/1914Schneider
Hasley, W. P.3/19/1924191
Hassfurder, Calvin B.8/30/1996332 W
Hassfurder, Charlie C.11/5/1961460 Wd. 11/2/1961Gans, Madison,, h/o Melba, Age 51
Hassfurder, Clement9/7/1939332 N
Hassfurder, Fannie (Mrs.)1/4/193557
Hassfurder, Joseph Wilbur10/6/1939332 N
Hassfurder, Melva L.1/12/2004460 W
Hassfurder, Walter9/5/1941595
Hassfurder, Walter R.5/30/198030 or 2 W SSd. 5/27/1980 Indpls., b. Madison, Age 81
Haugen, JoAnn1/18/1972470d. 1/16/1972Lytle, Madison, Age 56
Haughman, Ann E.302d. 1/10/1917Age 58
Hearn, Lillian R.156d. 1/14/1909Vail
Heberhart, Hugh E.8/13/1936570
Heck, Charles12/21/193946
Heck, Elizabeth1/13/195046
Heck, Jacob2/10/1951479 E
Hedd, Myrtle (Mrs.)9/16/1943120 W
Heines, Prudence W.44d. 9/18/1907Haigh, Age 70
Heinrich, Lula6/14/1938489
Heinrich, Mildred I.6/30/1992489 W
Heinrich, Peter8/29/1921489
Heinrich, Stella7/25/1942489
Heisle, Bonnie Lou2/15/1954409 E
Heitkamp, E.F.588 E½
Heitkamp, Estella Ruth1/2/1970d. 12/28/1969Gans, Madison, Age 83
Heitkamp, F. Ewald8/17/2970d. 8/13/1970Gans, Madison
Henderson, Fred (Dr.) 1/18/1961484 Wd. 1/16/1961Gans, Madison
Henderson, Mildred Mae4/28/1987484 Ww/o F. L. Henderson
Hendricks, Virginia9/6/1940230
Hennon, Grace Evelyn12/27/2002624 W½Ashes
Hennon, Lloyd Jefferson11/27/1971624 Wd. 11/24/1971Vail, Madison, Age 62
Henry, Harry64d. 1/14/1910Haigh, Age 64
Henry, Hyden10/25/1952603
Hensley, Julia Agnes9/22/1924486
Herdson, Mahale4/2/1942444 E
Hertz, Florence K.12/28/1988631
Hertz, John, Sr.9/18/1962 631 Wd. 9/16/1962Lytle, Madison
Hertz, Mary A. Murphy7/26/2003631 W½
Hesse, Robert
Higgins, Ronald Lee, Jr.11/16/1972625W½d. 11/15/1972Gans, i/o Ronald & Linda, Age 5½ hours
Hilda, Dean33d. 7/10/1919Age 97
Hill, Daily E.10/15/1980401d. 10/13/1980d. Nashville IN, Age 62
Hill, Dean Clark3/2/1959291Barnes, Hanover
Hill, Della R.2/16/1973d. 2/12/1973Vail, Miami Springs, FL, Age 90
Hill, George9/16/1943401 W
Hill, James Clark10/14/1940291
Hill, Joseph3/22/1959Vail, h/o Dell
Hill, Mary7/16/1966521d. 7/14/1966Vail, Madison, Age 80
Hill, Mary Danner1/31/1977291d. 1/29/1977Grayson-Barnes, Hanover, Age 85, m/o Dr. Emma Hill
Hill, Mary Ruth6/15/2001401d. 6/11/2001Ashes
Hill, Nana Lanham3/5/1934291
Hill, Paul8/16/1986401Ashes
Hill, William L.11/19/1940521
Hill, William L., Mrs.d. 1/3/1919
Himrich, Peter8/29/1921489
Hinds8/20/1938571Infant of Robert Hinds
Hinds, Everett (William)8/25/1973 554 Nd. 8/22/1973Gans, Indpls., Age 77
Hines, Olive A.4/24/1971d. 4/22/1971Vail, Age 90
Hines, Robert5/25/1966d. 5/23/1966Vail, Madison, Age 92
Hitch, Olhneil12/2/1949212
Hitz, Charles B.7/14/1949478
Hobbs, Gerald, D.C.7/15/199412 E½ SS
Hoffman, Edward
Hoffman, Jeffrey8/9/2002565 W½
Hogan, H. Huston8/10/1965620
Holcraft, Bertha8/22/1949391
Holcraft, Ruth391d. 3/3/1918Age 11
Holcroft, Charles7/26/1956388 W
Holcroft, William5/27/1983391 W
Holcroft, William Blain5/18/1971d. 5/14/197Gans, Age 89
Holman, Charles E.8/9/1977308 Nd. 8/6/1977Lytle, Madison, Age 71, h/o Regina
Holman, Ester12/31/1945308NInfant
Holmes, Susan Lee6/10/1940584 E½Infant of Louis Holmes
Holt, Alta D. (Mrs.)d. 1/9/1964Madison
Holt, Alta V.d. 1/9/1964Gans, Indpls. Age 97
Holt, Charles4/28/1944537
Holt, Ethel C.5/23/1996441 A
Holtzeman, Edmondd. 1/1/1963
Holtzman, Henry4/3/193140
Holtzman, Katherine40d. 2/13/1908Vail, Age 74
Holtzman, Kathryn10/3/196132Vail
Holtzman, Louis11/6/195932 WVail, N. Madison, h/o Katherine Holtzman, f/o Merwin, Edward & Helen
Holtzman, Mary3/24/191032 Wd. 3/24/1910Vail, Age 39
Holtzman, Myrtle (Mrs.)12/22/1959 32 EShirley Bros, Indianapolis
Holtzman, William40d. 3/7/1912Vail, Age 81
Holwager, Alice Leep (Mrs.)9/4/1997429 E
Hord, Freida Eades (Mrs.)11/4/1986529 W
Housefield, Louis, Mrs.9/5/1948441
Houze, Robert E.d. 4/9/1963Madison
Howell, Louise11/9/1983481 W
Hubbs445 NEd. 8/10/1972Lytle, Infant
Huffman, Nathaniel3/9/199785 NW½ WTTransferred to lot 397-4th row 10/9/1997
Huffman, Phyllis Berry6/13/2004397
Hughes, Charles E.d. 4/11/1963Madison
Hughes, E. W.9/21/1919513d. 9/19/1919Vail, Madison, b. Farmville, VA
Hughes, Indiana (Mrs.)1/19/1949513d. 1/17/1949Haigh, Age 91, 8 living children
Hughes, Mary Randolph8/20/1983513Ashes
Hughes, Neva Denny5/17/1975513d. 5/13/1975Vail, Pompano Beach, FL, Age 73
Hughes, Robert C.9/20/2001513 E
Hughes, Roger2/17/1972513d. 2/14/1972Vail, Madison, Age 88
Humphrey, Ada Louise5/22/2003517 NEAshes
Humphrey, Charles C.8/14/2000546 E½
Humphrey, Louise Geisler6/7/1960579 Ed. 6/5/1960Gans, Madison, sister of Louis Geisler, Age 72
Humphrey, Myrtle4/12/1958
Humphrey, Oliver C.8/21/1983517 NE
Hunger, Agnes7/28/1953616
Hunger, Charles12/7/1953616
Hunt, Nancy C.4/3/2002513 A
Hunter, Barbara Meredith8/28/1997628 E½Meredith J. Hunter on stone
Hunter, Ben8/19/1945628
Hunter, Clarence B.12/12/1970628d.12/9/1970Columbus, IN Age74
Hunter, Eva S.8/14/1976628d. 8/10/1976Columbus, IN, Age 80
Hunter, Zarilda4/14/1949628
Hunton, Oscar Darrell1/18/2001517 W
Hurst, Irene6/29/1939266 S
Husley, Joseph436d. 10/6/1916Age 84
Hutchason, Brian10/4/2001158 AN
Hutchings, Matilda C.260d. 2/13/1914Haigh
Hutchings, Mercede12/9/1931260
Hutchings, Zoe (Miss) 2/6/1962260d. 2/3/1962Vail, Madison, d/o Dr. Hutchings, s/o Lydia
Hutchinson, John F.9/25/1937151
Hutchinson, Margaret4/3/1948151 E
Hutchinson, Mrs.151d. 8/2/1919Age 71
Hutchinson, Pauline May 1/22/2003150 A
Hutchinson, William10/22/1986150 A
Hutto, Josephine4/14/1978d. 5/10/1978Gans, Indpls., Age 71
Hyden, Minnie E.1/10/1978388d. 1/7/1978Gans, Madison, Age 74, m/o Robert
Hyden, Mrs.427/1950603 W
Hyden, Robert5/21/1954383
Hyden, Virgil Elvis6/20/1972388 Wd. 6/18/1972Gans, h/o Minnie Earls, Age 69
Hysell, Abbie I.1/11/1979d. 1/8/1979Gans, Age 48
Imel, Lula E.3/9/1940494
Imel, Perry6/21/1939494
Imel, Perry Herbert9/11/1975 324 Nd. 9/8/1975Oliger-Pearson, Greensburg, Age 68, h/o Rosa Mae
Imel, Rosamae Schuck9/20/1999324 NW
Imel, Tillie Mae8/9/1946324 NW
Immel, Tillie Mae8/9/1946324 NW
Ison, Norma Lucille7/27/1999509 E
Jackson, Charles Newton3/12/1971d. 3/10/1971Gans, Age 69
Jackson, E. E., Mrs.3/19/1931535
Jackson, Esther E. Bracken12/27/1984535
Jackson, Everett4/10/1954535
Jackson, Howardd. 6/6/1965Madison
Jackson, Howard & Mary544 E½
Jackson, John K.11/29/1976585d. 11/26/1976Gans, Hanover, Age 77, s/o Everett E. Jackson, f/o Meredith Bokich
Jackson, Kate3/30/192815
Jackson, Mary Frances4/27/1962544 Ed. 4/24/1962Gans, Madison, Age 58
Jackson, Melvin G.9/14/1925535
Jackson, Pauld. 2/16/1918
Jackson, Raymond (Dick)3/5/1985535d. 2/26/1985Ashes
Jackson, Richard8/24/1951535
Jackson, Ruth C.1/12/1974535d. 1/11/1974Gans, d/o Everett E. Jackson, Age 67
Jackson, Wallace7/2/1969535d. 6/29/1969Gans, Age 67
James, Alice3/7/1942548
James, Ida Myrtle (Mrs.)6/23/1964421 Wd. 6/21/1964Lytle
James, Rufus2/29/1932548
James, Wilbur10/10/1952548 E
Jameson, Bertha A.5/22/1973143 Ed. 5/19/1973Flanner & Buchanan (Inpls.), Inpls, w/o Grover Jameson, Age 83
Jameson, Grover W.1/21/1972143 Ed. 1/19/1972Flanner & Buchanan (Indpls.), Inpls., Age 86
Jamison, Josephine5/28/1932143
Janes, Nadine C.1/9/1972548 W½d. 1/6/1972Gans, Madison, Age 67
Janes, Russell Keith5/17/2000549 W½
Jeffries, Dixie Lee1/1/1940488Infant
Jeffries, Donald2/21/1923488Infant
Jeffries, Goldie1/8/1969488d. 1/5/1969Lytle, Age 73
Jeffries, John R.2/1/1946488
Jeffries, John Richard488d. 1/20/1915Vail, Age 59
Jeffries, Lucy4/3/1943488
Jeffries, Richard488d. 7/20/1967Lytle, Madison, Age 83
Jeffries, Richard, i/o2/21/1923488
Jenkins, Hallie421d. 1/14/1919Age 32
Jenkins, Horner Benson6/20/1974516d. 6/19/1974Lytle, h/o Willie Katherine, d. Louisville Age 56
Jenkins, Lester (Leo)4/20/1972516d. 4/17/1972Lytles, Jeffersonville, Age 62, h/o Grace
Jenkins, Nannie Agnes (Mrs.)2/6/1963d. 2/4/1963Gans, Madison, Age 82
Jenkins, William Theodore6/2/1959 517Lytle
Jenkins, Willie K.5/30/1987517 NEd. 12/6/1986Ashes
Jennings, Joseph11/9/1948504
Jessup, Graham, i/o
Jett, Earl11/12/1989589 E½
John W. & August (?)617 W½Rel. of Obertate Sarver or Obertate Cook?
Johns, John L.257d.7/20/1907Haigh, Age 73
Johnson, Ernest B.482 Wd. 12/8/1997
Johnson, Frank6/15/1984392 W
Johnson, Lewis, Mrs.5/26/1928355
Johnson, Louis6/28/1943355 W
Johnson, Louis Edward12/6/1966355 Wd. 12/3/1966Lytle, Madison, Age 65, Colored
Johnson, Maria8/8/1922
Johnson, Mary L.2/17/1979B528d. 2/14/1979Vail-Holt, Madison, Age 58, w/o Lee Roy
Johnson, Roy6/27/1959528Vail, Madison, Stillborn boy
Johnson, Roy7/7/2000528
Jones, Adeline79d. 6/24/1913Haigh, Age 70
Jones, Austin2/14/193970
Jones, Brandon Paul7/14/1992528 WInfant
Jones, Charles E.7/20/19756 SS
Jones, Columbus1/4/1925191
Jones, Dora11/14/1934191 W
Jones, Elmer L.8/26/1969d. 8/23/1969Vail, Age 83
Jones, Elmer R.12/12/2001444E
Jones, Harry E.7/21/19756 SSd. 7/18/1975Vail, Madison, Age 35
Jones, Jesse157d. 2/1/1906Age 32
Jones, Maurice10/17/1948555 W
Jones, Pearl M.12/31/1990595 E½
Jones, Rosemary Buchanan3/16/1987480 W
Jones, Ruth E.12/23/1997444E
Jones, Susan P.31d. 5/24/1916Age 54
Jones, William S.1/31/2001480 W
Jordan, Louise (Mrs.)1/25/1959 512Hosteller, West Port, IN
Judd, Martha Groves (Mrs.)12/27/1926266 N
Kattleman, Inez Holcroft10/1995388 W
Keeney, Emma Estes12/5/ 1940153
Kellems, C. Earl8/11/1996592 E½8/1/1996Ashes
Kellems, James M.4/13/1942592
Kellems, Maude10/27/1958592 E½d. 10//25/1958Gans, w/o James M., Age 78
Kelly, Dianna Lynn9/5/1970d. 9/4/1970Lytle, Madison, Age 2 weeks
Kennedy, Jacob12/1/1932539W
Kerney, Ella161d. 12/19/1914Vail, Age 78
Kerr, Arthur11/3/1953455
Kerr, Emma E.3/31/1959Barnes
Kerr, Frank6/4/1959Barnes
Kerr, Jarich B.11/27/1940455
Kerr, Margaret1/26/1946455
Kerr, Ray E.8/5/1930455
Kessick, Prudenced. 6/3/1915Haigh
Kessler, Annie B.10/26/1936184
Kessler, Jewell A2/23/20002 E¼ SS
Kessler, Rosie M.3/30/1935171
Kessler, Walter2/16/1933171
Kessler, William E.3/18/20012 E¼ SS
Ketcham, Sarah D. H.5/6/1932230
Kidd, Anna Ellen Cooley11/7/1983603 W½
Kinman, Sarah2/24/1931214
Kinnear, Thomas214d. 2/17/1918
Kirby, Cordelia337d. 2/27/1907Vail, Age 77
Kirtley, N. P.1/19/1957357 N
Kirtly, Bessie2/4/1954482
Kitchem, Percival H.1/11/1934254
Kitchens, Guy M.5/1/200085 W½ WT
Klein Nicholas7/ /1981596
Klein, Catherine (Mrs.)9/10/1945139
Klein, Cecilia M.9/23/1975389 Wd. 9/20/1975Vail, Madison, Age 66
Klein, Cedric R.2/22/1992
Klein, Elizabeth C.9/20/1980596d. 9/18/1980Lytle, w/o Nicholas, Age 83
Klein, Frank Leslie1/ /1968389Wd. 1/24/1968Lytle, Indpls., Age 58
Klein, John d. 1/4/1919
Knoebel, Kirsten6/19/1997351 E
Kramer, Charles E.9/5/1996590 W½
Kramer, David, Sr.11/15/1988386 E
Kramer, Effie Dowd. 12/7/1964Gans, Age 74
Kramer, Effie Dow (Mrs.)12/9/1964483 Ed. 12/7/1964Gans
Kramer, JoAnn4/11/1984590 W½
Kramer, Louis Charles483 Ed. 8/12/1960Gans, Louisville, KY, Age 58
Kramer, Mary Ann11/11/1996590 W½
Krause, James E., Mrs.4/2/1942409 E
Krcuese, James4/5/1953409
Kronemeir, Deboral C. (Miss)d. 9/18/1963
Kuntz, Rachel121d. 6/16/1916Age 59
Kyle, Elizabeth1/12/1950452
Laird, Nettie215d. 1/1/1907Schneider, Age 67
Lambert, L. B., Mrs.192257
Land, Amy (Mrs.)12/27/1944388 E
Land, John W.9/2/1943388 E
Land, Ruth6/4/1971d. 6/1/1971Gans, Age 76
Lanham, Clara L.3/5/1934220w/o J. C. Lanham
Lanham, John C.8/9/1945220
Lanham, Mausi?9/5/1945505
Larimore, Louis3/1/19976A
Larimore, William L.12/ /19806Ad. 11/28/1980Gans, d. S. Carolina, Age 40
Laughlin, Frank, Mrs.409d. 1/5/1919
Law, Dorothy Brooks2/13/1937462
Lay, Matilda (Mrs.)11/13/1933266
Layton, Ada M.4/25/1938551
Layton, Emery12/28/1940501 W
Layton, George H.11/1/1966d. 10/30/1966A. Nemoth & Son (Louisville, KY), Louisville, Age 68
Layton, Joanna11/17/1938501
Layton, Joseph
Layton, Mollie W.5/1/1974551d. 4/29/1974Vail, Age 74
Layton, Robert7/5/1967d. 7/2/ 1967Gans, Madison, Age 66
Layton, Salem P.6/5/1959 455Lytle, Madison, b/o Robert Layton
Learey, John W.12/19/1964465 Wd. 12/17/1964Gans
Lee, Allen (Jackie)3/15/1989391 W
Lee, Dorothy M.1/3/2002391 W
Lee, Eva (Mrs.)2/14/194788
Lee, Glenn W.4/26/197910 E½ SSd. 4/26/1979Gans, R.R. 6, Age 82, h/o Beatrice
Lee, Grace Beatrice10/29/198510 SS
Lee, Lester C.2/26/19789 SSd. 2/23/1978Vail, Age 53
Lee, Lincoln H.7/1/193388
Lee, Michael Wayne9/20/1972445 NEd. 2/19/1972Gans, Infant
Lee, Roscoe6/7/195718
Leep, Caroll Dean2/28/1937429 E
Leisure, Mary3/6/1952348
Leisure, Morrison3/10/1952348
Leisure, Ronald O.3/31/1976348 Nd. 2/26/1976Lytle, WWII Vet, Age 69
Lewellen, Charlie7/2/1971d. 6/30/1971Lytle, Madison, Age 69
Lewellen, Jesse Peril4/21/1939543 W
Lewellen, John W.9/11/1953543
Lewellen, Mamie5/3/1957543
Lewis, America1/5/1926444
Lewis, Archie3/22/1933446 W
Lewis, John348d. 11/30/1908Haigh, Age 71
Ligon, Mattie7/6/1953408
Lindsay, George C.8/21/1945291
Lindsay, M. Bessie Hill4/23/1946291
Link, Minnie J.121d. 1/6/1907Haigh, Age 63
Linn, Charles Jacob10/24/1959 432Berling of Cairo, IL,
Linn, Rose Anna10/23/1943432
Little, Elizabeth (Mrs.)6/1/1924273
Lochard, Almeda Barnes5/3/1970d. 5/1/1970Gans, Madison, Age 78
Lochard, Anna Belle4/10/1942547
Lochard, Don C.10/16/1936547
Lochard, James Graham7/13/1971d. 7/12/1971Covina, CA, Age 80
Lochard, Victor C.2/13/1940547
Lock, Robert, i/o11/19/1060607
Lockeridge, Sylvia M.12/13/1972430d. 12/10/1972Vail, Age 92
Lockridge, David10/6/1949430
Lockridge, Ethel M. Webster6/18/1996527 E
Lockridge, Gammie1/28/1968380 Ed. 1/25/1968Lytle, Osgood, IN, Age 85
Lockridge, Pearl1/2/1955380
Lockridge, Sylvia12/13/1972430 E
Lodge, Betty M.1/1995453
Lodge, Drusilla Lanier Odgen2/6/1987329Ashes
Lodge, Gavin K.6/3/1969641d. 5/31/1969Lytle, Age 51
Lodge, Howard Boone10/13/2001453Ashes
Lodge, Irvin Lamond6/10/1991329d. 3/9/1991Ashes
Lodge, Nadine12/14/1996641 E½
Lodge, Timothy E3/2/1996641 E½
Logan, Ellen143d. 2/7/1914Schneider
Lohrig, Eva11/11/1997607 E½w/o Harold
Lohrig, Harold6/22/1983607 E½
Long, Pansy Young4/1/1958
Long, Sarah Major5/6/1937470 E
Lory, Albert K.5/2/1971d. 4/29/1971Bear, Indpls., Age 85
Lory, Anna3/12/1933345 E
Lory, Beulah Ann (Mrs.)10/16/1930345
Lory, Henry P.8/12/1932345
Lory, Jesse284d. 7/ /1920
Lory, Ruth2/3/1954345 W
Lory, Sara E.12/14/1935284w/o Lou Lory
Louden, Helen Louise3/13/1975600 E½d. 3/10/1975Lytle, Madison, Age 41, w/o Charles
Lowe, Hattie12/20/1948575 E
Lowe, Samuel10/19/1939575 E
Lowry, Carrie6/14/1947391 NEw/o Patrick Lowry
Lowry, Frank1/6/1921245
Lowry, Patrick9/21/1950391 NE
Loyd, Wilmer (Jack)1/26/1988427 W
Lynch, Jennifer L.7/29/1994501 AW
Lyons, George P.3/19/1997476 E
Lyons, John M.10/1955379 NW
Lyons, John T.d. 1963?
Lyons, Martha Sands10/18/2003379 NW
Lyons, Shiela Joe1/31/1951379 W
Maddox, David W.10/27/1926570 W
Maddox, Nannie9/22/1943570 W
Mahoney, Harold12.26/1974470 NWd. 12/13/1974Vail, b. Sulfer St. KY, Age 45
Manaugh, Charles3/20/1985612 W½
Manaugh, Flora Ann1971612 W½d. 10/29/1971Lytle, Madison, Age 66
Manor, Melissa12/29/1942387
Marble, Welford E.5/24/1933144
Mariland, James Olicer10/10/1942482
Marris, Myrtle Hazel10/13/199981 WT
Marshal, Joseph 209d. 7/18/1907Haigh, Age 68
Marshall, Elizabethd. 8/17/1915Haigh
Marshall, John D. M.10/9/1962 304d. 10/5/1962Vail, Chattanooga, TN
Marshall, Leslie, Mrs.7/11/1962 72 Wd. 7/9/1962Bovard, Versailles
Marshall, Martha5/6/1937209
Marshall, Nellie B.4/30/193672
Marshall, Robert, Mrs.3/20/1930304
Marshall, Roxie4/18/194272
Marshall, Sallie M. (Miss)10/29/1975304d. 10/26/1975Vail, Lookout Mt. TN, Age 97
Martin, Carl S.12/5/19967 E½ SS
Marton, Sidney, Mrs.8/2/1954340 E
Mason, Edward1/6/1941574d. 10/21/1931Trans. from Bayless Cem. by Jas. Crozier
Mason, Etta P.4/28/1945574
Massie, Johnnie Ernest5/20/1959Gans, Infant
Massie, Johnny Ernest5/20/1959d. 5/19/1959Gans, Age 2
Massie, Virginia Estellad. 2/4/1962Gans, Madison
Matenko, Eudolda “Dorothy”7/19/19972 NW WT
Matenko, Ivan6/29/20012 NW WT
Matthew7/191981 E
Matthews, Dorthea3/21/1992461 W
Matthews, Roy Earl8/25/1964461 Wd. 8/22/1964Gans, Age 61
Matthews, Walter8/30/1961595d. 8/28/1961Vail,
May, Amanda6/30/1939550Trans. from Canaan Cem.
May, George (Dr.)1/11/1964497d. 1/9/1964Madison
May, George S.6/30/1939550Trans. from Canaan Cem.
May, Henry Hampton145d. 6/15/1906Age 73
May, Louise9/12/1995470 NW
May, Mildred6/20/1998497
May, Missouri L.6/30/1939550/562Trans. from Canaan Cem.
May, William B.2/5/1941550
Maye, Helen10/15/1977637
McCain, Mary (Mrs.)3/24/1945532 NE
McCann, Joseph9/24/1928532 E
McCarty, Eddie12/24/1941544 W
McCaskey, Laura Mae6/22/1966 553 Wd. 6/20/1966Lytle, Madison, Age 50
McCauley, Vida6/27/1921137
McClaskey, James J.3/28/1980586?d. 3/27/1980Ratterman (L’Ville) h/o Clara Dowell McClaskey, Age 79
McClelland, Bert11/17/1958250 WFrancis & Reed, Columbus, IN
McClelland, Clara5/13/1972d. 5/11/1972Vail, Age 79
McClelland, Cliffordd. 6/10/1963Gans, Hanover, Age 77
McClelland, Jeanette Tate6/29/1931250
McCloskey, Anna2/24/1938531
McCloskey, Charles W.5/24/1962 531 Wd. 5/22/1962Howard, Sunman, IN
McCloskey, James5/28/1980586 E½
McClure, Burton1/16/1956380 E
McClure, Marjory L.9/9/1988520 d. 8/29/1988Ashes
McClure, Nellie K.2/28/1979B380d. 2/23/1979Holt & Wilson Almont (Canon City, CO), Canon City, CO, Age 88
McClure, Robert1/26/1957 520Major General US Army
McClure, Sarah3/8/1940532
McCoskey, Charles L. (Capt.) 2/7/1976619 E½d. 1/30/1976Vail, Korean Vet, age 31
McCoskey, Ellen Ruth553 W½d. 7/8/1995
McCoskey, Eugene, Mrs.9/4/1962619 E½
McCoskey, Paul2/4/1993553 W½
McCoy, Harry2/10/1945340 NW
McCoy, Theodore9/20/1934502 E
McCutchen, Alice Ann10/7/1986600 W½
McDonald, Pauline7/9/1936441
McElfnesh, Frank C.3/11/1977345d. 3/8/1977N.F.Chance (Indpls), Indpls, Age 95
McElfresh, Cordelia345d. 11/6/1917Age 35
McElfresh, Gladys L.9/3/1985345
McElfresh, Harry Francis1/21/1921½ lot
McGee, Anna11/27/1929121
McGee, Anna5/5/1921
McGee, Jacob121d. 12/18/1914Haigh, Age 80
McGee, James12/31/1929121
McGinnis, Lenville T.9/22/2000360 NW
McGuinn, Carlos15
McGuire, Arthur191015d. 10/13/1910Schneider
McGuire, Daniel9/9/194215
McGuire, Laura190515
McGuire, Lillian Marie3/12/199615 NE
McGuire, Matilda E.4/1/197515d. 3/30/1975Linnemann, Florence, KY, Age 93
McGuire, Ora Lydia6/17/1969d. 6/15/1969Indpls. Age 89
McGwin, Laura E.15d. 6/29/1905Age 48
McHenry, Herbertd. 4/27/1966Gans, Logansport Hosp. Age 66
McIlfresh, Mrs.346
McIntosh, Elmer2/19/1980 F603d. 2/17/1980Vail-Holt, Madison, Age 13
McIntosh, James10/23/1958Vail, Stillborn
McKeand, Ada (Mrs.)11/25/1952641 W
McKeand, John12/19/1946641 W
McKenna, Mary5/21/1988386 WAshes
McKibbin, Lillie (Miss)8/27/195923Vail, N. Madison
McKibbon, Sarah E.23d. 11/18/1905Age 64
McKosby, C. Eugene, Mrs.9/4/1962 619 Ed. 9/1/1962Vail, Madison
McLain, Ella12/14/1952444 W
McMahan, Elizabeth10/19/1984468 W
McNeal, Mary Frances5/8/1928171
McSparin, Margaret Beach4/4/1983500 W
Means, David128 Wd. 2/21/1916
Means, Mary2/10/1930128
Means, Raymond3/8/1941128Infant
Meese, Edward10/22/1983629 W½Ashes
Meese, Sarah Gretchen8/14/1958 629Lytle, Hanover
Melton, Bertie1/22/1981481 Ed. 1/20/1981Lytle, Age 94
Merritt, Anna1/15/1931161
Merritt, Laura6/14/1946596
Messmore, Angela Marie5/22/19731 W½ SSd. 5/20/1973Gans, Madison, Age 2 months
Meyers, Myrtle R. Colgate7/25/2001569 E½Ashes
Middleton, Lydia9/21/193960
Mikesell, Joseph J.5/31/1972619d. 5/28./1972Vail, Age 89
Mikesell, Margaret12/15/1928467 E
Miller, Albert, Mrs.1/11/1941607 W
Miller, Clyde10/17/1952582
Miller, Harold L.9/6/1937582
Miller, James K.6/4/1958Gans
Miller, James Kenneth6/2/1958d. 6/1/1958Gans, age 2
Miller, Jean (Mrs.)10/22/1946443 E
Miller, John A.85d. 2/21/1909Vail, Age 68
Miller, Lillian A.2/7/1986582 W½
Miller, Samuel1/11/1944443 W
Milligan, Orinda226d. 3/18/1907Vail-Gans, Age 81
Mills, Shirley M.2/15/20025 W½ SS
Milton, Cora9/3/1931456
Minor, Frank6/18/1953387
Mires, Flora Parsons9/19/1970d. 9/16/1970Gans, Madison, Age 65
Mitchell, Albert B.4/7/1971d. 4/2/1971Vail, Age 58
Mitchell, George5/15/192975
Mitchell, Helen4/3/195475
Monroe, Louis3/13/1944580
Monroe, W. G., Mrs.10/24/1930219
Moore, Billie Jo1/1/1977614 W¼d. 12/29/1976Gans, R.R. 5, i/o Roy & Susan Hendran, Died at birth
Moore, Eugene Wayne11/9/1986474 E
Moore, Georgia6/16/1948474 W
Moore, Hazel Laura3/28/1989474 E
Moore, Helen Hughes8/1/1992513Ashes
Moore, Julius9/11/1958474 WLytle
Moore, Samuel Arthur1/22/1938474
Moore, William J.11/29/1938568
Moreland, Edward12/8/1960Vail, h/o Lillie (deceased)
Moreland, Lillie4/16/1946292 NE
Moreland, Paris Alberta9/8/1973292 NEd. 9/6/1973Gans, Madison, Age 57
Morgan, Albert8/26/1952493 E
Morgan, Bertha5/9/1979493 Ed. 5/7/1979Gans, Kokomo, IN, Age 96
Morgan, Bonnie Lou11/4/20034 E¼ SSd. 10/31/2003
Morgan, Bud4/20/1951495
Morgan, Forrest W.7/23/1979GH4d. 7/21/1979Gans, Jeff. Co., Age 52 h/o Bonnie
Morgan, Mary (Mrs.)3/30/1935493
Morgan, Robert1/22/1938493
Morgason, James12/17/1941433 W
Morgason, Maude12/5/1942433 W
Morris, James S.4/16/1987456 EAshes
Morton, Sidney10/5/1946340 NE
Moss, Fanny
Mote, Matilda79d. 2/8/1912Schneider, Age 55
Moye, Helen10/15/1977 637d. 10/11/1977Vail, Madison, Age 47, w/o Forrest
Moyer, Mary9/22/1924332
Munier, Arthur M.11/9/1986496
Murray, Hatie A.1/15/1938486
Murrett, J. A. (Dr.)11/14/1931252
Myers, Raymond11/27/1958484 ELytle, N. Madison
Myers, Raymond, Mrs.9/16/1992484 E
Nellems, Maude (Mrs.)10/29/1958Gans, w/o James Nellems
Nerisez, Helen M.11/9/1979 565d. 11/7/1979Vail-Holt, Madison, Age 60, m/o Dorothy Coleman, Chas., Reginald, Wayne, & Jas.
Neyer, Emily A. August4/27/20044 W½ WT
Nicholas, herman11/4/1976332 Nd. 11/1/1976Lytle, Age 72
Nichols, Gertrude (Mrs.) d. 7/26/1965Madison
Nichols, Herman11/4/1976332N
Nichols, J. W., Mrs.4/1/1926129
Nichols, John W.5/6/1941129
Noble, John B.6/5/1924104
Noble, William104
Norisez, Charles5/19/2001540 Wd. 2/8/2001Ashes
Norisez, Clyded. 11/10/1966Gans, Age 82
Norisez, Helen11/9/1979565 E½
Norisez, Helen (Mrs.) 11/11/1966565 Wd. 11/9/1966Madison
Norisez, Reginald C.8/13/1993565 E½Ashes
Norisez, Wayne E.7/3/1998582 W½d. 5/30/1998Ashes
Norris, Charles E.3/21/1967576d. 3/17/1967h/o Corrine, Age 51
O’Banion, Gregory Wayne1/5/1961d. 1/5/1961Gans, Madison, Stillbirth
O’Brien, Jean7/19/2003537A
O’Laughlin, Frank2/1/1946409
O’Neal, James B.11/12/1999276 W
O’Neal, Mary J.4/11/1979d. 4/9/1979Vail-Holt, Deputy, IN, Age77
O’Neal, Sandra10/31/1945608
Oak, Flora3/31/1949391 N
Oar, Pete5/27/1992380
Obertate, August12/21/1938617
Obertate, John W.4/17/1992617 E½
Obertate, John W.8/8/1962 617d. 8/6/1962Vail, Madison
Obertate, Mrs Susan D. Johnson2/10/1965617 E½d. 2/8/1965Madison
Officer, Grace B.312d. 1/13/1906Age 37
Ogden, William5/9/1948652Ashes
Okie, Susan11/29/1929181
Olines, Wade Hampton, Jr.11/13/1960497Lytle, Detroit, MI, Infant
Oliver, Bessie Matilda5/16/1938445
Orem, Ed12/22/1945613
Orem, Edward, Mrs.8/12/1953616
Orem, Harry7/9/1954615 W
Orem, Robert5/11/1950604 E
Oren, Harry, Mrs.6/9/1945604 W
Orr, Barrett Branson3/20/1970d. 3/17/1970Simpson (Newburg, IN), Newberg, Age 65
Ottinger, Gertrude Graham10/31/1970d. 10/28/1970Marion Co., IN Age 78
Ottinger, Morris184d. 5/14/1916
Owens, Agatha6/9/1992518 E
Owens, James F.2/15/1958445
Owens, Mayme7/28/1957445
Owens, Virginia8/25/1995627 W½
Palmer, Helen Wise1/14/193568
Palmer, William D.4/9/1960 68Bear, Dupont, buried by friends
Parker, Marshall W., Jr.8/18/1985617 E½
Pate, Cassie C.4/29/1979B387d. 4/27/1979Gans, Madison, Age 87
Pate, James (Jim) L.10/26/2004387 NE
Pate, Jesse Samuel5/1/1959387 Ed. 4/29/1959Gans, Age 74, N. Madison
Patrick, Howard12/19/1996354 SW
Patrick, M. Pauline Akers2/24/2000354 SW
Patterson, Beulah Marie11/12/1975548d. 11/8/1975Vail, Madison, Age 64
Patterson, Brandt1/25/1973458
Patterson, Evan B.1/25/1973 458d. 1/22/1973Vail, Jefferson County, Age 69
Patton, Matthew181d. 7/29/1919
Patton, Nancy J.60d. 12/3/1906Age 60
Patton, Sarah190481 E
Peak, Estella10/10/1938593
Peake, Charles583 Wd. 6/11/1971Shrewsbury, NJ, Age 82
Pender, Mary Ann4/29/1999390 E
Pender, Robert Charles11/15/1996390 E
Pennington, Dennis M.7/22/1986364 SW
Pennington, Emma Catherine4/21/1967d. 4/18/1967Gans, Age 42
Pennington, Maude P.10/29/1973392 Nd. 10/26/1973Vail, Age 81
Pennington, Nicholas1/24/1959d. 1/21/1958Gans, Age 75
Penrod, Blanche11/9/1929153
Perkinson, Andrew J.6/1/1969d. 5/29/1969Vail, Age 87
Perry, Clara (Mrs.)2/5/1935526 W
Perry, Daniel V.10/12/1960526 Wd. 10/10/1960Lytle, Madison, wife d. 1935
Perry, Edna R. Shingleton3/28/1972526 Wd. 3/26/1972Vail, Madison, Age 76
Perry, Ida Belle4/28/1941154
Phagan, James H.4/1/1976316 Wd. 3/28/1976Gans, Age 45
Phagoen, Tyndel10/12/1949316
Phellps, Izetta1/27/1965549 W¼
Phelps, Frances Caroline7/4/1941222
Phillips, Clemens E.202d. 6/25/1906Age 77
Phillips, Cullie Spicer4/14/1992212
Phillips, Izetta (Mrs.)d. 1/25/1965Madison
Phillips, James2/2/1954421
Phillips, Jan & Jerry1954421 E
Phillips, John1/30/1937310 E
Phillips, Lizzie7/4/1943302 E
Phillips, Russell
Phillips, William A.3/13/1939549
Pickard, Oscar169d. 12/12/1916Age 68
Pillips, Noah1/23/1958428
Pitcher, Mary8/23/1926181
Polsgrove, Ira T.10/30/1961J. H. Johnson (Clarksville, IN)
Polsgrove, Lula Lee10/12/1972408d. 10/10/1972d. Jeffersonville, Age 79
Pommereha, Fred1/8/1978525 E
Pommereha, Ruth Demaree7/28/1987525 E
Pommerehn, Fred S.1/8/1978 525d. 1/5/1978Lytle, N. Madison, Age 85, h/o Ruth
Post, Catherine Beach2/1/1938500
Powell, Anna (Mrs.)5/5/1950251-259
Powell, E. E.251d. 11/19/1915Haigh, Age 53
Powell, Ella251d. 9/19/1913Haigh, Age 54
Powell, Marjorie3/8/1922548
Powell, Nellie C. (Mrs.)1/17/1940251
Powell, William H.251d. 3/5/1913Haigh, Age 61
Pratt, Coburn9/20/1932544 E
Pratt, Coburn, Mrs.9/29/1945544
Prebble, Adelaide4/20/1951418
Prebble, Beverly Minor3/1/1937429 W
Prebble, Prudence Gertrude3/1/1937429 W
Prentis, Mary (Mrs.)10/27/1960597Comple (Indpls) Indpls.
Pribbgle, Dana (Mrs.)7/29/1941607
Pribble, Clyde3/21/1982429 W
Pribble, Henry11/26/1962 607d. 11/23/1962S. H. Herman, Indianapolis, Madison
Pribble, Oakley6/4/1962 418 Ed. 6/1/1962S. H. Hessman, Indianapolis
Price, Victor M.4/12/1992489
Pyles, Bernard11/10/1974590 W½
Pyles, Bernard H.11/13/1974590d. 11/10/1974Gans, Age 58
Pyles, Marian12/14/1983590 W½
Quinn, Charles R.4/3/20014 W½ WT
Quinn, Clara Edna10/11/19984 W½ WT
Quinn, Matilda A.251d. 5/21/1913Haigh, Age 75
Radley, Leatha L.4/28/1993166 A
Raisor, Charles6/4/1986567
Raisor, Dorothy “Dottie” Hassfurder12/22/1976653d. 12/19/1976Gans, Madison, Age 48, m/o Mrs. Dottie Kimmel, ex-w/o Stanley Vawter
Raisor, Mary Bodem8/29/1961567d. 8/26/1961Vail, Huntsville, AL
Ramsey, Earl536 Ed. 3/1/1917
Ramsey, Ethel G.1/6/1968d. 1/4/1968Flanner & Buchanan, Indpls., Age 90
Ramsey, F. Earl5/18/1990536 E½
Rawlinson, Herbert5/19/1945505
Rea, Agnes6/24/1941151
Rea, Andrew151d. 3/27/1917Vail, Age 73
Rea, Elizabeth Dillon12/1/1934151
Rea, John F.12/31/1922151
Rector, Laura1/1/1950561
Rector, Mabel6/6/1938561 ETrans. from Lancaster Cem.
Rector, Warren6/6/1938561 ETrans. from Lancaster Cem.
Reed, May Beth (Mrs.)60d. 8/13/1905Age 27
Reed, Miss4/30/192134
Reese, Dennis A.4/6/1974482 Wd. 4/3/1974Gans, s/o JoAnn, Age 10, Tornado Victim
Remer, Katheryn D. (Mrs.) 8/1/1958Vail, cremated
Renfrae, Jeffery Allen6/29/1962d. 6/28/1962Gans, Madison, Age 45 minutes
Renner, W. F.162d. 6/ /1920
Reudiger, John Pauld. 3/20/1966Madison (R.R. 6) Age 68
Reynolds, Charles E.235d. 1/20/1914Haigh
Reynolds, Lillie12/29/1920
Rice, Eleanore12/3/20012AA WT
Rice, Louis161d. 12/11/1907Haigh, Age 58
Rice, Martha11/10/1948380 E
Rice, Steve Rice3/29/20032AA WTAshes
Richards153d. 3/9/1914Infant, Haigh
Richards, Howard W4/5/1973440d. 4/3/1973Gans, Madison, Age 72
Richards, Ida Belle7/23/1969d. 7/20/1969Kalamazoo, MI Age 66
Richards, Lodad. 12/26/1965Madison, Age 92
Richardt, Everett3/11/1958316
Richert, James10/27/1953316
Richmond, Lottie5/14/1967554d. 5/12/1967w/o Raymond, age 60
Richmond, Orville J.12/26/1975 11d. 12/23/1975GraysonBarnes, Hanover, Age 70, h/o Helen
Richmond, Orville T.12/26/197511 W½ SS
Richter, Marie10/20/1953389
Richter, Paul6/19/1953389
Richter, Paul E.1/18/1969d. 1/15/1969Vail, Madison, Age 72
Ricketts, Frank S.8/22/19829 SSf/o Mrs. Lee
Ricketts, Lelah May2/26/20039 SS
Riddell, Homer8/23/1932150
Ringwald, Beckett, Mrs.11/15/1959 525 WLytle
Ringwald, Charles12/27/1957525
Ringwald, Charles, Mrs.575d. 6/20/1919Age 43
Risk, Addie Bear (Mrs.) 10/10/1960 356 Ed. 10/8/1960Gans, Madison, husband d. 12/23/1952
Risk, Benjamin12/23/1952356 NE
Risk, Mollied. 10/21/1964Gans
Ritch, Sylvester9/7/1946431 W
Ritchie, Edgar4/18/1996600 W½
Ritchie, Fredrick6/6//1942428
Ritchie, Grace O.1/30/1933428 W
Ritchie, Jack Wayne3/29/1978139d. 3/23/1978Gans, h/o Virginia, Age 29
Ritchie, Mary L.5/13/1973 600d. 5/10/1973Gans, Madison, Age 60, w/o Edgar
Ritchie, Robert Clarence12/3/1969d. 12/1/1969Gans, Madison, Age 25
Ritchie, William R.12/23/1978
Ritz, Bess Lory284d. 8/8/1917Age 31
Robbins, Gale Nicholas4/22/1941153
Robbins, Gerald7/22/1950316 N
Robbins, James5/29/1964528 Ed. 5/27/1964Vail
Robbins, LeRoy12/9/20007 W½ SS
Robbins, Ruth1/5/1990316 NW
Robbins, Stanley4/27/1960284 NMrs. Toff & Gans, h/o Thelma F. Robbins (d. 1942)
Robbins, Thelma Elizabeth2/13/1942284 N
Robbins, William5/7/1969d. 5/5/1969Vail, Age 69
Roberts, Annabel8/26/1988496
Roberts, Barbara3/24/1945292 NW
Roberts, Earl3/16/1959496d. 3/14/1959Gans, Age 65
Robinson6/7/1976348 Nd. 4/22/1976Lytle, Infant
Robinson, Clarence3/29/1976380d. 3/26/1976Gans, h/o Ruth Oak Age 77
Robinson, Ruth M.3/4/1990380
Rodgers, Sarah J.12/24/1975392d. 12/21/1975Gans, Madison, Age 60
Roe, Mabel156d. 10/26/1910Vail
Roe, O. W. H.7/13/1924156
Rogers, Joseph8/21/1986392 W
Rogers, Sarah J.12/24/1975392 W
Rogers, Susan Jane8/16/1966392 Wd. 8/13/1966Gans, Age 44
Romans, Joey Lee7/ /1972625 W½Gans, Age 2
Root, Milburn9/28/1961641 W½d. 9/ /1961Flanner-Buchanan( Indpls)
Rowlett, Agnes9/22/1983552 W½
Rowlett, Jerry Lee2/3/1964541d. 2/1/1964Gans, Infant boy
Rowlett, Milton552 W½
Rowlett, Terryd. 1/31/1964Gans, Infant
Rowlison, Herbert5/19/1945505
Ruediger, Chester3/3/1948486
Ruediger, Everett Joseph9/21/1967d. 1/19/1967Vail, Madison, Age 63
Ruediger, Nellie5/11/1947486
Ruediger, Oral Smith6/6/1975 486d. 6/5/1975Vail, Madison, Age 71
Ruffley, Morris F.7/ /1975565 E½d. 7/26/1975Gans, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Age 69
Ruffley, Norma Narisez11/4/1972565 E½d. 11/1/1972Gans, Cinc. w/o Morrris Age 66
Rush, Charles534d. 6/8/1920
Rush, Chester A.11/19/1977534d. 11/18/1977Vail, Madison, Age 88
Rush, Lena7/2/1936534