Cotton Bible records


  • Joseph Cotton & Elizabeth Martin Pritchett were married by R. J. H. Riggs on the 27ty day of Sept. 1848.
  • Joseph Cotton & Nancy Jane Green were married in Jefferson County, Ind. by Rev. John W. Sullivan on the 15th day of May 1853.


  • Joseph Cotton was born Jan the 8th A. D. 1821.
  • Elizabeth Martin Cotton was born in Henry County, Virginia July 30th, 1825.
  • Martha Ann Cotton, daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth M. Cotton, was born Aug. the 10th 1850. Baptized in infancy by Rev. Horace Brown.
  • Nancy Jane Cotton, wife of Joseph Cotton, was born in Madison, Ind. April 26th AD, 1822.
  • Mary Everilla Cotton born June 21st, 1854.
  • William Chambers Cotton born in Aurora, Ind. Jan. 13, 1856.
  • Anna Mass Cotton born in Greensburg, Ind. June 13, 1859.
  • Elizabeth Lavinia Cotton, born in Connersville, Ind. Nov. 14, 1863.
  • George Green, born June 29, 1787.
  • Rachel Moore, born May 6, 1794.
  • James M. Green, born June 18, 1819.
  • Nancy J. Green, born April 26, 1822
  • Wm. (T?) Green, born June 8, 1825
  • John B. Green, born April 16, 1828.


  • Departed this life on Saturday the 22nd day of Sept. AD 1851, Elizabeth Martin cotton aged 26 years, one month and 22 days.
  • Departed this life on the 13th day of Sept. AD 1851 Martha Ann, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth M. Cotton, aged one year , one month and three days.
  • Nancy Jane Cotton, wife of Rev. Joseph Cotton, died June 30th 1896.