Bible Records of the george family


Thomas George and Betty Wrenn, married February 27th, 1783, both of the county of Lunenburg County, Virginia.

Thomas George, Born Oct. 17, 1759. Died Nov. 23rd, 1843, Jefferson Co. Ind.

Betty Wrenn, Born Feb. 24, 1760. Died Feb. 9, 1822, Lunenburg Co. Va.

The under written are the offspring of the above named Thomas & Betty.

Born: 1783, Dec. 26th Sarah George Died: Sept. 4th, 1852.

1785, Dec. 5th Spencer George March 1st, 1789.

1788, Aug. 18th Mary W. George Aug 20th, 1789.

1790, July 30th Milton George March 10th, 1851.

1792, Nov. 15th Martha George June 21st, 1825.

1795, March 11th William George Nov. 25, 1835.

1797, June 2nd Grace George.

1799, July 18th Ann George.

1801, July 22nd Amelia S. George March 22, 182? .

Sarah George went off in an ugly manner and married John M. Pugh. I know not when or if at all I could not say.

Milton George married Sally Coleman October 16, 1823. Milton George and Sally Coleman married 10th day of October 1823. Milton George come from Prince Edward County Virginia 1822 but both of Gallatin County Kentucky when married.

Martha George married Archer W. Thomson, Novem. 14, 1814 at my own house and by consent of parands.

William George married Eliza Lock, the relict of George Lock, a woman of about 37 years of age & of good fame, Nov. 1st, 1821.

Grace George married George Bantz.

Ann George

Amelia S. George ran away with Randolph Thomson, Sept ?. Do not know if she is married or not.

Sally George, wife of Milton George was born October 27, 1798 and departed this life August the 11th, 1854. The under named are children of Milton & Sally George:

1. Thomas Daniel George, born October 5th, 1824, departed this life November 15, 1869 was the first child of Milton and Sally Coleman George. This Family Bible was given as an heirloom to my father Thomas Daniel, the first grandchild and namesake of his own grandfather, Thomas George.

2. William James George, born February 8th, 1826, departed this life April 6, 1918.

3. Sarah Elizabeth George, born January 10th, 1828, deceased.

4. Charles Henry George, born December 29th, 1829, departed this life November 22nd, 1844.

5. Lucy Jane George, born November 29th, 1831, Deceased, married Benjamin Mafield.

6. Daughter born dead April 12th 1834, buried in Trimble Co. Kentucky.

7. John Milton George born April 4th, 1837, died in Carpinteria, California. Married Ramona Glanton.

8. Jesse Coleman George, born June 30th 1840, departed this life the 17th of May 1851.

Children and grandchildren of Thomas D. and Elizabeth George.

1. Mary Ellen George, born Nov. 17, 1847, died _____, married James Cavanaugh.

2. Charles Henry George, born Dec. 8______, died_______.

3. Emma Grace George, born Dec. 12______, died_______, married Dr. Wm. Marquis.

4. Samuel Milton George, born May 10, 1854, died_______, married Sally M. Daily.

5. Louise Clark George, born Nov. 1, 1859, died_______, married Frank Smith, MD.

6. Carrie Jane George, born Feb.______, died______, married____________.

7. Thomas Morton George, born Jan. 16, 1861, died________, married Dora Selover.

8. Frank John George, born Mar. 18, 1864, died________, married Josephine Maraville.

9. Katherine Elizabeth, born Oct. 1868, died_______, married___________.