Pioneer women

They stood beside their men. Clutching the hands of their children, They looked into a vast wilderness that must have filled them with dread and terror. Perhaps this is where we find true heroism.

These facts were collected by Mrs. Charles Melish in 1925, published in the Madison Courier and are housed in our Local History files

Anderson, Rebecca, d/o John Anderson, native of NY and Anne Irvine, was born at Augusta Parish, VA , m. 1st R. John Maxwell, 2nd James Crawford, located in Jeff. Co. IN prior to 1830
Anderson, Margaret, d/o John Anderson & Ann Irvine of Augusta Co. VA married Bezaleel Maxwell, Rev. War soldier, and native of Albemarle Co. VA ,who located in Jeff. Co. IN near Hanover, and died there Jan. 9, 1828.
Austin, Mary Ann, born in Venango Co. PA Apr. 17, 1773, m. Thomas Davidson, who was a native of Scotland and came to America in 1783, at the age of 16 yrs. Married in 1794 came to Jeff. Co. in 1809. on May 1, 1823 b’t ¼ section of land on Clifty Crk, on which the Falls and canyon are located, from Col. John Paul. Built house and water power mill on Clifty and lived there till death in 1829, wife lived there till Oct. 19, 1848, both are buried on farm, now the Higbee graveyard.
Ayers, Jane, d/o Wm. Ayers & Mary Morrow, b. Mar. 22, 1816 in western PA. Moved to eastern OH near Zanesville in 1817, and when Jane was 16, her mother, a widow, moved to Jeff. Co. & lived in Happy Valley near Madison. She mar. Andrew Benson in 1835. Died 1883 buried in Springdale.
Bachman, Emily, wife of Alois Bachman, settled in Madison in 1816.
Badger, Elmira Jane, m. Seth Beers, who came to Madison in 1821 from Glen Falls, NY. She was b. Mar. 23, 1806, d. Oct. 12, 1876, bur. Springdale.
Baker, Sarah Tucker, d/o Dr. Ezra & Eliza T. Baker. Born Apr. 29, 1805, mar. George W. Leonard in Madison in 1821. Died Jan. 5, 1834.
Baker, Julia Ann, d/o Dr. Ezra & Liza T. Baker, mar. Lynus R. Leonard, from Mass. who came to Madison in 1814. Married Aug. 10, 1819. She died Jan. 5, 1845.
Barnum, Mary, d/o Capt. Daniel Barnum, of NY, settled in Lancaster Twp. In 1825, came down the Ohio R. on a raft. Married James Robinson in 1845.
Barrett, Sarah T. d/o Jonathan Barrett, married Nathaniel Bolton; born in Newport KY came to Madison as a child, first poems printed in “Banner” when whe was about 14 yrs. old.
Bear, Nancy, b. Apr. 1815, mar. Joseph H. Lochard of Cumberland Co. PA whose family located in Brooksburg in 1810.
Benefiel, Esther C. mar. Robert McLeland, both from Montgomery Co. KY & located at Buchanan Ft. Nov. 5, 1814.
Benefiel, Mary, d/o Geo. & Mary Buchanan Benefiel, born in PA Jan. 1797, came to Jeff. Co. 1814; mar. Isaiah Stewart in 1820, died 1882. Farm on Indian-Kentuck now owned by John Stewart, G’son of Isaiah.
Blankenship, Sarah, mar. Wm. Chambers, s/o Alexander & Ann M. Chambers, Oct. 11, 1811, their license being the first on records in Jeff. Co.
Blankenship, Catherine, d/o Sarah, who mar. Wm. Chambers after the death of Sarah.
Blue, Elizabeth, 2nd w/o Robt. Williams who was b. in Nelson Co., KY went to Green Co., OH; later settled in Jeff. Co. IN near Dupont in 1814; he died in 1876 at Dupont, aged 79 yrs.
Branham, Elizabeth, w/o Gen. Milton Stapp, b. in Scott Co., KY near Georgetown, Apr. 8, 1793, mar. Mar. 16, 1814 & located in Madison in 1815. Gen. Stapp was the 2nd mayor of Madison 1850-1853.
Branham, Sophia, w/o John Ritchie, was b. in OH in 1807, came to this Jeff. Co. in 1809, mar. 1829.
Briggs, Mary, b. 1796, mar. Isaac EuDaily of Charlotte, VA, came to Madison in Jan., 1816, mar. July 1816, d. Nov. 1885, age 89 yrs. after a happy married life of 69 yrs & 4 months.
Bright, Rachel Antoinette, d/o of David & Rachel Graham Bright, b. in Madison, Jan. 24, 1801, mar. Edward McIntire, who was born in Baltimore, MD, who was the s/o John McIntire, of Irish parentage, who mar. Eliza Hall in 1798 & came to Madison in 1812.
Brown, Elizabeth, d/o Thomas Brown, native MD, mar. Elmore Gale from Mass. Born Nov. 1795.
Buchanan, Mary, d/o Geo. Buchanan, Rev. Sold. Native of York Co. PA. To KY in 1800 and to Buchanan Ft. in 1814. She mar. Geo. Benefiel, Rev. Sol, in 1787.
Coleman, Elizabeth, wife of James Matthews, both natives of PA, came to Jefferson Co. in 1814.
Collins, Prudence, b. Apr. 14, 1802 in Culpepper Co. VA Mar. Dr. Howard Watts in Boone Co, KY Apr. 22 , 1821; came to Madison soon after; Dr. Watts was born in Culpepper Co. VA Oct. 8, 1793, s/o Julius Watts, who was s/o John Watts, who was s/o Thomas and Esther Watts. Dr. Watts was a prominent doctor in Madison. Prudence d. in Madison Jan. 3, 1865; Dr. W. died Sept. 17, 1876; both are buried in Fairmont Cemetery.
Connell, Catherine, b. in SC in 1786; came to Trimble Co. KY in 1795; m. Jesse Gray in KY in 1809; moved to Madison in 1810; d. Feb. 15, 1864 & bur. at Wirt, IN.
Conner, Phoebe, d/o Lewis Conner of TN, came to IN prior to 1814; m. William B. Benefiel of KY in 1816, located at Buchanan Fort in 1814.
Crawford, Mary (Polly) d/o James and Rebecca Anderson Crawford, b. in Garrard Co. KY May 28, 1786, m. William Brown Guthrie, Apr. 6, 1809; came to Jeff. Co. soon after marriage; had 11 children. She d. July 18, 1834 and she and her husband are buried at Hanover. Her husband was called to fight Indians in 1812 and she walked 12 miles carrying her baby, Anderson Crawford Guthrie, who was born Apr. 22, 1811 and her companion, a boy age 12, carried an older child, James Guthrie. They walked to the block house near the Francisco farm. Her ancestors served in the Rev. War.
Crawford, Betsey, d/o James & Rebecca A. Crawford, b. in 1792, m. in Mar, 1812 to Beverly Vawter of Woodford Co. KY, a minister of the Christian Ch.
Cunningham, Jane, married Samuel Welch, a Rev. soldier, in Cumberland Co. PA Aug. 32, 1797; entered land near Manville in 1815; had 11 children; farm owned by Mrs. Agnes Jamison Ralston.
Cutler, Charlotte, b. May 1798, came to Madison in 1816, m. Jeremiah Sullivan July 18, 1819 and d. June 15, 1875.
David, Elizabeth, daughter of Louis David & his wife,______Means David, was born in Campbell Co., VA, Jan. 31, 1791; married Richard Vernon, of Stokes Co. NC; came to Jefferson Co. IN in 1828; died Aug. 29, 1842 & was buried in family graveyard on Vernon Farm near Manville.
Davidson, Sarah, daughter of Thomas & Mary Ann Davidson, born in PA in 1796; came to Jeff. Co. IN with parents in 1809; married Dec. 21, 1819 John Jewell, a native of Baltimore, MD. He had a chair factory on east side of West St. between Main & Third St. Some of these chairs are used by a descendant, Miss Elizabeth Wood. Sarah D. Jewell died June 7, 1868 & is buried beside her husband in Springdale.
Davidson, Charlotte, d/o of Thomas & Mary Ann Davidson, born in PA in 1799, came to Jeff. Co. with parents in 1809. She married Elijah Edwards, who built a house on part of Clifty farm many years ago; now known as the Higbee farm.
Davidson, Isabelle, d/o Thomas & Mary Davidson, born in PA 1805, came to Jeff. Co. in 1809; married Isaiah Elliott.
Davidson, Rachel, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann Davidson, born in PA 1807; came to Jeff. Co. 1809; married Joshua Menifer.
Davidson, Henrietta, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann Davidson, born in Jefferson Co. IN in 1811, married William Hillis.
Davidson, Mary Ann, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann Davidson was born 1814 in Jefferson Co. IN; married James Clanton of Columbus, IN in 1834. A son, James Clanton is still living in Columbus.
Fisher, Mary Ann, of Massachusetts, married Moody Park, who located in Madison in 1820. He was the first Mayor, serving from 1838-Apr. 1850. Mrs. Park died aged 93 years.
Ford, Elizabeth, d/o Warner & Nancy Ann Lee Ford, was born in Smyrna Twp. July 27, 1827; married John Hughes, 1858; she died in 1889 & is buried in Hopewell Cem. near Volga.
Francis, Elizabeth, native of OH, married George McKay, of Barren Co, KY; came to Jeff. Co. in 1815; died May 12, 1849.
Gardner, Elizabeth, born in KY, came to Madison in 1817; married J.F.D. Lanier, native of NC, who came to Madison in 1817; they were married in 1819; she died 1846.
Gibson, Fanny, born on eastern shore of MD; married Dr. James Tilton, a native Delaware, settled in Madison in 1827.
Goldsmith, Maria married Jacob Whitney & came to Madison in 1818; she died at Louisville in 1885.
Gray, Caroline, d/o Jesse Gray & Catherine Connel Gray, was born in Madison in 1817; married William Bowman; later moved to MO & is buried there.
Grover, Sarah Thornberry, wife of Col. John Paul, the original proprietor of Madison, was born in Baltimore, MD, 1775; was married in 1794 at Danville, KY came to IN in 1809 and died at Madison, May 8, 1866.
Grover, Ruth, a niece of Col. John Paul married John Sering of PA, Jan. 9, 1812. He settled in Madison in 1810; elected county treasurer in 1812; was first postmaster.
Gunthen, Margaretha Von, born in Sigriswil, Switzerland in 1784; married Melchior Tschantz, Apr. 23, 1812 at same place; came to Madison 1826, died at Madison in 1885 & is buried in Springdale.
Hall, Mary, born at Mt. Stirling, KY in 1816; came to Jeff. Co. in 1821, married Henderson Gray, son of Jesse & Katherine Gray, in 1835; she died in 1865 & is buried at Wirt.
Hall, Eliza, married John McIntire, a native of Ireland; both came from Baltimore, MD 7 located in Madison in 1814.
Hall, Sarah, d/o William, Rev. soldier from PA; married Presby (Presley?) Phillips, one of the first settlers of Jefferson Co.
Hammond, Rebecca, born in New Bedford, MA came to Jefferson Co. in Oct. 1820; married Samuel S. Laird, one of the first school teachers in Madison from 1825 and 1826. Magdelena Zener, sister of Rebecca, was also a pioneer teacher.
Harris, Anna, born in Jeff. Co. Married John Tague; she lived near Canaan & died about 1857.
Harrison, Margaret, born Oct. 4. 1773; married Ezekiel Logan, May 23, 1797, both from Kentucky. Came to Jeff. Co. prior to the Pigeon Roost Massacre, returned to Ky. & later came back to Jeff. Co. She died in 1857, being 84 yrs. of age.
Hayes, Mary Ann, d/o William & Mary Hayes, was born in Delaware, Dec. 13, 1828, came to Jeff. Co. as an infant married George Keel, Apr. 22, 1847. She died Dec. 12, 1926, age 98, at home of her dau. Mrs. John Anderson of Brushy Fork & is buried in Brooksburg Cemetery.
Hensley, Nancy, born in Jeff. Co. Dec. 12, 1811; married Jan. 1, 1829 to James Davidson, son of Thomas & Sarah Ann Davidson, was born in PA 1802 & moved with parents in 1809 to Jeff. Co. In 1839 his father conveyed part of his Clifty land to him; he built a house and cultivated land until his death Apr. 12, 1851. Buried in Davidson or Higbee Graveyard. His wife, Nancy Hensley, died Apr. 26, 1869 & is buried by her husband. Mrs. Lucy Jefferies, a granddaughter of James Davison is the present owner of the farm.
Hicks, Mary, d/o George Hicks of Cumberland Co. PA married James Lochard, of Scotch birth, & located at Brooksburg in 1810.
Hoffman, Mary, born in PA. Married John Henry Wagner, & came to Jeff. Co. 1808; floated down river in a flatboat, call a “broad horns” used the lumber of the boat to make the floor of their cabin, the first one built in town, not east corner of Mulberry & First St. She died in Madison, Aug. 13, 1841.
Irwin, Sarah, W. , born in Pittsburg, PA. June 4, 1807, married Caleb Tate Lodge, who was born in Campbell Co. PA May 5, 1808 son of Jozabad & Sarah Johnson Lodge; lived in Madison & died there June 1880.
Jackman, Mathilda, d/o Robt. Jackman, from MD. Married John Jackson, son of Thomas Jackson, who was born in 1801 in NJ; came to Jeff. Co. in 1822.
Jackman, Nancy, wife of Richard Matthews, native of PA settled in Jeff. Co. in 1818.
Jewell, Harriet, d/o John & Sarah Davidson Jewell, born in Madison, IN Aug 26, 1823 married Simeon S. Gillett, Nov. 26, 1850; is buried in Davenport, IA.
Jewell, Charlotte, d/o John & Sarah D. Jewell, born in Madison, IN Nov. 18, 1825; married Albion B. Wood, July 20, 1843; Had six children; she died Apr. 22, 1908 & is buried in Springdale.
Jewell, Amanda, d/o John and Sarah D. Jewell was born in Madison, Nov. 22, 1827; married Jacob W. Mills; died May 30, 1877 & is buried in Des Moines, IA.
Jones, Sarah, d/o David Jones, Rev. Sold. Was born in Boone Co. KY; was wife of John C. Ryker.
Jones, Sarah, dau. of David Jones, Rev. Sold. Native of KY married Geradus Ryker, native of NJ, who was born 1769; emigrated first to KY later 1811 to Jefferson Co. IN.
Jones, Rebecca, wife of David Jones, a Rev. Sold. From VA, located at Canaan, and died there in 1836.
Johnson, Delilah, born in KY, married WM. L. Reynolds, of VT; came to Madison in 1813; he drove the first dray in Madison, Mrs Reynolds died here in 1882.
Lamond, Mary Grant, born in Pendleton Co. KY, Jan. 17, 1800; married WM Johnson Lodge, who was born in Campbell Co. VA in 1794, son of Jozabad & Sarah Johnson Lodge in Madison, IN Dec 28, 1824 and died in Madison, May 24, 1841.
Lamond, Rebecca Knox, born in Pendleton Co. KY Oct. 4 1807; married Nelson Lodge, born in Campbell Co. VA, 1799, son of Josabad & Sarah Johnson Lodge, in Madison, IN. June 27, 1826 & died in Madison Mar. 16, 1854.
The following Lanier women were all daughters of J. F. D. & Elizabeth Gardiner Lanier.
Lanier, Elizabeth Frances, born in Madison, IN Feb. 26, 1822; married William M. Dunn, Mar. 8, 1841; died at Washington, D. C. & is buried there.
Lanier, Drusilla Ann, born in Madison, IN, Dec. 21, 1824; married John R. Cravens, Feb. l, 1844; died 1903 at Madison; buried at Fairmont.
Lanier, Margaret Downing, born at Madison, IN Feb. 24, 1827; married James Winslow at Madison, Mar. 181847; died at Poughkeepsie, NY & is buried there.
Lanier, Mary, born at Madison, IN Aug 20, 1832; married John Cameron Stone in New York City, by Dr. Potts, on Oct. 25, 1856; died at New York City & is buried there in Crown Hill Cemetery.
Lattimore, Anne, d/o Daniel Lattimore, of North Carolina, came to this country in 1811, married Zephaniah Lloyd in 1824; was born in MD in 1805; came to Jefferson Co. in 1822.
Leavenworth, Mary, married Simeon Hunt in 17__, lived in Roxbury Centre, CT. A family of nine children; came to Madison in 1813 with two sons, John & Nathaniel, the latter a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1816. Mary L. Hunt died in Madison in 1819 & was buried in the old Third St. Graveyard, now John Paul Park.
Lee, Elizabeth, d/o Nathan Lee of KY, who came to this county in 1815, she married John Mathis, son of WM & Mary Mathis, Mar. 24, 1831 & raised a family of twelve children.
Lee, Nancy Ann, Was born in Carroll Co. KY Dec. 24, 1807; married Warner Ford, who was Born in Anderson Co. KY Nov. 5, 1802; married on Dec. 25, 1823; Came to Jefferson Co. In Jan. 1, 1824 & settled in what is now Smyrna Twp. She died July 6, 1879 & is buried in Hopewell Cem. near Volga.
Leighton, Mary, born in Sumpter District, SC, married Jesse Spann, a Rev Sold. Who settled near Lancaster, Jefferson Co. IN in 1816.
Leonard, Frances Carolina, d/o Geo. W. & Sarah Leonard, born in Madison, Jan. 14, 1823; married Gorge M. Phelps, Jan. 28, 1842 & died June 6, 1904.
Lindsley, Grace, wife of John Dickerson, Rev. Sold,., died at Madison in 1836; she was a dau. Of Major Joseph Lindsley, Rev. Officer. Married John Dickerson at Morristown, NJ Aug. 15, 1780, drove across mountains in 1803; floated down Ohio to New London, 10 miles below Madison, IN.
Lochard, Hannah, wife of Thomas Ramsay, Sr. a Rev. Sold. Form PA, emigrated KY and located in Jefferson Co. near Kent in 1816. She was born in Bucks Co. PA in 1739 & married in 1776 to Thomas Ramsay, Sr.; died in June 1829 & was buried near Kent, IN. Had a family of 11 children.
Lodge Celine Elizabeth, d/o WM Johnson & Mary Grant Lamond Lodge, was born in Madison Jan. 16, 1826; married Robert S. McKee; died Apr. 2 1861 in Madison.
Lodge, Celine, d/o Jozabad & Sarah Johnson Lodge, was born in Campbell Co. VA, June 17, 1801; died at Madison, IN June 10, 1818.
Lodge, Nancy, d/o Albion & Catherine Piatt Lodge, born in Madison, Sept. 24, 1830; married Dr. Sayre & lives at Florence, KY.
Lodge, Susana Augusta, d/o WM Johan & Mary Lamond Lodge, born in Madison, Mar. 4, 1830 & married Benjamin Franklin Page; died in Trimble Co. KY & was buried in Springdale Cem.
Lodge, Virginia Adele, dau. Of Nelson & Rebecca Lamond Lodge, born in Madison Feb. 1829; married Robt. Edward Lee; is buried at Spring Grove Cem., Cinc., OH.
Lodge, Sarah Irwin, d/o Caleb Tate & Sarah Irwin Lodge, born in Madison, Aug. ll, 1829; married M. Steele Bright, died in Madison & is buried in Springdale.
Loper, Phoebe, d/o Evan Loper of NJ, married Wm. Watlington, native of Bermuda, came to America in 1804 & settled in Philadelphia. He lived in NJ, came to Jeff. Co. IN in 1814. (He died 1815 & Phoebe married George Wagner) Phoebe died 1867.
McClelland, Cynthia, d/o Robert & Ester Benefiel McClelland, who came to this county in 1814, married Charles V. Loring in 1850.
McIntire, Juliette, dau. Of Edward & Rachel Antoinette McIntire, born in Madison 1826; married 1st. Charles Wells, a merchant of Madison; 2nd. A Mr. Eldridge, who died some years ago. Mrs. Eldridge is living in Evansville with her Dau. Mrs. W. H. Keller.
McIntire, Rachel Antoinette, d/o Edward & Rachel A. McIntire, born in Madison Dec. 27, 1828; married 1st Dr. John R. Cummins, who was born 1821 & died 1854; later she married Judge J. Y. Allison, who was state senator for six years & Judge of Switz. & Jeff. Counties for 12 years. Mrs. Allison died in Louisville in 1891.
Marshall, Betsey Glass, mother of Hon. Joseph Glass Marshall, settled in Madison in 1824.
Mason, Ann and her mother were early teachers in Jeff. Co. Ann married Dr. W. T. S. Cornett, a prominent physician of Madison.
Meek, Elizabeth, only daughter of Alexander A. Meek married John P. Paul, son of Col. John & Sarah G. Paul. She died in 1833; Alexander located in Madison in 1811.
Monroe, Ann, wife of Alexander Chambers, Rev. Sold. Came from Rutherford Co. NC Married in 1789, moved to KY then to Jeff. Co. near Kent in 1809.
Patton, Margaret, sister of Hezekiah Patton, organized the first Sunday school in Jeff. Co.
Paul, Ann Parker, d/o Col. John & Sarah G. Paul, born in KY in 1799; married in 1816 to Gov. William Hendricks, 2nd governor of IN. Spent most of her life in Madison & died here Sept. 12, 1887.
Paul, Sarah G, d/o Col. John & Sarah G. Paul, born in Green Co. OH in 1802; married 3 times; 1st Dr. Robert Cravens; 2nd Dr. Samuel M. Goode; 3rd Rev. B. C. Stevenson, a Methodist preacher; died at Madison Sept. 14, 1877.
Piatt, Catherine, born Mar. 23, 1824; married Alban Lodge, who was born in Campbell Co. VA July 19, 1796, s/o Josabad & Sarah Johnson Lodge in Madison; died in Madison July 18, 1875.
Provence, Martha, of Uniontown, PA born 1800, married David Wilson of Scotland, settled in Jefferson Co. ; both died in 1885.
Ramsey, Martha, d/o Thomas Ramsey, Sr. & wife, Hannah L. Ramsey, was born in Bucks Co. PA in Oct. 1784. She was married twice, 1st to William Wilson; 2nd to John Hunt. She married John Hunt in Madison in 1814; died Oct. 12, 1850 and is buried in Springdale cemetery.
Ramsey, Jane, d/o Thomas & Hannah Lochard Ramsey, was born in Bucks Co. PA Sept. 18, 1795; came to Madison in 1816 and married William White in 1821; she died in 1835 and was buried in the old graveyard now John Paul Park.
Taylor, Elizabeth, born Sept. 13, 1803 in Maryland; married Alexander Craig Thom, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Thom, 1822; died Mar. 6, 1885; lived in Saluda Twp.
Thom, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Thom, a revolutionary solder born in Ireland in 1748; died Nov. 23, 1829, age 81 yrs; Elizabeth, his wife, born 1758; died June 11, 1826, age 68 years. Both are buried in Marling graveyard in Saluda Township.
Tomlinson, Charity, wife of Simeon L. Reynolds, both natives of Connecticut, settled in Madison in 1815.
Trotter, Eliza, first child born in Jefferson Co. was the daughter of Robert M. Trotter, who came to Madison in 1809 and was the first Justice of the Peace.
Tschantz, Margaretha, d/o Margaretha Von Gunthen and Melchior Tschantz, was born Sept. 22, 1825, at Sigriswil, Switzerland; came to Madison, Ind. 1826 with her parents married John Rist; died at Madison; buried at Springdale.
Tschantz, Magdalena, d/o Mararetha Von Gunthen and Melchior Tschantz, born at Sigriswil, Switzerland, June 7, 1818; came to Madison 1826 with her parents; married Christian Pfeiffer, died September 1895; buried in Springdale.
Tschantz, Susanna, d/o Margaretha Von Gunthen and Melchior Tschantz, born Oct. 19, 1823 at Sigriswil, Switzerland, came to Madison with her parents in 1826; married William Stabler and moved to Missouri.
Tucker, Eliza, from New Jersey, married Dr. Ezra Baker, from Vermont; came to Madison in 1819.
Tull, Anna M. d/o Handy Tull, revolutionary soldier and wife, Eleanor Tull, from Kentucky. Anna Tull, married William Smith of Kentucky, whose father came from Maryland in 1806; William Smith and wife moved to Jefferson Co. in 1823; he died in 1843.
Vernon, Agnes, d/o Richard and Elizabeth Vernon, born September 2, 1811 in Stokes Col NC near Winston –Salem; came to Jefferson Co. with parents in 1828; married Andrew Bair, buried in Ghent, Kentucky.
Vernon, Ann, d/o Richard Vernon and Elizabeth David Vernon, born in Stokes Co. North Carolina, near Winston-Salem; came to Jefferson Co. with parent in 1828; married Stoveall Wilkins; died Nov. 15, 1847; buried on Vernon farm in the family cemetery.
Vernon, Caroline, d/o Richard and Elizabeth David Vernon, born in Stokes Co., N.C., Nov. 3, 1827; came with parents to Jefferson Co. in 1828; married Rev. Joshua D. Griffith, of Switzerland Co. Oct. 31, 1848; died in Feb. 1908 and was buried in Griffith lot in Vevay, Ind. cemetery.
Vernon, Eliza, d/o Richard and Elizabeth David Vernon, born on Vernon farm in Milton Twp. Near Manville, May w4, 1829; married William Hankins, Jan. 21, 1858; died Aug. 1907 and was buried in family graveyard on Vernon farm.
Vernon Elizabeth, d/o Richard and Elizabeth David Vernon, born in Stokes Co., N.C. near Winston –Salem, Sept. 16, 1824; came here in 1828; married Henry Hannis and after his death married Thomas Todd; died Aug. 9, 1845 and was buried in the family graveyard on Vernon farm.
Vernon, Mary, born in Stokes Co. N.C. near Winston-Salem, Jan. 18, 1820, the d/o Richard and Elizabeth David Vernon, coming here in 1828; married James Comely; died Aug. 9 1845 and is buried in family graveyard on Vernon farm near Manville.
Vernon, Paulina, d/o Richard and Elizabeth, born Mar. 22, 1818; died Apr. 22, 1887 and was buried in family graveyard on Vernon farm.
Warden, Mary, wife of William Mathis, a native of KY, came to Jefferson Co. at an early date.
Warfield, Mary Ann, of Ky. Married Ephraim Penn, a native of Pennsylvania and direct descendant of Wm. Penn, founder of that state. They settled near Canaan, Jefferson Co. Ind. in 1816.
Watts, Elizabeth, of Orange Co. Va. Married Jesse Vawter of Culpepper Co. VA. They moved to KY and later settled in Madison on the hilltop, Michigan Road and named their home Mt. Glad. Elder Vawter organized the first Baptist church in 1807; he was the first resident minister.
Watts, Mary Frances, daughter of Dr. Howard & Prudence Collins Watts, born in Madison May 22, 1822; married Nathan Powell of Madison, Nov. 5. 1846, ceremony performed by Rev. Harvey Curtis of Madison. Nathan Powel was born Oct. 18, 1814 at North Landing near Rising Sun, Ind. Died Madison, July 23, 1886 & was buried at Fairmount. Mary Frances Powell died June 5, 1886 & was buried at Fairmount. Nathan Powell was one of the most enterprising & successful business men of Madison. The Watts & Powell homes adjoined on northeast corner of Main & Elm St. The Watts home facing Elm & the Powell home facing Main. Their lots adjoin in Fairmount Cemetery.
Welch, Mary, d/o Samuel & Jane Cunningham Welch, born in Jefferson Co. Ind. July 12, 1798, married Robert Jamison, died May 1887, buried at Caledonia cemetery.
Welch, Nancy, d/o Samuel & Jane C. Welch, born in Jefferson Co., Ind. Aug. 29, 1800; married Alvin Lindley; died and is buried in Jackson Co. Indiana.
Welch, Rebecca, daughter of Samuel & Jane C. Welch, born in Jeff. Co. Ind. Nov. 15, 1804; married John Scott, Sept. 30, 1824; died and is buried at Caledonia cemetery.
Welch, Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel and Jane C. Welch, born in Jeff. Co. Ind. Aug. 28, 1811; married Henry McKreal.
Welch, Macie, d/o Samuel and Jane C. Welch, born in Jeff. Co. Nov. 21, 1813; died Nov. 18, 1847, buried at Caledonia.
Welch, Sarah, daughter of Samuel and Jane C. Welch, born in Jefferson Co. Ind. Feb. 20, 1816; married Hugh Kirkwood, died Nov. 15, 1847 and is buried in Caledonia cemetery.
Welch, Margaret, d/o Samuel and Jane C. Welch, born in Jefferson Co. Oct. 31, 1820; married 1st Adam McKeand; Sept. 24, 1840; 2nd marriage to John McMullen.
Whedon, Mary A. wife of Nathaniel Bayless, born in New York in 1806; came to Jefferson Co. 1818; died at Madison in 1879.
White, Martha, d/o William White and Jane Ramsey White, born in Madison in 1822; married Benj. Calloway in 1838; died 1845; buried Springdale.
Wildman, Elizabeth, d/o James Wildman, and early settler of Jefferson Co. Married William Robbins, who settled near Canaan in 1809.
Wilson, Miriam, born 1791 in what is now Jessamine Co. KY married Judge Williamson Dunn, Hanover IN. died Oct. 1837; Dunn came to this county in 1809.
Wilson, Anna, d/o Nathaniel Wilson, who came her in 1809, married Hezekiah Patton, who located here in 1814 at what is now Belleview.
Zenor, Magdelena, sister of Mrs. Rebecca Hammon Laird, was also a pioneer school teacher.