First Baptist Membership role 1841-1848


  • Bapt. - Baptized or by baptism
  • Dism. - Dismissed
  • Exp. - Experience
  • Fr. - From
  • Ltr. - Letter
  • Mar. - Married to
Arrison, John
Barber, Edwin C.
Barber, JaneExcluded Feb. 1845
Barbour, Harriet N.
Barmore, Marie
Barwick, Elizabeth WhitneyRec’d. Nov. 1844, Dism 1846
Beck, EmilyDism. 1847
Beck, HannahDead, July 14, 1845
Beck, Joseph M.1845 fro Vernon, Ind. Dism. 1847
Beck, Samuel
Branham, Nancy S.Died March 31, 1848, (w/o Robert B., d/o Achilles Stapp, age 59)
Branham, Robertwife Nancy S.
Breminin, Leah L.By Baptism Feb. 1847
Bright, SarahBy Baptism March 1844
Brimamin, Samuel
Brimanin, AyresBaptism July 1843
Brimanin, ElizabethBaptism July 1843 (wife of Ayres)
Calaway, Eliza AnnRec’d. Jan. 1847
Chapman, Elizabeth
Chapman, Mary Ann
Clark, Maria or MaryRec’d. from Hurberts Creek, Spr. 1847
Conliff, Eliza A. H.Dism. By letter April 1844
Cosby, SarahRec’d. 1844, Dismissed 1845
Cosby, WilliamRec’d. 1844, again Nov. 1846
Crosby, Sarah AnnRec’d. by letter July 1844 (wife of William)
Crosby, WilliamRec’d. 1844 also 1846
Cushing, Clara
David, MargaretRec’d. Jan. 1847
Davis, MildDead
Davis, Sally
Davis, Thomas
Davis, William
Dean, RuthDism. 1847
Denton, MargaretRec’d. by letter March 1846
Deputy, MayDied March 22 1848, w/o Henry , age 28, Rec’d from IndianCreek Church, d/o Storm
Dodge, HenriettaDied 1848
Dutton, Isaac
Duttton, Lydia
Eddy, Rose AnnDied May 31, 1846, Rec’d. June 1843 from Mayslick, Ky.
Evans, Sarah
Evans, SarahBy Baptism Oct. 1847
EvansBy baptism 1847
Everheart, JoannRec’d. June 1848 from Vernon, Ind.
Faught, Rachael
Fawler, William
Geen, Mary E.By Baptism Feb. 1847
Genn, William W.By Baptism Feb. 1847
Gillet, Emily C.
Gillet, Salome
Gillet, Simon S.
Gillett, EdgarBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Gillett, MaryBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Goble, ElizabethMarch 1843
Goble, HannahDism. By letter March 1843
Goble, JeremiahDism. By letter March 1843
Goode, RichardBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Goode, SarahBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Green, Ellen
Green, John
Green, JohnRec’d. from Zanesville, Ohio, July 1843, Rec’d. by Bapt. Feb. 1847
Green, SarahRec’d. from Zanesville, Ohio July 1843 (wife of John)
Griffin, JosephBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Griffin, JosephBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Griffin, MaryRec’d. by letter
Gutherie, Sarah AnnRec’d. Jan. 1847
Hall, Louisa (?)By Baptism Feb. 1847
Hall, MarthaDied March 18, 1848 (Mrs. Mark Stott?) d/o Milton Hall; From Hurberts Creek
Hall, Sarah(sister of Martha)
Haney, Martha
Harper, J. E. C. F.Rec’d. from East Bend, Ky. Bapt. Ch. By letter, Dec. 1847
Hedding, Sarah (Heddy?)Expelled March 1844
Hendricks, Margaret
Hening, MaryRec’d. Jan. 1847
Henning, AmosBy Baptism Feb. 1848
Hibbs, HamiltonBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Hibbs, SarahBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Hildreth, NancyExcluded Feb. 1844
Hughey, Mary
Humphrys, Samuel
Humpreys, Minirva
Inskeep, Elizabeth ToddDismissed by letter March 1844
Johnson, AnneFrom New Marion, Ripley Co., Ind. Dismissed 1848 (w/o William)
Johnson, WilliamFrom New Marion, Ripley Co., Ind. Dismissed 1848
Jones, Allen
Jones, James
Jones, JaneDead
Jones, LouisaDism. By letter
Jones, MiniervaDism. By letter 1844
Kerr, WinniferDism. By letter May 1845
Kirkley, James A. Rev.1847 from Burlington, Ky IMPOSTER
Kirkley, Margaret
Lane, JedidiahBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Lane,Louisa Brownhusband Jed
Lumford, FrancisRec’d. from New Albany, Ind. Apr. 1845, Dism. Apr. 1848
Mariner, AnnBy Baptism Feb. 1847
May, ElizabethRec’d. 1844, Dism. Apr. 1846
May, William H. 1846-dead
McCalgon, WilliamExcluded
McCubbin, Charles
McCubbin, Elizabeth
McKay, AlmiraRec’d. July 1844, from Switzerland Co., Ind. Cold Run Ch.
McKolgon, Bro. & Sis.Dismissed Aug 1848, member March 1844
McNaughten, Elizabeth
Mefford, Benjamin
Mefford, Cyntha
Mefford, Francis
Mefford, Nancy
Miller, MaryBy Baptism Sept. 1847
Miller, NancyBy Baptism Sept. 1847
Mitchell, Rush B.By Baptism Apr. 1843, Dism. By letter 1844
Mordoff, AbnerRec’d. from castile N. York, May 1845, Dism. Nov. 1846
Mordoff, JohnRec’d. from Allegany Co., Castle, N. Y. Nov. 1846
Mordoff, LouisaRec’d. from Allegany Co., Castle, N. Y. Nov. 1846
Morleage, LouisaDism. By letter Dec. 1843
Nichols, ElizabethBy Baptism Jan. 1848
Nichols, ElizabethJan. 1848
Nichols, Leona
Orville, CatherineFrom Rykers Ridge, Jan. 1848 (w/o John)
Orville, JohnFrom Rykers Ridge, Jan. 1848
Owen, AmandaDism. By letter Sept. 1846
Owen, E. D. Dism. By letter 1846
Owen, Mary T.Rec’d. March 1845, Dism. Oct. 1847
Palmer, Elizabeth
Patton, ElizabethRec’d. from Corn Creek Trimble Co., Ky. 1848
Patton, James M.Rec’d. 1846
Patton, John M.Rec’d. from Franklin, Ind. Apr. 1845. Dism. Apr. 1848
Patton, Susan J. Patton
Penn, Benjamin A.Rec’d. from Indian-Kentuck Ch. May 1845, Dism. Sept. 1846
Petford, LydiaRec’d. from Quincy, Ill, a dissolved Church (wife of William)
Petford, WilliamRec’d. from Quincy, Ill, a dissolved Church
Phril, HarrietDism. By letter
Pitcher, Possibly Susan
Quincy, EdwardFrom Haragate, Northamptonshire, England by letter Feb. 1848
Rea, AmericaRec’d. March 1848 by letter from Union Church, Jefferson Co.
Read, AnnRec’d. Mar. 1844, Covington, Ky. Dismissed 1848
Read, MaryBy letter from Napoleon, Ind. March 1845
Read, ThomasDism by letter 1844
Read, ThomasRec’d. Mar. 1844, Covington, Ky. Dismissed 1848
Redstone, AngelinaDism. By letter June 1843
Redstone, EmilineDism. By letter June 1843
Reed, EnosExpelled 1843
Riker, Gerardis J.Dism. By letter July 1848
Riker, LutitiaDism. By letter July, 1848
Ryker, AmyRec’d. Jan. 1846 from Bethany Ch. By letter
Scarf, Nancy
Scarff, James C.
Smith, Benjamin W.
Smith, Custis
Spann, ElizabethFrom Middle Fork, Apr. 1843, Husband Willis
Spann, WillisDied April 29, 1845
Stapp, AliceRec’d. Feb. 1848 from Brushy Fork, Switzerland, Co.
Stapp, CorellaBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Stapp, Elias
Stapp, Elizabeth
Stapp, JepthaRec’d. Feb. 1848 from Brushy Fork, Switzerland, Co.
Stapp, JohnRec’d. from Brushy Fork, May 1844
Stapp, Margaret JuliaRec’. 1843, from Christ Church, Napoleon, Ind.
Stapp, Milton
Stapp, RobertBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Stapp, SimeonBy Baptism Mar. 1847
Stapp, SusanBy Baptism Feb. 1847
Stapp, SusanDism. By letter
Stapp, WilliamRec’d. by Baptism April 1843
Starkes, Charlotte M.husband David, Expelled May 1845
Starkes, David D.Expelled May 1845 (left town)
Stephenson, Elen
Stinback, PermitesDead
Storm, Josephine
Story, Margaret J.Rec’d. Aug. 1848
Thomas, BenjaminDism. June 1844 (wife Emily)
Thomas, EmilyDism. June 1844 (husband Benjamin)
Thomas, Sarah A.By Baptism Mar. 1847
Thomas, Thomas, Sr.
Thompson, J. H.By Baptism Feb. 1847
Tobias, SallyRec’d. Nov. 1845 form Jennings Co., Ind.
Tobias, WilliamRec’d. Nov. 1845 from Jennings Co., Ind.
Todd, ElizabethDism. 1844
Todd, JosephBy Baptism Apr, 1843, Expelled
Todd, MaryRec’d. by Baptism March 1845
Torrence, Jennette
Townsend, ElizabethDism. By letter Jan. 1848
Vail, Anna Marie
Vail, ElizabethRec’d. by Baptism March 1845
Vail, Jennings, J.
Vail, Polly
Vawter, AnnDied July 1845
Vawter, JamesDism. By letter 1846
Vawter, Sarah B.Restored Sept. 1844
Waterman, John & wifeMay 1848 by letter
Watson, Francis
Webb, Julia
Webb, PhoebeRec’d. by letter 1843 from Louisville, KY, Dism. By letter March 1847
Webb, Ruth E.By Baptism Feb. 1847
West, Gabrielhusband of Sally
West, SallyRec’d. from Jennings Co., Ind. April 1843. Dism. By letter 1846
Whipple, Ciphus G.Rec’d. from Allegany Co., Nunda, N. Y. June 1845
Whipple, J. B. & wifeRec’d. Mar. 1844, Dism. By letter May 1847
Whipple, J. B. & wifeRec’d. Sept. 1844, Dism. 1847
Whitney, Benjamin R.By Baptism Feb. 1847
Whitney, DavidRec’d. from Allegany Co., Nunda, N. Y. June 1845
Whitney, Mariah
Wicoff, Jennett (Jane?)From Brushy Fork, Switzerland Co., Ind.
Withers, Susan
Wycoff, John
Yates, RachaelDism. Feb. 1845 By letter
Zook, Elizabeth