aka Indian-Kentuck Cemetery

Sec. 17-5-11

Shelby Township
Jefferson County, Indiana

August 2000 Survey – done by Jackie Owen & Scarlet Owen Green

?? ? 23 Dec 182617 Sep 1911MotherStone was next to James Christie but had no name on it.
?? ? 25 Oct 1852Age 27y 8m 24d* 1941 DAR list shows a broken stone next to Wm. Marquis.
AllenBenjamin02 Mar 182704 Aug 1859
AllenMandaM.T. 23 May 182926 Jan 1875W of BenjamineSS as Benjamine
BarberClarenceF. 08 Jul 187711 Nov 1879S of W.H. & L.R. SS as John C.
BarberJamesH. 23 Sep 1858Age 52y 4m 12d
BarberJamesJ. 20 Dec 1863S of J.H. & S.M. – Co. A, 6th Reg. Ind. Vol. Div. – Age 25y
BarberJohnC. 16 Aug 186926 Aug 1869S of W.H. & L.R. SS as Clarence F.
BarberLeahR. 09 Nov 184719 Mar 1914W of W.H. SS as Wiley & Warner
BarberNathaniel17 Dec 1850S of J.H. & S.M. – Age 21y
BarberRhodaMarsh23 Feb 1859W of Timothy – Age 82y – Native of Lichfield, Conn. SS as Timothy
BarberSeythaM. 04 Jun 181029 Jul 1875Age 65y
BarberTimothy22 Nov 1843Age 66y – Native of Lichfield, Conn. SS as Rhoda
BarberWarnerH. 26 Dec 184519 Feb 1916SS as Wiley & Leah
BarberWileyD. 04 Aug 188014 Aug 1898S of W.H. & L.R. SS asWiley & Leah
ChristieJames11 Jul 1850Age 23y 7m 25d
ClineJohn21 Jul 184970y
ClineNancy09 Apr 1844D of J. & Rebecca – Age 22y
CopelandElizabeth27 Oct 182405 Mar 1899SS as John
CopelandJohn17 Jun 181922 Dec 1887Age 68y 6m 15dSS as Elizabeth
FergusonEvaMay* - No other Info.
HandBessieN. 07 Feb 188409 Sep 1886*
HandJohnW. 29 Dec 188009 Jul 1888
HerringNancyA. 18381914
HerringElizabethFrances07 Feb 1829D of Preston & Sarah – Age 4y 5m 30d
HerringPreston10 Feb 1877Age 81y 3m 16d
HerringSally12 Sep 1875Age 71y 5m 26d
HerringSarahElen08 Oct 1846D of Preston & Sarah – Age 3y 5m 9d
HugheyRobertL. 30 Mar 1864S of J.A. & R.M. – Age 2y 3mStone found in a pile behind cemetery
JohnsonDianah11 Nov 179616 Aug 1861W of Thos. Stone found in a pile behind cemetery
JohnsonElizaAnn20 Jun 185215 Sep 1871D of J.W. & E. *
JohnsonElizabeth15 Feb 1868W of Jas. W. – Age 42yStone found in a pile behind cemetery
JonesDavid01 May 1836Age 76y – Gov’t marker: Arbuckle’s Va. Mil. Rev. War
JonesRebecca24 Sep 1849W of David – Age 83y
LandFranklin1853Age 14dSS as George & Julia
LandGeorgeH. 18511878SS as Julia & Franklin
LandJuliaM. 18551860SS as George & Franklin
LewisAbraham12 Jan 1858Age 79y 7m 25d
LewisChristiana04 Oct 1860W of Abr. – Age 74y 1m 7d
MarquisInfant13 Nov 1884S of J.H. & M.T. *
MarquisJohn28 Dec 179317 Apr 1871Born in PA
MarquisMalinda25 Oct 1857W of L.F. – Age 27y 8m 24d
MarquisRebecca21 Mar 179811 Mar 1883Born in Ohio
MarquisWilliam* - No dates
MatthewsNancyA. 23 Apr 1857W of John – Age 25y 3m 22d
McCoyDavidH. 25 Mar 1861S of Wm M. & E.J. – Age 1y 6mStone found in pile behind cemetery
McCoyAliceJ. 16 Sep 1866D of Wm M. & E.J. – Age 12y 7m 4d
McCoyBenjamin11 Sep 1866S of Wm M. & E.J. – Age 20y 6m*
McCoyCelona12 Feb 180403 Sep 1878W of Moses – Mother
McCoyJohn01 Sep 178709 Apr 1861
McCoyJohnA. 12 Oct 1866Age 21y*
McCoyLouisa16 Apr 183927 Apr 1863D of J. & N. *
McCoyMoses11 Feb 179917 Nov 1834Father*
McCoyWilliam05 Sep 185902 Dec 1860S of W.E. & J.M. *
McCoyWilliamM. 28 Oct 182719 Jul 1880
McLaughlinJ. 24 Jul 1870Age 21y*
McLaughlinJamesD. 29 Nov 1881Age 26y 11m 19d
McLaughlinMarthaJane02 Dec 1833No dateW of ZephaniahSS as Zephaniah
McLaughlinWilliamPreston24 Jul 1870S of Zephaniah & Martha Jane – Age 11y 8m 1d
McLaughlinZephaniah23 Oct 182717 Jan 1897Age 69y 2m 24dSS as Martha Jane
NayDoctorWillet182129 Nov 1842S of James & NancyOld stone says death 1847, Age 21, no birth date. New stone in front says 1821 – 1842
NayHarriet31 Aug 1857D of J. & N. – Age 25y*
NayJames08 Dec 1856Age 87y
PostonNarrissa12 Jan 1863D of Thos. & Mary – Age 6y*
RaburnCarrie06 Dec 1867D of T. & E.S. – Age 2y 10dDeath year could be 1862
RaburnJohnL.E. 10 May 186126 May 1876S of T. & E.S.
RaburnMaryE. 25 Feb 1863D of T. & E.S. – Age 12y
RaburnRobertS. 02 Oct 1862S of T. & E.S. – Age 2y
RaburnSamuelM. 13 Dec 1864S of T. & E.S. – Age 10m
RaburnThomasJ. 22 Nov 1864S of T. & E.S. – Age 15y
RaburnThompson24 Mar 1867Age 44y 8m 12d*
RobbinsAaronW. 13 Oct 182229 Mar 1892SS as Mary M.
RobbinsArcherWilliam23 Aug 1842S of Jas. & Nancy – Age 1y 7m 7d*
RobbinsCynthiaA. 24 Jun 184220 Apr 1875D of Aaron W. & Mary
RobbinsCynthiaW.S. 03 Mar 1842D of Wm & Eliz. – Age 8y 1m 17d
RobbinsElizabeth18 Jul 183108 Sep 1884SS as Thomas, Jennie & Ryker
RobbinsElizabeth16 Nov 1857W of Wm. – Age 61y 7m 29d*
RobbinsJamesL. 18621923
RobbinsJennie13 Apr 186927 Nov 1886SS as Ryker, Elizabeth & Thomas
RobbinsLuciusB. 17 Jan 186521 Sep 1886
RobbinsLydiaJane08 Jul 1849D of Aaron & Mary – Age 11y 4m 4d
RobbinsMaryE. No dates
RobbinsMaryM. 28 Feb 182414 Aug 1891W of AaronSS as Aaron
RobbinsRyker16 May 182924 Dec 1891SS as Elizabeth, Thomas & Jennie
RobbinsSarahManda05 May 1832D of Wm & Eliza – Age 9m 10d*
RobbinsThomas10 Jul 186424 Aug 1865SS as Jennie, Ryker & Elizabeth
RobbinsThomasL. No dates
RobbinsWilliamA. 18581923
RykerJared11 Apr 1852S of P.V. & M.A. – Age 11y 9m 4d
RykerMaryAnn03 Jan 181909 Jul 1871W of Peter V.
SalyersJamesH. 11 Mar 1865S of J.M. & Lydia – Age 16y 4m 13d*
SalyersJeremiah25 Oct 180907 Mar 1893
SalyersLydia12 Jun 1862W of J.M. – Age 40y 5m 20d
SimpsonJohnWm. 19 Feb 1863S of George & Nancy – Age 1y 10m 21d
SmithAnna20 Jan 179923 Jun 1881W of JohnSS as John
SmithAnnaM. 10 Sep 179306 Feb 1860W of Wm.
SmithCatherine19 Feb 1825No death date on stone
SmithJamesH. 27 Jan 182124 May 1899
SmithJohn19 Sep180130 Aug 1874SS as Anna
SmithMaggieA. 01 Apr 183803 Jan 1871*
SmithMargaret25 Jul 184920 Feb 1889
SmithSamuelR. 08 Jul 184029 Jun 187310th Ind. Cav.
SmithSarahAlizabeth24 Feb 1847D of John & Ann – Age 3y 11m 25d1941 DAR list says Elizabeth but stone says Alizabeth
SmithSusannah30 Sep 1846W of James – 85y
SmithWilliam04 Aug 1843Age 46y 1m 23d
SmithaJohnB. 29 Mar 178920 Aug 1872*
SmithaMaryAlice10 Mar 185810 Aug 1863D of W. & M.
StevensonAddieClyde17 Jul 1879D of G. & A. – Age 1y 27d
StevensonCynthia27 May 183918 Feb 1860W of Jas.
StevensonJames05 Feb 1863Age 25y 25d
StevensonMaryE. 10 Dec 184103 Sep 1923W of Robt. SS as Robert & Minnie
StevensonMinnieE. 15 Feb 187230 Sep 1873D of Robert & Mary E. SS as Mary E. & Robert
StevensonRobert18151896Born in Scotland – Baptist minister for 50 yrs. SS as Sarah
StevensonRobert28 May 184210 Mar 1890Age 49y 9m 12dSS as Minnie & Mary E.
StevensonSarah18181899W of R. – Born in KYSS as Robert
StormByraS. 26 Dec 184103 Nov 1845D of Jas. M. & Sallie A.
StormCatherine12 Mar 1863W of Jona. – Age 69y 2m 15d*
Storm, Sr. Conrad04 Oct 1870Age 75y 8m 2d – Born in Tennessee
StormJamesM. 07 Apr 181728 Mar 1891Born Garrett Co. KYSS as Samuel M. & Sallie A.
StormJonathan02 Oct 179907 Nov 1873
StormJosephR. 22 Jan ----07 Feb 1862S of J.M. & Sallie A. – Died at Camp Woodly, enlisted Oct. 31, 1861, Cp. A, 6th Reg. Ind. Vol.
StormMabelC. 06 Mar 187812 Nov 1887D of J.W. & M.S.
StormNellieF. 06 Jun 188123 Sep 1881D of J.W. & M.F.
StormSallieA. 08 Apr 181315 Feb 1885Born in Bourbon Co. KYSS as Samuel M. & James M.
StormSamuelM. 16 Sep 1864Age 21y – Andersonville prisonSS as Sallie & James M.
WoodfillAbrahamStone says Abraham & Isaac, twin sons of Daniel & Julia died June 20th & 22nd – Age 9 months. No year given
WoodfillDaniel180307 Sep 1876
WoodfillIsaacStone says Abraham & Isaac, twin sons of Daniel & Julia died June 20th & 22nd – Age 9 months. No year given
WoodfillJuliaAnn04 Jun 180422 Nov 1867W of Daniel

COMMENTS:  Located 1 mile West of Flat Bottom Road on Copeland Road, near Canaan, IN.

KEY:  SS = Same Stone, W = Wife, S = Son, D = Daughter, y = years, m = months, d = days, * On 1941 DAR list, not found in 2000 survey