George shannon home

The George Shannon home, which is located on a high bluff overlooking the Ohio River, is about eight miles east of Madison just outside the town of Hanover. The original home was of log construction and the surrounding area was teeming with wild life. The panoramic view of the river and the surrounding beauty of nature made this a perfect spot for a homestead. It is, therefore, hard to believe that, what is now a lovely, bucolic scene, once evinced the following plea for help from Mr. Shannon.

TO the Honorable President and Council and members of Congress Sitting in Washington City                                                   North American Nov. 1812.

The brethren of the following petition will humbly shew the deplorable situation we a number of Citizens of the Indiana Territory North West of the Ohio are placed in. We be exposed to the ravages of our savage neighbors daily without the least shadow of defence, we consider ourselves unable to defend ourselves, and of necessity must abandon the country if we obtain no relief soon, our frontier lies in a long string for near forty miles along the river and very thinly settled so that not a man could leave home to perform a tour of duty and his family be considered to be safe, the fact has been lamentably proved in the affair of Pigeon Roost, where some of the men were called on duty and their families in their absence massacreed at home, through the disingeneous conduct of some of our inhabitants we must ascribe in a great measure our exposed condition or we should surely have obtained some relief or assistance from some quarter before this, therefore we can no longer remain as we are ———

We hope your Honours who contend for Justice and the Rights of our Nation will not neglect justice and protection to your Citizens, we have bought the land of you and many of us has paid the uttermost farthing for it without the least remittance, has bared ourselves and family to obtain some land to make a living on, has endured the difficulties of settling in the woods. Now we appeal to yourselves if you think it is fair to set the Indians on us to kill and scalp us, without affording us the least protection, it seems hard to rob a man but still harder to kill him too, (this by the by)

But we hope better things of you, your wisdom will devise some defensive measure for our frontier, unless you think of giving up territory instead of gaining more, we are of opinion that for the encouragement of volunteer enrollment for the above purpose of defence, if your collective wisdom should think fit to give each Volunteer one quarter section of land, for the payment of such volunteer for his services for one year, and in proportion for any time they may serve, more or less, the land to be given on the frontier, where such services are performed we make no doubt but a sufficient number might be raised in that way. But by what ever way you afford us protection we your petitioners are agreed, and our attachment to the Union and independence of American is firm and we are willing to bear our share of the burden as far as reasonable, but unreasonable things or impossibilities you can’t expect. We therefore again solicit your Honours for speedy releif or it may perhaps be forever too late for us, your attention to the foregoing will lay us under the strongest obligations, and are in duty bound to pray & & &

Jefferson County Indiana Territory

George Shannon Sr.