Information on Madison Homes by Street Number


  • 124 Broadway - See Historical files-April 1973 Rivertown News gives full description of home. Lemen Collection has picture and desc. Under “McKee” Home. Built in 1846 by John Woodburn for For his daughter as wedding present. Courier, Oct. 22, 1927 account of taking down the home.
  • 202 Broadway - Presbyterian Church-Built 1846 Classic style
  • 319 Broadway-Madison Courier-7/28/1925
  • 410 Broadway-Constructed around 1870 by Mayor James White. Article Tri Kappa-Oct. 1990 also 11/11/95, also, Lemen Collection.
  • 419 Broadway-See Library files (Madison Homes) Blt. Before 1836. Edward Eggleston was lived there for a short interval. Snyder’s “Beloved Madison”
  • 420 Broadway-See Historical Files (Madison Homes)-sold in 2005 at auction
  • 501 Broadway-NE/cor. at 3rd & Broadway. Blt. Ca. 1840’s. Library files (Madison Homes) Hammond Home also, see Lemen Col. On line.
  • 502 Broadway—Walter Greiner Home-Torn down in the late 1920’s to build new home. Tour of Homes 1993 (Cour. 11/3/93) Built for the Greiner family 1932-B&B 1993-Georgian Revival Article April 14, 1930, Madison Courier.
  • 601 Broadway – Druscilla Home – Madison Courier – 5-15-1982
    Built in several phases beginning in ca. 1836. Was home for elderly women for
    many years.


  • 419 Cragmont Street-bought by Lee Pearson in April 1937.
  • 512 Cragmont Street-Eades Antique Shop-Built 1945-See Lemen Collection


  • 1534 Crozier-Farm home built 1843-Fed. Style-10 inch brick walls-1970 tour brochure


  • Madison Courier, July 8, 1899-“Workmen have just completed the tearing down of the old double tenement frame house at the corner of the alley on East Street, between Third and Main, to make room for the erection of an addition to the Upper Seminary. This old building was occupied by the late Jesse D. and Michael G. Bright and their families when they first moved to Madison, and their father lived with them. Michael G. Bright afterwards built the house at present occupied by
    Mr. J. W. Bishop, and later lived in the house where Dr. Hutchings now lives, which was built by the late Jacob Schuh. Jesse D. Bright subsequently lived for several years in the large brick residence property now owned and occupied by Mr. George J. Wood and wife on West Third Street.”
  • 119 East Street-Genter Home-built and owned by Alfred Genter, a brick mason, dating from abt. 1873 Italianate style-Tour brochure 1976-Hist. Files. Later Baxter home.
  • 406 East Street-Home of Gen. Walter S. Krueger lived here from age 7 to high school graduation. Tri Kappa Tour 1954.


  • 302 Elm-built ca. 1830-Courier-1/1/64. May have been built by man named Colby and occupied by J. F. D. Lanier in 1837-Madison Courier-Sept. 23, 1932 Was owned by the JCHSin 1932-Tri Kappa 1954. See history files for more info.
  • 315 Elm-Mad. Cour. 10/2/1911-Fire destroys home-gives owner’s name, insurance info etc.
  • 315-317 Elm-Destroyed in gas explosion 1958. Four-plex built ca. 1960 replaced it.
  • 420 Elm-Library files (Madison Homes) Blt. Ca. 1835 by Wilberforce Lyle. Younger sister of Lyle, Mrs. David Reid lived there in the 1860’s. Later owned by Dr. William Davidson whose wife was Granddaughter of JFD Lanier.


  • Pfister/Jones Home-Built by Louis Pfister and Bernard Jones. Situated on 3 acres between the Vawter-
  • Augustine and Moffet homes. Colonial entrance and center hall. A long living room with fireplace on west side of first floor. To the east of the hallway a dining room and kitchen also a powder room.Four bedrooms on second floor with a tiled bath. Full basement, divided, with a recreation room on the west side and furnace room on the other. Floors are of hardwood, walls and ceilings are tinted in pastel shades, interior woodwork is finished in white.
  • Swope House-Remodeling of the Swope house by Drusilla Cravens; Architect, Herbert Foltz, Indianapolis; James White, Contractor. Additon of a great veranda w/ five columns. Built 1885 by F. M. Swope. Courier-Mar. 22, 1918 full, descriptive article.
  • Wilber-Taylor Home-Article in Madison Courier. Home on 28 acres bought by Drusilla Cravens. See article for description and history of the property.
  • Yunker Home- See Madison Homes, Yunker-also known as Fairmont in Historical Files.


  • 308 West Fifth-Home of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tyree-Courier-about Jan. 9, 1930

FIRST (East)

  • 313 East First-Built late 1800’s as a wool warehouse for Schofield Woolen Mills. From 1941-1981
  • 314 East First-The Iverness Shop operated here making Jeffery mirrors. Tri Kappa tour, Cour. 11/11/95
  • 319 East First-Built early 1900’s as an experimental model by the Schofield Monument Co., the house
    is constructed of solid cast concrete ornamental blocks. Expensive and project abandoned. Trim is example of carpenter’s lace with small “port home” giving access to the attic. 1976 brochure, Tour of homes.
  • 400 East First-Tri Kappa Tour-Cour., 10/14/94
  • 401 East First-Tri Kappa Tour-11/12/1994-formerly the Elderberry B & B-1890s Victorian.
  • 411 East First-Tri Kappa Tour-11/12/94-formerly the Elderberry B&B-1890’s Victorian.
  • 511½ East First-Gutted by fire (Courier 12/15/1965) Owned by Mrs. Randy Eden. Located in alley btw. St. Michael’s and East Streets.
  • 801 East First-Built 1850-one story brick cottage-Tri Kappa Tour 11/12/94-owned by Mary Clashman
  • 808 East First-Courier (no date given) sale of dwelling in Scott’s Garden belonging to German Bldg.
    And Aid Assc. #6 sold to Clara Keller Taylor and Graham Taylor.
  • 819 East First-Tri Kappa Tour-Cour., 11/1195-Built in late 1800’s
  • 1004 East First-in 1977 home of Louise Schwab-built in 1801-burned Jan. 10, 1977-Was a 5 room, 2 story
    bldg. Was in the Schwab family 150 years-Article in Mad. Cour. Jan. 11, 1977.

FIRST (West)

  • 222 West First Street-known as the Fred W. Schelke property – Article Madison Courier, 28 May 1928
  • 301 West First Street-Scofield (Joseph) Home was purchased May 16, 1876 by Aaron Marks for $1,450. (Evening Courier)-See MJCPL Lemen Collection-Go to MJCPL home page and click on Lemen Collection.
  • 403 West First Street-Home of W. W. Trow for many years. Wm. Hendricks, 2nd Gov. of IN purchased the land in 1826. It is believed the house was built around 1857. Tri Kappa * 1964-Tri Kappa, 1976- Hist. Files, also know as the Thomas Home (purchased 1963) also Oct. 1, 1964 “The Mirror”- Hist. Files Tri Kappa Tour of Homes-Cour. Special Edition 10/28/1978. See Lemen col. Library Website.
  • 407 West First Street-See Madison Homes-Graham/Stanton-Colgate-See Historic Files (Colgate Home) See Lemen Col. Library website.
  • 409 West First Street-Joseph Colgate home-Built about 1902-See Lemen Collection & Historic Files
  • 411 West First Street-Frank P. Vail (1947) original site of the William Hendricks home (2nd Gov. of IN) West Second Street. The property is occupied at present by Mr. George Smith. Madison Courier- May 28, 1928
  • 424 West First Street-Mad. Cour. (5-27-1891) Capt. Wm. C. Lepper family moves into old Col John Abe Hendricks homestead, recently vacated by Rev. J. S. Gatton.
  • 511 West First Street-TK Tour 1995-Cour., 11/11/95-Built 1840-1850 by J. F. D. Lanier. Designed by Francis Costigan-Greek Revival-Was Indiana’s first historical site-now operated by DNR Div. of Museums & Historical sites
  • 614 West First Street-Madison RR Station-Tour of Homes-`1995-Cour., 11/11/95-Built 1895-Large home
    of Capt. Howe on the corner of Mill and Firstwas torn down and the empty lot of A. C. Lanier, Esq. was aquired to build depot.
  • 615 West First Street-Jefferson County Historical Society Heritage Center
  • 620 West First Street-On the national register- ca. 1839


  • 1231 Hatteras Way-Rivercrest Condos. On 2007 Nights Before Christmas.


  • 111 Jefferson-Madison Courier-June 11, 1968-House being torn down-condemned.
    200-202 Fordyce Wollen Mills
  • 214 Jefferson-Once called the “Kentucky Boarding House” and was before 1922 operated by R. W. Ball. After Ball’s death (ca. 1922) it was bought by Harry Miles and continued as a boarding House until torn down in about 1960 in order to make a city parking lot.
  • 221-223 Jefferson-In 1930 was called the remodeled Drake and Tague Bldg. The Greyhound Bus Line moved to that building from the Gertz Bldg. on Main Street. In 1930 Tague and Drake “have built up a splendid trade in the restaurant business since they opened in the Gertz building a few months ago and their patrons will doubtless increase in numbers as they open in their modern quarters on south Jefferson street”. Further description in Courier-Feb. 3, 1930.
  • 222 Jefferson-built in 1892 by George W. Robinson or Robertson as a residence and grocery store. It was contracted and built by his brother, Thomas Robinson/Robertson and George Straub layed the foundation. The property belong to John Carter, a black teacher before George bought it. Mad. Cour.-25 Mar 1892.
  • 309 Jefferson-Jacob Lucht Store Building-Built as a shoe store and residence for Jacob Lucht in 1905. Now (1982) Madison Advertising Agency, owner, Gary McCammon.
  • 302 Jefferson-Joseph Steinhart-grocery-Opened in March of 1901-Long associated with Kasper Grocery. March 21, 1901-Madison Courier
  • 412 Jefferson-Coleman/Larimore Garage-Blt. 1914-See Lemen Col.
  • 505 Jefferson-Madison Courier, Sept. 4, 1893. Fire in the building. Gives tenants and losses.
  • 506 Jefferson-Tri Kappa Tour 1995-Cour. 11/11/95-Built 1860’s-Fed. style
  • 514 Jefferson-Built ca. 1849 by Dr. Charles F. Schussler, a German immigrant-1994 a bed & breakfast owned by Bill & Judy Gilbert-Cour., 1/14/94
  • 519 Jefferson-Alling Home-Indpls. Sun Star-Mar. 17, 1929 find in “Madison Homes-Alling” in vertical files.
  • 521 Jefferson-Staircase and second floor added during Civil War-Tour home 1978 Courier 10/28/1978 Feb. 7, 1975-Fire in home-Madison Courier, Feb. 7, 1975
  • 607 Jefferson-JOHN PAUL HOME-February 4, 1958 and February 14, 1958 Mad. Cour. Article-New Post
    office. Demolition of Home described. Corner of Jefferson and Second-March 25, 1892-Madison Courier
  • 509 Jefferson-Courier, September 12, 1992-Tri Kappa Tour-ca. 1870
  • 611-613 Jefferson-Madison Courier 7/29/1925
  • 618 Jefferson-See Library files (Madison Homes) List of owners, tax lists, etc.


  • 108 E. Main- Was Geile Bros. news stand , tailoring shop and billiard hall from approx. 1912 to 1932. Purchased in 1932 by Peter Petrokas from Henry Lotz along with bldg. next door where Krue Cleaning and repair shop were located. The Greek Candy Kitchen to occupy those quarters. Madison Courier-March 31, 1932 also Madison Courier-Oct. 28, 1932
  • 112 E. Main-Tour 1982-Davis/Hoffman Bldg.
  • 131 E. Main-Mad. Cour. 27 June 1929-Western Union was located there before 1829
  • 132 E. Main-Mad. Cour. 27 June 1929-Housed the Mad. Light & Fuel Co. in 1929
  • 133 E. Main-Petrokus –Candy kitchen and café from 1916 to 1932-Madison Courier-Oct. 28, 1932
  • 135-1371/2 E. Main-Bula’s Inc. and Nowling Apt.-1982 Tour
  • 202-204 E. Main-Daily & Roth business house. Built 1911. Originally on this site was said to have been the first 3 story building in Indiana and was built prior to 1825. (Mad. Courier
  • 212 E. Main-March 27, 1930, Madison Courier-W. H. Rahe Bldg. now occupied by Scott Stores Inc. To be remodeled by George T. Lohrig. See article for complete description.
  • 220 E. Main-see Madison Homes, Bachman-originally built 1822 torn down and Marks & Benson store built in 1886.
  • 232 E. Main-Mr. Craig tearing down old building (sw corn.) to build new-Mad. Cour.-Aug. 14. 1863. Blt. ca. 1863 for dry goods store/business bldg. See Lemen collection. Library website.
  • 233 E. Main-Mad. Cour. Sept. 21, 1863-Owned by Mr. Geen and to be occupied by the Messrs. Harper Iron front-Harper’s Drug Store
  • 318 E. Main-Jeff. Co. Jail-built 1849-50-Native Limestone from Marble Hill Quarry in Saluda Twp. Not in use now (1976) Tour brochure 1976
  • 405 E. Main-Mad. Cour. 3/3,1888-Fairplay buys old street car stable
  • 407 E. Main-Barber Grocery Company-Tour-1976 Archibald Cosby built this house btwn. 1835 & 1845. Has been used as a doctor’s office, lawyer’s office and a residence. Modified in the late 19th Cent. By addition of window caps, oval transom above the front door and metal ornaments Under the eaves of the gable facing the street-shares a common wall with Fair Play Fire Co. No. 1 with a gangway btwn. The two buildings. Tour brochure 1976
  • 423 E. Main-In 1891 owned by J. P. Wells and was torn down at that time. The purpose was to build a brick building.
  • 427 E. Main-Wood home-Tri Kappa Tour-1953-Designed by Costigan between 1844 and 1850. See files (Madison Homes) article 1953.
  • 514 E. Main-Tri Kappa Tour 1966-built by Cpt. Wm. Kirk after purchase of lot in 1890 from the Herbst family. Owned by Kirk until 1916 when sold to Charles Horuff. The Denton family aquired it in 1955. See Tri Kappa folder 1966.
  • 515 E. Main-Courier December 2, 1991-
  • 517 E. Main-Charles Keeton Home(formerly Kremer sister’s home)—Victorian-Built late 1880’s. Bought bought by the Sorrels 1983.
  • 519 E. Main-The Sheridan/Lloyd House-Built in the 1840’s-Has common wall with another antebellum house and narrow street frontage. Two front rooms have an expanse of 35 feet. Tri Kappa, 1966. also see historical files (Madison Homes)
  • 520 E. Main-September 5, 1986-also Cour. 9/5/86
  • 521 E. Main-Hoffstadt house-Part of two houses with common wall. 1970 tour brochure (files)
  • 522 E. Main-Built 1895-Madison Courier (8/1/1895) – 8 rooms, including bath, gas & water
  • 601 E. Main-Built in 1914 (Apr. 9, 1914 Mad. Cour.) by Dr. W. A. Hanna. Brick, two story w/ six rooms and a bath located on lot 60 X 100 feet on NE Corner of Church & Main. Frank Douglas of the City Plaining Mill made the drawings.
  • 707 E. Main-1974 Tri Kappa Tour-Article Mad. Cour. 9/14/74-Built co. 1830’s added to in 1846. Served as an orphanage until 1919 known as the Board of Children’s Guardians Home. Owners in ’74 Mr. and Mrs. Burl Hill.-1984 Tri Kappa Tour-From 1885 to 1920 served as the Jefferson County Children’s Home-Tri Kappa Tour 1978-Courier Special 10/28/1978
  • 708 E. Main-Pitcher House -designed by Francis Costigan in 1840-Completely restored as it was. Tri Kappa Tour 9/25/72 (art) also TK Tour 1995-Cour. 11/11/95-Built by Abijah Pitcher, Businessman-Pitcher family owned home for over a century-one of the first indoor plumbing Systems in Madison
    710-712-714 E. Main-See Madison Cour-December 13, 1971- Standing about 140 years
  • 710-712-714 East Main-Purchased by former Louisville Mayor, Charles P. Farnsley in 1971-Houses thought to be about 140 years old at that time. Outstanding examples of row housing built in the federal style-common walls 18 in. thick of pound rubble. Bought from Louis Horuff Capasso of Cincinnati and Charles Horuff, N. Y. Horuff family once owned Mill Dept. Store.


  • 113 West Main Street-Was at one time used by Arno Schmidt-See Hoffstadt famil files for picture.
  • 115 West Main Street-Was the R. Hoffstadt dry goods store for many years. See Hoffstadt family files.
  • 119 West Main Street-Krogers-1927
  • 121 West Main Street-Todd Peters Hardware-1927
  • 222-224 West Main-First built as a church, converted in 1880’s to an Opera House. Torn down and now a parking lot.
  • 123 West Main Street-Anger Plumbing-1927
  • 202 West Main Street-Eagle Lodge Bldg.-June 11, 1957 Mad. Cour.-Description of new façade being done.
  • 204 ½ West Main-Courier-1/8/1930-Confectionary changes hands-Orrill & Thevenow to Charles Collins and Thelma Grey-Formerly on Mill & Main Streets.
  • 206 West Main Street-April 23, 1937-Leach and Fisher to open Ice Cream Store-Formerly the offices of Knoeble Dry Cleaners-Wholesale and retail-500 gallon capacity-Delivery service in the city.
  • 209 West Main-(Courier, 3/18/1946) William Tewell leases building for residence and watch and
    gunsmith shop.
  • 221 West Main Street-Wade Feed & Grain-Started business in 1858-see Madison Businesses, Wade Feed and Grain
  • 222-224 West Main Street-Originally Meth. Church. Converted in 1880’s to the Opera House. Torn down to make parking lot. See Lemen col. Library website.
  • 228 West Main-Crozier Monument for many years. See Lemen Col. Library website.
  • 303 West Main Street-April 24, 1937-Funeral Home Will Move to Residential Dist.-At this location 16
  • 304 West Main Street-Wehners Groc. 1945 years
  • 306 West Main Street-Oct. 25, 1945 (Cour) Glenn Pherigo rents bldg. and opened the Clifty Falls Sportsman’s Shop.
  • 312 West Main Street-In 1884 Taylor, Hitz & Co. refitted the old Columbia Mills. Good descriptive article in the Daily Herald on July 14, 1909 also Historical Files (Madison Industry).
  • 403 West Main-Mad. Cour.-7/28/1925-Three story brick-Taken down to erect Brdway. Serv. Station
  • 411 West Main-The Ernst building. In 1929 was “The Barn”, a rustic inn-Mad. Cour. 28 June 1929 Full description of renovation.
  • 413 West Main-ca. 1860
  • 416 West Main Street-Tri Kappa Tour 1964-At one time the Harry & Elizabeth Vail home. Courier 2/2/64. TK Tour 1986-Cour., 9/12/86-Built around 1830 by William Robinson-Italianate- alterations made in the 1870’s-original carriage house and stables at the rear of house-
  • 419 West Main-Tri Kappa Tour 1994-built ca. 1855
  • 423 West Main-Was once 423 and 425 West Main. Two building combined. Adjoining wall. Front has been changed. See Madison Home (historical files) under Lytle-Beetem House.
  • 506 West Main-Ross home-1982 tour of homes-owned by Mr. & Mrs. Bob Pruett-constructed 1920. Original owner, J. Graham Ross and architect herbert Bass raised many eyebrows with the Dutch Colonial design. Remolded 1960.
  • 507 West Main-Mrs Bertha Keelty and Dau. Mrs. George Perry sold the Danner House to Mrs. Edna Ault Thomas who will remodel to a double rental. Property was operated as a rooming house By the late Hannibal Danner and wife for many yrs.-Mad. Cour. April 17, 1947. Plaque on House says ca. 1834-ca.1842 John Boyd House-on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • 510 West Main-Federal co. 1840 was an appartment house for many years-See Historical Files (Madison Homes) Crawford-Whitehead-Ross Homes-ca. 1836
  • 512 West Main- First Christian Church
  • 517 West Main-Cassidy home-see Lemen Coll.-Historical Files(Madison Homes) ca. 1886
  • 617 West Main-ca. 1854 (plaque on house)
  • 618 West Main-Costigan-designed wrought iron fence was for over 30 years an apartment house. Restored in by Dietrichs. Original five rooms built in 1837. Original owners-William Hendricks, Jr.-
    A. B. Smith family owned home for over 100 yrs-from 1847 to 1947 when it was converted
    Into apartments. Tour 1982
  • 619 West Main-Tour 1996-Cour. 10/10/96-built 1839-owned by John Mulvey (Mayor 1856-1865) In 1992 the front porch and paint were removed to restore to original appearance.
  • 622 West Main-Thomas Gavin sells to Mrs. Frederick Detmar of Rising Sun. Courier (10/17/1936
  • 630 West Main-Land on which the building is built is part of land grant to John Paul. Land was sold and present building erected 1838. Courier Special 10/28/1978
  • 631 West Main-The Attic-owned by Philip George family-Incorporates a carriage house and original brick court yard. Four original fireplaces and double parlors with handsome woodwork
  • 703 West Main-Lanham House-built by John Sheets ca. 1875. Tri Kappa 1966. See 1966 folder for desc.
  • 718 West Main-Some evidence that Francis Costigan might have had part in its inception in 1837-His signature on much of the keystone work, geometric design and the original cupola (now missing) Now the home of Mr. & Mrs. Ron Greves. See files, Madison Homes- “Whitsitt”
  • 719 West Main-Brunning/Tonkin Carriage House built by the Brunning family behind their large home on Main St.-The Brunning House was torn down and the clinic was built on the site. The clinic dismantled and moved the carriage house to its present site behind the trolley barn in 1978.-Cour., 11/11/95
  • 721 West Main-Margie’s Country Store. The rear portion is a residence. All of the original construction remains intact (1972) Cisco Meat Market. Iron front was made in one of Madison’s four iron foundries in the mid-1850’s. Courier 11/18/1970
  • 722 West Main-Madison Courier-1/4/1950-Article on opening of Madison Clinic-Good description.
  • 726 West Main- Home and Funeral Parlor-Description of nursing home opened there in 1950. This
    property is where the old Madison Clinic sits. Madison Courier, Sept. 21, 1876, “The magnificent residence of Mr. Wm. Bruning, on lower Main Cross. Is approaching completion.
    It will be one of the finest and most imposing residences in the city.”
  • 732 West Main-Bach/Stapp Home-Was first farm house west of Broadway when built. Tri Kappa, 1966. Henry Clay spoke under the elm tree in 1844. Originally 3 room farm house. Built onto many Times. The Bach family bought it in 1906 and tore out 12 rooms, 10 remain. The original part of the house was the remaining dining room, kitchen and two fron upstairs bdrms. TK tour- 1986, Cour. 9/16/86 Originally three room farm house ca. 1808-Cour. 7/31/82. At one time there were 24 rooms in the house. Walls 10-12 inches thick and the insude walls are made of 9” sq. bricks.
  • 733 West Main-Courier, October 1, 1992-Built in the 1920’s for M. E. Garber it remained in the Garber family until 1987 when the Brunton family purchased it. Tour 2003
  • 735 West Main-Original home on this site was built at least by 1867 and probably predated that. The Havey family lived in the home from 1867 to the mid 1940’s. A one story brick ca 1950’s or 1960’s is now on the site. The original home was a one-story with shingle roof (Sanborn)
  • 736 West Main-Jan. 24, 1977-Mad. Cour.-Apt. fire gutted building owned by Maruce Hublar, New Albany.
  • 739 West Main-Tour 1986-Cour 11/29/86-11/25/86
  • 740 West Main-August L. Frevert home-Built ca. 1850-Tri Kappa Tour-9/25/53. Tri Kappa tour 1966. Also see Courier, September 1986-Two story brick addition in the rear also see Madison Courier, Sept. 25, 1968-“Judge Schnaitter Tells About Home (Pg. 5)
  • 743 West Main-Old deeds date back to 1852 according to City Directories once a tavern-Owned by David Carlow
  • 747 West Main-Courier (May 6 1938) Dr. Samuel H. Feuerstin sold eight room brick residence to Raymond and Linda Jones. The Jones family was living at the Lodge property on East 4th St.
  • 808 West Main-Tour 1986-Cour. 11/29/86 and 8/18/84
  • 829 West Main-July 18, 1900-Stanley’s new grocery store.
  • 909 West Main-Mad. Courier-June 12 1947-Robert Lawson builds home on back of property. Mr. & Mrs. Paul King to be first residents.
  • 923 West Main Street-Owned in 1972 by the Dean Claphams-Mid-Victorian built around 1850-Built on 30 x 166 foot half lot. The lving room, dning rm and upstairs bdrms are original as is the decorative molding. The fireplace in the lving rm is cast iron with marble type veneering, pillars contrast the kitchen area where brick walls have been exposed. Was a bakery, grocery store and now antique shop for over 100 years.
  • 933 West Main-belonged to heirs of Louis Ernst and sold to Bernard Rahe.
  • 934 West Main-Greek Revival-Built ca. 1863 by Don Carlos Robinson deeded to the Maddox family in 1910 and remained in their hands until 1983 when bought by the Alcorn family.
  • 1111 West Main-(Courier, 3/18/1946) Transfer from Elizabeth Schnell to Alpha & Rosa Cope.
  • 1229 West Main-Cummins/McKinney home-Made into appartments in 1939 – Built 1843-44 was once used as a school (1893-1913) see Madison Courier 2/17/37. Built by Jacob Haas a newspaper man. Also see Historical Files (Madison Homes)

MAYWOOD LANE on Michigan Rd.

  • 206 Maywood-Mountain House-see MJCPL Lemen Collection-Built by Cunningham
  • 226 Maywood-Tri Kappa Tour, 1866-Tri Kappa Tour 1954- Built in 1832 by Shadrack Wilber. At one time owned by Drusilla Cravens (bought from Wilber). The Bushrod Taylors and Joseph Cravens lived in it for many years. See also, Madison Homes, Yunker/Taylor folder also see Courier, October 3, 1992. Original property consisted of 100 acres. Reindollars purchased in 1966.


  • 1312 Michigan Rd.- Joseph Cravens home see Historical Files (Madison Homes) burned in early 1900’s. Later rebuilt of all stone. See Historical files-Davidson Home
  • 1034 Michigan Rd.-Built about 1811 owned by Mr. & Mrs. Tom Good-Tri Kappa files
  • 1340 Michigan Rd.-Cravenhurst-built ca 1851. See files-Madison Homes, Brough.


  • 123 Mill Street-Lanthier Winery-TK tour 1995-Historians debate whether the 10 inch thick walls and and unusual windows indicate an old fort or farmer’s stables-Cour. 11/11/95
  • 316 Mill Street-See Courier, September 9, 1986 also 9/4/86 and 11/12/94 and 11/25/94
  • 317 Mill Street-See Courier, September 19, 1986-Constructed by James A. Murat at the turn of the last century. John C. Lanham bought the house 1913-Cour., 9/27/86 also 9/19/86
  • 322 Mill Street-1974 Tour (Hist. Files) Cour.-8/15/74 Home above the business “The Attic”-Old carriage house in back.
  • 410 Mill Street- Mad. Cour.-Sept. 21, 1949-Home built by George Knoebel-6 rms, full basement. H. L. Hubbard of Scotsburg in charge of construction.


  • 129 Mulberry-Evening Courier-New bldg. of James H. Crozier & Co.-Monument business-description
  • 214 Mulberry-Was bowling alley sometime before 1945
  • 419 Mulberry-Hargan home (city directory) became Indiana Telephone Co. 1962 (see 7/8/61 and 2/5/62, Madison Courier)
  • 428 Mulberry-Built by Mathew Temperly and Sons, architects with James McKee as the original owner Mrs Edward Powell with Burns and James as architects restored the hous in 1930. Description In 1970 tour brochure (files)
  • 506 Mulberry-Christ Episcopal Church-Est. 1835. In 1848 plans were presented for the construction of the present Gothic style and by 1850 it was completed-Tri Kappa Candlelight Tour 1985.
  • 520 Mulberry-Courier, 5/5/1936 transfer of property from Maude Greiner to Emma Zeiser.
  • 601 Mulberry-Courier-Sept. 10, 1928-Millar home at the time-sold to Am. Legion. House built ca. 1825 by Michael Griffin.


  • 315 Poplar-Historical Files (Madison Homes)-Mad Cour-Feb. 19, 1876, Mar. 16, 1876 & July 15, 1876.
  • 513 Poplar-Robert R. and Laura Rae sell to George W. Cofield (Courer 9/17/1936).
  • 715 Poplar-built 1844 was moved two blocks to Griffin Place on Fourth St., May 12, 1999-see Historical
  • 716 Files (Custer Home)


  • 220-226 Park Avenue-Madison Brewery-New Factory to Start Next Week (March 12, 1937 Mad. Cour.) and (March 5, 1937 Mad. Cour.)


  • 319 Presbyterian-Madison Building & Aid Assc. before 1919. See library files (Madison Homes)
  • 322 Presbyterian-built about 1843-TK Tour-Cour.-9/22/86


  • 316 Poplar Street-July 15, 1876, Ellen Clarks new house completed. Had bought the land from Charlotte
    Sullivan, Nov. 30, 1875. Mar. 14, 1815 Jonathan Lyon sold to John Paul, Lewis Davis and Jacob Burnett. Nov. 24, 1818 land sold to Jeremiah Sullivan. Subsequent owners-Gavin, Wilson, and
    Talkington. Now owned by Sauley.


  • 127 St. Michael’s-Sold by Bernard Koehler to Donal G. Scholl. Last of several new houses built by Koehler on the block, five of the homes being sold by the Harry Lemen & Sons Realty Co.- Mad. Cour. April 21, 1947


  • South East corner West & 2nd-Madison Library Ass’n.-Directory 1859-60-Columbia Hall
  • 108 East Second Street-Mad. Cour. 11-27-1917 Old cottage torn down-brick dated 1807 found with name A. Meek engraved.
  • 111 East Second Street-Courier, July 18, 1899-Adm. Of Estate of the late Samuel C. Herin sells the livery and sales stables to Charles J. Buchanan of Indianapolis for $3,3440. Eisenhardt stables for years.
  • 113 East Second Street-10 rm Fed. Style built ca. 1820/30-Cour., 11/12/94-also see Historical Files (Madison Homes) Sold to Nicholas Siersdorfer in 1864 later became hotel under three different names. (Iona, Lochard and____?_____)
  • 115 East Second-Later became also 115 to 117 ½ E. 2nd. Article Mad. Cour.- 21 May 1919 has description of garage built there in 1919-1920. Dora Welch sold land to Frank Hill in 1919 for a site to build a garage (Citizen’s Garage). Welch had bought the property from T. B. McGregor shortly before.
  • 202 East Second Street- 1940’s – Jacob’s Liquor Store-Leonard Jacobs, prop.
  • 204 East Second Street- 1940’s – Short’s Cab Line-Cecil M. Short, Prop.
  • 208-210 E. Second Street- 1940’s – White Star Bus Line, Martha Lockridge, Prop.-now Thomas winery-original owner George Garlinghouse operated a livery stable and blacksmith shop. Tour 1996-Cour. 10/10/96
  • 209-211 E. Second Street-Volz Motor Company, Chris Volz, Prop.-Later became city parking lot.
  • 213 East Second Street-Kramer Motor Service-Wayne L. Kramer, Prop.
  • 411 East Second Street-Kasper Grocery and upstairs apartments in 1930. On March 20, 1930 damaged
    by fire. Owner of the building was Jesse Holwager. See 3/21/1930 article for more.
  • 412 East Second Street-1945 Rousch Dairy
  • 416 East Second Street-Greek Revival-John Paul sold the property to John McElwaine in 1836, house probably built around that time. Madison Mirror article-Tri Kappa 1964 Tour of Homes. Courier 8/2/64 also see Madison Homes-Townhouse
  • 610 East Second-Built 1840-Federal/Italianate-Tri Kappa-Courier Nov 16, 1991 also Oct. 17, 1990
  • 717 East Second Street-April 9, 2004-House fire destroys Original portion of the home built in 1860’s in Federal style-brick in the back part came from the old black high school on N. Broadway-Stone in Chimney from old house on S. R. 7 near Middlefork Bridge-Logs in the upper portion of the Newer addition in the rear came from an 1800’s log cabin in Wakefield, Smyrna Twp. Mad. Cour.
  • 803 East Second-Home sold to Miss Martha Gallagher, teacher at Eggleston (Courier 9/25/1936)
  • 807 East Second-James Ross to son Isom Ross.


  • 201 West Second-Mad. Cour.-July 30, 1945-New home of American Legion-former high school of ten rooms. Was used by the gov’t. during construction of JPG. Was also used by the ration board during WWII , the USO and as a recreation center.
  • 212 West Second-Tour 1976-Brochure, Hist. Files-Francisco House-Owned by the Fred Jordans in 1976
  • 213 West Second-Mad. Cour. 7-18-1928: Preparations for new English style house for Miss Anna Leonard underway for several weeks, George Lohrig, contractor. Removing brickwork on the old bldg. Leonards living in small dwelling on rear part of same lot during construction. Brick home built in the 1860’s, High Italianate style window caps of metal-Francisos purchased The home in late 1800’s and lived there for about 80 years, Jordans purchased in 1972. Original Cinstruction of the house, summer kitchen and carriage house remains intact, 6 fireplaces.
  • 217 West Second-Masonic/Scholfield House-ca. 1815 forst occupied by Alexander and Drusilla Lanier. Home of the founding of the Masonic Lodge in IN 1818. TK Tour-Cour., 11/11/95
  • 218-220-222-March 18, 1890 Geo. Trow purchased vacant lots of Chas. McLeland. Began building a row of two story tenemant cottages which were shipped from Chicago in sections. Completed in Dec. 1890 and early in 1891.
  • 301 West Second-Hyatt House-James Y. Allison original owner, Benjamin C. Hyatt later owner. Built about 1815, additions made in 1840’s-Owned by Hist. Mad. Inc.
  • 412 West Second- before 1927 was the “Mullen” home, later torn down so Dr. Shuck could built. 1950
    Boyce Morrow’s new home. Stone and brick on the SW corner.
  • 304 West Second Street-Built 1816 by Judge Jeremiah Sullivan-Owned by Louise Gibb in 1953. Tri Kappa Tour-9-22-53-ca. 1818-Federal style.
  • 308 West Second Street-Purchased 1968 by Stookey family. See Courier, September 25, 1992. Carriage house-built ca. 1850-tour of homes 1982
  • 416 West Second Street-See files- Madison Homes-Graham/Stanton.
  • 523 West Second Street-McKim Cochran Furniture Factory when fire swept through the building. (Courier, July 20, 1937) Formerly a foundry.
  • 610 West Second Street-TK Tour-Cour.Built ca. 1838
  • 615 West Second Street-Shotgun house-built in 1886 by John Maute-Tri Kappa Tour-desc.Oct. 6, ’90.
  • 620 West Second Street-ca. 1853-Vail Edwards Home
  • 705 West Second Street-Italianate home. Built btwn 1864 and 1868 by Sarah and William Levy. They lived there about 15 years. Another owner was Marcus Sulzer, Mayor of Madison. In 1870 the was advertised to have 13 rooms. There are now 10 rooms probably due to the addition of bath rooms to the home. The windows are four over six with original shutters. The large entry has poplar floors with cherry inlay. A converted gas chandelier in enry. Tri Kappa Tour 1990. Courier Special 10/28/1978.
  • 707 West Second-Tri Kappa tour, 1966. The Sproule Home.
  • 709 West Second-See Madison Courier, March 13, 1930. R. O. Bethea Home, Supt. Mad. Light & Fuel.
  • 710 West Second-Tour 1986-Victorian-Built 1893-1900 by the Leland family
    Second and Harrison (corner of) January 29, 1931-Clarence Otter agrees to build a modern type gas station- Standard Oil Co.-Residence now on property to be moved
  • 715 West Second-Courier (10.17/1936) Three story, 12 room brick known as the “Old Page Homestead” Jesse J. Vaughn sells to Dr. Fred S. Henderson. Previous owner, Harriett J. Matthews. Henderson announces plans to tear down the home to build a 1 story brick bungalow. Old Page Home built by W.W. Page at cost of $11,000 about same time Lanier was constructed. First Home in Madison to have a bathroom.
  • 722 West Second-“History of the House at 722 West Second Street, Madison, Indiana by Larry Hunt 2006. Detailed history of the home including deed records and City Directories. Files under MADISON HOMES-722 WEST SECOND STREET
  • 917 West Second-Irene Dunne home.
    In 1875 City Hall was located on the SE corner of Mulberry & 2nd St. (city directory)


  • 620 Spring Street-Built ca. 1830’s-1840’s-Tri Kappa Tour 1982 and 1990. Restoration began in 1977 through the 1990’s. Penn. Dutch design-bank house. Restored spring house and a gambrel roof. Tri Kappa Tour file 1990/1991. Tour 1982

STATE RD. 56-62

  • Hermosa Vista- See Madison Homes-Built 1931 by Mr. & Mrs. Herbert H. Johnson sold in 1949 to Major Jester. Bought by Herbert Lyon in 1954.


  • Marsh Hill-Built in 1840’s by John Marsh-Designed by Costigan-Tour 1978-Owned by Mr. &. Mrs. John . Wesbecker. Also Courier-10/13/78


  • 103 East Third-Christian Science Reading room. See Lemen Col., Library website.
  • 107 East Third-Madison Courier 7/6/1895-Fred Glass bought property from W. H. Powell. Moved in about September 1895.
  • 108 East Third-Historic Files-Devenish-Haigh House-Greek Revival, pedimented-like stone lintel and two iron benches fixed to the front wall & stone steps of the home. Believed to have undergone two building periods; The rear wing is believed to have been constructed between 1837-1859 for Solomon Devenish, a merchant/tailor, while the front portion was constructed in 1852-1853 For Wm. H. Fry, a Madison ironware dealer.
  • 112 East Third-Phone co.-ca. 1905 (see historic files Madison Telephone & Ind. Telephone Co.) Later Salvation Army and now business offices.
  • 113 East Third-Originally built as a Redical Methodist Church in 1829 also used as the Jewish Synogog telephone company garage, scultor studio
  • 118 East Third-Courier-March 25, 1967-House built about 1840’s by a Dr. Hutchins for his family & servants. Classis Greek style. Demolished in 1967.
  • 415 East Third-Once apartments- built in the 1840’s-Courier Special 10/28/1978-Tour of Homes 1978
  • 521 East Third-St. Michael the Arc Angel Church-Built 1839-owned by Historic Mad. Since 1994


  • 102 West Third-Donlan home. Blt. ca. 1895. See Lemen collection., Library website.
  • 109 West Third – Washer, Alexander – residence, Built about 1838, later home of the Kester family, purchased 1981 for Girls Club being renovated 1982. Courier-9/20/84
  • 110 West Third- built 1834, Fed. Style-featured in Sept/Oct “Ind. Preservationist”. Article Cour. 9/15/90. Rehabiltated1988-1990. In the Archibald Graham family from 1883 to 1946.
  • 111 West Third-Built by John Cowden in the early 1940’s. Restored and furnished with period pieces from Virginia and Kentucky by Joe Carr. Mad. Cour. Sept. 8, 1990 & Historical Files.
  • 123 West Third-built by David E. Shaw in1843-Tour home 1978 & 1974 (Hist. Files) Shaw was land entrepreneur and bought the whole block and started to build homes there. Next was the Gorgas family who lived there for 50 yrs. abt 1910 Dole family purchased it. At one time it was divided into three apartments and served as a nursing home. Courier Special 10/28/1978
  • 208 West Third-Madison Courier, May 5, 1935. Condemned because of earthquake. Bldg. used for St. Michael’s Boy’s School, an armory, Antique Shop & Daughters of Isabella.
  • 310 West Third-Mersdorff House-Library files (Madison Homes)
  • 311 West Third-Judson Schmidt home. Blt. ca. 1936 (NE part of Lot #90) See Library file (Madison Homes)
  • 312 West Third-Tri Kappa Tour 1966. Bright house-see Madison Homes-also Lemen coll. Library digitization project. Library files (Madison Homes)
  • 313 West Third-See Library files (Madison Homes) Land title records, owners, occupants, etc.
  • 315 West Third-See Library files (Madison Homes) SW part of Lot 89. Ca. 1845.
  • 317 West Third-See Library file (Madison Homes) also Jeff. Co. Interim Report.Ma
  • 318 West Third-Purchased in 1912 by Trinity U. M. Church (1914 Virgil Thompson, Minister of Trinity) 1923 to 1936 G. A. Patton, Dir. Of Woolen Mills is resident. See files, Madison Homes. (W & N parts of Lot #72)\
  • 317 ½ West Third-Deeded 1819 by John Paul to Israel & Elizabeth Canby along with 8 other lots. See library files (Madison homes)
  • 320 West Third-East part of Lot #73.Burned ca. 1952. See Library files (Madison Homes)
  • 322 West Third-Burned in ca.1952. New house built 1960. See Library files (Madison Homes)
  • 324 West Third-Tri Kappa Tour 1976, Built in mid 1800’s. See Library files (Madison Homes) West part of Lot # 73.
  • 405 West Third-Built in 1830’s-Fed. Style-underwent Intalianate style modifications in the 1860’s. Bought by Robert & Brenda Eversole in 1978 and redecorated extensively.
  • 408 West Third-Tri Kappa Tour-9-23-1953-Coleman Residence-Costigan Home-built 1849-9-23-53 Private home of Francis Costigan, architect-now owned by Historic Madison, Inc. See also Historical Files (Madison Homes)
  • 527 West Third-Courier-September 26, 1992-Built around 1889.
  • 614 West Third-Louis Pfister home for many years. Ca. 1860
  • 810-812 West Third Street-New Flour and Feed Mill (April 22, 1937 Mad. Cour.) Former home of the Appel Brewery and Coyle’s pop factory.
  • 820 West Third – Lucian Hughes-store and residence-burned 1937 (see Mad. Cour. March 10, 1937) and (March 17, 1937)
  • 847 West Third-Albert Romans Purchases 3rd St. Property (Courier, 9/25/1936)



  • Dr. Hare Res.-Front portion built in the early 1830’s from brick made on site. A two room, one-story frome addition at the rear of the house was removed in 1919, replaced with a two-story, four room
    Addition. Hares puchased in 1966. Tour of homes brochure 1970.


  • 416 Vine-First Baptist Ch. See Lemen Col. Library website.
  • 425 Vine(-Courier, 2/21/1938), 8 rooms owned by Wilmer D. Wells known as the Freidersdorf property. Sold to Ada Burress of Louisville, Ky.


  • 220 Walnut-Built btwn. 1839 and 1844 by Oliver S. Pitcher and William Ford for Madison physician Howard Watts-See Courier, September 19, 1992. Prior to 1973 was two apt. Rental-1976 Tour Brochure, Hist. Files.
  • 313 Walnut-Heck/Hublar Home-Originally one story cottage
  • 970 N. Walnut-March 19, 1931-Mad. Cour.-John D. Holiday Grocery for 13 years-Bought from Henry W. Schmidt -Sold by Holiday to Noel T. Fox


  • 210-212 West Street-Madison Courier (5/12/1885) Was old Columbian Hall later Madison Silver Plate Co.
  • 313 West Street-Blacksmith shop in 1886
  • 305-307 West Street-Lemen Collection-Content DMCity Hall for many years. Broadway school was a duplicate, the same plans being used.
  • 513-515 West Street-Built in the 1840’s-Fed. Style row houses-Share a common wall and floor plans that are mirror images. The woodwork and two side porches have been restored. Purchased by the Bethany Circle of KDH as offices. Homes were built by James Wilson Hinds, remained in Hinds family until 1895.Flooring is one inch thick tongue and groove poplar. Original wood- work and the interior shutters in front room are original. Seven fireplaces. Now an office bldg.
    West Street from Main to Second Named COURIER SQUARE (April 3, 1937-Mad. Cour.)