Sec. 9-5-1

Shelby Township
Jefferson County, Indiana

August 2000 Survey – done by Jackie Owen

HISTORY:  By Robert W. Scott
The Jefferson Presbyterian Church was organized by Orin Fowler, a missionary from Connecticut on Oct. 16, 1818. It was originally known as the Bethel Church, and also as the Ryker meeting house and the brick meeting house. Land for the church, 1 acre 3 rods and 38 1/4 poles in Section 9 Twp. 5N Range 11E was deeded by Jacob Ryker to Samuel Ryker, William B. Benefiel and John Weatherford, trustees of the Bethel meeting house, on July 1, 1828 (Jefferson Co. Deed Book E p. 316.) The Church drew the bulk of its original members coming from the so-called Low Dutch community. When the Pleasant Presbyterian Church was formed in 1828, most of the Low Dutch (Demarees, Vorises, Vanosdols, etc) joined that body, leaving the Scotch-Irish

?Wm. T. 09 Apr 184918 May 1860S of ?.A. & MaryNo last name
BarberOpal29 Nov 190020 Sep 1902D of H.R. & C.I.
BassettClaraM. 03 Jan 190304 Jul 1955
BenefielAmanda07 Oct 1833D of Samuel & N.M. – Age 2y SS as Jesse & Nancy
BenefielArthurW. 18 Feb 1860Age 16y 1m 16d
BenefielElizabeth03 Nov 18523rd W of Rob’t – Age 54y 8m 5d
BenefielElizabethS. 14 Oct 180422 Jul 1891W of Jas. C. – Age 86y 9m 8d
BenefielGeorge01 Apr 1832Age 72y 3m 7dDAR marker Culbertson’s PA Mil. Rev. War
BenefielJames27 Dec 185329 Aug 1880
BenefielJamesC. 11 May 180631 May 1886Age 80y 20d
BenefielJamesE. 09 Jun 1855S of Wm B. & Pheobe – Age 26y 20d
BenefielJesse18 Jul 1833S of Samuel & Nancy M. SS as Amanda & Nancy
BenefielJesseM. 16 Sep 1838S of Wm & Phoebe – Age 2y 11m 8d
BenefielLetha11 Nov 184114 Nov 1841D of W.T. & S.
BenefielLudicy13 May 1847D of J. & Sarah A. – Age 9m 30dSS as Martha
BenefielMaranda19 Jan 1832No dateW of Wm H.H. SS Wm H.H.
BenefielMartha21 Jan 1844D of J. & Sarah A. – Age 17y 13dSS as Ludicy
BenefielMarthaM. 27 Dec 184203 Nov 1847D of Jas. & Eliz.
BenefielMary21 May 1857W of Geo. – Age 19y 2m 6d
BenefielMaryV. 22 Jan 1862W of John T. – Age 19y*
BenefielNancyM. 14 Jul 1833W of Samuel M. – Age 28y 6m 20dSS as Jesse & Amanda
BenefielPhoebe21 Jun 1867W of Wm. B. – Age 72y 1m 27d
Benefiel, Sr. Robert178208 Apr 1860
BenefielSarah18311867D of C.H. & S.A. 1941 DAR list has birth as 1851 & father’s initials as G.W. Both were difficult to read but are what I think the stone actually says.
BenefielWilliamBuchanan14 Apr 179129 Jan 1841Age 49y 9m
BenefielWilliamH.H. 08 Mar 182520 Jul 1911SS as Maranda
BuchananGeorgeU.S. Soldier, Rev. War1941 DAR marker. A marker was also placed in the McLaughlin Cemetery but has been moved to the Buchanan Cemetery.
BuchananJamesM. 18421928Co. K. 22nd Ind Inf. SS as Mary E.
BuchananLulaGrace06 Dec 18811949
BuchananMaryE. 06 Nov 184614 Feb 1924W of Jas. M. SS as James M.
BuchananNancy28 Dec 1862W of Wm. H. – Age 46y 1m 3d
BuchananWilliamH. 22 Jul 179608 Mar 1877
CampbellJames03 Aug 178911 Jun 1829*
CampbellSarah01 Jun 178515 Jan 1863W of Jas. – Age 77y 7m 14d*
CampbellWilliamOliver10 Dec 181717 Dec 1837Age 20y 16d
ColeJames22 Jun 182216 Apr 1876
DemareeEdwinT. 02 Mar 182921 Jul 1829S of W.S. & A.M.
DemareeInfant23 Jul 185201 Aug 1852D of W.S. & A.M.
DemareeInfant18791882Child of W.S. & A.M. **
DunnMaryEllen29 Feb 1852D of Thomas & Mary A. – Age 2y 3m 12d
GordonJohnR. 18791956
GordonJohnW. 18 Nov 181801 Feb 1875Age 49y 2m 2dSS as Sarah A.
GordonLucinda03 Sep 186014 Jan 1885W of Albert – Age 24y 4m 11d
GordonNancyJ. 18511895W of W.H.H. SS as W.H.H.
GordonSarahAnn24 Mar 1890W of J.W. – Age 68y 2m 9dSS as John W.
GordonSarahF. 24 Sep 1889D of J.W. & Sarah Ann – Age 28y 9m 18d
GordonVerneyT. 18 Dec 1880S of A.E. & E.L. – Age 9m 5d*
GordonW. H.H. 18511916SS as Nancy J.
HillisFreemanMatthew17 Jan 190608 Sep 1907
HillisHiram01 Jan 181105 Jan 1876Age 65y 4d – Born in KYSS as Louisa
HillisInfant26 Jan 1878D of Wm. T. & Martha A.
HillisJamesS. 20 Nov 187810 Jul 1879S of Wm. T. & Martha A.
HillisLouisa19 Jan 181328 Sep 1877W of H. – Age 64y 8m 9d – Born in VASS as Hiram
HillisMarthaA. 18471932SS as Wm. T.
HillisMaryC. 15 Sep 1874D of W.T. & C.E. – Age 14y 5m 13d
HillisWilliamT. 29 Jul 183312 Jun 1894SS as Martha A.
HortonOttoE. 25 Jun 188706 Oct 1888S of J.A. & S.
JohnsonC. F. 27 Dec 1857S of Wm. T. & E.
JohnsonJordan20 Feb 183401 May 1903
JohnsonMaryA. 15 May 1876D of J. & P. – Age 17y 5m 19d
JohnsonPhoebeE. 29 Aug 1869W of Jordan – Age 36y 1m 26d
LeeAliceM. 03 Sep 190622 Aug 1908D of R.T. & R.E.
LeeRobertT. 18 Feb 188221 May 1958SS as Rose E. & Ruby J.
LeeRoseE. 01 Apr 187802 May 1926W of Robert T. SS as Robert & Ruby J.
LeeRubyJ. 02 Jan 191001 Sep 1926D of Robert & RoseSS as Robert and Rose. There was also a separate stone for her.
LoringCharlesV. 20 Mar 182710 Jan 1888
LoringSynthia01 Mar 182729 Sep 1905W of C.V.
McClureMartha04 Apr 179020 Jan 1863*
McCoyAmandaE. 17 Mar 1863D of Wesley & Isabella – Age 19y 4m 18d
McCoyIsabellaF. 02 Feb 1895W of Wesley – Age 78y 8m 16d
McCoyWesley01 Apr 1863Age 51y 8m 10d
McLaughlinMaryEllen07 Jan ???? 17 Feb 1864D of George & Mary
McLelandEsterE. 17 Jan 179319 Mar 1872W of Rob’t – Age 79y 2m 27d*
McLelandJamesH. 19 Aug 1838S of R. & E. – Age 18y 7m 12d
McLelandLouisaE. 20 Apr 1843D of W.E. & E.F. – Age 1y 11m 5d
McLelandRobert14 Feb 179315 Jul 1855Age 62y 5m 1d
MeansCharlesB. 30 Jun 1839S of John H. & Louisa – Age 11m 21d
MeansCynthiaA. 21 Aug 1863W of James H. – Age 23y 3m 21d
MeansElizabeth10 Nov 180829 May 1890W of Wm. – Age 81y 6m 19d*
MeansMary12 Mar 1841W of R.G. – Age 26y 5m*
MeansSarah26 Sep 178918 Jan 1853W of Wm. – Age 62y 3m 20d*
MeansWilliam01 Nov 178912 Aug 1831Age 41y 9m 11d*
MeansWilliam17 Nov 180023 Jan 1889Age 88y 2m 6d*
MeansWilliamB. 13 Aug 183726 May 1865
O’NeelEllaM. No dateNo dateD of M. & V. SS as Wm. & Infant
O’NeelHenry08 Mar 181326 Nov 1890Age 77y 8m 18d
O’NeelInfantNo dateNo dateSS as Ella & Wm. C.
O’NeelMarshall18401922Co. E. 83rd RegimentSS as Victoria
O’NeelVictoria18451931W of M.C. SS as M.C.
O’NeelWm. C. No dateNo dateSS as Ella & Infant
O’RearCynthiaC. 05 Mar 1848W of M.
RalstonClaraFern27 May 190407 Oct 1994
RalstonJohn13 Oct 189923 May 1964
RalstonMary02 Mar 192703 Mar 1927Infant
RalstonOpalF. 08 Feb 1930No death date
RobbinsElizabethA. 14 Nov 182910 Apr 1872
RobbinsJamesW. 08 Mar 1963S of J.W. & M.A. – Age 5y 5m 2d
RobbinsMaryJ. 05 Jan 184914 Apr 1876W of J.W.
RussellEliza16 Jun 180814 Feb 1891W of Powell
RussellPowell26 Dec 181019 Mar 1876
RykerAbrahamNo dateNo dateSS as Mary, Jesse, Christian, Amanda, James & William
RykerAmandaNo dateNo dateSS as Mary, Jesse, Christian, Abraham, James & William
RykerAmy02 Jul 180824 Jul 1845**
RykerChristianNo dateNo dateSS as Mary, Jesse, Abraham, Amanda, James & William
RykerJamesNo dateNo dateSS as Mary, Jesse, Christian, Amanda, Abraham & William
RykerJesseNo dateNo dateSS as Mary, Abraham, Christian, Amanda, James & William
RykerMaryNo dateNo dateSS as Abraham, Jesse, Christian, Amanda, James & William
RykerWilliamNo dateNo dateSS as Mary, Jesse, Christian, Amanda, James & Abraham
StevensonHattieA. 02 Nov 187224 Jan 1949SS as Robert F.
StevensonRobertF. 23 Feb 187425 Sep 1931SS as Hattie
StewartMariahMartha25 Jun 1851D of Jas. M. & Mariah M. – Age 1m 26d*
StewartMariahMary26 May 1851W of James M. – Age 22y 10m – D of Wm. & Sarah Means*
VanAntwerpCharles A. 16 Jan 188826 May 1888S of G.W. & N.J.
VanAntwerpMaryJ. 24 Apr 189220 Jan 1899D of Frank & H.
VanosdolRachel22 Dec 1831Age 80y
WarfieldJamesW. 04 May 185425 Feb 1904SS as Nancy
WarfieldNancyA. 26 Jan 185727 Aug 1903W of Jas. W. SS as Jas. W.
WarrenSusan08 Jun 1875Age 34y 6m 23d
WeatherfordDavid25 Apr 1900Age 55y – Co. E 6th Ind. Vol Inf. 1862-1865
WeatherfordElizabethM. 22 Aug 185422 Aug 1935
WeatherfordHoward26 Apr 191507 May 1915S of C.G. & M.E.
WeatherfordJoseph11 Dec 185209 May 1935
WeatherfordLuellaIleana02 Nov 1883D of David & Martha – Age 13y 8m 16d
WeatherfordMarthaM. Russell02 Jun 184308 Apr 1925W of D.
WeatherfordSarahA. 26 May 184917 Jun 1912W of Sol. SS as Solomon
WeatherfordSolomon07 Mar 184830 Mar 1929SS as Sarah H.
WestJohn20 Jan 1867Age 76y
WestMartha13 Mar 178913 Dec 1878W of John
WhithamCalvin18581937SS as Melvin
WhithamDillardC. 12 Sep 182802 Mar 1907SS as Mary E.
WhithamJosephW. 24 Apr 186519 Dec 1950
WhithamMaryE. 16 Apr 183314 Sep 1914W of D. SS as Dillard C.
WhithamMelvin19001942SS as Calvin
WhithamNancyJ. 24 Jul 186504 Aug 1925
WoodfillWilliamT. 09 Apr 184918 May 1860S of A. & Mary

COMMENTS:  This cemetery is located at the Jefferson Church N.E. of Canaan.  I surveyed this cemetery with the help of the 1941 DAR record and notes from Bob Scott.

KEY:  SS = Same Stone, W = Wife, S = Son, D = Daughter, y = years, m = months, d = days , * on 1941 DAR list but not found during survey, ** on Bob Scott’s list, but not found during survey