Kimmel Brickyard

Foot of High Street
This industry started into operation about ten years ago under the firm name of Kimmel Brothers, and continued to work under that style until last fall, when John B. Ross entered into co-partnership with Peter Kimmel, a member of the late firm, since which time the business has been conducted under its present name. The enterprise was began on the old system but its managers contemplate changing the present basis of operations, to the improved system of modern brick making machinery, as the custom secured from our fast growing city has demonstrated the fact that an institution of greater magnitude can be conducted with success. During the present season the yard has produced nearly one and a half million of brick, which if laid end to end, would reach a distance of 200 miles. The brick are burned in kilns of about 350,000 and are principally used in the local trade. A dozen hands find employment, and the product turned out has a value of about $10,000. Peter Kimmel whose nativity is in this city, has been educated from his youth in the art of making brick, and is the present superintendent of the yard. J. B. Ross, the other partner, is interested in the Isom Ross Tannery, the Spoke and Hub factory and other worthy enterprises of our city

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