1827 Jefferson County Tax Assessment

In May of 1939 Charles E. Heberhart published in the Madison Courier the directory for Jefferson County taken in 1826 as shown in the tax assessments for 1827.

Those whose names began with the letter A were not assigned to their localities and it was not until the listers entered the B’s that the townships appear.

Oddities in spelling will be noticed frequently in this listing. Some names have been changed by the descendants, in other cases the tax listers probably were at fault.

The townships had not been formed as we know them today and no maps exist, that we know of, to confirm the exact position and extent of townships in 1826. We know that Pittsburg Township, which was organized in 1817, lasted only a brief time. Milton and Shelby Townships replaced it. Smyrna Township was carved out of Republican at a later date. It would seem the townships of 1826 consisted of Madison, Lancaster, Republican, Milton, Graham, Shelby, and Saluda.

This list contains only those who owned property and the township in which they were located follows their names, with the exception of those whose name began with the letter A.

Abbot, James
Abbott, John
Abney, John
Adams, Bird
Admire, William
Aere, Thomas
Alcorn, John
Alexander, James
Alexander, Thomas
Allen, John
Allen, Josiah
Allen, Moses
Allen, Robert
Allen, William
Allen, William M.
Allison, Abigail
Allison, John F.
Ames, Aaron
Ammons, Thomas
Amos, John
Anderson, David
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, John, Esq.
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, William
Anderson, William C.
Andrews, James
Andrews, Stephen
Arbuccle, John
Arbuccle, Nathan
Arion, Allen, E.
Arion, C. P. J.
Armstrong, Lanty
Armstrong, William
Arnett, Mary
Athurn, Jethro
Athurn, William
Atkinson, John
Atkinson, Joshua
Atkinson, William
Ayres, Davis
_______, JohnShelby
________, AndrewSaluda
________, EphraimShelby
________, John, Jr.Shelby
Backer, DavidMadison
Backman, AaronSaluda
Bacon, James E.Madison
Badgley, BenjaminLancaster
Badgley, JohnLancaster
Bailey, AaronGraham
Bailey, JohnLancaster
Bailey, JosephShelby
Bailey, RobertGraham
Bain, James Shelby
Bain, Robert L.Shelby
Bain, SamuelShelby
Bain, WilliamShelby
Bair, AbnerMadison
Baker, WilliamLancaster
Baker, WilliamShelby
Baldwin, WilliamGraham
Banister, RuckerMilton
Banister, WilliamMilton
Banta, CorneliousShelby
Banta, FelixMadison
Banta, HenryShelby
Banta, JacobShelby
Banta, RobertShelby
Bantz, George W.Madison
Barber, JamesShelby
Barber, Timothy JrMadison
Barber, TimothyShelby
Bare HenrySaluda
Bare, ChristianMilton
Bare, HenryMilton
Barnes, NathanielMilton
Barnes, ReubenGraham
Barnet, ByramSaluda
Barnhum, DanielLancaster
Barns, AlmiraMadison
Barns, FrancisGraham
Barns, JohnSaluda
Barret, JonathanMadison
Barton, RobertMadison
Basset, ElishaRepublican
Baulding, ColemanSaluda
Baulding, WilliamSaluda
Baxter, DanielLancaster
Baxter, DeborahGraham
Baxter, JamesGraham
Baxter, JamesLancaster
Baxter, JamesLancaster
Baxter, KenadyGraham
Baxter, WilliamGraham
Baxter, WilliamLancaster
Bayless, NathanieMadison
Beard, DavidGraham
Beard, ThomasMadison
Beebe, SylvesterShelby
Beebe, TimothyShelby
Begelow, John Madison
Bell, WilliamMadison
Benefield, George W.Shelby
Benefield, GeorgeShelby
Benefield, JesseShelby
Benefield, William B.Shelby
Benham, RobertSaluda
Bennet, Francis A.Saluda
Bennet, JohnMadison
Bentley, BasilMadison
Bergen, GeorgeShelby
Bice, JohnShelby
Bill, JamesGraham
Bishop ThomasMadison
Blacke, LewisGraham
Blackford, IsiahSaluda
Blackford, ZepheniahSaluda
Blackmore, DawsonMadison
Blackmore, JonathanShelby
Blackmore, WilliamMadison
Blake, GeorgeGraham
Bland, JamesLancaster
Bland, ThomasLancaster
Blankenship, IshamRepublican
Blankenship, JamesRepublican
Blankenship, WilliamRepublican
Blankenship, WilliamShelby
Boicourt, ThomasMadison
Bondurant, NoahShelby
Boon, WillisLancaster
Booth, JohnShelby
Borden, GaleSaluda
Bordon, GailRepublican
Bowen, John H., Esq.Madison
Bowley, JohnMadison
Bowley, ZenosMadison
Bowlyn, JohnMadison
Bowman, JosephSaluda
Boyd, LindseyGraham
Boyd, NancyGraham
Boyle, JamesShelby
Bradbury, Marcus A.Madison
Brady, ElishaShelby
Braley, JohnShelby
Bramwell, JohnMadison
Branham, PollyMadison
Branham, RobertMadison
Brant, ThomasMadison
Brazzketon, WilliamRepublican
Bridges, BenjaminGraham
Bright, David G.Madison
Bright, Michael GMadison
Brightwell, ThomasRepublican
Brisbow, JamesMadison
Brisbow, WilliamMadison
Britton, JohnMadison
Brooks, HumphreyMilton
Brooks, JohnMilton
Brooks, MordecaiMilton
Brooks, NoahMilton
Brooks, WileyMilton
Brown, HenryGraham
Brown, IshamMadison
Brown, John P.Madison
Brown, JohnMadison
Brown, JohnShelby
Brown, JosephMilton
Brown, PatrickMadison
Brown, RobertSaluda
Brown, SamuelMilton
Brown, ThomasSaluda
Brown, WilliamLancaster
Brown, WilliamMadison
Brown,William, P.Madison
Browning, WoodvilleMadison
Brownlow, IsaacSaluda
Brunton, JosephMadison
Bryant, JacobShelby
Buchboard, WilliamMadison
Buck, GeorgeMilton
Buck, JohnMilton
Budgeley, AnthonyMadison
Bumbarger, JacobMilton
Bunderant, LeanderMilton
Burch, HenryGraham
Burch, LibbySaluda
Burk, Enoch (negro)Milton
Burk, George, Sr.Milton
Burlingame, WilliamRepublican
Burnet, Jacob N.Madison
Burnham, CalvinMadison
Burns, JamesMadison
Burns, TorrenceMadison
Burrows, MadisonMilton
Burton, Henry B.Shelby
Burton, JohnShelby
Busby, AlfredMadison
Busby, EzekielMadison
Butler, AmosMadison
Butner, IsaacLancaster
Cain, ArnoldLancaster
Calvert, Martin W.Shelby
Campbell, AlexanderMadison
Campbell, AndrewGraham
Campbell, EliShelby
Campbell, GeorgeGraham
Campbell, JamesLancaster
Campbell, JamesShelby
Campbell, JohnShelby
Campbell, WilliamMadison
Campbell, WilliamShelby
Canby, Israel T.Madison
Canby, SarahMadison
Canier, AndrewRepublican
Canneer, MichaelRepublican
Caplinger, AdamShelby
Caprpenter, WilliamMadison
Carpenter, JacobGraham
Carr, GeorgeShelby
Carr, JohnShelby
Caslin, RobertSaluda
Cavin, GeorgeSaluda
Cavin, WilliamSaluda
Cavitt, John L.Republican
Chambers, AlexanderRepublican
Chambers, AmosRepublican
Chambers, AnthonyLancaster
Chambers, AvoryGraham
Chambers, GeorgeRepublican
Chambers, IsaacLancaster
Chambers, JohnRepublican
Chambers, NancyRepublican
Chambers, WilliamRepublican
Chandler, JohnGraham
Chapman, JohnMadison
Chapman, RobertLancaster
Charleston, ThomasShelby
Chastain, AnneGraham
Chastain, IsaacGraham
Chastain, NathanielGraham
Chastain, PeterGraham
Chastain, RobertGraham
Chastain, WilliamGraham
Chastine, SamuelMadison
Cheever, Joshuah C.Madison
Chenoweth, JamesLancaster
Chenoweth, JosephLancaster
Chenoweth, ThomasLancaster
Chiele, DanielMadison
Childs, EuniceRepublican
Chitwood, DanielRepublican
Chitwood, JamesGraham
Chitwood, JoshuaRepublican
Cholburt, DanielSaluda
Christie, IsaacShelby
Cicyd, JamesMadison
Clark, BarnabasLancaster
Clark, JacobGraham
Clark, JacobSaluda
Clark, JohnSaluda
Clemens, JohnGraham
Clifton, NathanMadison
Cline, JohnShelby
Cline, JohnShelby
Cline, LeviShelby
Cloyer, WardenShelby
Cockram, AlexanderRepublican
Cockram, AndrewMadison
Cockram, FrancisRepublican
Cockram, JamesMadison
Cockram, JamesMadison
Cockram, JohnRepublican
Coffman, JacobMadison
Coffman, JohnMadison
Coghill, NimrodShelby
Cohill, JamesMadison
Collins, AndrewMadison
Comley, AbsalomMilton
Compton, WilliamRepublican
Comstock, DanielMadison
Comstock, HarmoniousMadison
Connel, JosephRepublican
Conner, William P.Madison
Consley, HarmanSaluda
Consley, SamuelSaluda
Consley, ThomasSaluda
Conway, HenryShelby
Conway, WilliamLancaster
Cook, CassiusMadison
Cook, Greene L.Madison
Cook, JohnMadison
Cook, JohnMilton
Coon, EphraimSaluda
Coone, MosesGraham
Cooper, MurdockMadison
Cooperider, HenryGraham
Cope, CharlotteMadison
Cope, SarahMadison
Copeland, JamesShelby
Copeland, MiltonShelby
Copeland, ThomasShelby
Copeland, WesleyShelby
Copeland, WilliamShelby
Corbin, MicajahMadison
Cornley, JoshuaMadison
Cosby, ArchibaldGraham
Cosby, CharlesLancaster
Cosby, HenryMadison
Cosby, JohnMadison
Cosby, RichardRepublican
Cotney, ArchibaldGraham
Cowden, James HMadison.
Cox, AbrahamShelby
Cox, AsaShelby
Cox, ChristopherShelby
Cox, ErrShelby
Cox, HenryShelby
Cox, John L.Shelby
Cox, John, Jr.Shelby
Cox, JohnMadison
Cox, RussellMadison
Cox, SamuelMilton
Crafton, DavidRepublican
Craig, RobertMadison
Crawford, DavidSaluda
Crawford, James MMadison
Crawford, JohnSaluda
Crawford, SamuelMadison
Crawford, Thomas H.Madison
Crawford, WilliamSaluda
Criswell, JohnRepublican
Critz, HenryMadison
Crocket, JamesShelby
Cross, SirusSaluda
Crothers, JohnMadison
Crow, John F.Madison
Crozier, JamesLancaster
Crozier, WilliamLancaster
Cruisin, JohnRepublican
Cruison, CharlesSaluda
Cruison, JohnGraham
Culbertson, C. M.Lancaster
Culbertson, JamesShelby
Culbertson, JohnShelby
Cummingson, DanielSaluda
Cummins, WilliamSaluda
Cunningham, DavisRepublican
Currie, RobertSaluda
Currie, WilliamSaluda
Curry, DavidRepublican
Curry, JamesRepublican
Cushaw, DanielGraham
Custer, ArnoldShelby
Custer, IsaacShelby
Custer, JamesShleby
Custer, JesseShelby
Custer, RuelShelby
Cutler, Alfred W.Madison
Dafly, JohnRepublican
Dailey, RudeShelby
Daniels, WilliamRepublican
Daringer, JohnShelby
Davenport, JamesSaluda
David, AtwellShelby
David, SolomonRepublican
David, ThomasSaluda
Davidson, AndrewSaluda
Davis, AbijahSaluda
Davis, AmosLancaster
Davis, BenjaminGraham
Davis, BrudenSaluda
Davis, CharlesGraham
Davis, EdwardSaluda
Davis, JamesRepublican
Davis, JosephLancaster
Davis, JoshuaSaluda
Davis, ThomasMadison
Davis, ThomasRepublican
Davison, AlexanderMadison
Davison, JamesMadison
Dean, EnochMadison
Dehoney, RhodesMadison
Demaree, JamesShelby
Demaree, John A.Shelby
Denny, ChristopherShelby
Denny, JamesShelby
Denny, JohnShelby
Deputy, JoshuaGraham
Derringer, JacobMadison
Dickerson, JesseSaluda
Dickerson, Lambert W.Saluda
Dixon, HenryGraham
Dixon, JohnGraham
Doan, TitusMadison
Dodge, Jacob G.Madison
Dodge, MalichiMadison
Donner, DavidMilton
Donner, JohnMilton
Donner, JosephMilton
Dorsey, SamuelMadison
Douglas, Jeremiah,Sr.Saluda
Douglas,Jeremiah, Jr.Saluda
Dow, JosephMilton
Dow, WilliamMilton
Down, JohnMilton
Downs, JohnRepublican
Driggs, NathanielMadison
Dryden, AnnaGraham
Dryden, JohnGraham
Dryden, JohnGraham
Dryden, ThomasGraham
Dubach, JohnMadison
Dudley, GeorgeMadison
Duffy, AndrewRepublican
Duffy, John Jr.Republican
Duffy, WilliamRepublican
Dugan, SamuelMadison
Dumver, DanielMilton
Dunahy, WesleyGraham
Dunavent, CorneliusShelby
Duncan, SamuelRepublican
Dungan, JohnRepublican
Dunlop, JohnShelby
Dunn, JosephShelby
Dunn, WilliamsonMadison
Dunwoody, MargaretMadison
Dyes, ThomasSaluda
Eadens, JosephMilton
Eader, SolomonMadison
Eadleman, DanielRepublican
Eadleman, SamuelRepublican
Eblin, JoshuaMadison
Eblin, MichaelShelby
Eccles, JeffersonShelby
Eccles, JohnShelby
Eccles, Stephen, Jr.Shelby
Edens, EliasMilton
Edwards, ElijahMadison
Edwards, JamesMadison
Edwards, WilliamMadison
Eldridge, LeviSaluda
Elliott, RobertLancaster
Ellis, JamesMadison
Ellis, JosephShelby
Ellis, Stephen L. Sr.Shelby
Ellison, JamesMadison
Emmerson, BenjaminMilton
Emmerson, Wm. C.Milton
Emory, DavidMilton
Epperson, JamesMadison
Epperson, WilliamMadison
Etherton, JosephShelby
Eudaley, IsaacMadison
Evans, John J.Graham
Evans, LewisMadison
Farrow, ChristopherMadison
Farrow, William G.Madison
Fay, AlmondGraham
Feather, J.Lancaster
Fenton, BarthLancaster
Ferguson, JohnLancaster
Fewell, BenjaminRepublican
Fewell, EphraimMilton
Fewell, JohnRepublican
Fewell, MasonLancaster
Fewell, SpencerLancaster
Fields, HarveyGraham
Fields, WilliamRepublican
Fish, JohnLancaster
Fitch, JohnGraham
Fix (widow)Saluda
Fix, HenrySaluda
Fix, JacobSaluda
Fix, SamuelSaluda
Fix, WilliamSaluda
Fleming RobertMadison
Forbes, JohnGraham
Force, RobertRepublican
Force, SamuelMadison
Foster, AmariahMadison
Foster, GabrielGraham
Foster, HiramGraham
Fountain, ThermanMadison
Frakes, EliasMilton
Francis, AlexanderLancaster
Francis, John, Sr.Lancaster
Francis, JosephLancaster
Francis, WalterLancaster
Frick, FrederickMadison
Fruman, Peter (negro)Madison
Fuget, JesseMilton
Fullenrider, GeorgeSaluda
Furguson, JohnShelby
Gaddis, JamesRepublican
Gadey, BarneyGraham
Gale, AlmondMadison
Gale, RufusMadison
Gallaher, ThomasRepublican
Galligar, JamesSaluda
Gasaway, ThomasGraham
Gavit, JohnMadison
Gavit, Marcus A.Madison
Gaw, PeterShelby
Gear, Samuel S.Madison
Gibbs, RichardRepublican
Gibson, HughMadison
Gillam, JamesShelby
Gillam, ThomasShelby
Gillet, Simon S.Madison
Gilliland, WilliamShelby
Gillum, JohnShelby
Giltner, IsaacSaluda
Giltner, MichaelSaluda
Given, JamesMadison
Glenn, DavidShelby
Glenn, RobertShelby
Glenn, WilliamShelby
Glover, JamesSaluda
Golay, AbelMadison
Golay, GeorgeMadison
Goldsborough, JohnLancaster
Golosby, WilliamShelby
Goode, Patrick G.Madison
Goode, SarahMadison
Goode, WilliamMadison
Goodenow, SamuelLancaster
Gordon, GeorgeShelby
Gordon, JosephGraham
Gordon, WilliamSaluda
Gordon, WilliamShelby
Gorrell, JosephRepublican
Gorslick, JohnMadison
Graham, James C.Madison
Graham, JamesRepublican
Gray, JesseMadison
Gray, WilliamMadison
Greene, AbrahamGraham
Greene, DavidMadison
Greene, GeorgeMadison
Griffin, CharlesMadison
Griffin, PeggySaluda
Griffy, JamesRepublican
Grover, Nicholas D.Madison
Gudgel, JohnGraham
Gudgel, NathanSaluda
Gudgel, RachelSaluda
Gudgel, StephenSaluda
Gullion, AlexanderLancaster
Guthrey, WilliamMadison
Hackins, GeorgeLancaster
Hackins, JohnLancaster
Hait, JohnGraham
Halcorn, GrimesLancaster
Halcorn, Nancylancaster
Hall, HenryShelby
Hall, James, Sr.Lancaster
Hall, John Madison
Hall, JohnShelby
Hall, Robt. M.Lancaster
Hall, SquireShelby
Hall, William, Jr.Shelby
Hall, William, Sr.Shelby
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, James S.Shelby
Hamilton, John G.Madison
Hamilton, JohnShelby
Hamilton, William S.Madison
Hammond, JohnathanMadison
Hammond, PeterSaluda
Haney, JohnMadison
Hankins, AbsalomMilton
Hankins, JohnMilton
Hankins, Joseph JrMilton.
Hankins, JosephMilton
Hankins, WilliamMilton
Hannah, SamuelMadison
Hardenbrook, CorneliusMadison
Hardy, TrumanLancaster
Harper, GeorgeShelby
Harper, JohnShelby
Harris, AllenMadison
Harris, HiramShelby
Harrod, SamuelGraham
Hartsock, JamesLancaster
Hartsock, JohnLancaster
Hatfield, JohnLancaster
Hathaway, JohnShelby
Hay, JamesSaluda
Hay, WilliamSaluda
Hay?, ThomasSaluda
Hayes, RichardShelby
Hays, James, Jr.Lancaster
Hays, JamesShelby
Hays, JamesShelby
Hays, SamuelRepublican
Heath, DanielMilton
Heath, WilliamMilton
Helm, James, Jr.Saluda
Helm, James, Sr.Saluda
Helms, George R.Shelby
Helms, IsaacMilton
Helms, JohnMilton
Hemphill, JamesSaluda
Hemphill, SamuelSaluda
Henderson, BarnabeeMadison
Henderson, SamuelSaluda
Hendricks, AbrahamRepublican
Hendricks, WilliamMadison
Henning, JamesMadison
Henry, JamesSaluda
Hensley, JosephMadison
Hensley, WilliamSaluda
Herring, BartlettShelby
Herring, FieldingShelby
Herring, PrestonShelby
Hicks, RobertShelby
Higgins, AbrahamSaluda
Hill, AbelSaluda
Hill, CharlesLancaster
Hill, CharlesSaluda
Hill, JamesMadison
Hill, JohathenLancaster
Hill, JosephLancaster
Hill, JosephSaluda
Hill, Middleton G.Saluda
Hillis, DavidMadison
Hillis, EbenezerMadison
Hillis, JamesMadison
Hillis, John J.Madison
Hillis, MatthewMadison
Hillis, WilliamMadison
Hinwood, HisellMadison
Hite, AbrahamShelby
Hite, ThomasShelby
Hiter, JosephRepublican
Hith, BenjaminMadison
Hodland, WilliamRepublican
Hogand, MaryRepublican
Hogland, AaronGraham
Hogland, JamesMadison
Hogland, Moses, Jr.Graham
Hogland, Moses, Sr.Graham
Holden, JohnRepublican
Hollis, John P.Shelby
Hood, JohnShelby
Hopkins, RichardSaluda
Hopper, ElijahShelby
Hopper, JohnGraham
Hopper, SmallwoodShelby
Horton, BarbaraMadison
Horton, JamesShelby
Horton, John E.Shelby
Hough, Orson E.Madison
House, John Dr.Madison
House, JohnLancaster
House, Levi S.Madison
Howard, IsaacMilton
Howard, JamesSaluda
Howell, JohnGraham
Howell, WilliamGraham
Hubbard, RichardMadison
Hucclebury, JosephMilton
Hudson, BirdMadison
Hudson, Boyd W.Graham
Hudson, GillumMadison
Hudson, JohnLancaster
Hudson, PeterLancaster
Hudson, ThomasRepublican
Hufford, GeorgeRepublican
Hughs, DavidLancaster
Hughs, ThomasLancaster
Hughs, WilliamLancaster
Humes, JamesLancaster
Humphreys, Levi S.Shelby
Humphreys, Patrick F.Madison
Humphreys, SamuelShelby
Hunt, IsaacSaluda
Hunt, JohnMadison
Hunt, NathanielMadison
Hunter, JohnMadison
Hurlburt, LewisSaluda
Huston, JohnMadison
Hutchinson, Abraham PMadison.
Hutchinson, DanielMilton
Hutchinson, Ebenezer Sr.Graham
Hutchinson, Ebenezer Sr.Graham
Hutchinson, HenryMilton
Hutchinson, JohnMilton
Hutchinson, SamuelMilton
Hutchinson, Sr.Graham
Hyatt, AndrewShelby
Hyatt, GideonShelby
Hyatt, IsaiahShelby
Hyatt, MeshackShelby
Ingraham, JamesMadison
Irwin, DavidShelby
Irwin, JohnLancaster
Irwin, JohnRepublican
Irwin, RobertShelby
Jackson, AquillaGraham
Jackson, Geo.Republican
Jackson, HarryMadison
Jackson, HenryMadison
Jackson, HiramGraham
Jackson, JamesGraham
Jackson, JamesMadison
Jackson, JamesRepublican
Jackson, SamuelGraham
Jackson, SamuelMadison
Jackson, ThomasGraham
Jackson, WhittingtonGraham
Jamison, AlexanderMadison
Jamison, SamuelMadison
Jamison, ThomasShelby
Jeffries, Curtis GMadison.
Jennings (a minor)Graham
Jennings SherwoodGraham
Jennings, ElizabethGraham
Jennings, GeorgeGraham
Jennings, LeviGraham
Jennings. SalmonGraham
Jewell, JohnMadison
Johnson, CharlesMadison
Johnson, EzekielSaluda
Johnson, HarveyMadison
Johnson, John W.Madison
Johnson, RileyMadison
Johnston, RiceLancaster
Johson, Samuel S.Saluda
Jones, David JrShelby.
Jones, JamesMadison
Jones, JohnGraham
Jones, MoselySaluda
Jones, Thomas (the miller)Republican
Jones, Thomas, Esq.Republican
Kane, JacobMadison
Kane, PeteMadison
Karr, Josiah (heir of)Lancaster
Keele, Peter, Sr.Milton
Keith, JamesGraham
Kelley, SamuelRepublican
Kelly, SamuelRepublican
Kelsoe, Samuel
Kelsoe, WilliamMadison
Kent, DavidMadison
Kidd, DavidShelby
Kidd, JohnShelby
King, GeorgeSaluda
King, JohnLancaster
King, JohnMadison
King, VictorMadison
Kinmar, CampbellMadison
Kinnear, JohnLancaster
Kinnear, RobertLancaster
Kinnet, JohnShelby
Kinney, HenryLancaster
Kirk, JohnMadison
Kirkinaall, SamuelLancaster
Kirkinnaall, JohnLancaster
Knight, DavidRepublican
Knight, EphraimMilton
Knight, JamesMadison
Kyle, JamesMadison
Kyle, JohnSaluda
Kyle, RobertMadison
Kyle, SarahMadison
Lame, CalebMadison
Lame, Joseph, Sr.Shelby
Landrem, ThomasSaluda
Landren, WilliamSaluda
Lane, JohnShelby
Lane, JosephMadison
Langham, JamesMilton
Langham, JohnMilton
Lanier, James F. D.Madison
Large, SamuelLancaster
Largent, JohnSaluda
Largent, NelsonSaluda
Larimore, DanielMilton
Latta, William R.Madison
Lattimore, DanielRepublican
Law, JesseGraham
Law, JoelGraham
Lawrence, EphraimRepublican
Lawson, WilliamMadison
Layton, GabrielMadison
Layton, JesseMadison
Layton, WilliamMadison
Ledgerwood, Samuel Sr.Madison
Ledgerwood, WilliamMadison
Lee, EliReppublican
Lee, James C.Madison
Lee, JohnMilton
Lee, NathanialMilton
Lee, NathanShelby
Lee, StephenSaluda
Lemon, GabrielShelby
Leonard, George W.Madison
Leonard, Linius R.Madison
Levite, BenjaminMadison
Levite, JosephMadison
Levitt, Benjamin C.Madison
Lewis, AbrahamShelby
Lewis, Chauncey BMadison.
Lewis, CosbyMilton
Lickliter, JacobLancaster
Linteen, JohnLancaster
Littlejohn, IraMadison
Littlejohn, JamesShelby
Littlejohn, SamuelShelby
Lloyd, ZepheniasRepublican
Lochard, JamesMilton
Lochard, JeremiahMilton
Lochard, JohnMilton
Lochard, WilliamMilton
Lodge, LabinMadison
Lodge, NelsonMadison
Lodge, William J.Madison
Logan, Ezekial (heirs of)Lancaster
Logan, GeorgeMadison
Logan, JosephGraham
Logan, William C.Graham
Loller, JamesRepublican
Loller, JohnRepublican
Long, AbrahamRepublican
Long, HenryLancaster
Long, JohnLancaster
Long, JohnRepublican
Long, LewisRepublican
Long, WilliamLancaster
Longworth, NicholasMadison
Loring, DavidMadison
Loring, RichardMadison
Lott, AbnerMadison
Louden, RobertSaluda
Loughridge, SamuelShelby
Lovill, JaredShelby
Lovill, WilliamShelby
Lowrey, JamesSaluda
Lyle, WilberforceMadison
Lyons, EzekielRepublican
Lyons, JamesRepublican
Macleton, WilliamSaluda
Magness, Perry G.Lancaster
Maiden, AndrewSaluda
Mann, JamesGraham
Mans, FountainMilton
Mansfield, FaralMilton
Manville, ButlerMilton
Manville, NicholasMilton
Marason, BenjaminRepublican
Marcus, DavidMadison
Margason, JohnRepublican
Marquis, JohnShelby
Marquis, RobertShelby
Marquis, SamuelMadison
Marshall, DanielLancaster
Marshall, JohnLancaster
Marshall, RobertGraham
Marshall, RobertRepublican
Marshall, Thomas J.Shelby
Marshall, ThomasLancaster
Marshall, ThomasRepublican
Martin, George W.Madison
Martin, HenryRepublican
Martin, JamesGraham
Martin, JohnReppublican
Martin, JosephRepublican
Martin, SolomonRepublican
Martin, WilliamRepublican
Mathis, ElijahShelby
Matthews, JamesRepublican
Matthis, JohnShelby
Maxwell, Edward R.Madison
Maxwell, SamuelRepublican
Maxwell, WilliamMadison
May, RichardShelby
Mayfield, JoshuaLancaster
Mayfield, SoutherlandMadison
McCall, JamesLancaster
McCartney, JamesGraham
McCarty, DanielMadison
McCarty, HenryMadison
McCaslin, GeorgeLancaster
McCaslin, JohnSaluda
McCaslin, RichardLancaster
McCaslin, William D.Madison
McCaslin, William L.Madison
McCaslin, WilliamSaluda
McCay, JamesMadison
McClain, JohnRepublican
McClanahan, RobertGraham
McCleland, Andrew B.Graham
McClellen, RichardSaluda
McClennen, JohnMadison
McClennen, SamuelGraham
McClure, DavidMadison
McClure, WilliamMadison
McCollister, AlexanderLancaster
McCollister, DanielLancaster
McCormick (widow)Saluda
McCormick (widow)Saluda
McCoy WilliamShelby
McCoy, AbrahamMilton
McCoy, BarbaraLancaster
McCoy, DavidMilton
McCoy, DavidMilton
McCoy, GeorgeShelby
McCoy, HughLancaster
McCoy, JamesMilton
McCoy, JohnMilton
McCoy, JohnMilton
McCoy, JohnShelby
McCoy, MosesShelby
McCoy, StephenShelby
McCoy, TavinerMilton
McCoy, Thomas, Jr.Lancaster
McCoy, UriahMilton
McCrorey, JohnGraham
McCrorey, SamuelGraham
McCrorie, SamuelGraham
McCullock, JohnMadison
McCullock, ThomasMadison
McCullough, James *Madison
McCullough, JohnShelby
McCune, JosephSaluda
McCune, JosephSaluda
McCurry, AbrahamRepublican
McDeira, JacobMadison
McDonald, AnthonyGraham
McDonald, ShedrackGraham
McDougle, JamesSaluda
McFadden, WilliamGraham
McFatridge, MichaelShelby
McGee, JamesLancaster
McGee, JosephMadison
McGee, WilliamLancaster
McGill, JamesRepublican
McGregor, AlexanderShelby
McGuffe, EphraimGraham
McGuire LukeRepublican
McIntire, JohnMadison
McIntire, WilliamSaluda
McKay, AngusLancaster
McKay, GeorgeLancaster
McKay, JohnLancaster
McKee, JamesMadison
McKinley, JamesSaluda
McKinley, SamuelSaluda
McKinney, SamuelLancaster
McLane, JohnSaluda
McLeland, RobertShelby
McLellen, RichardSaluda
McMillan, JamesGraham
McMillan, JohnSaluda
McMillan, JonathanGraham
McNeal, JohnSaluda
McNutt, AlexanderGraham
McNutt, James H.Graham
McQuiston, DanielShelby
McWilliams, JamesMilton
Mead, JoshuaMadison
Meek, Lewis, Graham
Meek, MarthaMadison
Meek, NorvillMadison
Meek, RobertMadison
Merryman, NoahMadison
Mikesell, JacobSaluda
Mikesell, PeterSaluda
Miles, EvanShelby
Miles, JacobMilton
Miles, JohnMilton
Miles, WilliamShelby
Miller, AbrahamMadison
Miller, BenjaminSaluda
Miller, DanielShelby
Miller, HenryGraham
Miller, JacobMadison
Miller, JohnGraham
Miller, Jonathan
Miller, RobertGraham
Miller, ThomasMilton
Mills, PeterSaluda
Milton, AllenMadison
Milton, JohnMadison
Mings, AaronRepublican
Minor, JamesShelby
Minor, JohnShelby
Minor, RobertMadison
Minor, ThomasMadison
Mitchell, DanielShelby
Mitchell, James B.Madison
Mitchell, JohnShelby
Mitchell, Michael M.Lancaster
Mitchell, Robert B.Shelby
Mitchell, ThomasShelby
Mobley, EdwardSaluda
Moncreaf, AbnerMadison
Moncreaf, WillsonMadison
Moncrief, GideonLancaster
Monroe, ArthurRepublican
Monroe, ByramRepublican
Monroe, GeorgeRepublican
Monroe, GeorgeSaluda
Monroe, JamesRepublican
Monroe, MichaelRepublican
Monroe, PhillipRepublican
Monroe, RandallRepublican
Monroe, RobertGraham
Monroe, Solomon D.Graham
Monroe, WilliamRepublican
Montgomery, WilliamSaluda
Mooney, EdmondLancaster
Mooney, IsaacLancaster
Moor, WilliamSaluda
Moore, ElizabethShelby
Moore, Mathew LShelby
Morgan, HenryLancaster
Morgan, UriahMilton
Morton, AndrewShelby
Morton, JohnShelby
Morton, RobertShelby
Morton, WilliamShelby
Mount, AmosMadison
Moverwell, AdamMadison
Munroe, WilliamSaluda
Murdock, EliMadison
Murdock, EmmanuelShelby
Murdock, GerardusShelby
Murdock, HarryMadison
Myers, GeorgeShelby
Nay, BennetGraham
Nay, SamuelGraham
Neal, DanielMilton
Neal, JesseMilton
Neal, JohnMilton
Needham, WilliamLancaster
Nelson, Daniel H.Lancaster
Nelson, HiramLancaster
Nelson, JamesLancaster
Nelson, WilliamRepublican
Nevill, GeorgeRepublican
Nevill, ThomasLancaster
New, RobertShelby
Newbury, JohnMadison
Nicholas, IsaacLancaster
Nicholas, JacobLancaster
Nicholas, JohnLancaster
Nicholas, JohnLancaster
Nicholas, MatthiasLancaster
Nicholson, JamesLancaster
Nicholson, ThomasSaluda
Nicholson, WilliamSaluda
Nickum, JosephSaluda
Noax, ReubenMadison
Northcraft, JosephLancaster
O’Dailey, EugeneMadison
O’Loghlin, WilliamMadison
O’Loughlin, PriscillaMadison
Officer, WilliamRepublican
Oglesby, JosephMadison
Oldfield, JamesGraham
Orrill, JohnLancaster
Osborn, JohnMilton
Osborn, PeterMilton
Owens, George, Jr.Graham
Owens, GeorgeGraham
Owens, JamesLancaster
Owens, ThomasGraham
Packs, AlexanderRepublican
Packs, JamesRepublican
Packs, WilliamRepublican
Palmer, NathanielShelby
Park, BeaumontMadison
Park, MoodyMadison
Parker, DanielMadison
Parker, DanielMilton
Parmer, Nathan B.Madison
Parson, RichardSaluda
Patten, JamesMadison
Patterson, JamesMadison
Patterson, JamesSaluda
Patterson, SamuelRepublican
Patterson, SamuelSaluda
Pattison, JohnSaluda
Patton, HezikiahLancaster
Patton, HustonMadison
Patton, John H. (heirs of)Lancaster
Paul, John P.Madison
Paul, JohnMadison
Paul, WilliamRepublican
Payne, JohnSaluda
Peak, JohnShelby
Penn, EphraimShelby
Person, CharlesRepublican
Peterson, PeterRepublican
Phillips, BrannockGraham
Phillips, John R.Shelby
Phillips, JohnGraham
Phillips, JoshuaSaluda
Phillips, PresleyShelby
Phillips, RobertShelby
Phillips, ThomasSaluda
Piercy, RobertRepublican
Pilkinson, ElishaGraham
Pitcher, BenjaminMadison
Pitcher, WilliamMadison
Pitts, Robert G.Lancaster
Pixley, JohnMilton
Plummer, WilliamMilton
Pogue, JoeMadison
Pogue, JohnMadison
Pogue, WilliamMadison
Porter, AaronSaluda
Porter, NormanMadison
Poseygate, IsaacMadison
Poston, LeviShelby
Poston, WilliamShelby
Powell, WilliamMadison
Prathero, EvanShelby
Prathero, WilliamShelby
Price, GeorgeMadison
Prichart, John M.Graham
Prichart, JohnGraham
Pryor, NicholasShelby
Pugh, JohnMadison
Pullum, BenjaminShelby
Pullum, RobertShelby
Radley, JohnSaluda
Ralston, MatthewMilton
Ralston, WilliamMilton
Ramsey, BenjaminRepublican
Ramsey, JohnRepublican
Ramsey, LeviRepublican
Ramsey, MarthaRepublican
Ramsey, Thomas Jr.Republican
Ramsey, Thomas L.Republican
Rankin, JosephLancaster
Rapp, RobertLancaster
Rawlinson, AaronLancaster
Rawlinson, NathanielLancaster
Ray, JosephMadison
Ray, RightMadison
Ray, Robert, Sr.Madison
Rayma, IsaacMadison
Reace, WilliamSaluda
Read, WilliamSaluda
Rector, DanielLancaster
Rector, HezekiahLancaster
Rector, NathanielLancaster
Redenbough, PhilipRepublican
Redenbough, William E.Republican
Reed, AlfredShelby
Reed, AndrewShelby
Reed, FrederickSaluda
Reed, GeorgeSaluda
Reed, LabanSaluda
Reed, RiceGraham
Reed, Thomas M.Graham
Reed, ThomasMadison
Reese, JohnMadison
Reid, Thomas, Jr.Graham
Rennocks, AlexanderMadison
Reynolds, Allen, B. T.Madison
Reynolds, Simeon L.Lancaster
Reynolds, William L.Lancaster
Rhodes, JacobSaluda
Richards, BenjaminMadison
Riddle, JacobShelby
Ridennour, JacobMilton
Right, JohnLancaster
Right, JohnRepublican
Right, LeviLancaster
Righthouse, LeonardSaluda
Ripley, William P.Shelby
Ritchey, AaronSaluda
Ritchey, EliasMadison
Ritchey, John, Sr.Madison
Ritchey, MatthewSaluda
Ritchey, WilliamLancaster
Robb, JamesShelby
Robbins, Gerardus, R.Shelby
Robbins, ThomasGraham
Robbins, WilliamShelby
Robinson, AlexanderSaluda
Robinson, MiddletonGraham
Robinson, WilliamMadison
Robinson, WilliamShelby
Rodenbough, FrederickSaluda
Rodenbough, GeorgeSaluda
Rodenbough, HenrySaluda
Rodgers, BenjaminMilton
Rodgers, RobertMadison
Roggers, AndrewSaluda
Roggers, MosesShelby
Romine, JacobMadison
Rosebury, GeorgeGraham
Rosebury, JohnGraham
Rosebury, ThomasGraham
Ross, JamesMadison
Ross, WilliamSaluda
Roth, RobertMadison
Rowlin, WillisGraham
Runyon, IsaacMadison
Rush, JohnShelby
Rutledge, JacobGraham
Rutledge, PeterGraham
Ryker, Abraham L.Madison
Ryker, Gerardus G.Madison
Ryker, Gerardus, Jr.Madison
Ryker, Jacob S.Madison
Ryker, JacobShelby
Ryker, John G.Shelby
Ryker, JohnMadison
Ryker, PeterShelby
Ryker, Samuel S.Repubican
Ryker, Samuel, Jr.Shelby
Ryker, Samuel, Sr.Shelby
Rynearson, AbrahamShelby
Sage, CalebRepublican
Sage, JamesRepublican
Sage, JohnRepublican
Sage, William Sr.Republican
Sage, WilliamRepublican
Salin, ZachariahMadison
Salmons, WingateShelby
Samples, JacobSaluda
Saylers, John D.Shelby
Scholl, UriahShelby
Scott, John N.Madison
Scott, JohnRepublican
Scott, JohnShelby
Scott, JosephSaluda
Scott, WilliamMadison
Seely, GeorgeSaluda
Seely, Stephen J.Madison
Seenee, JohnLancaster
Seenee, RobertLancaster
Sering, JohnMadison
Sewsbury, PhillipLancaster
Shafer, MichaelLancaster
Shannon, George, Jr.Madison
Shannon, GeorgeSaluda
Shannon, JohnMadison
Shannon, ThomasSaluda
Sheet, LewisLancaster
Sheets, Jonas L.Milton
Sheik, JohnMilton
Shelton, JohnShelby
Shepherd, HarveyMadison
Sherman, BenoniMadison
Sherman, ElishaMadison
Shilton, S. JosephMadison
Short, DanielMadison
Short, ElishaMilton
Short, JacobMilton
Shrowders, AbrahamRepublican
Shune. DavidShelby
Sibern, JohnRepublican
Simington, RobertMadison
Simons, ThomasMilton
Simpers, AmosShelby
Singer, GeorgeShelby
Sipes, FrederickSaluda
Slaughter, JeremiahGraham
Slaughter, JeremiahRepublican
Smith, AseLancaster
Smith, Barney BShelby
Smith, Benjamin, Jr.Saluda
Smith, Benjamin, Sr.Saluda
Smith, BreckenridgeMilton
Smith, Harrison M.Saluda
Smith, HenryMadison
Smith, JamesRepublican
Smith, JamesShelby
Smith, John B.Madison
Smith, JohnLancaster
Smith, JoshuaMadison
Smith, NicholasSaluda
Smith, RobertGraham
Smith, SamuelSaluda
Smith, WilliamRepublican
Smith, WilliamShelby
Smithy, JohnShelby
Smock, JaredRepublican
Smock, John D.Madison
Smock, JohnRepublican
Smock, Peter Jr.Republican
Smock, PeterRepublican
Smock, SamuelRepublican
Snodgrass, CharlotteSaluda
Snodgrass, SamuelRepublican
Snow, AndrewSaluda
Snow, JohnSaluda
Snow, PrinceSaluda
Snow, SamuelSaluda
Snyder, ElizabethSaluda
Soyder, WilliamSaluda
Spader, BenjaminSaluda
Spafford, OrleanMadison
Spann, JesseLancaster
Spann, John L.Lancaster
Spann, MosesLancaster
Spann, SolomonLancaster
Spear, JaneRepublican
Spears, DanielSaluda
Spencer, AbsalomShelby
Spencer, CharlesShelby
Spiller, WilliamShelby
Sprague, HoseaGraham
Stafford, GeorgeMadison
Stafford, GibbMadison
Standiford, WilliamShelby
Staples, HenryGraham
Staples, NathanialGraham
Stapp, EliMadison
Stapp, JohnMadison
Stapp, MiltonMadison
Steele, HughShelby
Steele, JamesMilton
Steele, JamesShelby
Steele, JohnMilton
Steele, JosephMadison
Stephens, EmmorRepublican
Stephens, ThomasRepubican
Stephenson, JamesShelby
Sterrett, James G.Madison
Sterrett, JamesShelby
Stevens, JohnMadison
Stewart, CharlesShelby
Stewart, DavidGraham
Stewart, GeorgeMadison
Stewart, IsaihShelby
Stewart, John W.Madison
Stewart, JohnShelby
Stewart, WilliamMadison
Stiles, JonathanMilton
Stillion, EliasMadison
Stiver, JohnMadison
Stodgill, SamuelMadison
Stone, John M.Madison
Storm, PeterShelby
Stout, Hezekiah H.Lancaster
Stowers, MiltonGraham
Stratton, William H.Lancaster
Stribling, Thomas P.Madison
Stucker, AndrewSaluda
Stucker, HenrySaluda
Stucker, HenrySaluda
Stucker, JacobSaluda
Stucker, JacobSaluda
Stucker, MartinSaluda
Stucker, MichaelSaluda
Stucker, SamuelSaluda
Stucker, StephenSaluda
Stucker, WilliamSaluda
Sugan, JohnMilton
Sullivan, AaronMadison
Sullivan, DanielShelby
Sullivan, JamesRepublican
Sullivan, JeremiahMadison
Sullivan, JohnRepublican
Sullivan, Willis C.Shelby
Sullivan, WillisRepublican
Suttle, HenryGraham
Suttle, JohnGraham
Swan, AndrewSaluda
Swan, John, Jr.Saluda
Swan, John, Sr.Saluda
Swan, ThomasSaluda
Sweet, AbrahamGraham
Sweet, AbrahamMadison
Sweet, IsaacGraham
Sweet, IsaacMadison
Swincer, JamesGraham
Sylvester, SamuelMilton
Tague, JosephShelby
Talbott, DanielSaluda
Talbott, EdwardMadison
Talbott, JamesSaluda
Talbott, Richard C.Madison
Talbott, WilliamSaluda
Tannekill, ZachariahGraham
Tapp, JophMadison
Tarah, ThomasSaluda
Tate, JohnMilton
Tatum, SamuelLancaster
Tatum, WilliamLancaster
Taylor, CransonSaluda
Taylor, EllenSaluda
Taylor, FrderickSaluda
Taylor, GamalielMadison
Taylor, JamesSaluda
Taylor, JamesSaluda
Taylor, JoshuaSaluda
Taylor, Robert, Jr.Saluda
Taylor, Robert, Sr.Saluda
Taylor, ThomasMilton
Taylor, ThomasMilton
Taylor, ThomasRepublican
Taylor, WilliamMadison
Tempy, AlexanderLancaster
Terrill, AchillesRepublican
Terrill, WilliamGraham
Thickston, AbrahamRepublican
Thickston, WilliamRepublican
Thom, Samuel (heirs of)Lancaster
Thomas, EvanGraham
Thomas, JamesGraham
Thomas, Jas.Madison
Thomas, JohnMadison
Thomas, JosephMadison
Thomas, WilliamMadison
Thompson, AlexanderRepublican
Thompson, Geo.Lancaster
Thompson, JohnSaluda
Thompson, RobertGraham
Thompson, RobertRepublican
Thornton, JohnShelby
Tilbury, ElishaMadison
Tilford, AlexanderRepublican
Tilford, SamuelRepublican
Tilford, WilliamRepublican
Timmons, StephenGraham
Todd, AndrewMadison
Todd, DavidMadison
Todd, Robt.Madison
Travice, JamesMilton
Troutman, AaronGraham
Troutman, WilliamGraham
Troutwine, HannibalMadison
Troxell, JosephMadison
Trulock, JohnGraham
Trumbo, JacobGraham
Trusdale, ThomasLancaster
Tucker, WilliamMilton
Tull, JoshuaRepublican
Tull, WilliamGraham
Tull, WilliamRepublican
Turnes, JohnSaluda
Twaddle, JamesMadison
Underwood, JamesMadison
Vail, BenjaminMilton
Vail, JenningsMadison
Vail, John L.Milton
Van Norman, AaronSaluda
Vancleave, PeterMadison
Vanhorn, BenjaminRepublican
VanWinkle, David R.Lancaster
Vaughn, ThomasMilton
Vaughn, WilliamMilton
Vawter, AnnMadison
Vawter, BeverlyShelby
Vawter, JamesMadison
Vawter, JesseMadison
Vernon, NehemiahMilton
Vestel, DavidShelby
Voiles, JosephShelby
Vorhees, RichardSaluda
Wade, WilliamShelby
Waggoner, GeorgeMadison
Walker, JohnMilton
Walker, JohnSaluda
Walker, RobertSaluda
Walker, WilliamSaluda
Wall, JohnLancaster
Wallace, James H.Madison
Wallace, JohnLancaster
Wallace, NathanielMadison
Wallace, WilliamLancaster
Walton, Abraham Jr.
Walton, ComfortLancaster
Walton, Dudley
Walton, EuphratesLancaster
Ward, Daniel, Jr.Shelby
Ward, Daniel, Sr,Shelby
Washer, AlexanderMadison
Washer, StephenMilton
Washington, DavidMadison
Wasson, RichardSaluda
Waterman, Mr.Madison
Watson, James
Watson, RobertSaluda
Watson, Samuel
Watson, SamuelRepublican
Watson, WilliamSaluda
Watts, Howard, Dr.Madison
Watts, John C.Shelby
Weare, WilliamMilton
Weatherford, JamesShelby
Weatherford, JohnShelby
Weir, SamuelGraham
Welch, SamuelShelby
Wellington, John P.Shelby
Wells, SamuelSaluda
Wells, WilliamSaluda
West, JacobMadison
West, JamesSaluda
West, John T., Jr.Saluda
West, John T., Sr.Saluda
West, John, Sr.Milton
West, JohnMadison
West, JohnSaluda
West, JohnShelby
Westgate, JosephMadison
Wharton, William G.Madison
Wheatley, GeorgeRepublican
White, Amborse T.Republican
White, JamesMadison
White, JohnSaluda
White, Joseph P.Graham
White, SamuelGraham
White, ThomasSaluda
White, WilliamGraham
Whitehead, IsraelLancaster
Whiteside, JohnGraham
Whitham, JamesShelby
Whitkill, SamuelLancaster
Whitsitt, WilliamGraham
Whitson, BenjaminMadison
Whitson, PeterShelby
Whittsitt, JohnGraham
Wildman, JamesMadison
Wildman, JamesMadison
Wildman, JohnMadison
Wildman, JosephShelby
Wiley, JosephRepublican
Wiley, WashingtonGraham
Wiley, WashingtonRepublican
Wilhite, EckillesShelby
Wilkerson, JoshuaMadison
Wilkins, JeremiahMilton
Willhite, George W.Madison
Williams, ElizabethShelby
Williams, GerretLancaster
Williams, John (heirs of)Lancaster
Williams, MosesMadison
Williams, RemembranceLancaster
Williams, RobertLancaster
Williams, ThomasLancaster
Wills, JohnGraham
Wills, SamuelGraham
Wills, WilliamGraham
Willson, AlexanderGraham
Willson, BraxtonMadison
Willson, GeorgeGraham
Willson, JesseGraham
Willson, JohnGraham
Willson, Joseph N.Madison
Willson, NathanielMadison
Willson, William BGraham.
Willson, WilliamMadison
Wilson, AlexanderMadison
Wilson, AndrewGraham
Wilson, JohnMadison
Wilson, PatrickGraham
Wilson, RichardMadison
Wilson, SamuelLancaster
Wilson, SolomonMadison
Wilson, William, Sr.Madison
Winchester, JohnGraham
Wise, MatthewMadison
Wise, ThomasShelby
Witherspoon, ThomasMilton
Wood, AndrewRepublican
Wood, JohnReppublican
Wood, MaryRepublican
Woodburn, JohnMadison
Woodfield, JohnShelby
Woodfill, AndrewMadison
Woodfill, CatherineMadison
Woodfill, DanielMadison
Woodfill, ElizabethMadison
Woodfill, Gabriel, Sr.Madison
Woodfill, GabrielMadison
Woodfill, GabrielShelby
Woodfill, JohnMadison
Woodfill, SarahMadison
Woodfill, WilliamMadison
Woods, MarthaMadison
Woodward, CharlesMadison
Woodward, David
Woodward, DavidMadison
Woodward, Henry
Woodward, William H.Saluda
Worthington, DavidRepublican
Wray, JamesSaluda
Wyatt, MordecaiShelby
Wyatt, Richard
Wyne, JohnGraham
Wyne, WilliamGraham
Yarnell, Ellis H.Madison
Yates, ThomasLancaster
Yates, WilliamMilton
Yost, Isaac (heirs of)Lancaster
Young, AndrewMadison
Young, HezekiahShelby
Yount, NicholasShelby
Zenor, DavidGraham