Hogmarkings in Jefferson County, Indiana

Each person owning cattle, hogs, or live stock was required to have and use a "stock mark" because there were few fences and most livestock ran wild. The mark was required to be registered by the recorder of the county in which the owner lived. This procedure also identified stock for tax purposes. The date indicates the date the mark was registered and the township of residence

Abbott, IsaacMarch 22, 1844—Lancaster Twp.
Abbott, Westgate Oct. 7 1842—Lancaster Twp.
Aigner, ChristianNo date--Lancaster Twp.
Aigner, Christian Nov. 15. 1844—Lancaster Twp.
Aikins, William Oct. 19, 1846—Milton Twp.
Allen, George June 22, 1842—Madison Twp.
Apples, Nicholas April 19, 1844—Lancaster Twp.
Ashton, John Feb. 27, 1858—Graham Twp.
Ba_____, NoahNov. 15, 1847—Monroe Twp.
Bair, George W.June 4, 1862—Madison Twp.
Ball, George Dec. 7, 1813—Madison Twp.
Bar___, Samuel Feb. 18, 1837—Lancaster Twp.
Barnett, DaunmickDec. 30, 1852—Madison Twp.
Barnum, DanielApril 13, 1874—Monroe Twp.
Baxter, JamesJan. 30, 1845—Graham Twp.
Baxter, JohnJan. 24, 1841—Graham Twp.
Bear, Oliver, L___March 21, 1856-- Milton Twp.
Bish, ThomasAugust 28, 1865-- Milton, Twp.
Blake, William C.March 6, 1867—Madison
Bland, JamesNovember 24, 1851—Monroe Twp.
Bland, JamesSept. 25, 1844—Madison Twp.
Bland, MarionDec. 26,1843—Lancaster
Boyd, WilliamJuly 32, 1841—Graham Twp.
Branson, AaronMay 5, 1864—Lancaster
Bray, ThomasSept. 9, 1847—Shelby Twp.
Brazeltons, IsaacAug. 24, 1839—Madison Twp.
Brisben, JohnMary 21, 1844—Madison Twp
Brockroy, jesseDec. 10, 1847—Shelby Twp
Brockroy, ThomasSept. 9, 1847
Brown, EdmondJune 16, 1871
Brown, SamuelSept. 8, 1848—Madison Twp.
Bumen, AllenMay 15, 1848—Madison Twp.
Burton, HiramApril 22, 1843—Shelby Twp.
Butts, Christian L.Dec. 10, 1847—Madison Twp.
Callet, John H.Sept. 11, 1849—Monroe Twp.
Caniday, PatrickAug. 12, 1864—Madison Twp.
Carr, JohnMay 4, 1844—Madison Twp.
Cooper, Charles H.May 25, 1847—Saluda Twp.
Coleman, Woolford G.Jan. 1. 1839—Madison Twp.
Comstock, Robert F.Dec. 4, 1865—Madison Twp.
Conklin, JamesNov. 7, 1846—Graham Twp.
Corya, IsaacNov. 25, 1845—Lancaster Twp.
Cottom, James H.Nov. 29, 1836—Madison Twp.
Craig, John, Sr.Aug. 17, 1849—Madison Twp.
Cummins, JohnJan. 8, 1851—Madison Twp.
Daily, BenjaminDec. 9, 1853—Saluda Twp.
Daily, JohnApr. 5, 1845—Shelby Twp.
Daily, WilliamDec. 19, 1853—Madison Twp.
Dalgleish, WilliamShelby Twp.
David, FranklinJune 5, 1873—Madiosn Twp.
Driggs, LloydJan. 30, 1844—Madison Twp.
Dugan, Charles C.Aug. 1, 1840—Madison Twp.
Ebert, HenryMay 2, 1867—Madison Twp.
Eckels, EmanuelNov. 9, 1866—Madison Twp.
Egnors, JamesJuly 3, 1844—Madison Twp.
Felter, David A.Feb. 19, 1844—Madison Twp.
Fewell, HenryJan. 7, 1850—Smyrna Twp.
Fisher, ChristinaJan. 6, 1851—Madison Twp.
Forston, Samuel G.Dec. 20, 1855—Madison Twp.
Fish, G.Dec. 15, 1860—Lancaster Twp.
Francis, John R.Dec. 3, 1858—Lancaster Twp.
Francis, JamesJune 11, 11867—Lancaster Twp.
Friedley, J. H.Dec. 20, 1853—Graham Twp.
Gazzaway, ThomasDec. 13, 1836—Graham Twp.
Glichman, MargaretApr. 19, 1844—Lancaster Twp.
Gillett, E. P.Sept. 9, 1847—Madison Twp.
Giltner, P.Mar. 6, 1841—Lancaster Twp.
Godman, ThomasMay 27, 1845—Madison Twp.
Goldsborough, William J.May 10, 1847—Republican Twp.
Gordon, WilliamSept. 9,1839—Madison Twp.
Gordon, J. D.Dec. 28, 1844—Hanover Twp.
Gordon, JosephJan. 10, 1837—Graham Twp.
Grace, Nimrod B.Apr. 10, 1844—Madison Twp.
Graham, Samuel G.Apr. 11, 1851—Lancaster Twp.
Gray, John S.Jan. 8, 1858—Madison Twp.
Gray, Francis M.Jan. 24, 1860—Republican Twp.
Gray, Robert J.Dec. 8, 1850—Republican
Gray, WilliamOct. 3, 1856—Republican Twp.
Green, JamesJan. 6, 1845
Green, Jacob H.Sept. 24, 1856—Lancaster Twp.
Grffins, JamesDec. 31, 1845—Milton Twp.
Guthrie, Andrew C.Feb. 13, 1844—Lancaster Twp.
Haag. JohnApr. 27, 1870—Madison Twp.
Haag, JohnApr. 11, 1866—Madison Twp.
Hall, HenryJuly 10, 1844—Madison Twp.
Haftermen, HenryDec. 30, 1850—Madison Twp.
Hammons, PeterApr. 8, 1854—Smyrna Twp.
Hammel, AndrewMay 14, 1844—Lancaster Twp.
Hammel, IsaacMay 14, 1844—Lancaster Twp.
Hammel, WilliamOct. 31, 1851—Lancaster Twp.
Handcock, JohnOct. 31, 1849-Smyrna Twp.
Hankins, AaronMay 16, 1857—Milton Twp.
Harris, George H.May 12, 1849—Madison Twp.
Haramaugh, PhilemonFeb 26, 1842—Milton Twp.
Hay, HenryFrv. 28, 1843—Saluda Twp.
Hayes, George W.Nov. 23, 2855—Shelby Twp.
Hensley, Lewis C.Dec. 26, 1838—Madison Twp.
Hensley, George W.Dec. 11, 1837—Smyrna Twp.
Hensley, WallerJan. 30, 1837—Lancaster Twp.
Heath, JohnShelby Twp.
Harred, LewisApr. 22, 1844—Lancaster Twp.
Hibbert, DavidNov. 15, 1848—Graham Twp.
Hibborts, DavidMar. 9, 1848—Graham Twp.
Higbie, AbramJune 15, 1849—Shelby Twp.
Horton, James W.June 15, 1861—Shelby Twp.
Howler, Frederickzovy. 14, 1852—Republican Twp.
Hudson, GilliumNov. 16, 1837—Madison twp.
Hunt, Asa S.Sept. 4,1848—Lancaster Twp.
Hutchenson, A. T.Apr. 1, 1858—Lancaster Twp.
Imel, RobertDec. 23, 2855—Madison Twp.
Imel, WalterJuly 17, 1847—Monroe Twp.
Irwin, JamesAug. 18, 1857—Monroe Twp.
Jacobs, DanielOct. 27,1840—Graham Twp.
Jacks, IsrealApr. 7, 1837—Smyrna twp.
Jefferies, JamesApr. 5, 1844—Republican Twp.
Jennings, James H.June 5, 1854—Republican Twp.
John and ClementsAug. 23, 1866—Madison Twp.
Johnson, HenerySept. 4, 1869—Madison Twp.
Joyce, FranklinApr. 7, 1837—Milton Twp.
Keers, AlexanderMar. 24, 1851—Monroe Twp.
Kinks, JohnAug. 28, 1857—Monroe Twp.
Kirchner, WilliamJune 7, 1864—Madison Twp.
Kirks, HenryJan. 4, 1862—Monroe Twp.
Lards, C. H.Apr. 5, 1844—Graham Twp.
Lawler, LazariousFeb. 9, 1869—Republican Twp.
Lyles, WilliamMar. 29, 1939—Republican
Lee, BenjaminOct. 29, 1849—Shelby Twp.
Lewis, WilliamFeb. 13, 1847—Shelby Twp.
Lochard, WilliamFeb. 26, 1851—Monroe Twp.
Lyons, James H.Aug. 3, 1859—Republican Twp.
Lyons, JamesAug. 3, 1850—Republican Twp.
Lott, WilliamMar. 3, 1847—Shelby Twp.
Lenaman, Jonah S.may 29, 1837—Milton Twp.
Lovell, JesseMay 19, 1838—Milton Twp.
Logan, JamesDec. 31, 1838—Madison Twp.
Ledgerwood, John W.May 25, 1843—Madison Twp.
Mendall, JamesMar. 14, 1838—Madison Twp.
Moore, William H.June 30, 1846—Monroe Twp.
Morgan, HarveyMay 12, 1845—Monroe Twp.
Mager, John G.Jan 23, 1861—Monroe Twp.
Moore, James G.Oct. 11, 1848—Monroe Twp.
Melton, WadeOct. 9, 1845—Madison Twp.
Monroe, LynamNov. 24, 2841—Milton Twp.
Mattox, John C.Mar. 29, 1867—Saluda Twp.
Martin, PatrickOct. 8, 1845—Madison Twp.
Madison Pearl Starch Co.Sept. 18, 1860—Madison Twp.
Marshall, Robert A.Lancaster Twp.
Mattley, John Jr.Nov. 9, 1843—Lancaster Twp.
Muncy, JamesJan. 8, 1857—Graham Twp.
Marx, JohnJan. 21, 1845—Madison Twp.
Mayfield, JacobMar. 8, 1851—Madison Twp.
Miller, JonathanDec. 3, 1853—Graham Twp.
Miller, JacobMay 9, 1846—Milton Twp.
Monroe, HughMay 2, 1844—Lancaster Twp.
Monroe, WesleyJune 15, 1849—Saluda Twp.
McCrady, WilliamFeb. 18, 1859—Madison Twp.
McGee, Frederick N.Apr. 8, 1850—Madison Twp.
McCartney, HenryFeb. 27 184_—Shelby Twp.
McKay, EliasJuly 4, 1851—Milton Twp.
McGlacklin, W. G.Apr. 17, 1849—Shelby Twp.
McMillan, RobertShelby Twp.
McAllister, James A.Apr. 1, 1843—Lancaster Twp.
McGill, JamesNov. 6, 1846—Repuclican Twp.
Nelson, JamesOct. 24, 1845—Lancaster Twp.
Nelson, JeffersonFeb. 7, 1845—Lancaster Twp.
Neavill, SamuelJan7, 1850—Smyrna Twp.
Oeyons, MatMay 5, 1875—Lancaster Twp.
Odgen, ThomasJan. 8, 1847—Lancaster Twp.
Orrells, JohnDec. 2, 1836—Madison Twp
Parker, DanielMay 1844—Milton Twp.
Patton, James C.Apr. 5, 18__—Madison Twp.
Patton, Robert R.June 9, 1847—Madison Twp.
Potter, George W.July 5, 1854—Madison Twp.
Painter, BenjaminMar. 27, 1837—Madison Twp.
Phillips, EliasAug. 5, 1837—Madison Twp.
Potter, WilliamOct. 2, 1845—Madison Twp.
Peterman, Charles H.May 15, 1883—Lancaster Twp.
Pengra, K. R.Aro. 5, 1854—Lancaster Twp.
Perry, John M.Jan. 2, 1860—Smyrna Twp.
Philios, Pesley S.Mar. 29,1847—Shelby Twp.
Phillips, James W.Feb. 22 1838—Shelby Twp.
Puffer, John Jr.Sept. 8, 1860—Monroe Twp.
Pengra, Orin G.Oct. 23, 1849—Lancaster Twp.
Quinn, JohnAug. 9, 1836—Shelby Twp.
Robinson, MerritSept. 7, 1869—Madison Twp.
Robinson, MatthewMar. 31, 1868—Graham Twp.
Robinson, JamesSept. 1, 1849—Monroe Twp.
Ryker, John G.Dec. 10, 1844—Shelby Twp.
Ryker, JohnJan. 30,1846—Madison Twp.
Richmond, JohnApr. 13, 1843—Madison Twp.
Rhodes, NelsonSept. 26, 1854—Republican Twp.
Roburn, M. R.Sept. 14, 1857—Madison Twp.
Robbins, Hiram F.Mar. 28,1850—Madison Twp.
Record, LemnelJuly 29, 1862—Lancaster Twp.
Rush, MichaelApr. 2, 1844—Madison Twp.
Reed, WarchesterOct. 7, 1842—Saluda Twp.
Ramsey, JohnFeb. 10, 1855—Republican Twp.
Rodgers, EbenezerDec. 3, 1855—Madison Twp.
Rodger, WilliamFeb. 4, 1843—Shelby Twp.
Riggle, JohnApr. 25, 1844—Lancaster Twp.
Salyers, MartinJune 6, 1844—Madison Twp.
Salisbury, JohnSept. 23, 1841—Lancaster Twp.
Shaw, GeorgeFeb. 23, 1867—Graham Twp
Simmins, MathiasMay 5, 1864—Lancaster Twp.
Smith, WilliamJan. 7, 1850—Saluda Twp.
Smith, PeterAug. 30, 1838—Lancaster Twp.
Smith, WilliamAug. 13, 1851—Madison Twp.
Smith, WilliamMar. 2, 1841—Shelby Twp.
Smith, JohnAug. 29, 1838—Lancaster Twp.
Smart, ChrisitopherAug. 17,1 857—Monroe Twp.
Sooy, SamuelSept. 23, 1842—Madison Twp.
Stapp, LouisaSept. 17, 1866—Madison Twp.
Stevenson, WilliamJuly 22,1853—Monroe Twp.
Stewart, JosephSept. 7, 1863—Lancaster Twp.
Stout, John D.Feb. 12, 1858—Lancaster Twp.
Stout, James P.Apr. 23, 1858—Madison Twp.
Stout, Miss Sarah AnnOct. 17, 1862—Lancaster Twp.
Stucker, ReasonMay 4, 1844—Madison Twp.
Spicer, NicholasApr. 7, 1869—Monroe Twp.
Stonemeter. JohnFeb. 7, 1845—Lancaster Twp.
Swicher, Jacobmar. 8, 1851—Madison Twp.
Taylor, JoshuaSept. 22, 1848—Madison Twp.
Tucker, AndrewMar. 17, 1837—Saluda Twp.
Todd, ThomasMay 3, 1853—Milton Twp.
Todd, R. W.May 28, 1857—Madison Twp.
Thomas, WilliamJan. 8, 1853—Madison Twp.
Thompson, WilliamApr. 6, 1853—Monroe Twp.
Todd, Albert W.Nov. 12, 1853—Milton Twp.
Tibbets, J. C.Mar. 7, 1842—Lancaster Twp.
Tibbets, EarlMar. 29, 1842—Lancaster Twp.
Underwood, ZachariahMar. 4, 1843—Madison Twp.
Underwood, Benjamin F.Feb. 9, 1849—Smyrna Twp
Vanosdol, AbrahamSept. 18, 1846—Shelby Twp.
Voris, ThomasJan 6, 1849—Shelby Twp.
Vail, CorneliusSept. 1, 1829—Madison Twp.
Vernon, RichardMay 22, 1846—Milton Twp.
Vernon, John H.June 2, 1846—Milton Twp.
Valallee, John M.May 30, 1851—Monroe Twp.
Vernon, Ensley D.June 20, 1846—Milton Twp.
Wilson Andrew M.Mar. 6, 1851—Madison Twp.
Wendels, PeterMar. 23, 1866—Madison Twp.
Willson, James W.Feb. 16, 1860—Graham Twp.
Winters, JohnApr. 14, 1863—Madison Twp.
Walker, HoratioMar. 13, 1843—Lancaster Twp.
Wright, ThomasAug. 20, 1836—Lancaster Twp.
Wood, Eurotas B.Jan. 22, 1850—Madison Twp.
Witherspoon, WilliamMar. 4, 1844—Milton Twp.
Wharton, William G.Nov. 4, 1834—Madison Twp.
Woodburn, JohnMar. 17, 1837—Madison Twp.
Willson, AndrewSept. 11,1847-Monroe Twp.
Wines, JohnJan. 9, 1838—Graham Twp.
Whitham, GeorgeMar. 2, 1860—Graham Twp.
Woods, LeanderApr. 24, 1856—Monroe Twp.
Winn, JamesOct. 28, 1837—Monroe Twp.
Washer, RobertOct. 5, 1855—Milton Twp
Whitsitt, WesleyDec. 3, 1851—Graham Twp.
Wilson, Brannock