Thanks to Bob Scott for submitting the following list of members from churches that no longer exist. According to Mr. Scott this church was sometimes called the Madison Associate Presbyterian Church but it was more accurately named the Associate Reformed and there was a big difference in Scottish politics and religion. It was one of the Scottish churches that became a United Presbyterian Church. When the church filed its trustee election on 12 July 1855, it filed a list of members present. These are records filed in the early mortgage books that were on the upper shelves in the Recorder’s office. The mortgage books were not consistently labeled. The 1847 book was simply labeled 1847—49.


  • Memb. - Member
  • J. - Joined
  • Ment. - Mentioned
  • Dism. - Dismissed
  • Rec’d. - Received
  • Conf. - Confession

Dec. 2, 1847 (MR p. 185) Elected Trustees: Robert Craig, John S. Hillis, David Hillis

Dec. 16, 1849 (MR 1847-49) elected Trustees: Robert Craig, John S. Hillis, William D. Hillis

Feb. 19, 1850 (MR Book 2 p. 423) Elected Trustees: Alexander Muirson, fill vacancy death of John S. Hillis

July 12, 1855 (MR Book 6 p. 96) Elected Trustees: William Watson, Peter Thompson, John Monroe

Anderson, Janet
Brown, James (Rev.)
Brown, R. A. (Mrs.)
Clements, John
Clements, S. (Mrs.)
Craig, Robert
Craig, S. (Mrs.)
Craig, M. (Mrs.)
Fagen, M. (Mrs.)
Falconer, James
Falconer, Mrs.
Hillis, William D.
Hillis, J. R. (Mrs.)
Hillis, Jane (Mrs.)
Kelly, Mrs.
Ligget, Samuel
Marquis, Synthia Ann (Miss)
Monroe, Margaret
Monroe, Clina (Mrs.) name could be China
Morton, Andrew
Morton, Leah (Miss)
Still, Elijah
Taylor, Cranson
Thompson, Peter
Todd, John B.
Todd, N. (Mrs.)
Watson, William
Weyer, William