Roster of Alois O. Bachman Post No. 26, G.A.R. Dept of Indiana

Federal Soldiers of the Civil War, November 13, 1919, Madison, Indiana

1. John W. Bishop, Co. C, 55th Ind. Inf.
2. Edward Phillips, Co. D, 145th Ind. Ind.
3. Argus D. Vanosdol, Co. 1, 3rd Ind. Cav.
4. James White, Co. E, 70th Ind. Ind.
5. William H. H. Cope, Co. A, 6th Ind. Inf.
6. John H. Hammell, Co. G, 182nd Ind. Inf.
7. Warren Lanham, Co. G, 187th Ind. Inf.
8. Charles W. Calloway, Co. C, 12th Ind. Inf.
9. William W. Crozier, Co. E, 6th Ind. Inf.
10. Wilson Brooks, Co. G, 82nd Ind. Inf.
11. Jacob Brandtmier, Co. B, 106th Ohio Inf.
12. Charles P. Richardson, 13th Ind. Battery
13. Robert M. Horton, Co. H, 10th Ind. Cav.
14. John E. Prentice, Co. C, 13th Ind. Cav.
15. William Dietz, Co. L, 4th Ind. Cav.
16. Daniel Grebe, Co. M, 7th Ind. Cav.
17. Granville Lane, Co. K, 22 Ind. Inf.
18. J. W. Lane, Co. H, 72nd Ind. Inf.
19. John Chapman, Co. A, 25th Ind. Inf.
20. Andrew Riedel, Co. G, 13th U. S. Inf.
21. John Walters, Co. A, 3rd Ind. Cav.
22. William C. Olmstead, Co, C, 82nd Ind. Inf.
23. Augustus M. Gray, Co. G, 82 Ind. Inf.
24. William Smith, Co. D, 13th Ind. Inf.
25. Harry H. Murray, Co. H, 19th Ind. Inf.
26. James K. Reed, Co. A, 3rd Ind. Cav.
27. Thomas W. Jackson, Co. K, 6th Ind. Inf.
28. William Watlington Co. E, 3rd Ind. Cav.
29. John W. Brandon, Co. D, 31st Ind. Inf.