WWII Jefferson County Women in Uniform

Jefferson County in World War II-1941-1945
Compiled by Clarence A. Dryden, President, Jefferson County Historical Society
Published by Jefferson County Historical Society, February, 1947

To the men and women of Jefferson County, who offered their lives to bring Victory to the cause of Freedom and Democracy, we humbly dedicate this book.

Name, Postoffice Address, TownshipRank & BranchService DatesDeployment
Bicknell, Hellen, DeputyW.A.A.C.
Blaze, Martha L., Madison1st Lieutenant, A.N.C.2/20/1943-12/30/1945E.A.M.E. Theater
Born, Betty Katheryn, MadisonWAVE
Brietenbach, Anne L., Madison2nd Lieutenant, W.A.A.C.4/1/1945-3/18/1946
Brooks, Ruth Wallace, Madison2nd Lieutenant, A.N.C.5/20/1945-3/16/1946
Butler, Bula Fay, MadisonSpecialist 1st Class, Navy, WAVE2/28/1943-11/10/1945
Carpenter, Joan Vincent, Burbank, CA3/8/1944-8/?/1944
Chadwick, Betty Jane, MadisonTechnical Sergeant, WAC10/19/1943-12/1/1945
Coppage, Jessie M., MadisonPrivate 1st Class, WAC7/17/1944-7/3/1946American Theater
Driggs, Carol A., MadisonPrivate 1st Class, WAC10/21/1943-12/10/1945American Theater
Dryden, Patience C., Hanover2nd Lieutenant, AUS8/10/1945-6/30/1946
Eaglin, Wilma
Ely, Virginia, DupontArmy Nurse
Feider, Henrietta
Grebe, Anna Virginia (Smith), MadisonSeaman 1st Class, Navy5/13/1944-3/7/1945
Hash, Dorthy Nichols, DeputyWAVE4/15/1943-12/8/1943
Hearne, Naomi, Dupont
Hensler, Elizabeth B., KentCaptain, WAC9/1/1943-3/31/1946American Theater
Howe, Vera Jean
Jett, Ollie T., MadisonTechnician 5th Grade, WAC9/25/1944-1/11/1946American Campaign
Kennedy, Hannah M., CommiskeySergeant, WAC8/12/1943-9/1/1945
Kramer, Florence
Lauderbaugh, Norma J., North VernonPharmacist V/C, Navy, WAVE7/9/1945-7/2/1946
LaValle, NinaWAAC
Lindsay, Ruth Katherine, Madison1st Lieutenant, A.N.C.1943-1945
Martin, Geneva Oak, MadisonStorekeeper 1st Class, Navy, WAVE1942-11/30/1945
Mouser, Irene E., MadisonPrivate 1st Class, WAC2/17/1944-3/11/1946American Theater
Parker, Harriet Anne, HanoverSpecialist 2nd Class, Navy3/22/1944-2/2/1946
Pond, Lina, Deputy1st Lieutenant, A.N.C.11/15/1942-12/6/1945North Africa & Italy
Roe, Edith Minnie, Washington, PANurse, Army-6/?/1945New Guinea
Rogers, Dorthy May, DupontWAVE6/21/1944-5/28/1945American Theater
Rogers, Edna E., MadisonPrivate 1st Class, WAC7/3/1944-1/16/1946American Theater
Ruhlman, Alice Loraine Waltz, N. Madison1st Lieutenant, A.N.C.3/20/1943-10/12/1945
Schad, Wilhelmina E., MadisonPrivate, WAC1/8/1944-6/10/1945Camp Sheridan
Server, Martha Jane, MadisonLieutenant, WAC3/13/1943-10/13/1946
Smith, Nancy E., MadisonA/S WAVE1/27/1944Medical Discharge
Van Wye, Myrle Elizabeth, MadisonWAVE, Navy12/13/1943
Vincent, Joan
Williams, Louise (McGovern)Ensign, Navy Nurse, WAVE4/?/1943-11/30/1944American Theater
Wolf, Mary Elizabeth, MadisonSK 3rd Class, WAVE4/21/1943-12/31/1945