A Descendant of Daniel Boone

Daniel Boon, we all know, was one of the boldest and most fearless of the old pioneers. He came into Kentucky when it was really the “Dark and Bloody Ground”—endured hardships but few men could, and finally, when the savage and wild beast had been subdued, he settled down to a quiet life. He raised a family, and like all families when they grew up to manhood and womanhood, some went here and some went there. One grandson came and settled in the State, in Lancaster township, on Middlefork Creek, where he lived to a good old age, died and was gathered to his fathers. His was Willis Boon. One of his daughters, Mrs.Thos. Orrill, resides on lower Second street. So, you see, we have here in Madison a lineal descendant of the great Daniel, one of his great grand daughters. Few cities can boast of as much.