An old citizen's log book


Extracts Recording Events in Madison During 1845-6
(Prepared Expressly for THE COURIER)

Editor Courier:

In compliance with your request I herewith give you extracts from my log-book, beginning with the year 1845, with the suggestion that you will decide what will interest
your readers, and to exclude that which will not, as it is entirely to interest others that I give them.

1845 – Jan. 1. Old Mr. Barney buried with the honors of war. 4. People marvel at such unseasonably warm weather. 5. (Sunday) Mr. Adams delivers an address on Southern Africa. 9. Locomotive engine arrived per st’r. West Tennessee, charges, $742. 11. Engine taken up the hill by horses. 12. Mrs. Graham was buried. 16. Received shipment coffee at 6 ¾ c, sugar 4 ¼ c, molasses 20 c. 22. The remains of Mrs. Callahan brought in on cars.

February 2 (Sunday) Mr. Leavenworth preached an excellent sermon on Family Government; Mr. Booth lectured on the relative claims of Protestantism and Catholicism; Dr. Dunn lectured on Western Asia. 5. President Polk arrived here per steamer Pike, bound East, remained two hours, escorted around town by Governor Hendricks and Gamaliel Taylor. 26. Mr. Graham’s shop burned; new locomotive makes its first trip, took up a light train. This has been a remarkably pleasant, warm winter.

March 4 Our Democratic friends have their cannon out, but from early this forenoon the rain has poured incessantly, and they can only get an occasional shot, then run to shelter. 7. People generally displeased at the news of Texas annexation. 11. River higher than it has been for years, water up to the foot of Wall street in Louisville on the 13th. 18. David Shaw came near drowning of st’r. Fulton. 20. In Louisville thermometer 5 degs. Above zero. Steamboat Palestine comes down and reports Madison on fire at 3 o’clock in the morning. Fire began 12 last night, March 19 at Harvey Smith’s store; burnt up Main Cross, down Mulberry; stopped at John Marsh’s. 24. Court opens, Judge Cushing presiding; extraordinary advance in produce and groceries:

March 1
Land sold for 5 ½ to 5 ¾
Mess Pork for 9 1’4 to 9 ½
Coffee for 6 ¾
Sugar for 4 ¾
Molasses for 18

March 24
Land sold for 7
Mess Pork for 10 to 10 ¼
Coffee for 7 ½ 
Sugar for 6 to 6 ½
Molasses for 33 to 35

At wholesale in Louisville.

April 6 Sunday, Mr. Lattimore preached in Twining’s school room. 7. Mr. McMillan and family leave Madison on the Franklin; man scalded on steamboat Josephine, died at Enoch Withers’.

May 3 Steamboat Bob Letcher sunk yesterday in collision with steamboat Hard Times. 29. Fears are entertained that old lady Vail is drowned; man killed below town; Reuben Sands found drowned; case of small-pox—a man employed by Mr. Griffin.

June 11 News was received of the death of General Andrew Jackson. 15. Rev. Mr. Green preached at First Presbyterian Church; Rev. Mr. Curtis, Second Church. 20. Wilberforce Lyle very ill of putrid sore throat; damp weather. 25. Mr. Lyle died last night; very rainy all night, much sickness prevails; Mr. Luck’s son died yesterday; river high and rising fast. 28. Very heavy rain.

July 5 Thos. I. Goodrich very sick. 7. Judge Hillis died; thermometer 100 above. 11. Mr. Sullivan’s house robbed. 12. Catholic student drowned. 17. Gen. Jackson’s obsequies; stores closed; many people in from the country. 21. The warmest day in five years. 27. This is the last Sunday the First Church occupied Mr. Twining’s school room.

August 1 Mrs. Craig died. 4. New line of packets organized, the Simon Kenton and Swiftsure.. 17. Mr. Curtis and Mr. Leavenworth both away, no services.

September 15 Immense flocks of pigeons flying over. 21. Rev. Mr. Curtis and Dr. Spaulding are having discussion on Catholicism.

October 4 Mrs. Sullivan died. 14. Mr. Hubbs’ child buried. 25. Capt. Wilson’s child died. 30. News received of Mr. John Sering at Logansport on Friday 24.

November 14 Cars got off track beyond Queensville and Mr. John Lodge, conductor, was killed and buried under Masonic honors on the 16th. 20. Sam’l Sering marries Miss Godman. 23. Rev. W. Johnson preached sermon on the death of John Sering.

December 4 Dr. Crumbaugh married to Miss Paine. 6. Cold, ice stopped running; steamboat Fort Wayne, on the Kentucky side; Tioga, Cutter and Swiftsure tied up here; Pike the last boat up; Kenton last boat down; unusual thing for boats tied up in the ice so early; D. White has two flour boats stove. 12. Ice started moving; two flour boats stove at Craig’s bar; Pike down. 18 Edward Collins marries Miss Dutton; the Ohio river closed twice this month. 25. Mr. Poole died this morning. 26. Capt. Vail died today; Mr. Northcraft died. 31. 35,000 hogs killed here up to date; Rev. John Wallace robbed of $3,000 in Cincinnati last week; new Presbyterian church just roofed in.

1846 – Jan. 1 Ice moved today-great piles on the shores; steamboat Ben Franklin came up and the Simon Kenton went down to welcome strangers. 5. Mrs. Jonathan Fitch died this day. 7. Old Mr. Murphy died. 22. E. D. Pain died.

March 3, Tuesday No cars gone out since Friday; R. R. Board in session; S. S. Gillett Treasurer and W. Wilson, conductor. 12. Old Mr. Buthrick and old Mr. Stodgel died. 16. Mr. Gordon’s cooper shop burned. 21. Mr. Quigley shop burned; firemen fight.

April 15 Mrs. Lanier died this morning. 17. McIntire killed. 30. Mrs. Latturner buried.

May 2 Allen Arion fell and hurt himself badly. 3. Capt. Powell, W. W. Flint and Dan. Comstock got up from down the river on Saturday. 6. Vanderbilt died suddenly this morning. 8. Boy found drowned in the river. 10. Steamer, Oliver Anderson, burned above Carrollton. 11. Men breaking ground for new railroad depot. 12. News received confirming declaration of war with Texas; Old Mrs. Branham died; E. R. Orr died. 23. First strawberries and green peas in market. 26. Capt. Ford and Suire recruiting; volunteers come forward slowly. 31. Mr. Crawford’s son-in-law drowned.

June 9 The recruits leave for the South. 16. Three companies came in by train. 17. Thomas Sullivan’s company leaves this evening. 18. Shelby, Marion and Cass, Company 7 leave this afternoon.

(No entry for July or August)

September 10 Returned from the East. While I was gone Mr. Nelson Lodge and Mrs. Smith had died, and on the 4th of this month the great flood occurred on Crooked Creek whereby several lives were lost and the culvert carried away. 11. The railroad’s business is done in wagons to the top of the hill. 20. The First Presbyterian Church hold services in Samuel Marshall block. 29. Amariah Foster died last night.

October 26 Mrs. Mellen died this afternoon.

November 2 (Monday) This morning at 3 o’clock a fire broke out in B. Hubbs’ store which, with the store of Polleys & Butler, were burnt down. 4. Mr. Manville died and was taken to the country for interment. 6. Captain Nathan Powell was married to Miss Mary Frances Watts. 25. (Wednesday) Mr. W. W. Flint and family quit Madison on str. Swiftsure. 28 Mrs. McClure very ill, an engine was sent out to Edenburg for the Doctor.
November 29th Mrs. McClure died last night of bilious cholic; a most estimable lady.

December 4 No cars came in last night on account of bridges being weakened by heavy rains. Passengers go out this morning on Edmund Gillett’s train but get no farther than Bantill’s race at Columbus, which has broken. No freight on this day. 11. No mail or cars since last Monday. 15. Thomas J. Sullivan returns on account of ill health. 24. Immense flocks of pigeons flying over. Business brisk. 31 Great flood in Indianapolis, White river is very high and far out of its banks.