In 1881 the Jamesons held a reunion at Liberty Church, eight miles north of the city on the Michigan Road. It was attended by not only the Jameson family but by several outside of the family. From this grew THE OLD SETTLERS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY meeting. In 1895 it was estimated that as many as 2500 people assembled at the church. The old people present were recognized. They were:

Bayliss, James-63
Brandon, Robert-73
Burton, Hiram-74
Burton, Wm H.-78
Campbell, James O.-81
Chasteen, S. C.-63
Davidson, James-74
Dunn, Wm-85
Guyman, Martin-71
Herring, James A.-65
Higbie, George G.-75
Imel, Wm-71
Jameson, Dr. P. H.
Koll, Christian-71
Lemen, John-70
Mayer, Elizabeth-74
McCarty, Dr.-66
McLaughlin, Zephaniah-61
Means, Harrison J. H.-81
Overturf, M.-68
Overturf, Martin-68
Phillips, Francis P.-75
Phillips, James W.-81
Rynearson, Isacc-74
Smart, Christopher-74
Vawter, M. S.
Woodfill, John S. G.-71
Yost, Nathan-83

The list of old settlers who died since the last annual meeting were as follows:

Baker, William
Bigger, William
Bottom, John
Carnine, Andrew
Carnine, Mrs. Andrew
Davis, Mrs. Mary
Elliott, Robert
Gates, Elizabeth
McCoy, Mrs. John
Mickel, Mrs. Mary
Morton, Kegriee
Patton, John N.
Patton, Nelia
Rawlings, Squire
Rector, John
Ringwald, Mrs.
Serber, John
Smith, Mrs. Wm.
Williams, Benjamin
Williams, Mrs. Emily

John Serber was a veteran of the war of 1812 and the late war. He answered to the last roll call on Sunday, August 4th and Wednesday, August 7th, was buried at Bethel by his Post, Gordon No. 201. He joined the above Post and was mustered in January 2, 1886 and was 88 years old at the that time.