Sec. 35-5-11

Shelby Township
Jefferson County, Indiana

April 2000 Survey – done by Jackie Owen & Granddaughter Morigan Tuggle

LonisHenryB. 04 Jun 1870Age 61y 8m 13d
RodgersBenjmain08 Jul 1844S of Wm. & Mary Ann – Age 2y 4m 17d
RodgersElizaJane09 Feb 1841D of Wm. & Mary Ann – Age 4y 4m 12d
RodgersJamesO. Co. G. 12th Ind. Inf.
RodgersMaryAnn02 Aug 1869W of Wm. – Age 57y
RodgersWilliam03 Mar 180823 Feb 1891
Rogers, Jr. William24 Jun 1876Age 26y 1m

COMMENTS:     Located at 6146 E. Lonnis Hill Road, Canaan, IN on the property of Robie Jones.

One stone was found with the only thing readable of “13 days” – assume it must have been all that was left of Henry B. Lonis’ stone.  Not sure if the spelling is right, the spelling of the hill is Lonnis.

KEY:  SS = Same Stone, W = Wife, S = Son, D = Daughter, y = year(s), m = month(s), d = day(s)

HISTORY:  By Robert W. Scott
The DAR transcription (1940s) describes this as being on the Jackson farm, south of Canaan. Jefferson Co. Road maps show a cemetery (presumably this one) in the SE1/4 of Section 35 and south of Lonis Hill Road (also known as Jackson Hill.)

People in the same families varied [the spelling of their surname]. The family for whom the cemetery is named is Rogers in William Rogers estate. In my family at Brushy Fork the husband is Rogers and the wife Rodgers.

Lonis is one of those names that's all over the lot, double n, single n, final i, final e.