St. Patrick Catholic CEMETERY


Last NameFirstMiddleDate of BirthDate of DeathInscriptionStone
Maers Cecelia21 Oct 1914Age 87 DAR says 77 yrs of age w/o Owen2/18/2 ss (Owen)
MaersOwen27 Dec 1906Age 77 Sligo Co. Ire2/1/8/2 ss (Cecelia)
MahanBridgetAge 501/23/14
MahanGeorge20 Dec 1863Co. Monoghan (?)2/20/25
MalloySarah9 Apr 184810 Sept 18961/16/15
MalodyPatrick8 Aug 1861Age 45 or 46 Name my be Melody1/18/14
MancusoElizabethTull13 Aug 193321 Mar 200“Mom & Grandma Liz”3-7-4
ManionAnna4-20-2 ss (Ida & John)
ManionBridget9 Aug 1895Age 63 Co. Galway Ir.2/19/3
ManionBridget22 July 1868Age 652/22/29
ManionBridget12 Jan 18971/13/6
ManionCatherine4-20-2 ss (Ida & John)
ManionDennis4-20-2 ss Ida & John)
ManionElla4-20-2 ss (Ida & John)
ManionElla15 Nov 186513 Feb 18881/14/2
ManionEllen15 Feb 183713 Oct 1882Clounbern Parish, Galway, Ire.2/20/9
ManionEllen182911 May 19051/14/1
ManionIda18761958Also large family stone with “MANION” engraved on it. 4-20-2 ss (John)
ManionJames18241897“FATHER”4-20-3 ss (James)
ManionJames4-20-3 ss (James & Mary)
ManionJohn4 Oct 178922 Mar 1880Stn deteriorating2/20/10
ManionJohnJ.187119444-20-2 ss (Ida)
ManionKate30 Apr 184713 Apr 1875Clounbern Parish, Galway Co., Ire.2/20/11
ManionMary18261894“MOTHER”4-20-3 ss (Mary)
ManionMathias25 Aug 1865Age 391/12/16
ManionMichael4-20-3 ss (James & Mary)
MarshGeorgeDeLoste26 Oct 191020 Nov 19101/10/19 Not on DAR
MartinMargaret13 Jan 1891Age 75 Kilkern, Galway, Ire.1/19/4 ss (James Lawless)
MartinMary26 July 1871Age 621/20/6
Mathews18591926w/o Wm. H Mathews3-20-2
MathewsErnestJ.31 May 188815 July 1920 3-20-4
MathewsFrancisJ.2 Nov 191324 Dec 19733-20-5
MathewsGuyW.3 Oct 188315 July 19203-20-1 Not in DAR
MathewsWm.H.18 June 18451 Aug 19333-20-3
MatthewsShannonT.9 Mar 19204 Mar 1993M. Jan. 22, 19463-7-12
MatthewsVirginiaM.30 Jan 19213-7-12 ss (Shannon T.)
MauerAnnie2/21/13 Not in DAR
MausoleumOctagon bldg. Cross on top Brick painted white Slate roof Rehabed 2007
MeacherMargaretw/o T. Meacher1/11/5
MeacherTimothy12 June 1876 8 yr 7 mo Footstone1/11/5
MeagherThomas26 Jan 1878Age 24 s/o Timothy & Margaret1/12/6
MelodyKate184819141/17/10 ss (Patrick)
MelodyPatrick18191864Galway, Ire.1/17/10 ss (Kate)
MetzlerThomasJasonJuly 10 18944-29-1 Not on DAR
MilesAnthony11 July 18__BW can’t read1/23/17
MillerCatherineD.2 Aug 18463 Dec 19301/4/23 ss (Jacob)
MillerFred J.187919191/4/24
MillerJacobB.17 June 184221 May 19141/4/23 ss (Catherine)
MillerLizzie20 Sept 1868Aug 1896w/o C. Miller small stn in front “Geneive”1/26/5 ss (John McGowen)
MilliganJohn29 July 1859Monaghan Co. Ir. Stone broken, in bad shape4-7-5
MitchellBridget24 Nov 1874Age 40 Mayo Co. Ire.2/18/22
MitchellEllen15 Aug 1880Age 804-18-4 ss (James) Footsone
MitchellJames17 Apr 1881Age 90 Galway, Ir.4-18-4 ss (Ellen) Footstone
MitchellJamesH.184318 Mar 1934Galway, Ir.4-18-4 ss (James & Ellen)
MitchellMartin27 June 1867Age 59 Stn down and broken on the ground2/18/23
MitchellMartin17 Dec 1878Age 40 Galway, Ire.1/9/10
MitchellMaryE.08 Nov 185401 Nov 1905w/o Jas. H. Mitchell4-18-4 ss (James & Ellen).
MitchellPatrick183809 Aug 1898Galway, Ir4-18-4 ss (James & Ellen)
MitchellThomas14 Mar 1869Galway, Ire. 1/9/9
MockPeter23 Oct 186015 Feb 18804-15-1 Full date not on DAR
MonihonMary11 Aug 1879 Age 64 w/o James2/21/4 ss (Simon)
MonihonSimonH.21 Dec 1877Age 25 yr. 3 mo 2 dy s/o James2/21/4 ss (Mary)
MoonJohn09 July 18664-15-4 Not on DAR
MooneyMary15 Aug 187528 July 19022-10-7 ss (Martin Duffey)
MooreGeorgeHenry15 Oct 19116 Apr 19943-16-21
MooreLewisE.10 Dec 188029 May 19703-17-21
MooreMargaretA.18 Sept 18849 Feb 1965w/o Lewis “Mother”3-17-21 ss (Lewis E.)
MooreMarthaE.2 Feb 191026 Feb 19643-17-20
MooreMaryL.13 Sept 19083 Feb 19913-17-19
MoorePatrickJune 1868Age 60 Galway, Ir.4-12-2
MoranJno.1/26/4 CO K 40TH IND INF
MorrisAnnie4 Oct 18979 Nov 19311/26/5 ss (John McGowen)
MorrisBridget18328 July 19061/26/5 ss (John McGowen)
MorrowBoyceR.189419763-16-7 MP-2 D LT US ARMY WWII
MorrowLorettaC.190319763-16-7 ss (Boyce)
MoylanJohn31 July 18503 Aug 1858s/o Patrick & Mary Moylan, drowned1/2/13
Mul____Patrick2Stone broken in several pieces. No longer readable4-2-
MullenAdelinePrenatt19 July 1910Age 76, w/o Dr. J. W. Mullen2/24/6
MullenAnneWalsh23 June 1823 18 Aug 18991/14/16
MullenBernardR.12 July 18449 Dec 1862Erected by the Officers of the 5th Ind Vol. Adj. Bernard R. Mullen 35th Reg. Ind Vol. Fell in action at the head of his regiment at ____Tenn. 2/22/4
MullenBridget22 Sept 1898Age 911/5/6
MullenEdward1 July 1873Age 3 mo.2/24/4
MullenFrancisC.3 Feb 18537 Feb 19282/24/8
MullenIdaG.8 Oct 187420 July 19061/5/2
MullenJaneY.1 Apr 1902Age 65 w/o Johnny1/5/3
MullenJohnAloyious10 Feb 185110 June 1865s/o AJ & CE Mullen2/22/3
MullenJohnH.1 Nov 1876Age 31 Eldest s/o M & A Mullen1/13/8
MullenJohn (Dr.)19 May 1887Age 662/24/5
MullenJohn (Sr.)15 Sept 1869Age 651/5/5
MullenJohnnyDAR says 15 Sept 1898 Age 651/5/4
MullenKathrin27 Jan 187119 Aug 19572/11/5
MullenLillian188919763-11-17 ss (Edward)
Mullen MargaretL.15 Aug 186210 Jan 19502/11/4
MullenMartin10 Aug 182119 Feb 1891Ireland1/14/15 ss (Martin W.)
MullenMaryA.13 Dec 1870Age 192/22/2
MullenMary C.1/6/3
MullenSarah18541925w/o Thomas1/17/3 ss (Thomas)
MullenThomas18381874Sarah, his wife1/17/3 ss (Sarah)
MullenW.D.10 July 1917Age 622/24/7
MullenWilliam13 Dec 1861Age 48 S/o J & F Mullen DAR say died 19 Dec 18612/25/18
MullenWilliam13 Apr 1861Age 201/13/7
MullenWilliamB.21 May 18613 Oct 19051/6/5
Munier1866BW Can/t read1/1/8
MunierCharlesW.187519311/1/7 Not on DAR
MunierElizabeth22 Sept 181131 July 1898DAR gives date as 18952/23/1 ss (Joseph)
MunierJoseph19 Apr 186915 Oct 1913Footstone2/23/1 ss (Elizabeth)
MunierLouis16 July 1858Age 46 Broken in 4 pieces, stacked on ground DAR date incorrect4-7-1
MunierLouis18619 Aug 1865s/o L & N Munier Stn broken, laying on round1/1/9
MunierLouis9 Aug 183627 May 19141/2/8 ss (Magdelene)
MunierLouisP.14 Apr 187910 Mar 19081/2/8 ss (Louis & Magdelene)
MunierMagdelene22 Mar 183517 Mar 19161/2/8 ss (Louis)
MunierNicholas28 Oct 184203 June 18644-13-1
MunierNicholas29 Jan 18748 Jan 1900s/o L & Magdelene Footstone2/23/1
MurphyBridget17 Jun 1879Age 72 Stonehall Co. Limerick, Ir. w/o Michael4-11-2
Murphy Bridget9 June 1886Age 671/16/13
MurphyBridget Higgins28 Dec 1890Age 65 w.o Martin1/12/17
MurphyCatherine19 July 1868Age 55 w/o Martin1/11/11
MurphyDaniel28 Dec 1868Age 65 Kilkurrin, Galway, Ire.1/16/12
MurphyEllen11 Feb 183308 July 1863d/o M & B Limerick, Ir.
Erected by Michael Murphy4/11/2
MurphyMartin8 Nov 1907Age 81 Galway, Ire.1/12/18
Murray “OUR BABY”2/15/3
MurrayBridget18511927w/o James2/15/1 ss (James & Edward)
Murray EdwardW.18741891s/o James & Bridget2/15/1 ss (James & Bridget)
MurrayJames18291916 or 1918h/o Bridget2/15/1 ss (Bridget & Edward)
MurrayJamesHenry4 Aug 187224 Sept 19432/15/2
MurrayTheresaM. Stephanus189519712/16/2
MurtaughPatrick30 Apr 1875Age 612/18/20
NallyEdward13 July 1872Age 641/25/11
Nally Ellen14 Feb 1903Age 89 Galway, Ire.1/25/12
NaughtonMargaretGavin13 May 1890Age 57 w/o Martin Galway, Ire.2/14/23 ss (Martin)
NaughtonMartin11 Nov 1910Age 802/14/23 ss (Margaret)
NaughtonMaryJan 18378 June 1861w/o Martin d/o Patrick & Mary Moylan b. Ireland1/2/12
NeisseAnthony18 Nov 1856Age 59 yr-9 mo-16 dy DAR date 1855 or 1859 but 1856 is likely correct DAR does not include mos & dys4-5-3-
NesterJohn185619362/16/16 Not in DAR
NesterKatherine185619252/16/17 Not in DAR
NestorMaryE. Dailey1 Oct 185711 Apr 1901Obelisk2/1516 ss (Michael)
NestorMichael4 Oct 185315 Apr 1900Obelisk2/15/16 ss (Mary)
NodlerCharles (Sgt)1/5/16 CO G 6TH KY INF
NodlerM.Magdaline24 Nov 18028 Apr 1872w/o Martin1/6/15
NolteDavidR.17 Dept 19469 May 19933-6-7 MP-US Navy
NoonCatherine1 May 1912Aged 782-1-8 ss (Patrick)
Noon CatherineG.24 Apr 1881----------------2-1-8 ss (Patrick)
NoonDennisJ.26 Jan 1916Aged 532-1-8 ss (Patrick)
NoonMargaret26 Aug 1884w/o Patrick2/10/2
NoonPat29 Apr 1879Age 781/9/7 ss (Michael Brahany)
NoonPatrickL.2 June 186629 Jan 19372-1-8 Not in DAR
NorrisAnnaMae8 Dec 18964 Mar 19763-12-2 ss (Arthur C.)
NorrisArthurC.8 Jan 189415 June 19833-12-2
NorrisCarrieA.189419743-18-4 ss (Everett E.)
NorrisCharles (Sr.)E.186919563-18-3
NorrisElbertL.14 Aug 191711 Dec 19913-18-5 MP- PVT US ARMY WWII
NugentLena10 May 18593 Nov 19272-10-15 ss (Owen)
NugentMargaretMarie21 Sept 189514 Mar 19642-9-8
NugentMaryElizabeth28 Aug 1933Infant2-10-16 Not in DAR
NugentOwen9 July 186129 Sept 19212-10-15 ss (Lena)
O’BrianCatherine181230 May 1858w/o Patrick Galway, Ire.2/25/21
O’BrianJ. H.7 Apr 1862Killed at Battle of Shiloh2/25/20 ss (Michael)
O’Brian John25 Jan 1853Aged 51 or 312-1-3
O’BrianMichael11 Mar 1862Age 23 s/o John & Bridget2/25/20 ss (J. H.)
O’BrianPatrick180115 Nov 1854Died in Madison, from Galway, Ire.2/25/22
O’BrienPatrick15 Mar 1881Aged 352-1-1 ss (William)
O’BrienWilliam9 Mar 1884Aged 362-1-1 ss (Patrick)
O’ConnorJohnReady3-6-9 MP-TEC 5 US ARMY
O’ConnorMichaelLrg Family stone w/names Watters & O’Connor1/27/8
O’ConnorMichaelMemorial Stone1/30/4
O’ConnorWinifredMemorial Stone1/30/4
O’DonnellCatherine19 Dec 182415 Feb 1901Co. Galway, Ir., “MOTHER”1/16/1
O’HaraEllen185419221/14/6 ss (Ellen)
O’HaraHelen189219141/14/6 ss (Ellen)
O’HaraJames18431893DAR says born 18481/11/4
O’HaraJames187319071/14/6 ss (Ellen)
O’HaraJohn187118841/11/3 ss (Margaret & Michael) Not on DAR
O’HaraMargaret184418841/11/3 ss (Nellie & Michael)
O’HaraMichael187818791/11/3 ss (Nellie & Margaret) Not on DAR
O’HaraNellie188718891/11/3 ss (Michael & Nellie) Not on DAR
O’HaraWilliam187619361/4/21 Not on DAR
O’NeilMargaret16 Jan 1897w.o Patrick1/26/9
O’SullivanJoseph30 Jan 18794 Aug 19642-4-8
OlberdingLesiaGail10 Aug 19671 Dec 1971d/o Eddie & Janet3-18-19
OwensMabelG.24 Sept 19053 Dec 19352-5-3
ParentVictorT.16 July 19123 June 1988“Only Forever, Dorothy, Carole & Rick”3-10-3
ParisCatherine11 Jan 182013 Nov 1888w/o Joseph4-22-8
PattonCharlotteImel10 Apr 191117 July 19643-16-13
Pean Catherine11 Aug 1858Age 4 yr 5 mo 10 dy d/o F & C Pean1/4/13 Not on DAR
PenderBettyW.18 July 192119 Mar 19953-16-18
PenderCarrolH.30 Dec 192127 Dec 19673-16-18 ss (Betty) MP-US ARMY RET 2ND RANGER BAT
PenderNormanF.20 Sept 19503-16-18 ss (Betty)
PerryIvaCatherine13 Aug 19228 Jan 2004Cross & Shamrocks3-9-12
PetersAnnaF.18 Nov 187826 June 19402/14/16
PetersCatharineE.12 Mar 17966 Oct 1874w/o Francis B. Died at Connerville, IN1/22/4
PetersFrancisB.6 Sept 180120 Apr 1857Bishopry of Ostnabruck, Hanover, GER Died at Connersville, IN1/22/4
PetersJohn4 Feb 18449 Sept 1847s/o F & E Peters1/22/1
PetersJohn (Jr.)185418571/22/2
PetersJohn (Sr.)181918911/22/5
PetersMargaret184319151/22/6 Not in DAR
PetersRev. FrancisWilliam22 Jan 18389 Aug 1862Born in Vincennes. Died in Connersville, IN in 2nd yr of his priesthood.4-22-12
PetersRev. Henry22 Feb 182930 Dec 1874Died in Connersville, IN in the 23rd year of his Priesthood. Born in Hague, Hanover.4-22-11
PetersWilliamH.8 Dec 18712 July 1930FATHER ss Agnes2/14/15
PfeifferFredrick3 Sept 182329 June 18601/4/22
PorterKathrynE.190519623-18-21 ss (Daniel L.)
PorterMartin12 Jan 193128 Mar 19923-18-22
PotterCharles194019913-9-2 FM
PotterRuthM.191619723-9-1 ss (Nicholas J.)
PrattDorothyA.191919693-14-10 ss (Donald E.)
PrenattAnnieInf. Grdau. Of F J & M C Prenatt1/1/6
PrenattEdwardC.16 Mar 18925 Oct 19551/1/5 MS: PVT CO M 160 DEPOT BRIG WWI
PrenattEdward M.Footstone1/2/1
PrenattEdwardM.25 July 186610 May 1951Lrg Obelisk set btwn rows1/2/4
PrenattFrancis10 Aug 1867Age 581/2/4 ss (Edward C.)
PrenattFrancisJ.3 Apr 184217 Jan 18841/2/4 ss (Edward C.)
PrenattFrancis (Dr.)5 Jan 189516 May 19641/2/5
PrenattJamesC.18691952“FATHER”1/4/3sss (Sarah G.)
PrenattJamesP.8 May 193622 Oct 19971/1/4
PrenattLucyC.11 Nov 18686 Nov 1911w/o Edw. M. Prenatt1/2/4 ss (Edward C.)
PrenattMary24 Aug 188815 Sept 19631/2/3
PrenattMary25 Apr 18172 may 18521/4/1
PrenattMary C.7 Sept 184327 May 18781/2/4 ss (Edward C.)
PrenattMary G.5 May 1900Age 811/2/4 ss (Edward C.)
PrenattSarahG.18701960“MOTHER”1/4/3 ss (James C.)
PrestonBettyR.29 June 19283-6-14
PrestonMichaelP.11 Oct 192310 Dec 19923-6-14 MP-T SGT US ARMY WWII
Quinn17 July 1843Name Mary Quinn at bottom of stone1/1/11 Not on DAR
QuinnAnna186319272-7-2 Not in DAR
Quinn AnnieL.10 Mar 1902Age 431/11/7
QuinnAnthony15 Feb 1881Age 75 His wife4-34-4 ss (Catherine) Not in DAR
QuinnCatharine5 Jan 189872 yrs. of age2-8-3
QuinnCatherine05 Dec 1873Age 454-34-4 Not in DAR ss (
QuinnCatherineBW broken, can’t read1/12/8
QuinnPatrickJ.185719142-7-1 Not in DAR
QuinnPeter24 Sept 1872Killian Co. Galway, Ire. Erected by his dau. Catherine1/12/9
QuinnWillieT.188919112-8-2 Not in DAR
RaffaufAloysius13 Oct 189225 Feb 19362-4-12 Not in DAR
RaffaufFloraZapp27 July 18847 Jan 19813-13-5
RaffaufHelen (R. N.)E.3 Sept 192613 Sept 20013-13-6
RaffaufRobert9 Sept 19165 Aug 19272-3-9
RalstonBette14 June 19273-7-9 ss (Kenneth)
RalstonKenneth19 Oct 1923Praying hands3-7-9
ReillyJno.1/8/2 CO A 12 US IF
RequetBertha31 Jan 1913--------------3-23-21 ss (Charles, Sr.)
RequetCharles, Sr.F.27 Sept 190510 Apr 1991Hammer carved on stone3-23-21
RequetElizabeth5 June 1864--------------w/o Michael3-23-20 ss (Michael J.)
RequetMatilda189019773-15-11 ss (Peter J.)
RequetMichaelJ.16 July 185420 Aug 19243-23-20
ReynoldsMaryKatherine29 Dept 192410 Dec 20033-3-1 ss (Robert Joseph)
ReynoldsRobertJoseph4 Aug 1923In Loving Memory3-3-1 ss (Mary Katherine)
RickettsAlmaL.17 Aug 191018 Apr 19783-17-17 ss (Walter E.)
RickettsLouisE.17 July 190713 Mar 19903-15-6
RickettsStellaL.15 Aug 191728 May 19823-15-6 ss (Louis L.)
RickettsWalterE.6 Mar 19057 Feb 19853-17-17
RingwaldArthur4 Oct 1932Ind. Chamber of Comm.3-21-13 PVT SATC IN VOL
RingwaldBernardH.10 Aug 191231 Aug 20001/30/3 ss (Mildred L.)
RingwaldEdgarF.188019751/27/3 ss (Margaret & Peter)
RingwaldEmmaC.18911974And his wife3-20-13 ss (Frank H.)
RingwaldFrankH.18861967Names carved in bible3-20-13
RingwaldGeorgeW.15 May 19235 Mar 19943-21-14
RingwaldHelenM.191419973-18-9 ss (John N.)
RingwaldJohnN.19211970“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die”3-18-9
RingwaldMargaret18551943W/o Peter1/27/3 ss (Peter)
RingwaldMildredL.22 July 19221/30/3 ss (Bernard H.)
RingwaldPeterE.185519341/27/3 ss (Margaret)
RoachMarie14 Oct 1887w/o Micl Aage 56 Galway Ire.2/16/1
RoahrigLauraAnn7 Aug 196821 Aug 1990“Carpe diem”3-6-1
RobertsHelen“Tish”27 Jan 19322 Dec 1978We will meet again2-5-8
RochAgnesV.31 July 1895Age 7 hours1/3/8 ss (Louis)
RochHelene_Feb 187517 Feb 18751/4/18 Not on DAR
RochLouis8 July 182623 Sept 18871/3/8 ss (Agnes & Victoria)
RochLouisP.20 Aug 1856Age 1 yr s/o L & V Roch Stone broken leaning on another stone1/2/21 Not on DAR
RochMatilda30 Oct 185930 June 1865d/o L & V Roch1/4/17 Not on DAR
RochRosalia30 July 185327 June 1860d/o L & V Roch Stone broken on ground1/4/16 Not on DAR
RochVictoria17 Sept 185713 Apr 18961/3/8 ss (Louis & Agnes)
RodgersJamesC.21 Apr 1860Age 42 “Lord have mercy on his soul”4-7-8
RogersDonaldB.25 Aug 1924Married 28 Jun 1946-On back-OUR CHILDREN Patricia A, John M. Donald. D. Black stone- there is a photo of Donald & Esther on stone ss as Esther3-1-1
RogersEster21 Oct 19238 Aug 20013-1-1ss as (Donald)
RoszczynskiGeorge4 May 192430 Apr 19813-10-10
RoszczynskiNatalia16 Aug 1990Carved recess w/Madonna and child3-109
RoszczynskiWanda16 Oct 19313-10-10 ss (George)
RouschBernardJ.8 Aug 191626 Feb 19703-14-14
RouschIdaLucille30 Oct 19204 Dec 19883-9-14 ss (Leo M.)
RouschLeoM.8 Nov 191228 Dec 2002M. Mar. 8, 19373-9-14
RouschLouiseC.187219472-6-9 ss (Matthias)
RouschLucile14 Apr 19193-14-14 ss (Bernard J.)
RowanNo further information2-2-1
RowanAnna4 Mar 185417 Apr 1918d/o J & S1/14/13 ss (Jeremiah)
RowanCatherine6 Mar 186614 July 1923d/o J & S1/14/13 ss (Jeremiah)
RowanJeremiah17 Mar 1884Age 541/14/13 ss (Sebena)
RowanJohn30 Oct 18556 Dec 18851/14/13 ss (Jeremiah)
RowanSebena28 Oct 18228 Sept 18951/14 13 ss (Jeremiah)
RuckerDeronPatrick3 Sept 196423 July 1995Baseball etched on ends3-5-3
RuckerMonicaM.16 Dec 196216 Jan 2001“Laughing with Angels”3-5-5
RuckerPatriciaDaily30 Jan 19343-5-4 ss (Warren)
RuckerWarren, MDRayburn10 Oct 193011 Dec 1995Mar. June 11, 1955-Mayor of Madison3-5-4 Urn on each end stone
RuppertJohn07 Oct 180_15 Sept 18624-11-1 Not on DAR
RyanJaunita27 Oct 191222 Feb 20033-8-6
RyanMartin18091883 4-22-9
RyanMichael29 Dec 181609 May 1867Co. Limerick, Knockany Parish, Ir. Erected by his wife, C.B. Ryan4-16-2
RyanNoraBurke18161909(ss Martin)