Trinity united methodist (pastor) 1811-1880 

These records can be found on microfilm 134 here at the Madison-Jefferson County Public Library.

Wesley Chapel was founded in Madison between 1812-1819 with the founding pastor Walter Griffith. The church was originally known as the Madison Methodist Episcopal, but in 1819 officially changed its name to Wesley Chapel. In 1867-1868 the church was joined by St. John’s Methodist and took the name of Trinity. In 1869 the congregation resumed the name of Wesley Chapel when the St. John’s congregation left. Eventually in 1881 the church merged again with Trinity which at that time consisted of St. John’s and Robert’s Chapel. From – Jackie Richards – Churches and Church Records in Jefferson County, Indiana.

Baker, Henry1819
Barns, R. M.1863 & 1864
Bassett, Samuel1825
Beharrell, Thomas G.1859 & 1860
Bigelow, Russell1816
Chafee, Jonathan G.1865 & 1866
Crawford, James1843
Crume, Moses1813
Daily, W. M.1832
Daniel, William V.1835
Davidson, C. B.1849 & 1850
Eddy, A.1842
Edwards, C. C.1879-1880
Dixon, William1812
Gilmore, H.1852 & 1853
Griffith, N. B.1822
Griffith, Walter1811
Hester, F. A.1867
Hibben, W. W.1845
Hines, Edmund R.1838
Hitt, Thomas S.1831
Halliday, F. C.1839
Huson, Thomas1823
Johnson, A. A.1877
Jones, James1821
Kent, Jonathan P.1818
Lewis, Rodman1836
Long, E. D.1855 & 1856
Marsera, Joseph1840
May, James1821
McMahan, S. S.1868 & 1869
Mellinder, J. W.1878
Miller, John1844
Miller, John1854
Pierce, William C.1870
Prescott, Walter1848
Quinn, W. P. 1820
Ralston, T. N.1861 & 1862
Raper, William. H.1819
Ray, Edwin1826 – 1828
Reagan, James S.1874 – 1876
Ross, W. B.1837
Ruter, Calvin W.1826
Sharp, David1815
Smith, Lorenzo D.1833
Smith, William C.1846 & 1847
Snyder, W. W.1857 & 1858
Snyder, William W.1871-1873
Stevenson, Benjamin C.1830
Stewart, Jonathan1822
Strange, John1814
Turrell, William1851
Thompson, James L.1829
West, Samuel1817
Wiley, A.1824
Wiley, Allen1817 & 1820
Wiley, Allen1841
Wood, E. G.1824 & 1834
Wright, Jonathan F.1823