Veterans' marked graves

These names of veterans are primarily from the Civil War but a few are from other conflicts. All names were extracted from Cemetery Records of Jefferson County by Fauna Mihalco in 1986.

Aberdeen, Andrew W.Co. B 137th IN Inf.HanoverBethel1845-1929
Adams, AndyMadisonSpringdale
Adams, John W.Co. C 67th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Albee, D. M.Co. K 6th IN Inf.HanoverBethel1831-1864
Alcorn, MosesCo. G 35th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Alexander, W.P.MadisonSpringdale
Alexander, W.P.Co. A 11th IN Cav.MadisonSpringdale
Alexander, W.P.Co. A 11th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Alives, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Allcorn, MosesCo. G 35th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Alstatt, WilliamCo. G 12th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Anderson, W.C., Sgt.Co. C
82nd Reg. IN Vol.
Armstrong, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Austin, NathanielCo. K 82nd IN Inf.Lancaster4 Dec. 1862
Bachman, Alois G., Lt. Col.MadisonSpringdale17 Sept. 1862KIA at Antietam
Backman, Col. Alois O.MadisonSpringdale
Badgley, HennickMadisonSpringdale
Bagdley, EdMadisonSpringdale
Bailer, W.A.9th IN Vol.SaludaMarling
Bailey, AaronCo. D 146th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Baker, MichaelMadisonSpringdale
Ball, David H.MadisonSpringdale
Banta, Henry D. Sgt.Co. A 3rd IN Cav.; LT Co. B 145th Reg.HanoverBethel1842-1926
Banta, William H.IN Vol.ShelbyBrushyfork28 Apr. 1864Age 26
Barber, JamesCo. A
6th Reg. IN Vol.
Shelby Flat Bottom20 Dec 1863Age 25
Bare, EdMadisonSpringdale
Barnett, AlexCo. A 54th IN Inf.SaludaNew Prospect
Barrar, PeterCo. G
13th OH Cav.
MadisonSt. Joseph
Barrett, DominickMadisonSpringdale
Barrett, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Baxter, WilliamsonCo. C 82nd IN Inf.HanoverLick Branch1845-1919
Beard, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Beatty, Walter W.MadisonSpringdale
Becker, Michael L.MadisonSpringdale
Benham, James E., Lt.Co. E 22nd IN Inf.RepublicanNarling
Benham, Joseph R.Co. E 22nd IN Inf.Saluda Zion
Benham, R.C.Co. E 22nd IN Inf.SaludaZion
Berkmier, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Best, Selin K.Co. H 39th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Bishop, John W.Co. I 45th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1844-1932
Black, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Blake, William M.Co. A 82nd IN Vol.GrahamPisgah
Blankenship, H., Cpl.Co. C 82nd IN Inf.Republican
Blassingham, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Boicourt, Thomas J.MadisonSpringdale
Borcherding, HenryCo. G 12th IN Inf.Lancaster
Bowen, LigonCo. (?) 5th WV Inf.Lancaster1843-1918
Bowman, Andrew W.Co. D 126th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Bowman, HenryMadisonSpringdale
Boyd, JasperCo. C 40th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Boyd, Robert H.Co. B 10th IAGrahamBethany1830-1917
Bradey, Sergeant39th IN Inf.GrahamWiggen
Brandon, John W.Co. C 31st IN Inf.MadisonBayless1844-1927
Braze, AbMadisonSpringdale
Brewster, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Brewster, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Brodbecker, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Brown, CyrusCo. H 10th IN Inf.Milton
Brown, HenryMadisonSpringdale
Brown, HenryCo. B 40th IN Inf.ShelbyMt. Pleasant
Brown, Isaac G.Co. B 40th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1837-1909
Brown, SamuelMadisonSpringdale
Bryden, JohnMadisonSpringdaleWar of 1812
Bryden, William F.Co. A IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale1841-1906
Bryden, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Buchanan, Samuel C.Co. E 137th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1844-1915
Buchanan, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Buchannon, James M.Co. K 22nd IN Inf.ShelbyFlat Bottom
Burdett, G.W.Co. K 140th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Burke, (?)MadisonSpringdale
Burkemeyer, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Burkett, ThomasCo. D 146th IN Inf.MadisonSt. Patrick
Burnett, AndrewCo. E
23rd Reg. IN Vol.
SaludaNew Prospect
Burnham, R.C., Lt.Co. D 14th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Burns, RichardMadisonSpringdale
Burton, William Y.Co. A 32nd IN Inf.Smyrna
Busch, LouisMadisonSpringdale
Calhoun, AlbertCo. H 120th Vol.GrahamPisgah12 Aug. 1864Age 23
Calloway, CharlesCo. G 12th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1842-1925
Calloway, Jacob9th IA Inf.MonroeHebron
Cameron, DonaldMadisonSpringdale
Campbell, AlexMadisonSpringdale
Capher, HenryCo. B 140th IN Inf.ShelbyBrushyfork
Carley, B. C.Co. I 50th INRepublicanMt. Zion1829-1904
Carse, DrummondMadisonSpringdale
Carse, DrummondMadisonSpringdale27 June 1864KIA at Kennesaw Mtn., age 21
Carse, DuncanMadisonSpringdale
Carse, DuncanMadisonSpringdaleDd. of wounds received at Stone River
Cartwright, Joseph17th IN Battln.SaludaZion
Chambers, IraCo. H 19th IN Cav.MonroeHebron
Chapman, A.E.Co. D 145th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale1849-1871
Chapman, Albert E.MadisonSpringdale
Chapman, ElijahMadisonSpringdale
Chapman, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Chapman, William G.MadisonSpringdale
Charlton, Thomas J. Lt.22nd IN Vol.HanoverBethel
Chauncey, Capt. J.D.P.A. Matier (John Don Pedro Alphonzo)MadisonSpringdale
Chauncy, J.D. Capt.Co. D 13th IN Inf.MadisonBayless
Child, William H.MadisonSpringdale
Clark, PatrickCo. H
2nd Reg. IN Vol.
MadisonSaint Patrick1843-1922
Clark, ThomasCo. G 137th INMadisonSaint Patrick1850-1917
Clay, J.H.Co. F 28th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Clay, John H. (Tobe)MadisonSpringdale
Clegg, James B.Co. D
54th Reg. IN Vol.
Clements, WilliamCo. F 6th IN Inf.Milton
Cochran, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Collins, Admiral Napoleon B.MadisonSpringdale
Collins, Dr. William AndrewMadisonSpringdale
Collins, George W.MadisonSpringdale
Collins, W.W.MadisonSpringdale
Collins, William A., SurgeonMadisonSpringdale
Comley, SamuelMadisonSpringdale
Conley, PhillipCo. E 17th IA Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Connelly, PatrickMadisonSpringdale
Connelly, PhillipMadisonSpringdale
Connett, Amazon Capt.Co. F 24th IN Vol.MadisonBayless1832-1905
Conther, DanielCo. E 23rd KY Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Cook, AmosCo. F 28th USGTLancaster
Cope, George W.MadisonSpringdale
Cope, LafayetteCo. H 10th IN Cav.MonroeHebron
Cope, William H.H.Co. A 6th IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale1842-1928
Cosby, ArchibaldMadisonSpringdale
Cosby, LawrenceMadisonSpringdale
Cotton, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Courtney, Andrew J.Co. E
54th KY Mtd. Inf.
Courtney, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Courtney, WilliamCo. D 31st IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Cowden, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Cowden, Lt. JohnMadisonSpringdale
Cox, GillumMadisonSpringdale
Craig, JamesCo. C 6th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Craig, Thomas J.MadisonSpringdale
Crawford, JohnCo. B 140th IN Inf.ShelbyCaledonia1842-1921
Croizer, John A.MadisonSpringdale
Cummins, George W.MadisonSpringdale
Cummins, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Cummins, Maj. Andrew ClarkMadisonSpringdale
Cunningham, T. ClelandMadisonSpringdale
Custer, JepthaCo. L 86th IN Vol.MonroeHebron
Custer, JethroCo. A 37th IN Vol.MonroeHebron
Dahlem, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Daily, Lorenzo D.Co. A 3rd IN Cav.Milton1833-1893
Daily, PatrickMadisonSpringdale
Daily, PatrickCo. B 15th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale1834-1881
Daily, Rev. Dr. William M.MadisonSpringdale
Davidson, Dr. WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Davis, George H.Co. K 22nd INMilton1844-1922
Davis, JohnCo. A 6th IN Vol.MadisonBayless
Davis, R.G.Co. B 13th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Davis, WilliamCo. A 54th IN Inf.SaludaZion
Davison, William R. M.D. Surgeon7th & 22nd KY Inf.MadisonBayless1842-1924
Day, JohnMadisonSpringdale
De Von, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Dean, FrankCo. H 35th IN Vol.Saluda1843-1914
Debanto, PeterMadisonSpringdale
Dibler, CalebCo. H 40th IN Vol.GrahamPisgah1838-1916
Dickey, GeorgeMadisonSpringdale
Diehamer, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Dihammer, Joshua, Cpl.Co. G 37th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Dillon, DallasCo. G 137th IN Vol.MadisonBayless1847-1934
Dillon, MichaelMadisonSpringdale
Dillon, William P.MadisonSpringdale
Dodd, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Dollhover, MartinCo. C 13th IN Cav.MadisonSaint Patrick1837-1913
Donahue, WilliamCo. CMadisonSpringdale
Dorsch, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Doyle, BernardCo. C 78th IN Vol.MadisonSaint Patrick1910
Drake, B.F.Co. E 7th IN Cav.MadisonSpringdale
Driggs, William F.Co. D 54th IN MadisonBayless1844-1918
Duffy, JamesCo. D 54th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1839-1924
Duke, John4th IN Cav.HanoverBethel
Dunlap, Robert E.MadisonSpringdale
Eades, Jonothan (Jonty)MadisonSpringdale
Eades, JonothanCo. D ? IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Eades, T.A.Co. H 6th IN Inf.Milton
Elliott, James H.Co. G 10th IN Inf.MonroeMonroe Presbyterian Church
Elms, RosingtonMadisonSpringdale
Ennis, LeonardMadisonSpringdale8 June 1863
Ennis, ThomasMadisonSpringdale1832-1915
Eudaily, IsaacMadisonSpringdale
Fabay, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Faulkner, BentonCo. L 4th IN Cav.
Faulkner, Charles Cpl.12th IN Inf.Lancaster
Faulkner, Dwight H.Lancaster20 Mar. 1847- 6 Mar. 1864
Faulkner, Nelson D.Lancaster1849-1864
Favour, SamuelCo. A 82nd IN Inf.SaludaMaddox
Ferguson, JohnCo. K 118th U.S.MadisonSpringdale
Ferguson, William H.Co. A
3rd Reg. IN Vol.
ShelbyCanaan11 Aug. 1863
Fewell, J. A.Co. G 40th IN Inf.Smyrna
Fidger, FredMadisonSpringdale
Files, John L. Sgt.Co. H. 27th IN Vol.HanoverBethel
Finnigan, PatrickMadisonSpringdale
Flynn, EdwardCo. H 22nd INMadisonSaint Patrick
Ford, Capt. WilliamMadisonSpringdaleMexican War
Forthofer, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Forwe, John M.MadisonSpringdale
Foster, W.S.Co. D 28th U.S.MadisonSpringdale
Foster, William S.MadisonSpringdale
Fox, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Francisco, AlonzoMadisonSpringdale
Francisco, John M.MadisonSpringdale
French, WilliamCo. F 8th U.S.MadisonSpringdale1839-1896
Frooks, WilliamCo. D
13th Reg. IN Vol.
Galbreath, WilliamCo. K 5th IN Inf.SaludaMaddox
Gale, Stephen B.MadisonSpringdale
Gans, Joseph N.Co. C IN Inf.ShelbyCanaan
Gantzschier, PhillipMadisonSpringdale
Garber, Michael C.MadisonSpringdale
Gardner, GeorgeCo. F 135th OH Inf.MadisonBayless1844-1918
Gardner, GeorgeCo. F 135th OH Inf.MadisonBayless1844-1918
Garrett, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Gaul, ChrisMadisonSpringdale
Gavitt, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Gavitt, Marcus A. Lt.24th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1824-1897
Gerber, Col. JohnMadisonSpringdale
Gerber, John, Lt. Col.24th IN Vol.MadisonSpringdaleKIA at Shiloah
Gibbs, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Gibbs, Willam C.Co. G 40th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Gibson, WilliamHanoverBethel1836-1922Civil War Veteran
Gilbert, WilliamCo. K 6th IN Inf.SaludaMaddox
Giltner, Levi A.Co. F 38th IN Vol.Saluda1844-1920
Glass, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Glass, LouisMadisonSpringdale
Glasscock, J.R.B.MadisonSpringdale
Goldsboro, J.P.Capt. Patton’s IN Inf.MadisonBayless
Goodemost, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Gordon, E. D.Co. A IN Inf.HanoverLancaster
Gordon, WilliamCo. I 137th IN Inv.HanoverBethel1844-1922
Gore, JamesCo. H
39th Reg. IN Vol.
GrahamLick Branch29 May 1863Age 24
Graham, James H.Co. K 6th IN Inf. MadisonBayless1840-1871
Graham, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Graham, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Graves, George H.5th IN BatteryMadisonBayless1844-1916
Gray, RobertCo. E 3rd IN Cav.MadisonBayless1844-1909
Grayble, LambertMadisonSpringdale
Grebe, FredMadisonSpringdale
Greiner, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Greyson, Andrew J., Lt.Co. D & E 6th IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale1838-1913
Gunther, DanielMadisonSpringdale
Haag, MartinMadisonSpringdale
Haines, J.V.Co. D 6th IN Inf.Wirt
Hall, J.W.Co. H 6th IN Inf.MadisonRyker’s Ridge
Hall, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Hall, WilliamCo. A IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Halterbaum, EliasCo. D 81st IN Inf.GrahamLick Branch
Hamlin, L.MadisonSpringdale
Hammell, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hankins, Milton S.Co. DMadisonBayless
Hankins, MiltonMadisonSpringdale
Hanson, Charles G.MadisonSpringdale
Hardy, Himis A.Co. G
7th Reg. IL Vol.
Hare, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Harmon, David C.Co. K 6th IN MadisonBayless1838-1901
Harrington, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Harris, J.C. Capt.Co. A 79th IN Inf.HanoverBethel
Harrison, William H.13th IN Cav.MadisonBayless1846-1916
Hartley, JosiahMadisonSpringdale
Hatton, Bruce H.Co. B
40th Reg. 3rd Vol.
Hatton, BruceMadisonSpringdale
Hayden, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hazelton, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Heath, MartinMilton22 Oct. 1863In Defense of His Country
Hendricks, Col. J.A.MadisonSpringdale
Henry, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Henry, JamesCo. D 2nd Reg.MadisonSpringdale1862Dd. Battle of Perryville, KY
Henry, SamuelCo. C
38th Reg. IN Vol.
Republican3 Jun. 1862Age 18
Herman, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hermond, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Herrod, AlexMadisonSpringdale
Herrod, KingMadisonSpringdale
Hewit, G.W.Co. H 6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Hildreth, H.MadisonSpringdale
Hill, FrankMadisonSpringdale
Hinds, Charles C., Capt.MadisonSpringdaleDd. of disease contracted in the Army
Hinds, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Hinds, Marion A.MadisonSpringdale
Hoagland, JohnCo. E 3rd IN MadisonBayless1842-1912
Hoagland, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Hoding, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Hoefling, John M., Sr.Co. I 31st IN Inf.1836-1918
Holcraft, A.Co. A 22nd IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Holcroft, AbramMadisonSpringdale
Holland, AlonzoMadisonSpringdale
Holmes, AlonzoMadisonSpringdale
Holmes, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hord, AlexanderCo. B 16 INSmyrna
Hoskins, JosephCo. E 54th KY Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Houghland, IsaacCo. D 4th OH Cav.MadisonBayless
Hudson, J. T.Co. D 13th IN Inf.Smyrna
Huffman, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hughes, FrankMadisonSpringdale
Hull, Capt. HoraceMadisonSpringdale
Humphrey, Thomas J., Cpl.Co. K 82nd IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale1814-1890
Humphreys, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Humphries, James H.Co. I 145th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Humphries, John R.Co. G 55th IN Vol.MonroeHebron
Hunt, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Hunter, M.D.MadisonSpringdale
Huntley, Oliver L.Co. I 137th IN Inf.HanoverBethel
Hurley, George D.Co. B 4th OH Cav.MadisonSpringdale1844-1922
Hutchinson, J.O.Co. K 32nd IN Inf.Lancaster
Hutchinson, N.V.Co. K 32nd IN Inf.Lancaster
Hutchinson, SamuelCo. K 32nd IN Inf.Lancaster
Hyatt, Thomas H.Co. K 82nd IN Inf.Lancaster1830-1914
Hyatt, W.W.Co. D 146th IN Vol.MonroeHebron
Iddings, Samuel2nd IA Cav.SaludaBethel
Igent, John H.28th Reg. IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale
Irvey, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Irwin, James13th IN Batt.MonroeHebron
Jackson, G.Co. I 3rd KY Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Jackson, HiramCo. D 161st IN Inf.Shelby Mt. Pleasant
Jackson, Lemon W.Co. K 6th INSaludaMarling13 Jan. 1863KIA at Stone River, TN
Jackson, Robert D.Co. B 33rd IN Inf.ShelbyMt. Pleasant
Jackson, Thomas W., Cpl.6th IN Inf.SaludaMarling
Jenkins, WalterMadisonSpringdale
Jewell, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Jines, HenryCo. D 22nd IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Jines, John WilliamMonroeHebronDd.
Jines, SilasCo. D 6th IN Inf.MonroeHebronAug. 1862Dd. at Stevenson, AL
Jines, Walter W.Co. D 6th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Johnson, DocMadisonSpringdale
Joit, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Jones, Allan W.Co. F 9th KY Cav.SaludaBethel
Jones, J.L.Co. E 3rd IN Cav.Republican
Jones, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Jones, W.H.Co. C 13th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Jones, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Jordan, Martin L.Co. M 2nd NE Cav.Monroe1839-1880
Jordan, Robert M.9th LegionRepublican
Joyce, SmithMadisonSpringdale
Justine, Jeptha D.Co. G 4th KY Inf.Milton
Kavenaugh, EdwardCo. B 35th IN Inf.MadisonSaint Patrick
Kelly, J.H.Co. A 6th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Kelso, Edward D.Co. C 3rd IN Cav.MadisonBayless
Kennedy, E.H.Co. G 137th IN Inf.ShelbyCanaan
Kennison, B.MadisonSpringdale
Kennison, SamuelMadisonSpringdale
Kenuthan, William H.MadisonSpringdale
Kernen, AlbertMadisonSpringdale
Kibby, DanielMadisonSpringdale
Kinder, LawrenceMadisonSpringdale
King, Benjamin B., Sgt.Co. I 4th IN Cav.
King, HenryCo. A 82nd IN Inf.SaludaBethel
King, Joseph W.MadisonSpringdale
King, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Kinnear, John H.13th IN Inf.Smyrna10/1/1861
Kinnear, ThomasCo. D 16th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1839-1918
Kirk, F.M., Cpl.Co. K 22nd IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Kirk, John H.MadisonSpringdale
Kirk, John, Jr.MadisonSpringdale28 June 1861Dd. at Pittsburg Landing
Kirk, RichardMadisonSpringdale
Kirschner, MichaelMadisonSpringdale
Kiser, J.N.Co. C 12th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Kiser, WilliamCo. C 12th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Klein, NicholasMadisonSpringdale
Klein, Nicholas6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Knowles, EdgarMadisonSpringdale
Krue, MartinCo. G 137th IN Inf.MadisonBayless
Kunkler, G.A.MadisonSpringdale
Kunnitz, HenryMadisonSpringdale
La Rue, DavidMadisonSpringdale
Labach, James M. Rev.Co. E
137th PA Vol. Inf.
Lamb, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Lanciskes, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Lane, A.O.Co. D 6th IN Inf.Lancaster
Lanham, WarrenCo. G 137th IN Vol.Shelby Mt. Pleasant
Larabee, J.D.Co. E 6th IN Inf.MadisonBayless
Largent, NelsonCo. K 66th IN Vol.SaludaMaddox
Larrabee, John D.MadisonSpringdale
Laten, SathielCo. A 6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Lathorp, James P.MadisonSpringdale
Lavelle, MartinMadisonSpringdale
Lavelle, MartinCo. N 15th Ill. Cav.MadisonSpringdale
Lawrence, J.E.Co. C 3rd IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Lawson, Robert C., Cpl.Co. H 8th IN Cav.SaludaNew Prospect
Lee, George W.MadisonSpringdale1844-1909
Lee, Gershom L.ShelbyFlat Bottom9 Dec. 1864
Lehman, Robert O.Co. H 13th OH Inf.HanoverBethel1843-1907
Lewis, C.B.Co. G 82nd IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Lewis, IsaacShelbyBrushyfork23 Dec. 1864Dd. at Murfreesboro, TN at Age 23
Lewis, JosephCo. E
3rd Reg. IN Cav.
MadisonSpringdale13 Sept. 1862
Lighton, D.MadisonSpringdale
Lloyd, GilesMadisonSpringdale
Lloyd, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Lochard, AlfredMadisonSpringdale
Lochard, JospehMadisonSpringdale
Lockhard, EnochCo. D 22nd IN Vol.Saluda15 Feb. 1862
Lockman, S.O.Co. H 2nd IN Cav.Lancaster
Lockridge, George W.Co. K 82nd INLancaster
Lockridge, James W.Co. K 37th IN Inf.Milton1820-1888
Lockridge, JohnCo. K 6th IN Inf.Milton
Logan, Baxter K. Lt.35th IN Vol.HanoverBethel1827-1864
Louis, C.B.MadisonSpringdale
Luck, JacobMadisonSpringdale
Luck, WilliamCo. C 67th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Lund, Thomas B., Cpl.Co. A IN Inf.1862Dd. of wounds at Shiloh
Lunsford, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Mabrey, OliverMadisonSpringdale
Maddox, W.T.Co. I 67th IN Inf.Saluda Zion
Mallory, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Mann, Ebenezer3rd IN Cav.HanoverBethel
Manville, George, Capt.Co. C 8th Kansas Vol.Ryker’s Ridge
Marks (Marx), JohnMadisonSpringdale
Maslander, W.S.Co. I 130th IN Inf.Lancaster
Mathews, John P. (LT)Co. E 3rd IN Cav.HanoverBethel1832-1922
Matthews, DavidMadisonSpringdale
McCaine, R.R.MadisonSpringdale
McCarty, William H.Co. A 5th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
McCarty, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
McCaslin, William T.Co. E 137th IN Inf.Lancaster1843-1914
McCauley, WilliamCo. A 6th IN Inf.1844-1921
McClure, David S.MadisonSpringdale
McClure, William J.MadisonSpringdale
McCoy, Theodore W. Rev.139th IN Vol.HanoverBethel1839-1896
McCubbin, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
McElrea, Benjamin33rd Reg. IN Vol.1840-1865
McGee, GeorgeCo. E 151st IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
McGee, JacobCo. D 54th IN Inf.MadisonBayless
McGee, WilliamCo. K 54th IN Inf.MadisonBayless
McGowan, James32nd Reg. OH Inf.MadisonSaint Patrick1845-1914
McInnes, JamesCo. H 5th OH Inf.MadisonSpringdale
McInness, JamesMadisonSpringdale
McIntire, John C.Co. D 6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale6 Sept. 1862
McIntyre, DanielMadisonSpringdale
McIntyre, Thomas N.MadisonSpringdale
McKay, N. B.Co. C 12th IN Inf.HanoverLancaster1842-1864
McKay, Thomas H.Co. C 67th IN Vol.Milton1843-1912
McKay, W.L.Co. L 4th OH Cav.ShelbyBrushyfork
McKeand, George W.Co. H 10th INSmyrna
McKeand, SamuelCo. H 10th IN Cav.ShelbyCaledonia18 Dec. 1864Dd. in Nashville, TN “His Banner
was first for his God, then
his Country. For this he died.”
McKim, Capt. JamesMadisonSpringdale
McLeland, Thomas E.MadisonSpringdale
McMillin, ?MadisonSpringdale
McNabb, GeorgeCo. BLancaster
Means, WilliamCo. C 32nd IN Inf.HanoverBethel
Medlicott, AlfredMadisonSpringdale
Medlicott, AlfredCo. D 6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Mender, SamuelMadisonSpringdale
Mercer, Clark, Cpl.Co. I 50th IN Inf.SaludaMarling
Metcalf, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Mickel, RobertCo. C 6th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Miles, Isaac, Capt.Co. 3 22nd MS Inf.MonroeHebron
Miller, BernardCo. H 5th U.S. Cav.MadisonSpringdale
Miller, BernhardtMadisonSpringdale
Miller, John C.MadisonSpringdale
Miller, Thomas H.Co. D 13th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1833-1904
Millett, JohnCo. C 82nd IN Reg.MonroeHebron
Millican, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Mills, J.S. Sgt.Co. B 54th IN Inf.MadisonBayless
Mills, N.T.MadisonSpringdale
Mills, Samuel R14th IN Cav.SaludaMarling16 Jan. 1864
Miner, JamesMadisonBayless1847-1926
Misamore, Thomas B.Co. F 145th Reg. IN Vol.GrahamPisgah1847-1918
Mitchell, MartinMadisonSpringdale
Monroe, Frank M. Sgt.10th IN Cav.MadisonBayless1848-1871
Monroe, George M.MadisonSpringdale
Monroe, PhillipMadisonSpringdale
Moore, Arestes A.Co. A 50th Reg. IN Vol.MonroeHebron
Moore, HenryMadisonSpringdale
Moore, John F.Co. G 55th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Moore, John F.Co. GMonroe1842-1932
Moore, Thomas J., Lt.Co. A. Reg. IN Inf.Monroe3/2/1865
Moore, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Mosser, WilliamCo. E 2nd PAMadisonSpringdale
Mount, J. P.Co. B 137th IN Vol.Republican1843-1927
Mount, William O.Co. C 38th Reg.RepublicanBethel2/1/1836
Muellear, Prof. HenryMadisonSpringdale
Mueller, H.MadisonSpringdale
Mullen, Bernard35th INMadisonSaint Patrick9 Dec. 1862Dobbins Ford, TN
Mullen, John S., Sgt.Co. L 4th IN Cav.MadisonSpringdale
Mullen, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Musprier, Francis M.Co. A 82nd Reg. IN Vol.Saluda Maddox
Nay, M.A.GrahamLick Branch14 Feb. 1863 Mufreesboro, TN
Neal, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Neff, JosephCo. C 82nd IN Inf.GrahamPisgah1842-1927
Nettles, ElijahMadisonSpringdale
Newbold, AlbertGrahamValley20 Jun. 1863KIA Chickamauga
Newland, H.MadisonSpringdale
Nicholas, AmosCo. K 82nd IN Inf.Lancaster
Nicholas, J.L.Co. K 82nd IN Inf.Lancaster
Nicholas, RichardCo. H 8th IN Cav.SaludaMarling
Nobler, John W.MadisonSpringdale
Nodler, Charles Sgt. Co. G 6th KY Inf.MadisonSaint Patrick
Nodler, J.W.Co. H 137th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Northcraft, G.W.Co. D 6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale13 Feb. 1862
Northcraft, Joseph R.MadisonSpringdale
Nowles, Edgar K.Co. I 137th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
O’Brien, J.H.MadisonSt. Patrick7 April 1862KIA at Shiloh
O’Neel, MarshallCo. E 82nd Reg. IN Inf.Shelby Mt. Pleasant1840-1922
O’Neel, Salathiel E.Co. K 82nd INLancaster1841-1928
Oats, RobertMadisonSpringdale
Officer, Robert E., Cpl.Co. H 10th IN Cav.Smyrna8/19/1865died of wounds
Olmstead, William H.Co. C 82nd IN Inf.Republican
Orem, SimonMadisonSpringdale
Orrill, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Owens, E.B.N.Co. F 34th KY Inf.MonroeHebron
Park, William3rd IN Cav.HanoverBethel23 July 1863KIA Gettysburg, PA
Park, William, Sgt.Co. E 3rd IN Cav.Republican27 Aug. 1863KIA at Gettysburg, PA
Parms, Col. WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Patterson, T.J.Co. D 47th OH Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Patterson, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Payne, AlMadisonSpringdale
Peacock, W.R.Co. E 2nd U.S. Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Peet, CharlesCo. 2 5th OH Vol.MadisonSpringdale9 June 1862
Pender, John S.Co. K 6th IN Inf.SaludaZion
Pepper, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Perr, ThomasCo. K 82nd IN Inf.HanoverLancaster
Phillips, William R.Co. K 120th IN VolHanoverPisgah1845-1923
Pink, ArchMadisonSpringdale
Pogue, John T.MadisonSpringdale
Pogue, William H.MadisonSpringdale
Porter, William HenryCo. G 137 IN Vol.Smyrna
Powers, Oliver M., Capt.Co. L 3rd Reg. IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale
Price, G.W.Co. B 35th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Price, GeorgeMadisonSpringdale
Prindle, G.B.Co. F 6th IN Inf.MadisonSt. Patrick
Pugh, John L.MadisonSpringdale
Quinn, James W.Co. A 3rd IN Cav.MadisonBayless12 July 1862
Quinn, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Rae, SamuelMadisonSpringdale
Randall, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Rausch, AndrewCo. D 15th IN Vol.MadisonBayless1842-1896
Rawlings, Moses M.8th IN Vol.Lancaster2 May 1862
Rea, James S.MadisonSpringdale
Reece, IssacMadisonSpringdale
Reece, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Rein, JohnCo. B 32nd IN Vol.MonroeHebron
Rennau, David, Sgt.Co. D 53rd IN Vol.RepublicanNarling
Reynolds, ThomasMadisonSpringdale
Richardson, George W.MadisonSpringdale
Richardson, Joseph C.54th Co. IN Inf.Lancaster
Ricketts, Francis A.Co. A 31st OH Inf.Lancaster1839-
Rickman, Peter Cpl.Co. A 1st Cav.MadisonBayless
Rickman, PeterMadisonSpringdale
Righthouse, G.W.Co. K 95th IN Inf.SaludaZion
Riley, AndyMadisonSpringdale
Riley, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Ringwalt, GeorgeCo. C 12th IN Inf. MadisonBayless1840-1922
Robinson, Edward J. Cpl.137th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1817-1896
Rodgers, James O.Co. G 12th IN Inf.ShelbyMt. Pleasant
Rodgers, Spartan W.Co. G 137th IN Vol.ShelbyMt. Pleasant
Rodgers, William H.MadisonSpringdale
Roe, Oliver J.MadisonSpringdale26 July 1863KIA at Gettysburg, PA
Rogers, Henry E.Co. A 3rd IN Cav.Monroe1839-1879
Ross, TaylorMadisonSpringdale
Rowlinson, MordecaiMilton18 Nov. 1862Bowling Green, KY
Rowlison, A.G.Co. K 2nd IN Inf.Lancaster
Rushton, DavidMadisonSpringdale
Rutledge, John W.Co. I 6th INSmyrna
Ryker, John H.Co. A 55th IN Inf.MadisonRyker’s Ridge
Ryker, Joseph H.Co. E 55th IN Vol. Inf.HanoverBethel1826-1880
Ryker, William H., Sgt.39th Reg. MadisonRyker’s Ridge22 Apr. 1862Pittsburg Landing
Ryker, Willis H., Sgt.Co. A IN Inf.MadisonRyker’s Ridge1840-1916
Saberton, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Sage, ThomasCo. I 29th IN Inf.HanoverLick Branch
Salyers, Olen L.Co. I 148th IN MonroeHebronWW I
Sample, JacobCo. D 146th IN Inf.SaludaZion
Sample, JacobCo. H 53rd IN Inf.SaludaZion
Sampson, HenryMadisonSpringdale
Sampson, Joseph H.MadisonSpringdale
Sampson, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Sanders, SamuelMadisonSpringdale
Scarff, OpieCo. D 6th IN Inf.MadisonBayless
Schneider, Daniel M.MadisonSpringdale
Schoolcraft, NathanCo. A 7th KY Inf.MadisonBayless
Schoolcraft, W.H.MadisonSpringdale
Schray, CarlMadisonSpringdale
Schussler, Dr. Charles F.MadisonSpringdale
Schwab, FredMadisonSpringdale
Schwab, JacobCo. B 32nd IN Inf.MadisonBayless
Schwab, JosephMadisonSpringdale
Schwab, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Scott, George L. Capt.MadisonBayless1832-1861
Scott, RobertMadisonSpringdale
Seiler, PeterMadisonSpringdale
Senior, John W. Capt.Co. A 7th IN Cav.MadisonBayless1829-1900
Sering, HomerCo. C 55th IN Cav.MadisonBayless
Shauntee, Edwin D.Co. LMadisonBayless
Sheets, George W.3rd IN Cav.Milton
Sheets, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Sheets, JohnCo. ? 6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Sheets, William3rd IN Cav.Milton
Shipman, William H.Co. F 37th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Shrewsbury, WoodMadisonSpringdale
Simpson, John B.MadisonSpringdale
Sinddall, Joseph Lt.6th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1842-1919
Slater, ThomasCo. D 19th IN Cav.Milton
Smith, A.MadisonSpringdale
Smith, Charles F.MadisonSpringdale
Smith, Charles W.MadisonSpringdale
Smith, GeorgieMadisonSpringdale
Smith, HarveyMadisonSpringdale
Smith, IsaacMadisonSpringdale
Smith, J.C.MadisonSpringdale
Smith, O.H.MadisonSpringdale
Smith, O.H.Co. H 124th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Smith, OliverMadisonSpringdale
Smith, Samuel R.10th IN Cav. Shelby Mt. Pleasant1840-1873
Smith, WilliamCo. D 18th IN Inf.MadisonSaint Patrick1844-1932
Smock, David D.HanoverBethel8 Aug. 1862Dd. at Fredridksburg, VA
Smock, DavidMadisonSpringdale
Snyder, DanielMadisonSpringdale
Snyder, JoshuaCo. K 6th IN Inf.SaludaMarling
Soltzer, ConradMadisonSpringdale
Spann, Leonard D.Co. C 54th IN Inf. MadisonBayless1848-1921
Spicer, LouisCo. I 145th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Stanley, Charles W.Co. B 27th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Stanley, George EdwardMadisonSpringdale
Stapp, EdwardMadisonSpringdale
Stapp, Edward12th Reg. IN Vol.MadisonBayless1838-1862
Stapp, GeorgeMadisonSpringdaleWar of 1812
Stapp, MiltonMadisonSpringdale
Stapp, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Starling, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Starling, JerryMadisonSpringdale
Starling, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Steele, JohnCo. D 6th Reg. IN Vol.1839-1862
Stephen, JohnCo. G 82nd IN Inf.1840-1922
Stephen, S.J.Co. E 3rd IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale
Stevens, S.C.MadisonSpringdale
Stewart, David G.Co. ? 11th PA ReserveMadisonSpringdale
Stewart, Samuel H.Co. C 32nd IN Inf.ShelbyCanaan
Stewart, William A.Co. A. 40th IN Inf.GrahamPisgah1835-1917
Stodgill, George H.Co. I 50th IN Vol.SaludaZion
Storm, Joseph R.Co. A 6th Reg. IN Vol.ShelbyFlat BottomFeb. 1862
Storm, Samuel M.Co. A 6th Reg. IN Vol.ShelbyFlat Bottom16 Sept. 1864Dd. at Andersonville Prison
Stout, James P.Co. H 145th IN Inf. Lancaster1831-1920
Stow, S.S.Co. A 79th IN Inf.MadisonBayless1843-1871
Strader, Frank P.MadisonSpringdale16 Dec. 1853Defending his Country
Strader, Frank PlMadisonSpringdale
Stroh, GeorgeMadisonSpringdale
Sullender, BenjaminCo. L 4th IN Cav.MadisonSt. Patrick
Sullivan, Thomas L.MadisonSpringdale
Sutton, John S.Co. I 6th INHanoverLancaster
Tague, S.H.Co. I 29th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Taulman, John I.Co. I 11th Reg. IA Vol.MadisonBayless1838-1905
Taylor, Aaron Z., Sgt.Co. E 140th IN Reg.MadisonSpringdale
Taylor, Bushrod B. Capt.US NavyMadisonBayless1832-1883
Taylor, Gamaliel S.Co. E 3rd IN Cav.MadisonBayless1837-1914
Taylor, GamalielMadisonSpringdale
Taylor, HodgeMadisonSpringdale
Taylor, JeffersonMadisonSpringdale
Taylor, John W., Cpl.Co. E. 57th IL Inf.Saluda Zion
Taylor, T.J.MadisonSpringdale
Taylor, Thomas L.Co. E 22nd INSaluda Zion
Taylor, William N.MadisonSpringdale
Temple, B.F. Cpl.Co. B. 7th IN Cav.Lancaster
Temple, J.H.Co. L 4th IN Cav.
Temple, TartolasCo. D 54th IN Inf.
Thacker, Isaac O., Cpl.Co. A 6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale1835-1890
Thacker, IsaacMadisonSpringdale
Thacker, John W.Co. A 6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale1840-1922
Thomas, H.W.Co. K 32nd IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Thomas, J.N.Co. I 6th IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Thomas, John M.6th IN Inf.SaludaMarling10 Apr. 1861Age 22
Thomas, MichaelMadisonSpringdale
Thomas, William H.Co. H 39th IN Inf.1840-1928
Thompson, George H.MadisonSpringdale
Thompson, WilliamHanoverBethel26 Apr. 1865Age 17, Lost on the Sultana
Thrift, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Tolbert, DanielCo. E 22nd IN Inf.SaludaMarling
Tolbert, S.W.Co. E. 22nd IN Inf.SaludaMarling
Tompkins, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Torrance, William H.MadisonSpringdale
Towell, George H.MadisonSpringdale
Townsend, ElijahMadisonSpringdale
Townsend, Henry M.MadisonSpringdale
Townsend, HenryCo. C 12th Reg. IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale1863Son of Purnell Townsend
Townsend, IsaacMadisonSpringdale
Townsend, Isaac3rd Reg. IN Vol.MadisonSpringdale18 Sept. 1862Maryland, son of Purnell Townsend
Townsend, John C.MadisonSpringdale
Townsend, John R.25 Nov. 1863KIA Missionary Ridge
Townsend, JohnCo. F 6th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdaleKIA at Mission Ridge, son of Purnell Townsend
Townsend, RobertMadisonSpringdale
Treadway, GeorgeCo. C 67th IN Inf.Madison Ryker’s Ridge
Tucker, GeorgeCo. F 38th IN Inf.Saluda Zion
Tull, G.W.Co. H 2nd IN Cav.MadisonSt. Patrick
Turner, Arch O.Co. F 1st LA Cav.HanoverBethel
Turner, G.W.Co. K 6th IN Inf.SaludaMarling
Turner, WilliamCo. H 59th IN Inf.HanoverBethel
Tuttle, J. M.Co. A 12th IN Inf.GrahamLick Branch
Ulmer, JohnMadisonSpringdale
Van Osdol, Argus D., Capt.Co. I 3rd IN Cav.MadisonSpringdale
Vandegriff, ChrisMadisonSpringdale
Vaughn, William G.Co. I KY Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Verry, John W.MadisonSpringdale
Von Dissen, PhillipCo. B 22nd Reg. IN Vol.Republican
Walker, DavidMadisonSpringdale
Wallace, EliasMadisonSpringdale
Wallace, JamesMadisonSpringdale
Wallord, Hamilton Sgt.Co. B 140th IN Inf.Lancaster
Walls, John W.MadisonSpringdale
Walton, AmziMadisonSpringdale
Walton, EliasMadisonSpringdale
Ward, ?MadisonSpringdale
Warren, Benjamin F.Co. D 146 Reg. IN Vol.Milton1850-1920
Watts, J.H., Cpl.Co. G 13th IN Cav.MadisonSpringdale
Watts, John H.MadisonSpringdale
Watts, Perry, Lt.MonroeHebron7 Mar. 1862Age 27
Webb, Lt. Thomas V.MadisonSpringdale
Weber, GeorgeMadisonSpringdale
Wells, Joseph P.MadisonSpringdale
West, SamuelCo. K 22nd IN Inf.Saluda
Wharton, John D.MadisonSpringdale
Whitaker, ThomasCo. C 68th IN Inf.Lancaster1842-1910
White, Charles N.MadisonSpringdale
White, W.A.Co. I 4th IN Cav.MadisonSpringdale
White, WilliamMadisonSpringdale
Whitsett, James C.Co. K 120th IN Inf.GrahamPisgah1841-1821
Williams, John B.Co. C 3rd IN Cav.MadisonSpringdale
Williams, Nathaniel, Capt.MadisonSpringdale1823-1883
Williams, PatrickMadisonSpringdale
Wilson, Samuel G.GrahamPisgahSoldier 1861-1865
Wilson, Samuel H.Co. F. 145th IN Vol.GrahamPisgah1845-1913
Winnifield, Fred W.MadisonSpringdale
Woodard, Willis I.Co. C 67th IN Inf.HanoverBethel
Woodfill, GeorgeMadisonSpringdale
Woodford, James H.MadisonSpringdale
Woodward, CharlesCo. C. 67th IN Inf.MadisonSpringdale
Woodward, JamesCo. H 10th IN Cav.MonroeMonroe Presbyterian Church
Wooly, JohnCo. G. 3rd IN Cav.HanoverBethel1830-1914
Wyne, EastmanCo. A 82nd IN Inf.HanoverLick Branch1842-1887
Yates, JamesMadisonRyker’s Ridge27 Dec. 1861Dd. in defense of his country
Yost, CharlesMadisonSpringdale
Yost, William H.H.Co. ? 3rd IN Inf.MonroeHebron
Yucker, GeorgeMadisonSpringdale
Zeigle, John4th OHMadisonSaint Patrick1849-1872
Zoeller, CharlesMadisonSpringdale