Shelby Township
Jefferson County, Indiana

April 2000 Survey – done by Jackie Owen

WelchInfant childOn 1941 DAR list, not found in this audit
WelchJane16 Feb 1846W of Samuel – Aged 67yAll that was left of this stone was part of the death date. The other info came from the 1941 DAR list.
WelchSamuel30 Dec 1842Native of Pennsylvania – Aged 75y
WelchSamuelSpringers Legion, Revolutionary WarGovernment marker


  • Located near Canaan, on Scott Ridge Road just over 1 mile from Highway 250 on the South side of the road.

  • A note on the 1941 DAR list says, a stranger came to the Welch home and died that same night & was buried here. The family did not know his name.

  • According to Bob Scott, Samuel and Jane Welch's tombstone was a single marker, that was broken; and, Jane's portion is now missing.

KEY:  SS = Same Stone, W = Wife, S = Son, D = Daughter, y = year(s), m = month(s), d = day(s)